Trisha's big cat holiday - Intro
© 2006 by Zak

Apple Newton MP2100 Disclaimer:
This new novella contains lots of sexual activity between Trisha, our well known female big cat tamer, and her four beloved tomcats. It's a pure work of fiction and entirely made up inside my running free mind. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved and any person, living or dead, is intended.

This story can be distributed freely as long as it is not sold, changed or used in any commercial way without my explicit permission.

Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into fresh tasty kitty food and eaten for breakfast or get yourself complete addicted to some cuddly big cats, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions your take after reading my erotic fiction ;-)

Trisha's big cat holiday - Intro

High summer had the whole country in his sweaty grip. We all were just leaving into a four week summer holiday. Circus work inside the big tent is unbearable during midsummer and there's no real point in visiting one town after the other if most people go and spend the holiday in foreign countries. At best we might get the tent filled to one third of our usual audience and that wouldn't be economic at all.

Well, so there it was again: Another summer brake for all of us circus staff. This time it would be a bit different though because I had a very cool special in secret preparation for my cuddly sweethearts: A real holiday for us!

So let me explain this a bit further to you. During the last month of active shows I came across an interesting article in a regional newspaper headlining: "W. M. - A modern time Robinson in the mountains..."

First I was sort of puzzled by the headline's meaning as you might be now but after reading through the whole story I got a very crazy idea staying inside my head for the rest of the week -- one that I gave a try despite the chances for success being minimal.

The article was all about a person called William Miles that occasionally leased his home to people seeking for a quiet, remote and very isolated spot to flee their stressful everyday life once in a while. Here they could spend quality time inside a secured paradise of nature, inside William's own property featuring a rather big fishing lake and a full equipped log cabin nearby his very own woodland. But the neat little thing that instantly caught my full attention as I read through the article: His whole terrain has a security perimeter around it, a strong fence with barbwire on top that's all hidden inside a thick green hedge. A computer system constantly monitors everything to ensure undisturbed privacy. Miles place is huge, up to two square mile in diameter and now comes the best part: He agreed after some explanations from my part that I could bring my four friends with me for a stay!

But one thing after the other. My first visit to his place was nothing more than a lucky try from my side. The owner, Mr. Miles, is around 70 and made a quite wealthy impression. We had a nice talk together and enjoyed a very good glass of red wine. During our social talk I asked him straight if I could bring my animals with me if I was to rent his place for one month. He wasn't taken much by this aspect. At once he made one point absolute clear: No dogs or cats or any other animal inside his log cabin. If they were to come with me they must stay outside the cabin at all times because he suffers from a severe allergic reaction to animal fur. I softly snickered to that revelation and he got quite angry with me, not appreciating my amusement about this at all.

I bit him excuse my silliness and told him more detailed about the nature of my "four kittens" that I wanted to bring along. He gasped for air once or twice but took it quite well for his age -- well -- maybe because of his age. He thought about my revelations for some seconds and I mentally prepared for being thrown out of his place in a high ark.

But he begun heartily laughing instead like as a person that suddenly understands a good joke. "You are a bold lady, I have to give you that! Big cats, who would have thought of this. And you do handle four of them at once -- most impressive. Letting them roam free inside my fenced off terrain to make them feel "somewhat free" for once in their life sounds very paradox and just a little bit silly to me but who am I to judge about you and your cats. I can see in your sparkling eyes that you dearly love your pets. Oh, sorry, my mistake, your feline friends I should have said, please excuse my slip. I very much like the affectionate way you talk about them. You have my blessing for your bold plan but again I must remind you: Keep your fur covered friends out of my cabin. You have to guarantee me that. I don't know if I'm allergic to their hair as well cause I never had the chance yet to meet one for real, thanks god..."

Now we both laughed quite amused about it. "Sure Mr. Miles, that's no problem at all. I swear that I myself and all my feline companions will never enter your cabin. If I'm allowed by you I will bring my own caravan and their cages to be our homes for the month. In truth it's the well build fence around your terrain that I'm in need for because I must secure the freedom and safety of my cats, nothing more and nothing less. But I much appreciate the wild beauty of your ground and all my cats also will, I'm very sure of that. I promise to you that I'll lock the cabin, put the key away and never make use of it while I'm here. And if you like to try out I'll introduce you with pleasure to all my big cat friends..."

"Umm, yes, but one of my age shouldn't rush into such things anymore..." he said in a very dry humorous way. We both laughed again. He lifted up his glass of wine. "Cheers to our meeting my courageous circus lady! I hope you enjoy your stay at my little place of peacefulness and find here what you are seeking for..."

It was all in all an absolute pleasant evening and now you know what big surprise I have in store for my lucky kittens this summer: Fresh air, big trees, soft grass, a lake, the sounds and smells of nearby woodland animals -- in short all the natural things they have absolute no idea of yet. My beauties will so love it!

