Trisha - Wet games
(A small spin-off...)
© 2004 by Zak

This story involves sexual activity between a female human and male big cats and some "water sport". This is a pure work of fiction. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved and any person, living or dead, is intended, even if some parts of the story may look very much that way. This story may be distributed freely but may not be sold, or changed, or used in any commercial way.
Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into fresh tasty kitty food and eaten for breakfast or get yourself complete addicted to big cats, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions your take after reading my erotic fiction :-)

Wet games you may unintentionally invent in spring...

Time went rapidly by and the bond between my four lovely kitties and me got even deeper, deeper than I could have possibly ever imagined. We knew each other for about four years by now but to me it seemed that we knew each other for all our life.

It's quite a strange situation for me. Taisha, my Siberian tiger, is the oldest cat in my little wild cat show. I know him now for about five years of my life and sometimes he still behaves like that curious teenager kitty I had to take care of but he has reached his full grown 800pd predator size. For me he somehow still is and ever will be the small little kitten I knew from his birth on and had so much fun playing with...

We grew up all together but my kitties got five years older every year more I reached in my own life. It feels very odd to think about it. I get a very hurting feel in the back of my heart every time I think about our aging difference. I will for sure live out all of them. How should I linger on in the far future without my four beautiful lovers? I can't imagine how. Every day without them looks like pure agony for me from my current point of view. I love all of them so very much and can't imagine being a single day without their company...

Well, whenever I think about that very hurting idea Baggy comes over and tries to kiss me softly out of my sad mood. He usually starts to lick my face very carefully and takes a look deep into my sad eyes with his own green beautiful cat eye emeralds. I'm close to break apart into tears every time he tries to get me out of my sad mood. He doesn't mean it, he only want's to comfort me but by his lovely acting he gets me even more aware that I can't possibly live on without their company. I'm part of them as they were part of me. We belonged together, in love, in death, forever.

This sunday I also had a hard struggle to stop myself from shattering into tears because I had fallen in that sad thinking about the future mood again. I patted Baggy softly on his beautiful soft velvet head, forcing my mind to NOT look into the far future but enjoy the very present moment with lovely him. I started crawling Baggy softly behind his ears in uttermost gratefulness for his mental support he showed me and he softy licked over my cheeks. He was such a sensitive friend and lover, he felt every mood of me without needing a glance. He simply felt the same way as I did. If I was depressed, he got depressed. If I was happy, he was.

It was a very bright sunny sunday and I decided that it was absolutely stupid to think about the future on such a lovely day. I forced away every thought and decided that it was time for my kitties to enjoy the sun and have some water play. I knew at least three big kitties that would be very delighted to hear that. Taisha, Rajah and Baghira loved to play with water. They enjoyed getting wet all over and enjoyed even more to get dried by me afterwards with many soft towels and a very passionate rubbing all over their furry bodies.

I stood up and walked to the trailers door, already inside my special black water proof working overall. Baggy followed me and I told him that it was time to enjoy a cool shower in the bright sun outside. He got the meaning of my words instantly and got in such high spirits, I softly giggled about him. He very much liked to play in the hot sun - I always wondered how he could possibly stand the heat below his black velvet fur - and he much more enjoyed to get cooled down by a refreshing fresh shower of water.

We walked outside and I called for all my cats. I slowly walked over to the faucet and bent down for the hose. Taisha and Rajah came out of their cage, recognized the direction I was heading into and the meaning of this and instantly all hell of fun broke loose when they got aware of the water hose in my hands.

At first I aimed at Baggy but he was to fast for me. He hid behind a bale of straw. My next aim was Taisha. He was an easy target and I made him quite wet but he enjoyed that very much. He never stopped a second to hide behind an obstacle but continued steadily walking towards me and finally stood in front of me, dripping wet from head to tail tip. I knew what he had planned and tried to escape my doom but he was to fast. He showed me his flank and at once started to shake the water out of his soaked fur. He not really needed a hose, he had thick wet fur that stored an enormous lot of water that he could now throw against his target - me - like a wall of dripping wetness.

