Trisha - Learning by doing
(Another small spin-off...)
© 2004 by Zak

This story involves sexual activity between a female human and a male big cat and some "water sport". This is a pure work of fiction. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved and any person, living or dead, is intended, even if some parts of the story may look very much that way. This story may be distributed freely but may not be sold, or changed, or used in any commercial way.
Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into fresh tasty kitty food and eaten for breakfast or get yourself complete addicted to big cats, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions your take after reading my erotic fiction :-)

Learning by doing...

I enjoyed having sex with my lovely cats more and more every day as you may already have become aware of. After the enormous success with my first (self enhanced) trousers I created a second one. I bought a new black overall in my size and also enhanced it with that two overlapping leather stripes in the trousers crotch. I took a waterproof overall and argued - as I got asked why I bought a new one for the daily work and didn't use up an old one - that this one was very solid, waterproof and very easy to clean. That last point of mine always got me into a very bright smile because every single word was the whole truth...

I wore that enhanced black overall all day. It was simply perfect. You could do your daily work in it without looking suspicious or showing parts of yourself you wouldn't normally display to the public. It wasn't to hot inside and it wasn't to cold either. This way I was always prepared for a nice little pleasure without the need for a suit change or a complete strip. Hmm, just perfect!

Towards my other cats it somehow didn't feel right, I knew that and had at first a guilty mind. I had fallen in love with Baggy so deep by now you couldn't even imagine. We made love together very frequently, wherever we wished, whenever we had the chance. After I had decided that our bond of love could include sex without a guilty spark remaining in my consciousness on my side - because sex only was the very natural extension of my true deep love for him - it became quite common for us both to have sex all the time whenever we felt the urge to "do it". Indeed, it had become a new sport of us to find new love making positions we both enjoyed and hidden locations we performed our act in.

One day after I had done my daily share of circus community work I met Baggy outside the tend in a sunny spot - as usual - and we both strolled along. He rubbed along my legs and I kept petting him softly on his head and down his muscular neck. I felt a longing for a little snack, so I changed course over to my trailer. Baggy followed me as usual without any need for a sign. I opened the door for him and he quickly jumped up the metal steps and walked into the trailer as graceful as a shadowy reflection of a bird inside a glittering pool of water. He was such a beautiful and perfect cat, he every time took away my breath when I watched his muscular and graceful moves closely.

Inside the trailer he jumped onto our bed, now also known as "the pleasure arena" and made ready for a tiny cat nap. I walked into the kitchen and prepared some cold dinner for me. After a few minutes I came back into the trailer's living area with a plate of ham sandwiches. I took seat at the small table and enjoyed my little lunch very much. After I nearly had finished it Baggy came over and demanded a taste of my sandwich. I gave him the last ham roll and he ate it with much joy. He loved to be included into my daily life. After he had finished his tiny snack he crawled under the table and his head made a reappearance between my legs. He at once started to lick the tasty spot between the two leather stripes and in doing so massaged my hidden vulva. I slowly pushed the chair back, slid forwards on the chair's seat and spread my legs apart to grand him a better access to my private parts. He licked me very passionate while he visually enjoyed to sniff and inhale the air around my crotch. I felt his rough feline tongue sliding softly through my self made leather sheath and all into my sweet soft pussy.

"I suppose you long for a little special desert my sweetheart..." I said towards him while I softly pleased him behind his ears with a soft fingertip scratching and he stopped his licking. He looked directly up into my face and I swear that he had a "you know me soooo well by now" expression on it. He moved closer and placed his two front paws onto the chair's armrests. He started to tenderly lick my suit covered breasts and up my throat and over my face while he maneuvered his hip into the right high to align with my crotch's hidden entrance. I reached down and guided his instantly appearing penis into my awaiting sweet box of pleasurable hot moist warmth. He started a gentle pushing movement into me and I relaxed back into the chair to enjoy our wonderful reunion. I reached up with my hand and while he softly without any haste mated with me I scratched over his furry chest and along his front paws with my sharp fingernails. I knew that he loved my scratching there while he mated in that position with me.

I felt his stiff feline penis sliding further into me and his furry sheath pushing and brushing between my outer pussy lips. The most enjoyable part was next. He was getting closer every slow trust he made into me. I could sense it by his increased breathing, the slightly pulsating of his tool and the increasing amount of moisture inside my love tunnel. Now it was my time to have some fun with sweet Baggy.

I have - through my various and enduring experiences with my love drunk kittens - developed a very good control of my vaginal muscles. And yes, I've played with myself to find out how to do it. Who cares. Now I used my new knowledge to played with a bit with sweet mating Baggy. I contracted my muscles softly and I clearly could feel his member scratching me inside my tunnel. While he pushed into me I released my clasp around him only to increase it very much whenever he made a soft backwards movement to get enough room for another soft push into me. By doing so I had found out that I could stimulate my kittens a thousand times better! Their spines are very sensitive and when they get close to an orgasm their spines extend completely from their penis skin. My clasping around his member during his desperate pulling back always got him and most of the time it also got me. The feeling of his sharp spines scratching inside my wet love tunnel and his big furry sheath brushing all over my sensitive clit was so very nice. Only one more thing I missed to...

