Trisha's big cat holiday - Leo
© 2006 by Zak

Apple Newton MP2100 Disclaimer:
This new novella contains lots of sexual activity between Trisha, our well known female big cat tamer, and her four beloved tomcats. It's a pure work of fiction and entirely made up inside my running free mind. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved and any person, living or dead, is intended.

This story can be distributed freely as long as it is not sold, changed or used in any commercial way without my explicit permission.

Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into fresh tasty kitty food and eaten for breakfast or get yourself complete addicted to some cuddly big cats, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions your take after reading my erotic fiction ;-)

Trisha's big cat holiday - Leo

I barely noticed Leo. He took a comfy looking rest on a dry region nearby the lake that I was heading to.

My big lion much prefers the feel of solid ground below him to that of grass or straw. His own sandy fur blends perfectly into this most savannah like spots. This time I only had noticed him because his ears moved to focus on the soft walking noises I made with bare feet.

Probably it's anchored deep inside their lion genes to seek out exactly those spots that aid to the camouflage effect of their fur. Sorry big boy, it didn't work this time.

I giggled silently into myself, changed course and walked slowly over to big kitty him, the sun flowing warm all over my bare skin, engulfing me into an aura of deep bodily comfort. Leo glanced up at me as I came nearer in a leisurely pace, yawned self-indulgent, clearly enjoyed his morning rest after the big feast my cats got for breakfast and our long way towards this remote place.

"Hi Leo! You like the hot sun as much as I do, hmm? I love the feel of this comforting warmth spreading out along my skin, crawling deep into it, making me hot and giving me goose flesh on my back at the same time. It's so nice a thing to be able to behave natural for once in my life. I'm free at last..." I told him and he only blinked his amber eyes to my curious remarks. He begun a cleanup of his mighty front-paws, a well filled belly visibly pressing into the warm sand and a very content looking cat having nothing better to do with his time right now.

I kneeled down beside him and crawled through the wonderful fluffy mane running down his neck. My gentle lion always enjoys this greatly. He rolled around onto his broad back as soon as he felt the tender touch of my hands caressing his long hair. Pretty surprised by that sideward momentum I followed him for a good deal with my body when he rolled himself over. We finally ended up with me resting halfway over his broad chest. A lot of rather silly snickering later I balanced myself back onto my own two feet besides mighty pussycat him. Laughing at this all my joy and fun showed freely...

My both hands never stopped skimming through his long strands of fine lion-hair for a moment. "You have a very soft and very beautiful to the touch mane, did I ever tell you that? I'm quite jealous of it, really..." I told him in full ernest, still giggling softly into my very happy self. I felt high right now, completely freed by any burdens, unhindered at last. Freedom and happiness both hugged me like a close friend and I let myself most willingly fall deep into that wonderful warm embrace.

Leo rested his big lion head back, snuggled it with some effort deeper into a soft pillow built out of his own mane. He liked my human fingers switching fluently over into a caressing mode along his cheeks. "You are a very well looking lion, a king among animals indeed. And your mane, damn, I feel very jealous and for sure can't help it. The luxuriance of your soft hair, being wonderful thick but pleasant to the touch at the same go -- how do you manage it to be this way? Tell me kitten, tell me..." I joked towards him, feeling completely at ease in his mighty company.

For the very first time in my life as a big cat trainer I could openly behave natural to my feline friend without the fear of being overlooked or overheard by someone who might get the right idea about our relationship. Leo suddenly lifted his big head up from his soft pillow and started licking my human head in turn, especially over my blond hair. Sometimes I really get the strong impression that my cats can understand every single word I say to them!