After he had shook his fur nearly dry I was wet from hair to toe. That was too darn funny, I laughed a lot. He really was a clever big kitty. I aimed at Rajah next but he cleverly covered behind broad Taisha's flank. Wohooo! Baggy had silently sneaked behind me and had gotten hold of the hose with his teeth. He pulled the hose and it slid through my wet fingers. Now it got completely funny - and very WET.

Baggy dropped the hose and it instantly started spinning around wildly by the water pressure. We all got completely soaked. Every cat tried to pin down the gone wild hose and catch it and they all got very wet in trying. Just for your information, that was no ordinary garden hose to water plants, it was more like a fire fighter hose and could be handled roughly by my kitties without getting damaged too badly. Finally Baggy got another grip of the hose's headpiece and carried it along in his mouth, getting us all by accidentially - or intentionanlly! - aiming with it loosely in our direction. We all scattered and took cover behind the nearest obstacle in reach but he simply looked around it and got us again. After a while Baggy lost his interest in the hose and dumped it back to the ground. The hunt for the spinning around hose was up again. I cleverly had walked out of the way because two playful 800pd tigers could not that easily run and stop on very slippery wet grass.

After nearly an hour of continued fun with the hose I finally switched the water off and rolled up the tormented hose. After I was done with that I walked over to my trailer and got out the pile of prepared kitty towels, many of them. I shook out a large sheet and put it onto the dry ground in the middle of the fenced space. All my cats came over, even the very water shy Leo that had witnessed our stupid wet fooling around with the hose came very reluctantly nearer and we settled down onto the sheet. I took some bigger towels and started rubbing Baggy, Taisha and Rajah dry. It was quite a challenge to please them all at once with my soft towel rubbing but I somehow managed it - thanks to my very good private training lessons with Baggy.

We looked pretty much like a rolling and struggling around mass of wet fur. It was real fun, at least as funny as playing with the water hose. They stole the towels from another and pulled on their edges just for the fun of it. Taisha, because he was the biggest cat, had conquered quite a lot of them but Rajah had sneakily theft some from the pile behind his back. After some time of struggling around, playing with the many towels and rubbing against each other we settled down quietly and enjoyed the hot sun that rapidly dried all the remaining wet spots.

Leo had settled down a bit away from us stupid "wetties" and now came over to rest with us on the sheet. He walked directly into our midst and comfortable tumbled down there on his flank. We looked like a mixed tribe of various big cats taking a nap together inside the bright midday sun. I snuggled into Taisha's soft belly fur and had my arms wrapped around Baggy. Rajah rubbed his big head against my cheeks and Leo licked my bare feet. I giggled softly and pulled away my feet a bit because I was quite ticklish there. We enjoyed the warmth in the midday sun and let the time slowly went by. After a hour of a cuddled up napping together some of my big fellows got restless again and began playing with their toys that I had put out in advance for them. Rajah amused himself with the big leather ball I had rolled out and that he now pushed around with his head and front paws. Leo stood up and walked directly back into his lion cage to get a drink, take a rest in the cool twilight inside or whatever. Lazy cat, you know.

I got somehow chilly. It was still early spring and as soon as the sun had passed the noon position in the sky it got chilly very quick because of the very cold air and soft breeze. An idea sprung into my mind when I saw some straw bales laying around nearby. I stood up, went over to them and dragged them one by one over to our resting place. Baggy helped. He got the idea and with his very muscular body had not the slightest problem at all by dragging the big bales of straw around. He grabbed the string that was holding together the straw with his large fangs and pulled the bales backwards like they had no weight at all. After five minutes we had build up - with Baggy's great help - a nice strew bale wall around our large resting sheet.