He couldn't stand another pull and erupted with a sudden jump forwards inside me. The feeling of his warm seed pushed me over the line and into my own small sweet orgasm. Our timing had become very good by now. Several more pulses of hot cum sprayed into my womb and my own orgasm kept spreading though my whole pussy, my lower spin, up my belly and into my whole body like a bush fire eating up dry wood. I wasn't able to hold up my muscle contraction around his member because I always lost nearly all control of my vaginal muscles during my "shakings".

Now it was his time to play a game with me. He also enjoyed his own orgasm but unlike me he always kept full control over ALL parts of his marvelous body. And usually he used it to drive me crazy, just for the fun of it. He very slow and nearly unnoticeable pulled out of me by tensing his rear leg muscles while he began a somehow rough licking up my throat and from there over my chin and over my lips to distract me from his evil plan. I felt his rough tongue on my lips and loved the wet kiss of passion he gave me. Oh I love him soooo much for...

And than he did it! I can only describe it as a hard jump into me. He drove his tool as deep into me as anyhow possible without hurting me. My orgasm rekindled in a blazing fury and I released a moan of pleasure that signaled him that he got me another time with his foul trick. But he didn't stop his game with me there. His push had given him some good stimulation but he lacked one thing that he now got. My vaginal muscles contracted automatically around his penis in my second wave of joy and he had just waited for that signal. He pulled instantly back in one sleek slow move and I could only sight and whimper in desire for more of that PAIN. His sharp extended spines scratched all along my sensitive love tunnel, not so fast and hard that it might hurt me and not too soft to be not pleasurable but exactly in the right manner. Oh god he is sooooo evil a cat...

My orgasmic pleasures found no end. And he did this in absolute purpose to win our little competition. Now I had to play out my joker in that game of pleasures. I slowly closed my legs and contracted all the muscles around my soft tunnel as hard as I was able in that orgasmic height that kicked me hard over and over again. Now he surely had lost a point in our game. He shot another powerful squirt of his cum into me. He couldn't continue his licking and instead growled aloud in pure enjoyment of my final joker I had played out. Two more hot squirts of his seed sprayed deep into me because I had flung my two legs around his hip and I had pushed him quite hard into my crotch with them while I had tried to make my hot wet tunnel as narrow as anyhow possible by muscular contraction around his spurting member. The pulsating movements of his penis finally subsided after this final surprising push. He started his licking again an I reached up to his beautiful feline head to scratch him tenderly with my fingertips everywhere I could reach him.

"You have played very good my love. I would call it a prefect tie. What's your opinion?" I whispered softly, still enjoying the perfect afterglow of my wonderful orgasm. He slowly, carefully, somehow afraid of another sudden surprise by me withdraw his tool from me and I felt his seed lubricating my tunnel everywhere around it. His slowly retracting spines softly massaged me along his whole way out. With a very delightful smacking noise it finally came free and the two leather stripes sealed my trouser perfectly behind it. I felt a few drops of his seed running down my slit and dripping onto the inside of the two leather straps. I loved that experience and I wouldn't change my wonderful love trouser till our evening shower together.

He removed his two powerful front legs from the armrests and put them back to the ground. His head was back between my crouch and he cleaned up his mess. I spread my legs very far apart and he licked as good as possible between the two leather straps and deep into my very wet and tasty pussy. He clearly enjoyed every lick of it and so did I. After a minute of cleaning he moved back under the table, reappeared on the other side of it and made a jump onto our bed. I stood up and followed him. He lay down on top of the spread to clean himself up but I reached him first.

I have to admit that I don't enjoy this as much as he does but it simply is a little thing of fairness. He cleaned me - I clean him, easy as that. Kneeling down before the bed I got my head to his crotch. I reached for his wet furry sheath and massaged it softly without any force. He relaxed and his member slowly appeared glistening wet all over. I started to lick it clean. At first I had found the salty and bitter taste very strange but after a few times you become used to it. I cleaned his penis as careful as I could with my soft human tongue and he definitely loved my efforts there. After some time I very carefully took his member into my mouth, still licking it all over with my wet tongue and sucking it clean with my soft warm lips, avoiding any contact with my teeth by all means.

After I had cleaned him I moved my body over to his beautiful face, took it in my both hands, scratched him behind his pointy ears while I rubbed my face along his cheeks. He knows that I love him very very much and I knew that he loves me as least as much as I loved him. He licked my face and after another minute of exchanging love gestures I stood up and walked back to the table. Over there I drank the rest of my black coffee to washed away the taste of his sticky cum in my mouth. It not really had a bad taste but it needed some "adjustment" to it. I simply wasn't that "adjusted" by now. After I had swallowed the rest of my coffee the salty taste was finally gone.

Baggy started to give his soft black fur a careful cleaning. I stood up from the chair and got myself the last bills and my billing notepad. I still could feel the stickiness of his seed between my vulva and enjoyed that feel there while I sat down on the chair and added the last payments to the bill. We did very well by now, our show finally payed of. And the tiny petting zoo that I did twice a week with Baggy nearly brought in the same amount we earned by our shows. Baggy simply was a black beauty everybody loved at first sight and longed to have a tiny touch.

I finished my calculations and wrote down the total. The food for my cats was secured for at least half a year. If I would ration it we could easily keep up for a year without any hunger. It really was a relieve to have reached some financial security at last. I took the billing notepad and the pen, went over to the locker and placed the notepad in it. Accidentally I dropped the pen. Great. Where had that damned thing rolled to?

