Trisha's big cat holiday - Like a duck to water
© 2007 by Zak

Apple Newton MP2100 Disclaimer:
This new novella contains lots of sexual activity between Trisha, our well-known female big cat tamer, and her four beloved tomcats. It's a pure work of fiction and entirely made up inside my running free mind. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved, and any person, living or dead, is intended. This story can be distributed freely as long as it's not sold, changed or used in any commercial way without my explicit permission.

Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into tasty kitty food and eaten up for breakfast or if you become utterly addicted towards some big cats and their cuddly ways of playing with you, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions you take after reading my erotic fiction ;-)

Trisha's big cat holiday - Like a duck to water

I stopped my sportive dash in front of the lake Sir William used for his fly fishing practice. The reed rimmed water to all appearances was extremely clean. I couldn’t see any alga, any foam, any plants drifting on top of its sky-blue surface but instead looked straight down through it to the pebbly ground. To tell thoughts — this very large pond had all the outer appearance of a tarn, and I much hoped it wouldn’t prove equally cold to the touch.

My heart still was pounding rapidly inside my chest from this short but very fast sprint I had made out of sheer joy for all that fresh air, the clear sky, for being so absolute free here and now. I tried to calm down, breathed slow and deep while I walked out onto the long footbridge in a leisurely pace. The bright summer sun glistered and glittered everywhere around me, played optical tricks with the mirroring surface of the water, let the lake shine out in such an unreal deep and solid blue I never have seen before in my entire life. The awe I felt looking at this watery jewel in front of me slowly calmed me down.

After some moments of stunned admiration I got forced to turn away my face from this grand spectacle. The unusual brightness made me feel dizzy and begun to sting hard into my unshielded eyes. The last few steps left to the end of the footbridge I walked in a measured way, head down and focusing at the smooth wooden planks below my toes instead of the brilliant reflections in front of my eyes. At it’s end I sat casually down and dipped my right leg very careful into the water, deeply suspicious that this crystal-clear fluid might be icy cold to the unprepared touch.

I got proven wrong. The water felt soft and nice, cool but beautiful to the touch, a bit cold indeed but of a level I easily could stand to have a swim in. In comparison with the midsummer air around us easily reaching 78 degree Fahrenheit again the water in front of me had maybe around 65 degree or more. Taking in a deep breath I pushed myself off the footbridge and plunged down into this dazzling blue sky of a clear lake.

A cold sensation flushed over me. I dived down and swam a few strokes below the surface, enjoying the quietness as well as the softness I suddenly could experience everywhere around me. Unfortunately, all good things end too soon. I emerged back out of the glittering blue and had a deep breath of clean mountain air filling my lungs with oxygen. With a deeply pleased sigh I rolled sideways, swam the following stokes on my back and pushed my body further into the lake’s center. The water was indeed as clear as it had appeared from the outside. With astonishment that only a dandy like me can show I watched little fish lingering close to the ground inside it, making zigzagging moves whenever I did one of my swimming strokes far above. I realized soon that somehow my human shadow scared them like the outline of a big bird up in the sky might do a rabbit. Maybe they mistook me for the fishing-boat Sir William used?

Slightly amused about this very fearful dwellers swimming around me I made a few more strokes and reached the exact center of the breathtakingly beautiful lake. I stopped my propelling moves and hovered inside the water, supported my drifting body only with slow paddling hands at each side. The quietness and the rather long distance to the shore, a complete absence of the well known solid world beneath my feet and this self chose solitude inside here, it all pleased me very much. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the golden beams of sunlight shining down on me from above. Rays of comfy warmth heated up my face, my breasts and all the topside of my completely naked form.

It hadn’t been long a time of relaxation when I got stirred up again by something “strange”. I had both my ears below the surface but nonetheless got the very acute impression that one of my big cats growled angered nearby. I reluctantly reopened my eyes, changed my swimming style back to chest, begun to tread water instead of hovering quietly inside it and got my head upright to have a good look around for the noise.

My lovely Taisha on the hunt! Well, what I could watch happening not very far away got me giggling first and laughing hard next. My water loving Taisha kitty — who else could it possibly be? — was inside this lake with me and hurriedly paddling around. And would you believe him: My silly tiggy chased those little fishes!

I observed my big boy with complete astonishment, watched him very gracefully swim inside the lake. He secured a good amount of air from time to time into his lungs, plunged his head down under the waves and dived for the completely havoc fishes. I swear I couldn’t believe my very own eyes witnessing this comedy act played out right in front of me.

At least I knew now why this little fishes had been panicky to my harmless shadow. There was something new inside their lake, something big and powerful, something predatory, something darn scary to them. I was laughing out loud because this was truly comical seeing a big muscular predator chasing tiny fishes in an element he was simply not built for.

I watched Taisha quite transfixed when he came up again for the third or fourth time after one of his elegant but fruitless diving attempts. He growled at the rather deep lake in general, at this smart little fishes escaping his paws grasp in special and last but not least about this very annoying water creeping back into his pointy ears every single time he did a dive. He shook his head from one side to the other to force it out again. I nearly drowned myself because of funny him.

Just take a moment and visualize a 700 pd strong and 11 ft tall big cat, growling loud about tiny little fishes swimming right through his paddling legs in utterly shocked confusion. And best of all: One of the fishes wouldn’t even go through as a snack for my fishing kitten. My full hearted laughter about him and my lack of coordinated swimming strokes made me gulp lots of water before I could get a grip back on myself.