Yes, that definitely felt much better. The chilling wind got completely blocked out by the big straw bales around us. I relaxed back on the sheet once more and Baggy joined my side. Taisha had not moved a muscle and was still resting in one corner of the large spread sheet, his head placed comfortable on his front paws, his eyes closed, a very content look on his lovely tiger face. The warm sun shun upon my black overall and I felt very comfortable, warmed up again all over, pretty much like I was resting in my bed with a soft warm blanked covering me but the very bright sun shining directly into my face. I had a nice wall of strew around me and two of my lovely kittens nearby. What could one wish for more? I closed my eyes and enjoyed the quiet sunny day.

I felt the sunny warmth spreading through my whole body. That warmth reminded me of another warmth I loved to feel, a warmth I had become very fond of. A wonderful warmth that often spread through my whole body and that had made me the satisfied person I was, a warmth combined of a pleased body and contend soul. I opened my eyes, sat up slowly and looked over the straw bale wall blinking, quite dazzled by the bright sun that had been shining into my eyes through my eye lids. I looked around but nobody was anywhere near us or near the fence.

My next look moved over to Baggy with a silent hint of longing in the depth of my eyes he knew and needed no explanation for. He knew me, he knew my thoughts and he always was ready for a deeper heating, a deeper most satisfying warmth he enjoyed so much to share with me. He gracefully stood up, stretched his wonderful muscular feline body besides me and left my side, moved over to the nearest strew bale of our little self made wall and lay down there on his back, looking at once over to me, blinking. The pointy tip of his tool peaked out of his furry sheath while he shifted himself in a very relaxing position, cuddling and rubbing his cheek into the straw bale to his right he was resting against.

I took another careful and completely innocent appearing look around. There was still nobody near us, everything was dead quiet. The only thing you could hear was the singing of the birds and from time to time a whinnying of show horses that were stabled nearby. I slowly crawled over to him on all fours like I was a human panther. When I finally reached him I softly rubbed his tummy with my finger tips and maneuvered my right leg elegantly over his belly and between the strew bale and his right flank.

That soft finger tip belly scratching triggered his usual response and his member emerged slowly from it's protective sheath. I moved my hip down onto his and guided his vertical in the air penis with delight between the two black leather strips that were secretly build into my trousers crotch. His member slid very softly through the two separating leather strips and into me without any more guidance needed. I rested my right arm comfortable on top of the upmost strew block and started a rhythmical sliding along his stiffening penis, slow and delightful back and forth on his soft silken hip that kept brushing against the crotch of my overall's trouser, up and down along his wonderful warm tool that was slowly getting larger and harder inside me with every fluent move I made along it.

I instantly got exited, very hot between my legs, very lustily in my mind. That "Everybody may see me now but they can't possibly see my lovely Baggy below me and they can't even imagine that he is so hot, wet and delightful deep resting with his penis inside my hot juicy box..." idea made me unbelievable horny. I rode him slow and gentle, was enjoying every long wet slide along his whole member like it was the very first time we ever did this. After around twenty to thirty of my delightful engulfing slides on top of him - I not really focused in counting them - Baggy's body started to shutter very softly beneath me. Shortly afterwards he trembled and shot his sticky cum powerful and deep into my awaiting warm and complete wet by now love tunnel. Having sex with him here in the open, directly in the free fresh air and under the hot sun and feeling him ejaculating deep inside me just that very moment while everyone could watch me sitting there, looking completely innocent relaxing my arm on the straw bale in a sitting position and enjoying the sun with closed eyes was so uttermost lustily, it nearly drove me into doing something very stupid, something I would have loved to do right now together with beloved Baggy. I more or less did a fuck with Baggy in the public and I would have loved to fuck with him like crazy, to cum together with him, to scream aloud and moan in pleasure on top of him, to feel an orgasm raging through me like a hurricane...