Eventually the day of big surprise came. In advance I had prepared everything for the "big move" yesterday. All my cats were quite curious about the ruckus suddenly breaking loose during our very quiet summer holiday, even sleepyhead Leo. Usually we stayed here for at least three weeks and it was usually as boring a thing to them as it was to me. This time I would radically change that!

Two people from the circus crew gave me a hand and drove the big cat cages to our temporal summer residence. I followed them with my van, Baggy inside the rear compartment, sleeping on top of our bed like a baby for the whole trip. That black kitten of mine is a real beauty in sleep I can tell you with all my heart. He always looks so satisfied, so contend, so very sweet a kitty...

We arrived a hour later at the fenced off woodland area. I entered the pin into the code tableau besides the door that William had given me. We had signed a detailed contract between us and I payed him the considerable rent fully in advance to make him feel secure about all this, about my cats and me, about my honesty towards him. The two large steel-doors opened and we drove in. With some amusement I recognized that William had taken the liberty of marking off three places with little red flags some distance from his log cabin where I should park the two cages and my van, please.

We did so. Soon after that I said goodbye to my two circus crew drivers and they left the ground with much curiosity written onto their faces. Rumors would be spread for sure but right now I didn't care about that. I went to the pin-pad at the inside and entered the second security system code William had provided me with.

The two enormous front doors swung shut and locked themselves into place. Massive metal bars slid out of the ground and up into the doors. The surveillance system activated -- at least the blinking display over the pin-pad told me so. You could see a schematic drawing there of the enormous fence system, of the log cabin, of the pinewood and the rather large lake. The symbols went into a green glow one after the other. A few more seconds later everything was lit green and the system told me "Area secure. Surveillance system active. ". Uhm, yeah, ok, very fascinating.

I went to my trailer to let Baggy out first. He yawned as was usual for him after a comfy catnap in our bed. That cute silly kitty of mine. I lured him out of the van with an innocent gesture and it took him a few second to realized everything was different to the places we usual went to. He looked at me, questioningly. "Cool huh? It's all yours for a month, feel free to have a good look around sweetheart."

He sniffed at the grassy ground and looked up at me again. "Don't be shy. Feel free to explore..." I told him and he did like I wished. He started an enormous sprint only a big cat like him is able to, ran straight to the nearby pinewood and went out of my sight between the shadows of the trees. I laughed. "Have a lot of FUN!" I shout after him, laughing very happy about cute him behaving free and natural like a playing child.

Now I let my other beauties out. Next I opened the ramp of the lions cage and Leo came trotting out into the blazing sun. He yawned and shook his mane. "Look around Leo, everything is new!" I told him and he really did. I could tell that he was fully fascinated by this aspect because he not once took a look back at me. He too started sniffing the ground, walking around like a blood hound on a fresh trail and seemingly followed Baggy's lead towards the dense pinewood.

Ah, maybe I should explain that. Today was a very hot day in summer and the temperature had reached around 78 degree Fahrenheit already at 11AM! My cats like to doze away the midday heat inside the shadows if that's possible. Can you think of something better than a fine rest below big shadowy tree? Well, I can't...

I went over to the tigers cage and let down the ramp. Rajah and Taisha greeted me with their usual "umph" sounds and I petted their fluffy heads. "Look, a new terrain for you two to explore! Baggy and Leo are already somewhere around, feel free to follow them you fluffy tiggies..." I told them with a grin. They first looked at me, very puzzled. "Go on, you are free to go wherever you like. Fully enjoy your holiday!" I told them with a glad smile all over my face and they finally understood my "that's all for you" gesture with open arms.

Both of my striped ones jumped down the metal ramp and they sprinted away, hunting each others tail, pawing the others rear legs to make the brother stumble, to make the prey hunting the hunter in turn for pure sport. I laughed as heartily as I haven't done in quite a while. There is nothing as beautiful, as graceful and as pleasing as it is to look at my cute cats fully enjoy themselves...

I went to the log cabin and found a letter pinned to the wooden door with a needle:

My dearest Lady Patricia,

Behind my home I have a little garden with a small variety of vegetables, please feel free to take as much as you want. I would be very grateful if you could find the time and give my plants a bit of water every now and then, the water hose rests beside the faucet. By the way, it's long enough to reach over to the place I marked off for your trailers, just in case you or your cats want to enjoy a cooling shower. If I remember right your tigers and your panther quite love water.

The local butcher brought the order for your cats today and he will do so every week on Monday at 10AM. The big cat food is stored inside the big freezer a coworker of you brought yesterday morning. I had him place it into the garden shack because I wasn't sure if the freezer would prove rain resistant enough. Up here we can get very uncomfortable thunderstorms form time to time. And it seemed quite reasonable for me to deny your cats direct access to the freezer. The smell of raw meat might give them rather stupid ideas of how to let out their powers I could imagine. The garden shack is securely locked by a bar and a peg. Your big cats shouldn't be able to open that but who really knows. Maybe this talented panther you told me about will learn to handle this door too.