Boys! They can act really silly at times but as a woman you just have to love them even more for that...

Taisha got aware of me mainly by that gurgling laughter I couldn’t restrain and the heavy struggle I had in keeping my mouth above the surface, well, for most of the time. He instantly stopped his hunting attempts — out of embarrassment or sudden disinterest in the little fishes I can’t tell — and came straight for me.

Have you ever witnessed a four legged animal taking a swim? No? Let me tell you this: It looks much cooler, especially compared to frog-style us! But, if you’re so lucky to observe a Siberian tiger taking a real swim for something or someone I promise you won’t forget that. Let me put it this way: It’s a master in his second element! Taisha pawed through the water like if it were no obstacle to mighty him at all. He propelled forwards with a more than amazing speed, creating a visible bow wash under his chin! Four legs can indeed be better then two — at times.

Not more than half a minute later he was besides me, treating water. I feared for a moment that he could accidentally pull me down in his sheer gladness to see me, but luckily I got proven wrong again. Taisha only pushed his soft muzzle into my face, rubbed his whiskers along my cheeks and got his nose into my ear breathing rather loud in an attempt to keep his position besides me. This time I just snickered amused about him.

“Hey there big boy. You learned very fast how to swim...” I told my lovely tiger, pretty surprised about my own statement as soon as I had made it. As far as I knew none of my cats ever took a really swim before, not to mention most elegant diving attempts. Our whirlpool is far too small for such a thing because Taisha can easily stand everywhere inside it with his 11 ft height. I turned myself sideways and got my arm around his neck. Much delighted about my sudden attention he pulled me swiftly through the water as if I were of no noticeable burden to him at all.

“Wow! You indeed know how to swim Taisha, I’ve to give you that!” I told my tiger with surprise and admiration mirrored in my voice. After that “near drowning” experience I appreciated his assistance, reached further around his neck and pulled myself closer to his beautiful feline body. I felt with breathless fascination that all his powerful muscles worked together in harmony below the skin to allow him that most elegant in-water stroll. Soaked fur touched my naked side like a silken cloth wrapping itself around me. I couldn’t resist the call because feeling his perfect body so close besides me was utterly arousing. I rolled sideways and pressed harder into his soft flank, synchronized our motions, made my swimming strokes when he did his. My right leg slid purposefully over his supporting back and came to rest right over his moving hip. This move made my whole front rub flat against his fluffy side with every swimming stoke and it felt wonderful!

We both paddled aimlessly around for some time in that peculiar way while I felt every moving muscle of my great cat, felt his fine fur tickle me where I welcomed this sort of stimuli the very most, felt goose skin running up and down my back not because of the cold water but because of my very soft friend swimming next to me, providing me most delicious and intimate pleasures without even noticing. Well, that’s not entirely true. He of course noticed my steadily growing arousal, my mightily increased breathing and my very soft snickering besides him to every swimming stroke we made. However, my tiger friend just went on, steady, enjoyable, sharing to my fun the only way he could right now.

I closed my eyes and willed back that gigantic lust that came over me. Great heavens, moments ago Taisha nearly had me go off in a big female scream besides him! His brushing fur caused godly sensations between my open legs, most delicious but also most dangerous ones in the current environment! I snickered softly into my tiger’s ear, licked it with my warm tongue and slipped my leg carefully down from around his back. Some bodily distance between us would do me very good right now except I really dared getting off hard in this deep part of the lake. He turned his head towards my face and sounded an “umph” at me, pretty aware of why I had done a few very unsynchronized strokes and why I had just removed my twitching leg from around his hip. I got the meaning of his feline talk: “Swimming together is giant fun, isn’t it?”

“You indeed swim masterful for a beginner my love, I on the other hand unfortunately don’t...” I told him. Then I pulled myself back to his ear and whispered conspiratorial into it: “...especially not if I lose all my concentration while you make me cum hard besides you. I don’t want to risk that happening inside here but later on, later when we’re back on solid ground, that’s a completely different story. I’d love to see you hard, hot, and wet lying on my turf...”

I crawled him affectionate between his broad shoulders and licked into his cute ear as a small excuse for my sudden distancing towards him. He minded not and pulled me further through the cold water while I closed my eyes and tried to keep my stirred up libido contained. Clinging to his mighty side I felt quite secure now. The deep water had nonetheless revealed it’s hidden dangers so I wouldn’t dare anything fancy inside it again. I refocused at swimming, ignored the prickling sensations my exposed clit still delivered and enjoyed the cooling effect of the clear water.

Out of a sudden my tiger stopped all his propelling motions and I realized with much surprise that I could stand tiptoe on the ground again. Taisha had pulled me very swiftly through half of the lake and back to the spot where he had apparently entered it. But to me most stunning was one question: How could he possible stop swimming in this relatively deep water if I myself could just manage to stand tiptoe as a rather tall grown woman?

Surprise after surprise! My big cat stood as upright besides me as I did besides him. Taisha balanced his muscular body out on his strong rear legs below the water’s surface without even caring a moment about what he managed here out of pure instinct.

“Taisha! Oh wow, that’s a really cool trick!” I exclaimed, completely stunned by that sudden show of highly evolved body control.