I unknowingly tensed my vaginal muscles very tight around his softly twitching and spurting member and continued my soft sliding back and forth on top of his hip while he started to tremble very hard below me. His completely erect spines rasped along the soft encompassing walls of my love tunnel and he couldn't help it. He shoot another big load of his hot cum into me in an instant response to my unknowingly reflex, growling softly in a very satisfying relieve below me. There was nothing that I loved more to do for him, to grand him in great delight, to enjoy together with him like this very soft and slow milking of his feline member inside me.

Taisha had flung opened his eyes in no time when he had heard Baggy's lustily satisfied soft growl of relieve. He knew that sound and it meant a pleasure that he didn't want to miss for anything. He scrambled up to his feet very fast, came over to me and started licking my face while I was still sitting on top of cute Baggy and feeling his stiff pulsating member inside me ejaculating in tiny wet spurts of fluid with every single nerve I had there. That turned me on even more, getting in touch with two lovely cats at once was new and very very thrilling. I told Taisha to lay down somewhere while I gave Baggy a quick tummy scratching with my fingertips. Very slowly I slid his still softly pulsing and dripping member out of me. His penis left me with a wet smacking noise and the two black leather stripes build into my black overall crotch closed overlapping shut behind his leaving tool. They very softly massaged and cleaned up his sensitive love rod while it slid out of me between them, very much to the great delight of Baggy who relaxed himself back and clearly visible enjoyed life very much.

Now I was free for lovely Taisha. He had lain down in front of Baggy and was permanently sniffing the air and inhaling our strong combined smell of sex in uttermost delight. He clearly was waiting for me there, his much larger, bigger and completely unsheathed pink rod glittering vertically in the air like a polished wooden cone, ready to be used for pleasure. God I loved my life! My cats clearly loved me and they knew that I loved to share my love with them so very much. I moved my right leg back over Baggy and kneeled beside him while I felt small amounts of his seed dripping out of my slit and running down my trousers inside. Slowly I slid on my knees over to Taisha, got my right leg over his furry hip pretty much in the same manner I had played with Baggy and settled very gently down on his unbelievable hard and long member. It slid through the two leather stripes of my trouser and into me very deep with a soaking wet noise at the first try, thanks to Baggy's very good lubrication. I was so wet and nicely lubricated inside that I felt Taisha's large pleasure tool instantly rubbing along all the length of my whole love tunnel, pleasing me very much with the soft gliding of two very sleek surfaces on each other. Baggy stood slowly up, walked besides us, tumbled down there and started to cleaning up his still softly dripping member with much delight, deliberately doing this directly in front of me!

That presentation gave me an enormous kick of lust. It was a visual representation of the wonderful feelings I experienced through Taisha's enormous sleek member inside me. I had without thinking started to ride Taisha tool very slowly in the same manner I had done with Baggy and enjoyed his deep reaching into me very very much. He enjoyed my slow sliding along his wonderful tool as much as I did because he started softly trotting the air in front of me with his soft furry paws in a coordinated response to every very soft slide I made, making a fist with his paws when I did a slow enjoyable slid down, relaxing his paws and partly showing his sharp claws when I pulled him softly out of me and let his semi erect spines rasp along the whole length of my wet vagina walls. Taisha has a very large member compared to Baggy, I could feel him reaching deep into my love tunnel and his still not fully extent spines scratching spots Baggy could have never touched with his smaller tool even if he wished for it and tried very hard. That view of Baggy while he cleaned his vibrating member in lustily strokes with his rough feline tongue drove me nearly insane. He clearly did that by purpose! I know he did! He teased me and tried to get me more exited while Taisha's member was buried up to the furry sheath inside me and stimulating me in wonderful waves of pleasure. And unfortunately his clever plan succeeded...