After some looking around I saw that it had rolled nearly across half the room and directly under the cupboard. Yeah, like I hadn't known it. Where could it possibly had rolled else? Grumbling loud I knelt down to fish for it beneath the cupboard. I could clearly see the pen but it rolled further away while I tried to get a grip on it. Darn stupid thing! I bent lower down to look under the cupboard and to get it. Finally my fingertips reached it and I rolled it into in my awaiting hand. Gotcha!

Baggy surely thought the same just that very moment. I was in a perfect position for a little kitty mount, ass high up in the air and body low down on the ground. And he surly couldn't let such a perfect chance to score go by. I felt his furry chest softly sliding over my back and got instantly aware of his hot breath in my neck. He started to lick my right ear. His member slid between the two separating leather stripes just that very second. He pushed very softly but steadily into me. "Hey, that's not fair!" I grumbled but to myself I thought "You got me you tricky kitty!" and grinned a broad smile. He began to thrust into me with steady pushing moves and I liked the feeling. His penis had no difficulties entering me deep, it got lubricated all around by his own cum that still lingered inside me. I closed my legs a bit more and clasped my vaginal muscles around his sliding member. He had to suffer the very best joy for this approach to make a point. The pen still rested inside my hand but it was of no importance to me any more. I opened my hand and squeezed the pen hard to the ground while I pushed my body up and back from the ground with my two arms.

His member slid deeper into me and I tensed my vaginal muscles more. I felt his member tremble hard inside me, felt his spines scratching forwards into me the full length. I decided that he had earned even more pleasure for his foolish approach to outscore me. He licked my neck and the right half of my face very passionate by now like he wanted to excuse for his bold approach.

I smiled. Now I would let him pay dearly! I was on all fours and had won back quite good control over my moves while he was resting comfortable and with the satisfaction that he was about to score on top of me. His doom was close at hand but he didn't know it, yet! I slowly pushed further back into his hip and the furry sheath of his penis entered my prepared gap in the trouser very easily. I felt the brushing over my vulva and it tickled my cherry. Now he had to suffer in lustily agony for his startup towards me. I very slowly but steadily deflected my back and by doing so I pulled him very easily further out of me while I stressed my vaginal muscles to the very maximum I could endure and closed my legs as strong as I could. That would teach him...

If I would not take it for impossible I would say he whimpered above me. I felt his spines rasping hard inside my love tunnel - I slightly hurt myself by doing so but it didn't matter for me at the moment, I had to endure this - and his member spurt shot after shot of his feline cum deep into my womb. He even clasped around my belly with his front paws in that powerful delight I had pushed him into. It was clearly too much for him to remain calm but he deserved every single bit of that pleasure pain. I relaxed my muscles a little bit and after a second or so I strained them very hard again while making soft rocking motions beneath him in unison to my straining and relaxing. He stood no chance of resistance and simply gave up. With my ongoing moves I milked every single bit of juice out of him. I felt his body weight on top of my back go double because he completely went limb there. He steadily creamed into me with every tiny movement I made and growled loud in an agony of pleasures. I had clearly broken a huge dam inside him. Wave after wave of hot seed shot deep into me. He could do nothing else than enjoy his comfortable rest on my back and my soft steady rocking beneath him and all that torturing pleasures around his stiff pulsating member. "Strike!". I got him and had clearly scored good this time...

After half a minute of my steady milking of his member he dismounted me in one single move backwards. It was a withdrawal in defeat from a fatal body trap I had lured him into. He quickly turned around behind me and jumped again onto the nearby bed to lick his wounds. He lay down at once and started cleaning his still hard, erect and constantly dripping member. I think he was slightly shocked about the steadily pleasure that I had pleased him with.

I took the pen and scrambled up. I could feel an enormous amount of his seed that he had lost inside me pouring out, onto the leather stripes and down the inside of my trouser legs. I grinned an very evil grin this time. Yeah, this time he clearly had been defeated.

I slowly and very gently walked over to the the locker like nothing had happened and put the pen besides the notepad. I closed the locker and went over to poor Baggy kitty. He still cleaned his tool all around. I kneeled down in front of the bed and felt a good deal of his seed leaking out of me in a big flush. He continued to clean himself in front of me while I crawled him behind his ears. He didn't even look up into my face. I think he was bit of ashamed that he had been caught so easily inside my darn love trap.

"I think this time it was a clear point for me!" I told him triumphantly. He finished the cleaning of his member and it retreated back into his furry sheath very fast. Now he looked up into my face and clearly agreed with me because he started to lick my face all over and I understood the meaning. He was very grateful for that fantastic milking experience he just had made and could stand the defeat - this time. I think for the first time in his life he had felt weak, to weak to resist, to weak to do anything to prevent me pleasuring him more and more, again and again to exhaustion.

I licked over his nose in response. "It was all my very own pleasure my love. You'll get another chance..." I told him and slowly stood up. I needed a break for a pee now. Too much coffee. I walked over to the bathroom and he rested his beautiful face onto his front paws and closed his eyes. He needed a nap after so many new pleasures or maybe he was thinking about a new brilliant plan to get me for sure next time. Who really knows...

I didn't close the bathroom door anymore. Why should I ? I knew him and his private parts as good as he did with mine. All my shyness and prudery was gone forever. I opened the zipper of my overall and stripped out of it. His seed covered my crouch and my both legs all over. I sat down naked on the pot and enjoyed my relieving pee. After that I took a shower and washed out the waterproof overall. The two black leather stripes at the crouch really were one of the most brilliant ideas I ever had. The waterproof overall was very easy to clean like the seller had told me. You needed no brush, no soap, only a spraying shower head and it was clean again from the inside and the outside. A very nice fabric.