Whoops, excuse me, I probably should explain a bit why exactly I was that surprised. To you it must look banal for a powerful tiger to walk on two legs but it truly isn’t. You've to know that it’s quite difficult to teach a big cat to walk upright. Among five, there usually is just one who gets the hang of it, and then he only does what his trainer demands. It’s completely uncommon for a cat to stand or walk on two legs except in climbing attempts or fights to the death. And here my Taisha was, one of my biggest cats doing the walk inside our lake and visibly at complete ease with it! Most cool a thing to observe and of deeper consequence for his trainer. An upright walking big cat offers many possibilities for a show...

My inquisitive mind delivered a spontaneous explanation for this brand-new talent: The deep water! He used the uplift to make the two legged stand work. To keep balance inside here's a lot easier than it is outside on the dry with your body weight pulling at you From all sides. What a clever inventive kitty!

“Wow Taisha, that’s truly amazing! What a good boy, a good tiggy! STAND Taisha!” I commanded him admiringly and took some steps back towards the lake’s shore to prove my guesswork right or wrong. He followed my lead and walked solely on his rear legs, mightily encouraged by my visible admiration and my deep curiosity towards his doings. While I stepped slowly backwards I faced Taisha, encouraged him further to show me his new trick by our usual hand sign, both hands showing up and motioning at my chest telling him to “move towards me, please.” Could I really make use of his new talent inside our big cat show? Would my biggest tiger walk upright for me without the water’s support? And if so, how long could he do that? Taisha is a very large cat and gravity knows no mercy towards mass...

He suddenly began to falter in his two legged walk so I rushed forwards to prevent my boy’s collapse. Yeah, yeah, that’s absolute silly and I know that myself, thank you very much. If such a stumble happens to a dear friend of yours and you alone can support him in time - I bet you don’t think twice and rush towards him as I did. It didn’t matter to me this split second that my boy easily had six times the mass and multiple times the power of myself. My big lovely sweetheart had been so proud to demonstrate his upright walking to me, and now my boy was about to drop — I simply couldn’t let it happen!

I rushed forwards, gripped him tightly around the muscular chest, threw all my upper body against his and pushed hard to support swaying him. Taisha gladly rested his front paws onto my shoulders and at once started licking my face with that rough warm tiger tongue of his. Oh bummer, cursed be that big fluffy scamp of a trickster!

It all had been a prank from him, a hoax to lure me into this silly hug. I was very perplexed, maybe even a bit more than I had been by this upright walk ability. He gave me a rolling “umph” and rubbed the muzzle tenderly against my cheeks. He got his large tongue out again and licked my face in excuse for the evil trick he had played on me.

“You big silly scamp of a tiger, you really had me worried for a second! A stumbling cat, how funny, as if I ever would fall for that again. A bad tricksy tiger you're, bad boy, be ashamed of yourself for scaring me that way...” I grumbled at him in played anger but couldn’t prevent a soft giggle. My silly tiger kitty was all right, and I felt simply relieved about that fact. Taisha very softly cleaned all my face with his warm tongue and you can’t hold a grudge against so cute a big boy. I laid my arms flat on his upper belly, rubbed over his muscular chest with my palms, got my right hand up to his soft chin and tickled him there from time to time. He made a lot more of his “umph” sounds because he very much likes my body talk with him that physical way.

I moved further into him, got my arms slowly around his back, snuggled myself deep into this warm wet fur, felt his whole body pressing cozy against me inside this shining blue heaven of a lake. His big front paws slid down my back and I began hugging his round belly instead of his mighty chest, not that I did care a bit. I rubbed my head with greatest joy against soft him, sensed his warm skin pressed to mine below all his fluffy fur and heard his strong tiger heart pounding rapidly. He in turn licked my hair from above because he was more than happy to have me that close again. How I could tell?

Well, my big tiger is a very large cat in every aspect. Taisha rubbed from below into one of my thighs with his silken fur while a sleek yet hard sensation revealed everything about his current mood. He likes to sense me around him, and I don't mean it metaphorical. With a laughter I said to most sexy him: “Oh dear, I did it again, did I? A bare naked woman hugging you around your waist while we stand so very close together inside your most beloved surrounding: water. Oh sweetheart, it's all my fault that you feel so hot right now. I'll make it even to you on the shore if you follow me there...”

Taisha knew exactly what this meant for him as soon as we were back on solid ground. My endless appetite for a short hard ride on top of my boys shimmers through all my diversion attempts, no matter what. It’s plain useless trying to hide your deepest desires from a cat because you simply can’t. They all have a built in sixth sense for the feelings of people, believe me, and they for sure know how to use that to their own benefit. But who may ever blame a mighty tiger for being himself, strong, sexy, a show off and a very cooperative mount for the girl, oh not me, no, not me!

“Don't mewl at me this way Taisha! You're plain crazy a cat thinking for only a moment what I think you're thinking about right now! No way this is going to happen! I'm standing up to my breasts in deep water and there's no whirlpool brim I can support myself with! Come on, it's not far to the safe shore and I promise you...” I started an argument but my cat had no mind for that right now. He strained his muscular legs, moved forwards with two or three steps and walked straight into body hugging me. I laughed about his craziness, sniggered deeply about my eager Taisha and blushed when I suddenly realized how much I liked to be invited to this. My muscular tiger carried me along easily, as if I were of no noticeable load to his mighty body strolling on through the shoulder deep water.