I laughed, moved my tiny human head further down to his broad chest and gave him direct access to my hair. He gladly licked over it, covered it with his saliva, gave my hair a good cleanup in a manner of speaking. "Aha, there we have the big secret. You need a barbed tongue and a special-care kitty to get it all fluffing out..." I told him with an even deeper laughter of silly joy that had it's origin deep inside my heart. It felt as freeing to myself as a cool rain may feel after a hot summer day full of bright sunshine. That moment I fell very deep in love again with my sometimes a bit slow but absolute good natured lion. Well, that's of course a idiotic statement to make because I love cuddly Leo as much as I love all my other cats. What I want to say is this: I woke up this very moment out of my every day routine. My ever hurried circus life went away, my own holiday suddenly was on. Now I recognized the many things that got lost during our daily routine...

He continued the combing of my hair and I immensely enjoyed it. Leo can be very sweet and very gentle a big cat if he feels to. Today he most definitely did because he sensed the subtle change in my human personality, the freeness of my laughter, the silliness of the mood I currently was in and the high spirit that enlightened my person today, that second me, that true me which stepped gladly out of the shadows it had been banned into...

I thanked him softly rubbing along his filled up belly with my palms, always tracing a full circle around his tiny nipples with my thumbs whenever I felt them underneath. He much enjoys this kind of sensual tickle and I remembered vividly how much he did...

"Well, there's some more hair my feline expert should have a good look at..." I told him, acting instinctively in that blessed moment of silliness, not caring about anything but our fun. With a big grin all over my face I shifted my upper body to the right, circled it on top of his comfy lion belly, maneuvered my left leg carefully over his massive chest. We ended up with my legs resting on each side of his well filled belly. Very amused I shifted back, pushed my hip slyly upwards and pressed the sweet spot of my body right into his black nose. My trimmed public hair glittered like pure gold in the bright sunlight, hovered right in front of his big feline muzzle, an irresistible bit of short fur that contained the most thrilling secret. He took a probing sniff but soon started ordering it for me with his barbed comb. He wouldn't easily stop except I earnestly requested this from him...

With an amused giggle of pure silliness I spread my knees further apart to grand him complete access to my most private body part. "Give your very best my fluffy friend, style me up the way you like me best..." I told him with a deeply salacious tone inside my voice that even an unhurried cat like him must recognized. He did. My female voice of playfulness thrilled him to the very core of his feline self, I could feel it...

He instantly started a good licking all over my spread wide crotch like I had requested with my bold gesture, moved it from there deeper into my opened up pussy but never forgot to comb my public hair for me with this most wonderful tongue, cleaning me up good with wildly stimulating barbs. Leo made me sigh deeply in response to every single touch of his tongue.

"Now what do we have here..." I joked and sensed my big fellow getting into exact the right mood for one of our games -- my direct advances were as fruitful as ever. A delicious pink tip of arousal appeared, pushed itself slowly through the constricted rim of his furry sheath, glittered as irresistible towards me in the golden sunlight as had my place done for him. Every single sniff, every single lick, every single move of my lower body lured more of him out of the cover. He wanted to play, he needed to play, he so was ready for a good one in this warm summer sun!

"What a shy little guy do we have here, hmm? Let's encourage him, shall we?" I asked in a jovial tone and moved my head slowly down into his crotch. He followed my lead with his own head, followed my very private spot of luscious smells and never ever missed a single lick while he did so. He opened his rear legs further up for me, spread them apart and granted me full access like I had granted him. With a deep sigh of feminine delight I started my payment for his masterful work in my crotch...

Oh yes, Leo is very good at this oral plays I can tell you. My royal friend can easily lick me deep into heaven if he is in the proper mood. His lion tongue is very broad, very wet and clustered over and over with hundreds, maybe thousands of tiny hard barbs. They usually don't really hurt because he is very careful with his much cared for lioness (that's me!) -- nevertheless -- they every time drive me absolute and complete nuts in a sexually teasing manner!

Leo especially enjoys maneuvering me into little spasms of bodily delight. He seeks out exactly this responses in my behaviour and always comes back to that dangerous wild spots he found while exploring me. The only two things that can stop his wonderful teasing are my request or my giving in. If the little spasms finally jump over into every single limb of my body and a fierce orgasm shudders me from head to toes he always quits his licking because he knows he hit me hard again and this greatly satisfies his feline ego. My Leo is a naturally gifted oral player I so can tell you...