I finished my short refreshing shower after a few minutes, put the overall over the heater while I dried my hair. That was another really nice attribute of the overall's fabric: it got dry rapidly. Ten minutes later and with dry hairs I slid back into the overall and closed the zipper. I felt refreshed and was ready for new adventures...

I stepped out of the bathroom and Beggy still enjoyed his rest. He looked so cute and beautiful over there. A black panther on top of my bedspread, his head resting on his front paws, his eyes closed and a cat smile on his face. He is, was and will ever be my true deep love. I only had to look at him and knew that there would never be anybody like him again in my life...

Sneaking slowly over to the bed I sat down quietly in front of him, trying to making no noise or rapid motion at all. He opened on of his eyelids. I smiled at him and stroke softly along his cheeks with the back of my hand. He was such a perfect beauty.

He yawned and I giggled softly. "I hope you had a nice cat nap after our little struggle?" I asked him with a tiny grin on my face. He stretched his paws into my direction and I admired him for his perfect shaped body and all the various muscles that moved in perfect harmony beneath his skin. He stood up, stretched and bend his spine and all the muscles inside his powerful legs while he shook slightly in that powerful muscle contraction and relaxation.

"In for a walk in the woods?" I ask him and he jumped down from the bed. That clearly meant "yes maam". I opened the trailer door and a perfect day in spring greeted us. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the sky was of a rich blue and only a few fluffy clouds kept drifting by. A perfect day to have fun outdoors.

We got his collar and the string to smuggle him outside the fence. He already knew the drill. I put the collar around his neck and connected the string to it. "Just play along till we are outside the fence. You know the game Baggy..."

We left the outer fence through the locked gate and after we were far outside anyones view I removed the string from his collar and put it into my pocket. "Let's have a little hunt to the oak, just we both, shall we?" I asked him. He sat down on his rear and looked into my face, clearly waiting for me to do the first step, as usual.

I started my sprint and dashed into the denser wood behind our winter camp. I sensed Baggy following me but couldn't see him anywhere. He was a superb hunter by now. His black fur melted perfectly into the shadows below the trees and bushes.

I slowed down my running speed and fell into a easy jogging motion, sharpening my senses to prevent Baggy from surprising me once again. When I had reached our private tree with the wooden platform on top I stopped and stood still besides it. Where was Baggy? I never had managed to reach the tree before him. Suddenly I got aware of a noise above me and looked up. Surprise surprise, Baggy was resting on top of our platform and not even breathing hard like I did. He sometimes was a marvel to me. How had he managed to reach the tree, climb it up and make himself comfortable on out platform before I could even reach it? Well, never mind. Some riddles are not to be solved.

I climbed the ladder and was about to enter the wooden platform. Baggy was resting comfortable on it, his head again rested comfortable on his two big front paws. He had a broad feline grin on his face and looked directly into my direction, clearly asking me what could possible have taken me so long to come here. After I finally had managed to struggle onto the platform I walked over to him and gave him a soft petting on the head. "Yeah. I know that you are fast, but you must have flown here..." I said to him.

He eagerly licked the tiny pearls of sweat from my forehead. He was so lovely. I lay down besides him and watched into the blue sky, crawling him behind his ears with one hand. He enhanced his licking to my whole face. I enjoyed it very much. That place was simply perfect for a rest. Nobody was near us and even if it was so, he would have to climb the tree with the ladder to reach us up here. The sun in the blue sky was blazing down and the birds around us sung their marry melodies. I rested my head comfortable in my right arm and stroke Baggie's left cheek with the back of my left hand. He stopped the licking of my face and rested his head on his folded paws in the same fashion I had done with mine. We both took a relaxing nap in the hot afternoon sun.

An hour later I awoke by some noise below. I opened my eyes and rolled to my side. Baggy still slumbered besides me and did not show any interest in the noise down below. I rolled around completely and on all fours moved to the edge of the platform to have a look down. Ah, a delivery van had come to the circus and was the cause for the loud noise. He brought some technical equipment the crew had ordered. Nice, now we would have a far better lighting at the night shows.

I stood up and walked over to the tree trunk that still grow through a hole in the middle of the platform. Near the trunk I had placed a little weatherproof metal box that I used to store some bottles of water, some cookies and a soft large towel for Baggy up here. I reached inside the box and pulled out a bottle of water and the folded towel. After I had emptied my bottle I walked over to baggy and filled his empty metal bowl with water from a second bottle I had taken out of the box. He opened his eyes as soon as he heard the splashing noise of water inside his bowl. He yawned, stretched again and came over to get a drink. The hot sun and the hot air made one thirsty.

My secret place here on top of the word had become quite comfortable by now. We had storage of drink and food - well, food in that context means dry salty crackers - a comfortable foldable garden deck chair for me and a soft large towel for Baggy to rest on. I put the empty bottles back into the metal box and reached for the folded deck-chair and unfolded it. After some struggle with that darn thing I finally got it unfolded and placed it in midst of the platform, throwing Baggie's half folded towel over it. In my struggle with the deck-chair I had completely forgotten to close the box so I walked back to it. Over by the box I felt suddenly in the mood for some crackers. I reached inside and got two out of it, one for me and one for Baggy. I closed the lid and turned around while I already ate one of the still crispy cookies. Now I really got surprised. Baggy had finished his drink and had found my deck-chair with his soft towel on top the perfect place for another "kitty rest".