“That’s a good Taisha, oh what a strong tiger you're! Slow down Taisha, stop for just a moment, please! We've to correctly align first to make your stroll play out the way you clearly want it to...” my voice urgently begged him. He interrupted his sprint for a moment, held really still in front of me while I used this last opportunity to climb into a most intriguing position. I cross my legs behind his mighty back and securely interlock them, adjusted my knee’s hold around his pelvis to our shared liking, slid my crotch down between his opened legs into a position that would allow him a straight walk without obstacles thrown in from my side.

Sweet Taisha freely offered all his help to me and clearly suggested a most thrilling way for securing my ride on striding along him. I placed the pointed tip of his cone shaped penis between my pussy lips, moved my hip in delightful slow circles down the offered aid and locked his mounting support deep inside me with a glad smile and an enormous kick of wild lust for him. My witty boy can be absolute crazy a tiger at times yet if you put faith in him he'll show you all his kinky little tricks, especially if you're naked and inside a water basin with him.

To tell you the truth: I’m more than ready to pay every price ever demanded for our most wonderful interconnection. Let him extinguish his burning needs inside me, let's quench the flames of desire together because I truly want it! There's nothing on this fascinating planet that’s in the least comparable to the immense satisfaction I receive by getting my boys fully relaxed and content in my bodily care. I alone can provide true salvation from all that pungent needs with my female body, and all my felines know that well. Taisha feels greatest affection for me as a person nowadays and it’s more than I could have ever asked from a companion.

Let‘s be silly now big boy, let’s play together, let’s be wild as nature intended us to be and let’s have lots of wet fun inside our lake. Taisha sweetheart, you so very much deserve to fool around with me the way we like it best...

I relaxed and pushed with my full weight down onto his hook. My sigh was very loud, much needed and filled with lust for more of that truly remarkable part he gracefully shared with me again. Sensing his godly hard penis moving around inside me made me as horny for him as he for sure was for me. He tenderly licked over my hair with his large tongue like if he perfectly understood all my current excitement and rampant desires. I fastened my grip around him, ready to rumble!

Taisha sounded a deep growl himself, strained all his muscles and started his love-sprint anew with much bigger spirit than before because now he now knew he had my full attention. There was no stumbling or swaying in his walk anymore, no unbalanced move or unwanted push by his pelvis. He wouldn't stop that pleasure walk for anything, we both knew that for perfectly sure and liked it that way. And who in the name of love could ever desire to prevent a randy big cat from being himself I mused? I surely not, goods beware, I most definitely not, never in all the time of all the universe could I desire such a thing! Without a question I love this utterly crazy tiger of mine...

My mighty boy walked me around on two legs for the pure fun of it. He made himself confidant with this upright way of sharing intimacy, made sure that I was with him throughout this brand-new adventure, that I liked the way he penetrated me step for step as much as he did. And me? Well, I was speechless, breathless, silliness made persona. This magnificent cat of mine maneuvered his most entertaining body part in an extreme pleasing, an absurdly unique and amazingly beautiful to the touch way deeper and deeper into my female counterpart. Only my powerful Taisha can cum up with such an insane way of sharing a good fuck, oh heaven!

My huge tiger is very inventive and utterly open-minded concerning sexual matters. He never shows any concerns when we fool around, always behaves polite and carefully towards fragile me and our shared friendliness with each other often leads to all kind of intimacies — if time and place are right of course. To tell you the truth again: I often pay my superb lover a secret evening visit inside his cage or invite him to keep me company somewhere hidden out of sight where we won’t be disturbed for at least ten minutes. I feel quite guilty at times for being so sex oriented towards gifted him, but I just can’t change myself about this. I admire him with all my heart for his strong muscular body, for his unbelievable vigor in our plays, for his kind and caring persona. It makes me feel a bit embarrassed to admit this to you but at times I desperately need him to bestow his extraordinary lubricious pleasures onto me which I simply can’t achieve on my own...

My mind made a hard jump from sexual memories into this unbelievable wet reality. Taisha rubbed his fur covered balls to my butt-cheeks while his wonderful stubbly sheath slid in and out of my pussy to the same rhythm he carefully walked his balanced out steps. I moaned full hearted to every single step he made because the urge and the pleasure overwhelmed me. My big boy likes it very much when his little female begs aloud for more of his tiger stiffness that drives her so very crazy. And God did I wanted exactly this from sex loving him right now!

“Please Taisha walk on, oh please oh please walk on large boy...” I whimpered softly from below while he did my bidding with clear satisfaction. His stubbly sheath brushed hard against my exposed clit and this underwater mating felt completely insane to try, yet we did! Cold lake-water splashed all around us, a cuddly tiger belly rubbed against my front in soft waves of stimulation, furry legs moved besides my crotch and this amazingly strong kitty carried me like if I had no weight at all. There's nothing on this world that ever can feel as good as his upwards curved tiger-penis growing deeper and deeper into my swelling up human pussy, warm, sleek, and wildly mind blowing exiting! Shivers of pulsing warmth ran down my backside, went into my tailbone, ran along it and heated up all my throbbing pussy. My stiff visitor had to receive the best of comfort inside, that’s a host’s duty and my body acted accordingly without asking me first, prepared a hot moist bed for his beautiful penis inside me. My excited boy gladly shared every single inch of his king-sized tool with me, no problem at all!