And please, dear lady, do remember our mutual agreement: No animals inside my cabin. If you have business inside the cabin please make sure to securely close the door behind you, thanks.

I'm endlessly sorry for leaving only this short message behind but urgent business called me into another state very early so I couldn't personally welcome you and your friends here. If any questions or problems arise please feel free to call my butler Anton at any time of the day. The address and phone number is written down at the bottom of this small letter. Anton is informed about your stay at my place.

I wish you a very nice time here and please do enjoy an entirely untroubled holiday with your furry friends.

Yours sincerely,
Lord William Miles, Earl of Huntington.

I swallowed. Somehow both, Miles and the newspaper, had missed to tell me about that little "Lord" thing! Earl of Huntington, oh dear, that explained a lot. So he indeed was a rich guy...

I snickered and walked around the cottage to the little garden Lord Miles had mentioned in his letter. He grew tomatoes there, salad, red radish, strawberries and in one corner even a cherry tree laden with fruits had it's place. Well, seems that I wouldn't need to visit a grocery store anytime soon. All along a small terrace attached to the back of his cabin he had red roses climbing up the railing. I took a closer look at them and noticed the faint smell sweetening the mountain air around me. It made up an utterly beautiful mixture. Mr. Miles obviously knew his business with plants and I would keep them all flourishing as good as I could.

Back to the cabin's front I ambled and from there over to my trailer, not without having a good look around for my running free sweethearts. They were nowhere to be seen and I shrugged my shoulders to it. "Everything is new, everything is exciting, what did you expect them to do? Wait for you? Come on, get serious girl..."

With a very glad grin about it I climbed the metal stairs and entered our home. Baggy wasn't there and I got aware in a flash because I so missed my black beautiful friend occupying our bed.

It's quite fascinating how much your perception of things begins to shift if you are in love. It's a common phrase that love can make you blind but I strongly believe it just plays a very good trick with your focus. Mine went fixed on the well-being of my large felines and that's fine with me. They are all my dearest friends, my very first priority, they always have been and if I keep true to myself they ever will be. I like to focus all my love and concerns at my cute boys and it's as rewarding to me as it is good to them. We all get along very well nowadays because it's an everybody wins situation. Nobody ever feels neglected, not me and especially not much loved them.

I had a sigh of deep gladness. For me cats are just marvelous creatures, soft and very caring if they want to but fierce and brutal if they have to, unimaginable powerful and strong in one moment but completely submissive and delightful in the trembling next. It's this fascinating contrast in their feline nature that excites me the very most. To get a bit philosophical: Is love without challenge any good for a pair? I personally don't believe so.

To slyly conquer this wild untamed animal inside my boys every new day is much more my sort of thing, to use their trust into me and to let them do my bidding because they themselves very much want to, to have them be a powerful predator and a sweet caring partner at the same blessed moment of shared joys -- that's great fun. It's one of the bigger kicks our love-game provides me with and that's also pretty much why I got heavily addicted to all my fluffy boys. Per se love is a very neat and a fascinating sensation but spiced with those bodily thrills sparkling between us, oh my, that's plain indescribable a joy to experience!

I went into the bathroom and strip out of my working cloth. Sweet memories beautified my smile when I saw it's reflection inside the mirror. Time to get the holiday starting out for me too. I picked the showering gel out of the shelf and stepped into the bath tub, closed the two curtains around me and enjoyed a very cold shower. Believe me, that's refreshing to the body, vitalizing to the mind and it helps you calming down from certain memories.

Half an hour later I left the room in a very good mood, refreshed and with a faint scent of flowers and sun lotion spread on my skin. I took a good drink from the opened water bottle, stepped unhurried through the van's door and into my very own summer day. Time to warm my body up anew after that nice shower. Golden rays of bright sunshine caressed my female form and tickled all over my skin. I felt perfectly free, free to enjoy whatever I had a taste for right now. This was a rather new experience to me.

It suddenly hit my mind that I never in my life had enjoyed a real holiday before. So this one here was indeed as much a holiday for my cats as it was for quite perplexed me. It hit me like a flash of lightning. Here, at this remote and absolute secure place, I was totally free, freed by that social burdens usually laid onto my shoulders, as free as I could ever be in my life. FREE!

Herein I was clear at last from all that nosy people around me that constantly threatened our big cat family of five. Inside this well protected garden Eden I had no need for keeping up my mask. Herein I had no need of wearing it at all, this hated mask of a female big cat trainer keeping physical distance to her felines out of concerns and safety reasons, out of fear what people might think. Herein I was naked Eve wandering a big cat territory. Gods, what a mind boggling idea, thought, whatever...

I decided to have a good look around, to explore the ground like my cats did, to have a swim inside the lake if the water was clean enough for this and to seek out my cats if they had the mind for my company. With a sly smile of growing understanding I started out, right in the direction of the fishing lake...

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