"Hey Baggy, you little beggar, you can't simply occupy my deck-chair..." I told him in a somehow giggling talk. He really looked more than cute inside the deck-chair. I don't know how he managed to get inside it without making the whole thing collapse below him AND without making much noise but now he lay there, his back comfortable resting inside the deck-chair cloth very much like he was resting inside a small hammock. His front paws rested fold together on his belly and he looked very content, very very cute. I stood in front of him and folded my arms on my chest. "Hey you Mr. black leopard, do you have any allowance to put this deck-chair under requisition?"

He made an s-curve like move to get his feline body into an even more comfortable position inside the chair, clearly saying "Yes maam, I have..."

I laughed. "Yeah, sure, have it your way then..." I told him and ate the second cracker. If he thought he could occupy my deck-chair, I thought I could eat his cracker. He blinked in my direction and I grinned at him. He acted too darn human sometimes...

I stretched and thought about having another rest on the platform. The sun was still hot and I opened the zipper of my overall to get some fresh air inside. I thought again. Here on top of the tree nobody could possibly see me through all that green leaves. I didn't hesitate any longer and stripped out of my overall, folded it neatly together and lay it securely besides the metal box. A naked rest in the sun was exactly what I wished for now. The cool spring breeze mixed perfectly with the hot heat of the noon sun on top of my skin. The very hard looking wooden planks of the platform were the only thing up here that didn't look that inviting to me. I slowly went over to Baggy and had in mind to steal the still half folded towel from below his head to lay down on it.

Than a far better idea came into my mind out of a sudden. Baggy had his eyes closed and enjoyed the sun inside my deck-chair and I was standing naked in front of him. Who had said that a very stable looking deck-chair could only take one person at a time? I quietly sneaked over to the chair - I had learned that trick from sneaky Baggy - and stopped right in front of it. Hmm, that could be a bit more tricky than I had first thought but nevertheless I definitely wanted to give that very promising idea a try. I reached for the two armrests of the chair and slowly placed my whole weight on them, using them like an ingot. My early years acrobatic lessons payed off again. I very carefully stuck my left leg through the gap between the armrest and the chairs fabric on which Baggy was comfortable resting. My left leg was in place, now I did the same with my right.

Baggy had become fully awake in an instant and was very curious about the strange acrobatics I performed directly in front of him. My two legs were through the gaps and he swung freely beneath me in the hammock like fabric of the chair. He not really needed any more hints. He perfectly understood what I had in my twisted mind and pretty much expected as reaction from him right now. I slowly lowered my body and he showed me his complete cooperation in this acrobatic thing I did in front of him by extending his feline member out of his furry sheath in a equally slow and very provocative manner, bit by bit just to tease me mad while I tried to keep my target positioned directly over my wonderful to be landing place...

"Hmmm, let's see if the deck-chair is of comfort for both of us..." I said. I couched down lower while I shifted my weight backwards. The tip of his emerging penis entered my vulva and I slowly and with very much delight settled down on his fur covered silken hip. Yes, that was quite a nice comfortable position to rest in a deck-chair. His rear legs flounced slightly behind me like he was doing a frog swimming outside the water and he massaged all over my bottom with his very soft and long fur. He got the fabric bit by bit in a soft forward backward swinging motion by this little struggles. Mmmmmmmh! Perfectly is the only word I can find to describe the fluent sliding moves his erect member performed while it squeezed into me and out of me, while his furry sheath rubbed along my vulva with it's base and tickled my whole slit like a thousand soft feathers. His hot hard feline member felt like it belonged inside me and had to be there. I slowly dropped the upholding support with my arms and found a very soft resting place on top of his hip while his stiff feline penis found an equally soft warm and promising place inside my awaiting vagina.

The soft swinging motion the fabric performed by now was just wonderful! His soft furry hip brushed over my wide spread outer pussy lips, his member sunk deep into me with every forward swinging motion we made and pulled nearly complete out of me with our backward swings. And all the time his tool stimulated my clit by that soft moves. I bent forward and further into him and our bellies finally met, my naked one with his soft furry one. He rested his paws on my shoulders and started to lick my breasts. "Oh god Baggieee..." I sight in shivering delight on top of him. We swung forwards and his member plunged deep into me. I supported our swinging with a little pull on the armrest. That felt sooo very nice. His furry sheath entered my entrance softly and because I lacked my trouser he got far deeper into me than he usually did when I wore my specially prepared dress with my secret entrance. I felt that I was near the line of no return, of loosing control, one more step and I would stumble over it for sure. Uh, that soft tickling fur made me so wet and the hot sun that burned onto my back...

I wanted to increase the motion to get there so I grasped quite hard around the two armrests and gave us both another push, this time into the opposite direction. His member nearly slid complete out of me and the not fully extended spines gave me a very lusty scratching along the inside of my whole love tunnel and over my inner pussy lips. His sheath, in additions to this sensation, tickled me everywhere inside my slit while it got pulled out like it was made of thousand tiny needles that suddenly pushed into my soft flesh without piercing my skin or hurting me. I felt a huge dam inside me burst open and my fluids got completely loose. The swinging finally reversed and he bent his back to support the swinging movement. With one single slide - his tool got lubricated all over by my fluids - he dived into me very deep, very hot, very powerful, very animalistic. He had me nailed...