Oh great big tiger and his stripes! That most wonderful part of him clearly has one purpose only: To cause his chosen mate a screaming wild orgasm without choice! Oh boy, oh what a strong randy tiger I’m fucking with, oh Gods WOW! I got blessed with the sexiest hottest tiger ever to wander this earth, oh fuck yessss! Oh wow is he good, damn me!

I moaned and groaned very loud, enjoyed my wild walk with him freely and openly, a way in which I hadn’t had sex for a very long time because of my constant fear of getting caught in flagrante with one of my sweethearts. This was an absolute superb fuck and wickedly thrilling to the core! I strengthened my hold around his body, rubbed my face sideways into his chest and stopped holding my deep lust for godly him at bay. My voice begged freely for more of this, praised and encouraged him simultaneously without the use of words but with loud powerful moans of pure undamped lust. He caressingly licked my head from above because he enjoys it much when I get so very unrestrained in his close company. My boy instinctively spotted that I was in the act of completely going bye-bye because of fucking great him and that he was the clear origin of all my wild pleasures. There are lingering benefits in acting this nice to your trainer, especially if she likes to take a naked bath in her whirlpool with you after work...

Getting truly out of control of myself I started to scratch into his back with my fingernails, started to move my bend knees in rhythm to his careful steps, increase this utterly stupefying friction between his penetrating penis and my vaginal flesh by narrowing all my entrance with the help of my well-trained pelvic muscles. Our mutual stimulation mightily increased and Taisha liked my most sensual contribution to his underwater stroll a lot. He suddenly got the mind-blowing idea of hopping around with me for a bit to properly use all that wonderful new friction I had created, much like a striped kangaroo jumping though the outback, a wet splashing watery outback that was with me as his gasping for air and moaning for more passenger!

We both for sure must have looked completely crazy: A male tiger walking upright inside a deep lake with the water up to his chest, a naked woman clinging to his furry front as tight as she can, the big cat performing little jumps every now and then whereto the tormented woman whimpers and cries in great agony every single time. Well, very great agony that was indeed, agony that her most brilliant lover-boy might suddenly end this stupefying hopping around and let her be without more of that wickedly insane stimulation she so much enjoyed to suffer at right now. This mental picture of tiger and woman had materialized inside my switching off brain while I couldn’t find a single second to truly laugh about it. I desperately held tight to his strong muscular torso and after three more hops he had me.

Yelling that was, yelling hard in a long stretched female scream caused by a deep and gigantic bliss raging through me like a thunderstorm! An unbelievable strong orgasm shook all my body, and I gladly showed Taisha every tiny aspect of it, for once in my life not keeping anything back, fully enjoying the wild bodily joy my silly striped kangaroo of a tiger had punched me into. My own secretions ran down my love channel and covered his stiff penis. I felt that wet sensation as strong as I felt my own orgasm running through me, making me hot and sweaty despite all the cooling liquid around us. The freezing to the touch lake-water leaked into my vaginal entrance with every bigger plunge his wonderful penis made, and this increased the sensible temperature difference a million times.

“Oh God, ohhhh Goooooood, ouuuuu Taishaaaaaa, fuuuuuuck is this gooooooood a fuck!” I howled in simple but insanely powerful pleasures only your going mad body can provide you with. My big boy did some more of his silly hops because he really likes to push me over this fine line that separates human sex from animalistic orgasms, even if he doesn't know a thing about it. He loves to have me wet and stunned and yelling, all simultaneously, a female trainer out of options, bereft of power and fully attracted to his bodily charms...

Some crazily ecstatic moments later he landed most elegantly on his rear paws as he had done before but this time he sat down to his furry bum. I fantasized in my mental tumult of merging orgasms that he might need some rest from all the hopping around and fucking me crazy that most wicked way, but I was wrong again. My muzzy reasoning greatly underestimated my friend. Taisha had watched me carefully, had felt me go limp after my big yell and all creamy around him. He knew I had reached a very sweet moment riding on him and as a quick and eager to learn tiger he wanted me to fully enjoy that. Taisha bent his flexible back just a little, tensed all his pelvic muscles and steadied out his sensational sex-tool inside my pulsing vagina.

My fantastic orgasm slowly decreased to an endurable level of fine glows and intermixing delights. The warm hard tiger penis that rested all inside my wetness felt gorgeous, inch for inch, twitch for twitch, like a living treasure capable of anything. I praised my tiger for it and dreamily caressed him, feeling my mind slowly shifting into focus again while I still lingered sensually inside that last big wet one.

My intuitiveness told me that Taisha planned his next move with me right now — I play this game of sex often enough to know. With a soft snicker I encouraged my female body to be of full assistance to my strong lover, to give him all the fun he was in need for here and now, to pay him back exactly the same way. Never would I act selfish towards him, never, never, never! He's so good a boy, so good a ride, so good a fuck!

I pressed my knees stronger to his muscular flanks, relaxed every stressed and twitching muscles inside my crotch and gave completely into his erect needs. My very turned on cat pushed his kingly gift further up my swelled pussy including that terrible soft sheath that drove me very nuts. All the burning desire for my tiger sized beauty was back with a bang! I praised his superb equipment with a long stretched and high pitched “Ooooh Goooood Taiiiishhha yeeeesssss...” — a wild woman went bananas way.