But this most joyful time I payed him back exactly the same way. Ever single suck of my silken lips, every single stroke of my saliva covered tongue, ever single bite I playfully gave his sheath's rim with my front teeth made him lick me harder for a moment or two in undeniable excitation. When I stared to massage his fur covered balls softly with both hands while I sucked him good every way of retreat for him was gone. He was in my female power now and I wouldn't let him escape my grasp!

Leo got noisy. A soft growl of kingly pleasures vibrated through his whole belly and leaped over into mine, ran up and down my spine and caused a wild prickling sensation along my coccyx. My vaginal lips suddenly got swollen and I sensed something great happening again to my body, felt it staring out deep inside me, felt it taking me over. I closed my eyes and savored the rapturing moment, not without sucking kingly him even deeper in gratitude for the wonderful feelings he caused me. I licked absolute thrilled along his whole penis like it was the finest lolly ever made for a big girl like me while my body started a good uncovered shaking.

His rumbling growl below me got deeper and deeper and I knew he was rapidly getting where I wanted him to be. With the next deep suck along his massive wood I scratched him slyly with my sharp fingernails between the balls. That rather delightful and unusually sweet pain hit home!

I had played this Joker card a few times before with my very inventive tiger brothers and so I had seen it cumming. I pushed my tongue hard against the roof of my mouth just in the nick of time, caught his penis in between where he enjoyed his bodily relieve. An outburst of warm and sticky semen shot hard against the back of my mouth and I gulped it all, loved the salty and strong flavor, kept him cumming wildly to my most delicious pleasure. And he gladly did so, delivered seven to nine outburst of his kingly gift, growled satisfied and delighted below me, even bit teasingly into my crotch's skin while he still licked me out, filled to the burst with animalistic lust for his cute human lioness.

I cleaned his jerking penis with my silken tongue, spread the last precious drops of leaking out fluid all inside my mouth and enjoyed the animalistic taste of his delicious donation. With a deep and delightful long suck along his growing back member I let him glide out of my mouth. To all this immense fun I giggled heartily. I was his purring little lioness and utterly enjoyed the thought. A sticky salvia mixture run down my throat when I got my head up again.

"Very nice meeting you my dear king of bodily joys" I chuckled towards him while I slid sideways from his round belly, not without rubbing my swollen pussy lips all over his mighty chest, not without deliberately leaving a broad trail of female pheromones behind for my feline friend. I know his mightiness will have a great time with my perfume after I left him alone. This female smell will make him remember every wet detail of our chance-meeting during his cleanup.

I can't prove anything but I have the strong impression that all my cats do masturbate while they have a cat wash over their private regions, especially after we enjoyed one of our sexual games. It ought to be our lusty smell that makes them swell and be the well...

With a big grin I sat down into the sand besides him, a little bit exhausted by the heat but feeling absolute gigantic, far better than I had done before my very tasteful adventure with sweet kingly Leo.

"What a nice experience. Very tasty, very sexy, loved it! I hope you liked it as much as I did..." I asked cuddly him while I crawled into his long chest fur again, while I licked over my red lips and enjoyed the taste. He relaxed back, rubbed his neck against the sandy floor and visibly had a great time in life. "Seems so to me..." I stated more to myself while I laughed full hearted about delicious Epicure him. This was sunshine and warmth, not only shining down from above but also shimmering out of both of us from the inside. Love is such a great gift!

I stood up and bit him farewell. "I'll take a plunge into this fishing lake Sir William mentioned. Such had been my initial planning before I came upon sweet lover-boy you. I know you dislike water and you hate to get yourself wet with it so I reasoned: Maybe I should have a little cuddling with you before I get wet, uhm, wet in that real wet kind of speaking, well, you know what I mean. Have a great time my sunbathing king and don't forget your cleanup..." I told him with a very lascivious laughter and sprinted away, right into the direction of the big lake I had been heading to.

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