A huge orgasm kindled inside me and I felt the hot sensation spreading though my whole body. I moaned in pleasure and he knew that he had scored a good one. The longing that I always got at that burning hot point in my orgasm, to feel him deeper, to feel him complete engulfed by me, to completely melted together with him was just overwhelming. I completely removed my grip on the armrests and released all of the remaining upwards pushing support from my bent legs. Now my full weight rested on top of his hip and pushed hard into him while my vagina muscles contracted without my control. My mind filled with pleasure, that overwhelming feeling was so wonderful. We both got pulled down by my body weight and he plunged so wonderfully, delightfully, superbly deep into me, I could feel his whole sheath entering my love tunnels entrance and it brushed me with soft strokes the whole way deep into me.

That got him, too. Now I scored a point in our pleasure play. That last push of me had kicked him over the edge. His member released a warm spurt of sperm into my womb, his two muscular front legs softly embraced my shoulders and with soft irresistible force he dragged me closer towards him in his orgasmic delight. His face got buried between my breasts but I could at the moment do nothing to free him. My own orgasm consumed all my powers. I was a limb piece of female on top of him that he enjoyed very much to play with. My mind was spinning around and I gabbed the backrest of the chair to not loose balance completely. My sudden grasp for the backrest gave us both a new swinging motion inside the fabric. I felt sorry for burring him below me and tried to push back into an upright position but I couldn't manage that. The increased swinging motion moved his member inside me and I felt it scratching along my love tunnel, causing my orgasm to keep going. Another warm spurt of his feline seed hit the inside of my womb.

"Well, it couldn't feel that bad for him then to be buried below me..." told me a tiny bit of rational thinking that had somehow been forgotten while everything else of my body was having a burning hot party and a jolly good time. And that stupid piece of rational thinking really got me smiling by that stupid realization...

After half a minute of soft swinging around and three more spurts of his very hot love juices into me we swung out and came to a soft rest. My orgasm had eased up and I gained some of my muscular control back. I pushed with my both arms against the backrest of the chair and slowly erected over him. I slid forwards on his hip and by doing so pulled his still softly pulsating member a short way out of me. He growled very softly and licked my breasts. "Sorry for burring you alive beneath me but I really lost control there..." I apologized to him but he did not seem to mind my body weight on top of him at all.

He made a slick pushing and winding move with his hip and his very stiff member slid easily back into my hot wet box to the hilt. I slowly lessened the pushing force against the backrest and moved back down on top of him into my former position. I felt the broad furry base of his penis brushing all over my superbly stimulated clit and sliding very easily back into place inside my well lubricated love tunnel. He clearly enjoyed his stay deeply engulfed inside me as much as I always did. We needed no words to understand each other and we thought in pretty much the same sexual ways. Our merging together felt so perfect, willfully and natural. While I rested very comfortable on top of him I relaxed all my vaginal muscles completely to let him slide more easily deeper into me if he wished to do so somehow.

He felt to me like a soft furry coating on top of the chair with one exception: He had his wonderful perfect stiff feline cone member resting deep inside me and I loved that additional feeling while I still was highly, very highly aroused. Oh yes. Hmmmmmm. I enjoyed that warm wet fullness so much. In my delightful stage of complete satisfaction I slowly became aware that his hard hot penis had somehow become strangely vivid again. I felt it twitching back and forth inside me and wondered what possibly could be the meaning of this soft pulsing. Did he want to swing around again? Was he in the mood for another good fuck with me again that fast? Cats are very quick in recovery and maybe he was ready for another go? But why didn't he made any body moves with his hip or his rear legs to support our wonderful soft fucking? Had he been aroused so much by that slow wet gliding back into me that he had reached another hight?

He started a soft growling beneath me in a deep lusty growl he usually fell into when an orgasm was near or already had reached him. I really must have gotten him again with that little unwilling slide down along his member. To give him even more pleasures I decided that it would be much fun to tense my vaginal muscles around his vibrating tool in a rhythmical fashion, to try to milk him below me until he surrendered below me. Good plan! That one should give him another fine stimulation and me another sure point in our little competition. I grinned devilish. His tool in an instant response to my muscular massage around it twitched hard inside me and I could feel it's base pulsating in many hard contractions through my sensitive engulfing pussy lips. I was pretty sure that he had reached another orgasm (and I another point in our match of pleasure) and a pulse of his hot seed would spray into me any moment now...

Suddenly he relaxed and got completely limb below me. I still wondered completely puzzled about what a strange orgasm he possibly could experience right now that got him so limb when his penis suddenly jerked very hard inside me and sprayed a sheer fountain of hot liquid into me. He flooded me all over in a burning rush! Before my brain stopped working a sudden instant flash of complete realization of the uttermost strange situation gave me the answer to the riddle: "He relieved himself while he stuck completely buried with his tool inside me! That darn pervert! Oh my god. Ooooooooh my goooooooood...."