My sitting tiger began a wild staccato of “umphs” in front of me, licked with a warm wet tongue over my forehead while a boiling over libido caused his erect member doing hard jerks that vibrated all along my vaginal tunnel. Both my hands moved up and down his back and fondled him at the spots he liked it best. There was this urging need again, this time a driving need to show my soft and sensitive cat in a very physical way how far my love for playful him really went, how strong I wished for the same sexual wonderland happening to him right here with me. It simply had to go this way now...

Below me Taisha suddenly tensed and relaxed his pelvic muscles repeatedly, if this was intentional or unintentional I can’t say. This most elegant but utterly uncommon penetration technique made his curved up tool press so hard against the upper half of my vaginal tunnel — it was nearly unbearable to stand. He growled full hearted to every single muscle contraction and clearly evident enjoyed a gigantic stimulation cause by his hard penis tip rubbing into my soft soaked vaginal flesh. I decided at once that I couldn’t possibly deny him his part of the fun so I grit my teeth and endured his little over-enthusiasm, let him freely perform an unusual rough play with my stressed female parts...

Just a few seconds later he eased up all my tension because the sensation he caused lucky me instead was mind blowing at least. An initial outburst of warm creamy tiger semen left his twitching tool and sprayed extensively into my receiving orifice. My boy’s seed stuck at my inner walls, exactly at the points where my flesh had been rubbed the most by his hard and eager penis. An astonishingly soft and cosy feeling bewitched me like a sweet kiss of love done right inside my vagina and words failed me. I gave him an endlessly deep sigh of pure ecstasy, welcomed the warm gentle stickiness he pulsed into me with all my relaxed body, proofed with full earnest to my sensitive kitty that I love to feel him this way and that it always is my greatest pleasure to receive his bodily blessing.

Taisha licked quite caring over my sweaty forehead for his very agitated state, thanked me a big feline’s way for my unfaltering sexual interest into him, for this sheer endless appetite towards a most enjoyable game of bodies we so often played and enjoyed together in secret. I moved my hands dreamily along his whole back, tended my sweetheart’s tensed muscles with massaging fingertips, snuggled myself deeper into his soft wet fur, enjoyed him a very feminine way while my vagina contracted by itself around his beautiful maleness. My whole body trembled softly in response to his warm love that smoothed me out internally, pleased me physically, and uplifted me emotionally.

Taisha sensed that I trusted him with all my life right now, felt my giant gratefulness for making love to me with his excellent body and he gladly shared every last bit of the most entertaining experience with funny me. I rubbed my head sideways against his fluffy chest while he played on with my warm and responsive body. If there ‘s anything in life worth dying for, it’s this kind of blissful ecstasy with one of my powerful boys. You feel so free and so much alive that even death loses importance. The secret life I share with my beloved ones is so great and fulfilling to me that I can’t even dream of anything better happening. With all my heart I truly love my cuddly felines, not only physically but also very spiritually. It’s my biggest pleasure to deepen the bonds between our two species, to bridge the gap with sex and love and more of that great sex. Taisha slowly moved his strong legs together to reach a more comfortable sitting position beneath me. I tell you for absolute sure: My big boy didn’t see this coming!

The soft pulling back motion caused many of his erected penis spines to grip deep into my vaginal flesh and that in turn caused very perplexed Taisha extraordinary pleasures all over his most sensitive penis glans. My heavily over-stimulated boy couldn’t influence his body reaction and ejaculated another powerful shot of tiger semen up my pussy trap that he had caught himself in again. A growled “mrrraaaoooooaaooo” escaped him, telling me of his grand surprise and about his mind’s question: “WOHO, what the fuck did just happen?”

Luckily my body had gotten just limb enough around him so that I wasn't hurt by his penis spines. They hooked into my vaginal flesh on one side, true, but they never really pulled back. I sniggered softly about my well caught tiger kitten, snuggled even deeper into his belly fur and enjoyed his funny accident running down my puss and all along his own twitching member. My cuddling into him and that very tiny push down loosening the caught spines made him instantly feel more comfortable about the little “mishap”. This was a feminine response of pleased acceptance, thanks to our many training lessons my big boy knew it well. “Thank you so very much...” I said with my head still snuggled sideways into his soft chest “...for the biggest of all joys a girl like me can find in the company of such a most sexy cat like you my friend. I endlessly love to be of help to you that unique way...”

Taisha caressed the sweaty hair on my forehead with his big tiger tongue in a very thankful manner, comforted me with some deep resonating “umph” sounds out of his chest and twitched his stiff penis inside me a few times for sheer fun. We sat in the shallow water, me in his comfy lap, both entangled in a huge afterglow and freely sharing our big lust for another. Out here we were just normal beings, nothing twisted or uncommon, only two more of mother nature‘s children acting to shared needs, quenching hot desires exactly the way she had intended us to. Ok, maybe we're not exactly of the same species but who really cares? Out here we're free from any judgement except our own, free to act silly, loud, sexy, or even nasty if we both want to.

My big cat lover suddenly ceased his soft growling and to my big shame I've to admit that I just became aware of it then. My big softy of a Siberian tiger had been lulling me into comfort while I hadn’t realized his feline whimpering to every kneading stroke that I had made, to every outburst of love that he had enjoyed inside me, to every tremble of lust that had run up and down my vagina and which gave him the sort of female company he was always seeking for. Truly ashamed about my inattentiveness but nonetheless filled with a girly joy about that talkative and utterly sexy tiger I hugged sweet him even tighter using all my body.