Taisha suddenly growled softly below me and I had been too darn fixed on Baggy's glittering wet member the whole time to become aware of Taisha's state at all. I had continued to ride him very slow and deep, had slid along his large member with my more and more contracting together vaginal muscles while I had been fascinated watching Baggy's passionate cleaning of his unsheathed softly dripping penis in front of me. Like a sudden explosion a very huge and powerful burst of hot tiger cum shot deep into my womb and the sticky flood splashed everywhere inside it. I was dangerous close to an own orgasm and I didn't want to be that close at all. Baggy had lured me into this by his very stimulating self cleaning in front of me and the pictures he induced with that show into my already very arose mind. At once I very carefully tried to pull Taisha's penis out of me because I feared that I could not hold back my own orgasm much longer when he stayed inside me with his twitching wet, burning hot but wonderful lovely wooden hard rod that kept rasping softly along my whole blazing vagina. My own orgasm was so darn close, it would have been very difficult to suppress it with him staying inside me and stimulating me further every second.

Wham, Taisha got me cold by accident! He pulled back just that very moment that I had also decided to do this in a much more careful way than he did. His by now fully extend spines rasped very hard along the whole length of my ablaze vagina and he stroke completely over my sensitive clit with the stiff pulsating base of his enormous broad member. I knew that I had lost now, that I couldn't manage to hold back. My whole body already shuttered softly in response to that hard stimuli and I slowly - to not cause attention if anybody was watching me by unlucky chance - bent down my upper body onto his belly and hid behind our self made strew bale wall. Oh gooooood...

I felt my orgasm hitting my body and my senses very hard at the same time. A burning warmth shoot through my whole vagina and into my body, I came on top of him and Taisha did the same once more deep inside my hot tunnel that kept contracting wildly around his tool without any control from my side. He got so very stimulated by that rasping of his spines inside my contracting love tunnel that he shoot another hot pulse of his seed into me. Now that I had reached an orgasm I cared for nothing any more and pushed backwards, very hard into his stiff erect tool of immense pleasures. I wished to feel it completely deep inside me because I already had lost that struggle against my own orgasm and everything was unimportant right now except that immense pleasure I loved so much to feel, taste, smell, experience. I got everything I wished for from him like he had read my mind. He pushed his hip in one hard powerful stroke into me and his member shove in to the very hilt, forcing apart the leather stripes and pushing his furry tickling sheath between my vulva. I moaned as soft as I could somehow manage and my body quavered all over in pure delight of that wonderful sticky warmness, fullness and wetness I was drifting along and felt spreading inside myself like a steady wave.

I felt my orgasm reaching it's very height and I lost control over my shaking body. I lay flat and shaking on top of his belly and suddenly felt Baggy behind us, licking all around my crotch and over Taisha's furry sheath and balls while his huge penis rested pushed to the hilt inside me, twitching and moving softly. That sudden strange sensation drove Taisha instantly into another release of a small wet spurt inside my pussy and I reached unknown heights in my own orgasmic universe. Every single nerve inside my cunt and all along my spine was set on fire and kept burning me. On the edge of my consciousness I felt Taisha spraying another big load of his hot seed into me shortly after that first shot of surprise while a rough feline tongue reached into the gap between the leather stripes and massaged my vulva over and over again and all around our very deep and passionate point where we were melted together. My own pleasures tortured me! I knew without thinking that I should hold back another orgasm and that I was in grave danger to be found out fucking around with my cats but I couldn't do anything against that wonderful immense pleasures I was drifting in at the moment. I was a puppet moved by other forces, forces of lust and wonderful irresistible pulsating wet hot lustful experiences.

Somehow - I really can't tell you how - I managed my both hands over my mouth and forced it shut, moaned very loud behind my closed hands in that wonderful feelings that flooded through my whole body. Baggy was really killing me with his licking and he did that on full purpose. I couldn't believe that! I fell deep into another huge orgasmic height and could do nothing against it. Taisha was content and spent at that time and got very limb below my body, relaxing after that very fine, long and strange fucking experience. He felt like a very soft pillow below me and I was resting on him like I was lying on a fluffy cloud drifting in the sky. I closed my eyes - I had lost focused sight a long time ago and small pearls of sweat kept running along my forehead and dripping into them - and tried to concentrate on something absolutely NOT erotic, absolutely BORING or DISGUSTING but I simply couldn't manage. That wonderful feeling to be near two such beautiful and lovely cats, to be in deep fusion with one while the other one licked passionately around my private parts called everything else meaningless and blocked my mind from anything else.