I got forced by this unbelievable hot pleasing sensation into a second orgasm that hit me so ultra extreme hard, I nearly tumbled backwards down the chair. I moaned and gasped for breath and a hold on something while I shivered al over so hard that I lost balance. He must have become aware of the danger I was in because his two front paws - still resting softly over my shoulders - dragged me forwards onto his belly with soft but unbreakable force. And with that rescuing move from him he really hit the spot. I was about to die every moment of that intense and unbearable pleasure my orgasm had suddenly reached. He still poured his hot flood of feline pee deeply into my womb while the tip of his stiff tool scratched in a vibrating spraying sensation over that particular r-spot (Rajah-spot) that drove me crazy every time. He continued to fill me up bit by bit while I was a nearly a senseless puppet shakily resting on top of him and moaning softly in sublime wet pleasures. The sudden dragging move he made to rescue me had pulled me close onto his furry belly. I couldn't support my weight by no means because I absolutely was lost in the pleasure of my surprisingly arisen second orgasm, so I slid down and backwards with my hip, my breasts again completely burring his face.

He growled deep, I could sense the deep vibration through every single fiber of my body but didn't recognize that he was growling in his own pleasures. Than he suddenly pinned me again with one quick bend of his muscular back and one blazing swift push of his muscular hip. His furry base shove so deep into me, I was able to feel his balls banging hard against my vulva. His penis spines, now fully extend, scratched along my love channel and he still filled me up with his hot stream of piss that he let flow deep into me and that sprayed powerful against all walls of my womb. That was to much. I faded softly away and couldn't recognize anything real around me any more, falling completely limb on top of him, pleasures drowning myself. The immense pleasures that kept spreading inside my body were the only thing I could sense and they kept burning every single bit of reality out of me slowly and with pure soft delight like a cleaning rain in summer...

After a sheer eternity that I spent engulfed into a coma of pleasures I slowly and unwillingly came back into reality. It felt like awakening out of a deep enjoyable slumber in perfect harmony. I rested hard on him, my female body burning all over and burring his body completely below me inside the chair's fabric. The very stupid idea hit my dysfunctional mind that I could accidentally crush him to death if I wouldn't do something quick. I collected together all my confused wits and pushed with all the force I could manage - and that was less than nothing - into the backrest of the chair to heft my upper body away from his chest and face.

There he was, his head snuggled comfortable sideways into his soft towel I had completely forgotten about, my both breasts brushing softly all over his furry cheeks and he enjoyed rubbing himself in pure pleasure against them. Now that I saw him doing that I became aware of a fine brushing sensation that I had felt all the time but couldn't really range in during the flood of pleasures. I swear by everything that is deer to me that he grinned at me as he looked directly into my face. He really did. He grinned and clearly said with no words needed: "That was a clear point for me, wasn't it? Who now is the master of surprises my lady?"

I laughed. I really laughed hard. I still felt his member deep inside me twitching and couldn't stop laughing while I thought about our complete stupid sexual competition. He was such a clever opponent. He really had gotten me BIG time with that one. He had gotten me twice today and I only got him once. And that last time easily counted for a dozen. He was a too clever and to creative an opponent for me to stand a chance in our pleasure contest.

After nearly half a minute of laughing, giggling and cuddling close into him with my both arms wrapped around his body I suddenly had the kinky idea of paying him back - just a tiny little bit for my own revenge. I concentrated, thought about flowing water and all such things you usually concentrate onto to get into the mood and finally released a hot stream of my own pee onto his furry sheath while his member still was resting inside my very very wet and hot tunnel of love.

My pee ran down his sheath, around his hip, wetted the chair's fabric that we both were resting inside and I could hear it dripping wet onto the wooden platform below us. That was a moment in our love plays that I will never forget because it felt so very kinky, so complete pervert, so wonderfully extreme, wild and animalistic to me. I loved that feeling of PURE lust, lust for sex and sexual games. The idea that he had used his body fluids to stimulate me sexually into another orgasm made me so absolute and indescribable horny, I slowly started rocking back and forth on top of him to get him into the mood for another deep and passionate fuck with me while I softly continued to peed at him. I think my relieving all over the furry base of his member had gotten him into the same mood because he now supported our softly swinging ride into more pleasure with his whole body.

We fucked again inside the deck-chair. And after that fuck and some little rest we did it again. And than we decided that we could easily enjoy it another time. We did it three times in a row and it was nothing less than awesome wild wet fun. I enjoyed every single fuck with him like it was the last moment of my whole life. It is strange but his hot pee that filled my womb made me so unbelievable horny every time I felt it shifting and swapping inside me or I merely thought about it being there, I could have fucked with him in my deck-chair all day long without any rest. Really. I felt his hot piss wetting my love tunnel from inside and it felt indescribable wonderful erotic to me. That hot fluid inside me kept swapping and shifting around with every new thrust he made into me during our matings and stimulated all my womb from inside with it's softness and nice warm wet sensations.

For him it must have felt equally new and nice. The hot fluid of him must have flowed around the tip of his member all the time. By time it slowly seeped through around his furry sheath that was nearly all the way inside my wet slippery pussy. Every time he shot a new load of his feline semen into me it mixed with the fluids already there and the sheer thought of that warm combination of fluids inside me drove me absolutely completely fucking crazy. I can't put it into words to describe my total horniness. It was like nothing, really nothing I had felt before. I don't know why he had the sudden (but brilliant) idea to relieve himself into me while he had his member buried deep inside me. Maybe he did it to mark me as his own female, toy or territory or simply because he had drunken to much water that sunny warm day or who really cares. I for my part believe that he exactly knew what he did and why he did it that very moment. He wanted to push me and he had pushed me with full success. No, he had not pushed me into it, he had thrown me into a deep pool of pleasures that I nearly had drowned inside.