“THAT was nothing less than AMAZING!” I exclaimed and looked up into his most beautiful face with a broad grin. “Great heavens! I hope you know that you're SO unbelievable at times. Never would I've dreamed about the possibility to make love with a tiggy this mind blowing way, never! Blessed joys, we so have to try this out inside our whirlpool...” I said in a conspiring and already planning voice. My mind’s focus went back into thinking: I'd have to lower the water level inside our pool a good deal for getting this upright standing thing to work out properly. But, how the heck would we both get in and out of the pool then? How could my tall tiger possibly find a balanced stand on top of that slippery tiles? Could we find enough room inside or would he push me with the back into the wall tiles? My darn human mind unbidden focused at all this questions and simply strolled off to the planning boards...

I had my forehead wrinkled in technical thoughts when Taisha suddenly licked at it with his broad warm tongue. A happy grin went to my face because this very clever kitty of mine must be able to read minds. He brought me straight back into play because he was pretty convinced that I shouldn’t spend any more thoughts about games to cum if the current was still in a run!

Apropos run: This big crazy tiger of mine suddenly pumped his muscular legs, stood up again with all my weight on his hip and started another leisure walking trip with his locked in place passenger. His upwards curved penis pulled a long way back in that getting up motion, it nearly went out of my slippery puss.

Gods THAT would have been a pinnacle of misfortune I can tell you. Luckily for both of us my Taisha is a largely built Siberian in every aspect. He had some little reach left and kept me involved into his walking fun. I slyly maneuvered my crotch deeper, preventing an accidentally gliding out in advance, allowing him gladly to come halfway back in with his erect penis. The term “walking stick” never in my life will gain back the innocent meaning it once had and I swear I'll break into laughter every time somebody might suggest I'd use one for whatever reason...

That unintentional pullback while standing up with me had caused a diametrical gap in our most intimate connection and cold water abruptly broke in. It replaced the warmth of his comfy penis, floating and softly moving in our creamy fluids, by an icy cold sting suddenly hitting me. I gasped loudly in shock as the sensual overkill punched me straight into my crotch like a fierce blow from below. Yikes! That felt not very pleasant at all!

Somehow it was very fishy, all right, and I’m not talking about the silvery things swimming all round us. My big feline friend acted strange, and right now I riddled why. We both usually like it the most if he stays stiff and erect up my puss for some more minutes while we entertained ourselves with a deeply erotic and intimate snuggle, especially after such a wild, exotic, and explosive ride like this one. But, which was obvious, my tiger had some other plans for me today. My energized and strangely determined cat took some more steps further up into the shallow water which made me curious. Did he possibly intent to leave the water in our current condition?

“Hey, big sexy boy, I’m still a good way put over you if you might have missed it. And the sealing with your most beautiful cork seems broken because right now water is leaking in! Please don’t you forget about this funny girl snuggling your chest and still riding on two thirds of your very best...” I called to him though his fur and laughed out loudly. That cat is absolute crazy at times but fuck me, he's THE BIGGEST fun ever. I deeply love my unimaginable powerful Siberian and his exquisite way of giving pleasures to me. That clever and determined kitty can be a beast to handle, I unhappily have to say that, especially if he is in the mood for something very crazy. However, my sexy boy deserves any risks taken, particularly because long time ago he was the first to choose me as his entrusted mate with all his pounding tiger heart and all this hard tiger length. It had been a very big and very entertaining surprise to me...

He licked my head two times from above, telling me that he hadn’t forgotten at all about me and that everything was good with him. After a few more of his elegant under water steps he sat back down to the ground. The rough tip of his erect penis slid further back into me and gave me goose pimples, not that I ever would complain about that! Luckily I understood his underlying intentions because my thinking mind slowly came back to me. I reached up with my hand and crawled him very lovingly under his fluffy chin, easing up his restlessness for just the moment.

“You feel so hot and hard, you'd love to walk me through the whole lake with no effort, wouldn’t you? Oh Taisha, you already made me climax all over your length one time, thank you so very much for the joy, but please continue if you really want to! I love to participate with every single bit of myself into your happiness, please let me help you, please make use of me all the way you ever can desire...” I told him with full earnest and in a begging voice while I carefully repositioned myself inside his furry lap.

He growled softly while a noticeable tremor ran through him, not in any particular reaction to the move but in plain anxiety and cupidity for more of me. He much enjoys our erotic fun, especially when it's performed inside the wet comfort of water. Taisha seldom talks big cat to me while we've our fun, a very good sign that he truly liked our little wet performance here inside the lake. With a casual move he bent his flexible spine, spread his legs apart and let me feel his sexy pole becoming alive again inside my warm care.

I loosened my good grip around his hip in a salacious snicker, slid down his front as he clearly wanted me to, welcomed all his hard wonder back inside me. I gave him as much comfort as was humanly possible with my warm slippery sheath of female protection and exquisite joys. He loved that most erotic move of mine with all his pounding tiger heart and freely told me so. A mighty growl of lust escaped him, so loud and drastic and melodic, it caused little rippling waves on top of the water surface and scared all the little fishes away from us in a hurry! I snickered frolicsome, as deeply and as furiously in love with my big sexy tiger as he clearly was with me. His enormous libido was truly amazing...