After some very tough mental struggle - I had tried hard to calm down from my orgasmic heigh at least so far to recognize my surrounding again - I got aware that Baggy had finally ceased his wonderful massage of my vulva that he had been doing all the time around Taisha's stiff member with his rough feline tongue. That was a great blessing because my second orgasm still burned so unbelievable darn hot inside me that I started sweating all over inside my black overall, even the hollows of my knees inside it got completely wet and sweat was running down my whole body, down my back and along my spine like a small river. It felt like I was taking a very hot shower but at the same time I was burning from the inside in a strong fever of lust.

And than Baggy really killed me! Out of a sudden he was on top of my back and without any warning slid his member into me, directly on top of Taisha's still deep inside me resting one! He cunningly used Taisha's member like a guide way into me and his much smaller member slid along the huge base of Taisha's long love rod. He did very fast, very quick stokes and pretty soon had managed to plunge his penis completely into me on top of Taisha's still hard one. Taisha also snapped back into action, very stimulated by that sudden movement along the top of his tool and both cats mated with me together in a perfect harmony, a symphony of natures forces. I was placed between them like I was the cream of the cake. Taisha started licking my face from below, catching my sweat pearls, while Baggy gave my left cheek and ear a good licking from behind.

My third orgasm - I should better say the reenforced blazing second one - hit me so unbelievable damn hard, I screamed loud behind my both hands and if I hadn't forced my mouth shut the whole circus crew would have been there in an instant to rescue me from my complete agony they would have believed me in. And it was agony, agony of unknown unearthly pleasures. Baggy and Taisha had managed to cum inside me together, their hard stiff rods pulsated inside me and massaged my whole contracting pussy like nothing else had ever done before. I felt Taisha brushing with his furry sheath over my vulva while Baggy scratched along my love tunnel entrance, pressed Taisha's furry tickling sheath hard against my burning hot clit with his tool and massaged all over Taisha's member with his own exposed sharp spines. They together felt so big, so huge, they filled me out! I simply have no words to describe that feeling properly. Their two members added up just like they belonged together. Taisha reached deep into me with his very large tool while Baggy's penis massaged my entrance with short rough strokes, driving me and Taisha crazy in doing so. And they both performed in a perfect harmony like they had been doing this fuck with me their whole life long and were experts in it. Indescribable! It drove me so fucking unbelievable crazy, I yelled loud in pleasure and dismay about that orgasm I never wanted to reach but couldn't deny to be the greatest, best one ever behind my forced shut lips I hold close as hard as I could manage.

After some period of time - long or short, I can't tell, I completely lost my feeling for anything concerning my life - Baggy stopped his moving and relaxed on top of me while I rested with my whole body weight inside Taisha's tight body hug around me. He didn't mind our combined heavy weight on his belly at all but enjoyed his deep stay inside me. I lay on top of my very soft Taisha cushion, somehow paralyzed in lust and there was brushing fur all around me and heat, unbelievable heat. My senses came back very reluctantly and the very first thought I had was that I had to do this fuck completely naked next time! And that there had to be many next times. That threesum was so darn fucking unbel...

Baggy started a lustily growl that vibrated through my whole spine and got completely limb on top of my back. I feared for the worst. "Please Baggy, don't even think about this now. Not now, please! Oh my god, don't do this Baggieeee, please dooo..." I whimpered aloud in despair behind my still forced shut mouth. Baggy wanted to finish this adventure with a bang, a new sensation he very recently had invented and had enjoyed very much together with me. I felt his stiff penis starting to twitch softly inside me and I knew what was about to happen. A burning hot fountain of his feline pee suddenly erupted powerful into me and flushed me, spraying hot along Taisha's large member and into my womb. I grunted loud in complete disbelieve...