After each fuck we rested and I got every muscle inside my slit relaxed - including the bladder - and enjoyed the relaxing wetness of warm pee running down onto his furry sheath. That moment of tenseness relieve felt better than any afterglow I ever had had. It felt like a complete satisfaction directly after a sexual relieve we both enjoyed. It was a thing I had never thought about before and hadn't the slightest idea of.

After our fourth mating in a row Baggy had enough. He pushed his paws softly against my shoulders to signal me that I should please dismount him and release him from the torturing chair. I did so at once. I grabbed the two armrests and used them again like an ingot. I steadied my legs and very carefully pushed upwards. His furry sheath gave way first and I could feel a big amount of fluid running down it and onto his hip at once. I couldn't help it. There was absolutely no way for me to hold all the fluids inside me in that position. I pushed further up and his still fully erect member slowly slid out of me. I clasped my muscles as good as possible around it but it was no big help. The broad furry sheath inside me had stretched my tunnel entrance very wide and now I couldn't close it enough to keep all the fluids securely locked inside me. His member came free and an astonishing amount of our mixed fluids of love and lust poured out of me and onto him. I felt so very sorry for him. I stood up quite fast to get my legs closer together but the deck-chair fabric and his body between my legs hindered me. The fluids kept pouring out of me and all onto him.

I bend my right leg and managed it back out through the gap between the armrest and the fabric. I bent it further back to got it onto the ground before the chair. Finally I managed a stable stand there with my right leg and did the same maneuver with my left. At last I stood before the deck-chair and clasped my legs together as hard as I could to keep the still very large amount of fluids inside me.

Now I had THAT problem again. To slip on my overall while I had all that fluid inside me was a no-go, not to mention the climb down the ladder. I had to get rid of it first without spilling it all over our nice clean airy playground. I slowly staggered to the tree trunk and behind it. I remembered a rather large snag there that would become very hand in a moment. I carefully looked over the edge of the wooden platform but couldn't see, feel or hear anybody around. I grasped the snag and swung into the open beneath the branch. Uhhhhhh, I released the vaginal muscles and hiked my legs up into a semi sitting position. The amount of fluid that showered down onto the ground was unbelievable. I hang there and while my womb slowly released it's fill I used the time for another short pee. After half a minute my womb felt much better and also did my bladder. I swung back onto the platform and walked over to Baggy.

The poor Baggy. He lay on the wooden platform and really didn't look very happy. I had spilled a lot of our fluids onto him at our somehow clumsy dismounting and he was busy cleaning up the mess. I took the towel and got over to him. I crouched down and dried up some of the remains with the towel. He looked into my face and was clearly grateful for my helpful assistance. After I had dried the wet spots around his hip as good as possible with the towel I petted him on the head, stood up and walked over to my overall. I unfolded it, slid into it and closed the zipper in front of me. God had that kinky fucking been wonderful. It made me so horny to think about it, I really was in the mood for another fuck right now but I HAD to resist...

I folded the dripping wet deck-chair together, luckily it's fabric also was made out of wether resistant and water proof material. The next rain shower would clean it up for our next use. And there would definitely be a next use. I already wished for it...

After I had stored everything back where it belonged, except the soiled towel, I got over to Baggy again. Now he was the happy kitty again I knew. "You are a little pervert, are you? Peeing into me. I really wonder what gave you THAT idea but nevertheless, I very much loved the feeling of it. You are such a genius of a cat, you teach ME new tricks and not otherwise round. I love you..." I told him and gave him a wet smack onto his nose.

I climbed down the ladder while Baggy used a more catlike way down the tree trunk like usual. At the bottom I saw the wet spot I had made with my acrobatics on the branch. It looked like someone had spilled a whole bottle of water there. I shook my head. Baggy, Baggy, Baggy. At home I had to give him water to drink instantly so that he could refill his pleasure reservoir for me...

I felt happy, satisfied and very alive on our way home. Baggy had become so creative and inventive lately in our little plays, I really looked forward to his next idea. He slowly but with much grace totted along my right flank and I petted him on the head and the neck. He looked up into my face and I smiled back down. "Please Baggy, please never do leave me. I love you so much, I don't know what to do without your love..."

He rubbed his head along my right moving leg and I not even wondered how he could have understood my words. He was a genius, he understood everything.

We walked back to the circus and I reattached the string and the collar that I had removed. I unlocked the gate and we entered the fence through it. When we were in and I had closed and locked the door behind us again I took of the string and Baggy's collar again and we trotted back together to my private trailer.

Baggy suddenly sprinted up the door that I wanted to open for him, but he opened it for me! I couldn't believe it. He pressed the handle down with his left paw and pushed against the door with his whole body weight to get it open. Then he went in like it was nothing special to open the door and let ME in. I stood there, my mouth open and was simply speechless. He really is a genius. He is learning by observing. He is learning by doing.

Realization hit me on the stair to my trailer. Learning BY DOING. We made love all the time now, just for the fun of it, and he learned. He improved. He experimented. He had pleasured me today like he had never done before. I really was eager to be part of his next experiment. VERY very very eager.

Maybe it would be inside the bathroom, maybe in our bed, maybe somewhere I would never have expect it to happen, or maybe maybe maybe...