Ok, I definitely was dead now. That was the end. Out of a sudden my mind was blank, gone, my senses were offline and I could only experience pleasure, heat, burning hot heat all around me and inside me and lust flooding over me without really feeling it, could recognize it inside me, could perceive it everywhere, engulfing me, drowning me like a flood suddenly bursting over me. My vision exploded in colorful sparks. I don't know how I managed to hold my mouth shut, it must have been a pure reflex of holding onto the last thing I had been doing before.

Suddenly I felt even more limb as Baggy on top of me and Taisha beneath me, my whole body shivered harder than it had ever done in my whole life. I was trapped between the furry bodies of my cats, burned alive in pleasures. Every single muscle inside me twitched uncontrollable and I got pushed on top of a wave of the very biggest hardest orgasmic sensation I every had sensed in my whole darn life. And exactly at that moment Taisha understood what he was feeling along his tool and joined Baggy, marked his territory together with Baggy. They both relived themselves inside me and powerfully flooded my whole love tunnel with hot fluid and filled my whole womb up in no time with warm pulsing jets that sprayed hard against it's walls.

Well, I didn't really feel that anymore and just make up what I was possibly experiencing. From that very hot feeling inside my whole vagina onwards I don't know what exactly happened. That colorful sparks in my vision very suddenly turned pitch black and my whole recognition followed them there. I came back to my senses a good deal later, looking completely startled into the blue sky and seeing fluffy white clouds drifting by. Both my lover kitties were licking my face and had already dismounted me in some miraculous way. In which way Taisha had managed to get me off his hard member and belly I can't really tell you. I was laying flat on my back in the sun and both cats looked very anxious while they very softly licked over my face. I had faded out that time for real, it was the only explanation that came into my spinning mind. That powerful sensation of their hot fluids spraying hard and deep into me and flooding every single bit inside me must have been far to much for my already overloaded senses. I struggled up into a sitting position - pushing my back slowly up with my both arms behind it - and got aware of a very huge wet spot beneath my crotch. Oh wow. God damed. WOW!

The sheet we usually rested onto was totally soaked beneath me. I very slowly scrambled forwards onto my knees - all the time fearing another black wave of unconsciousness swapping over me in a sudden. I felt a very hot stream of mixed liquids pouring out of me, along the two overlapping stripes of leather and in small amounts between them and onto the sheet. They both had filled me up to the very maximum possible. I slowly struggled up onto my shaking feet and their burning hot fluids kept streaming down the insides of my water proof overall trouser, down my legs and over the tops of my bare feet. Darn, I had to punish them hard for what they had dared to do with me. I had to torture them the best way I could imagine, torture them in private, torture them with exhausting long group sessions. That I swore to myself. They really deserved that kind of HARD punishment from me.

My legs still were shaking softly so I crouched down again in front of my both worried kittens and crawled into their cheek fur with my fingertips while I rubbed my face over theirs and stroke them softly where ever I could reach them. They got the meaning and became marry cats again. We cuddled together in pure joy. "That was very very DANGEROUS you two..." I told them in a played angry tone "...but you couldn't hold back. I know. Neither could I. I love you so very much my kitties and I hope you know. That was so unbelievable a sensation, we have to do that again in private. PROMISE!". They for sure got the meaning of my quiet words. I still felt parts of me linger in an enormous afterglow of that orgasmic extreme like a junky experiencing a hard flashback. Everything around us looked calm and normal, nobody had seen us doing it. No, not nobody!

Leo and Rajah lay on top of the stacked straw bales and looked down to us and directly at the wet spot of the sheet between my legs. They both had observed everything in full detail. I could tell because they still had peeking out ones pushing softly into the straw below them. And they had left small marks in the straw, you clearly could see that, too, wettish marks. They both struggled up, jumped down from the straw and joined into our cuddling. I was so blessed. Loved by big cats, loving big cats. Everything I had ever wished for was completely meaningless. My life was perfect, more then perfect if that was somehow possible.