“Still not satisfied yet, hmm?” I whispered slyly and loosened up my crossed legs behind his back, simultaneously winding out of his paw’s securing grip around my shoulders. With some difficulties I put both my feet behind his sitting bum and leaned the upper body back a good deal, holding it in a steep angle with both hands grabbing his flanks and my legs angling over his knees. It was the perfect time now for a good hard ride on the unleashed tiger!

He bent backwards in an effort to achieve balance again towards the sudden weight of my upper body pulling in front. This automatic reaction to the loss of stability made his entirely stiff penis plunge all the way back into much amused me, deeper and harder than he had ever done before today, exactly the way we both loved it the very most and needed our intimate connection to be right now for a wild ride. My sexy tiger suddenly felt mind blowing good inside me and this made me in turn fucking unbelievably hot for cute him! The v-shaped angle our bodies now slid into another — it was nothing else than perfect for a real nice, real long, real memorable time with my cuddly randy tiggy! I instinctively narrowed my vaginal entrance around him through my pelvic muscles in a way that his exquisite tiger equipment could express itself better, more stimulating and crazily silken to the touch as on the walk before.

“Good hard boy, good sexy Taisha! STAY Taisha, STAY...” I commanded in an encouraging but imperative tone. I used my trainer voice and its power while I looked him directly into his surprised looking face. He suddenly comprehended that I was as much a predator on the hunt right now as he inherently was. The strange new experience of having a truly excited huntress sitting in front, paws clinging to him while he was in her custody, this concerned him slightly but perceptible thrilled him even more. All his tiger senses prickled, the good ones as well as the warning ones. He intuitively fears exposure but on the other hand trusts me with his life. Taisha struggled for just a second with this uncommon situation but deliberately ignored all warning signs at the end. He longed very much for my special care and knew that if he only would play along a sweet reward would be the likely out-cum of all this silliness going on between us...

I completely enjoyed my sweet tiger getting the hang of it. Taisha moved his whole hip back and forth a few times, opened and closed his legs and shuffled me that way deeper into riding position. He chuffed and licked me two times square across my whole face, clearly requesting my full private servicing if I'd please be so kind. “You'll get it all, oh yes, you so will my big lovely sweetheart...” I announced with greatest joy and started to utilize our most intimate fusion. Riding that tiger out without a saddle is biggest fun and has to be done with greatest enthusiasm!

Like my very flexible cat had done I bent my back, changed the angle slightly in which my crotch slid into his hip and rubbed all my narrowed vagina back and forth over his massive erection. I gave my increasingly loud growling Taisha all the bodily fun he had silently wished for in his most arousing walk with me. My slippery vagina slid softly back and forth his whole length, fondled wetly with his massive maleness, caused my big boy pleasures beyond his usual experience. The angle in which we made love was plain perfect for a deep ride!

My outer pussy lips encircled his sheath and pushed it back and forth with every slide, my inner lips rubbed over his thick penis base like two elastic wipers cleaning him, my slippery warm vagina enclosed his penis cone from all sides like a sheath of protection and my uterine orifice gave best silken resistance to his penis glans entering my innermost sanctum. Taisha shuddered heavily to that and nearly lost his stand below me, so sudden and rich were the sexual gratifications I surprised him with. I laughed lighthearted and further increased my most arousing efforts on sex loving him. The water around us would be soft enough a bed if we really were to keel over in pleasures taking our thinking brains out of order...

“Oh let it be that way! Fuck yeah, let's hump our brains out for good!” I moaned loud and clasped hard into the furry sides of my tiger, momentarily losing my own control because of most stimulating him and his hard jerking member. Some extraordinary delightful and increasingly noisy crotch-rubs later I had my mighty boy shoot his tiger cream deeply into my womb with a power you can’t even begin to imagine. He released all the big sexual pressure which had steadily built up between us like a winter storm in one go, ejaculated big time, enjoyed my warm wet vagina kneading his member from all sides while he let himself truly go wild. His strong tiger shape swayed heavily back and forth while he climaxed hard inside me. This second time he clearly enjoyed in a much deeper fashion.

“Oh yeah! That’s exactly what I call sharing a good time with such a beautiful tiger like you! Oh Taisha, you're such a good boy, such a lovely sexy cat to have a very good fuck with...” I said with a big grin spread all over my face and a wet twinkle of joy in the corners of my eyes. While among my beauties I constantly desire to take best care of them and they clearly like it as much as I do. To see my boys relax back in my naked company and instantly offer themselves for a female riding game, to experience their unconcerned social interaction with me as their trainer and friend, to act as an integral part of our small pride, I think that’s the true purpose of my very great life. I take big pleasure in easing up my felines and how better to know whether they truly enjoyed the time with me than by their wet commitment to our very intimate games. Taisha evidently took his commitment very serious and ejaculated his most delicious tiger semen far up into my womb, loving me as hard and wet as only a big Siberian like him can if he’s truly horny for his girl.

“Oh yes that's it, oooh sweetheart YES, oooh please use my body for it...” I begged him while I moved my crotch rhythmically up and down along his heavily twitching member. Taisha went very noisy, climaxed again inside my warm embrace while I couldn't keep back myself from this grand fun and spurred him further on. I continued this most charming ride on my tiger with a happy giggle while I put myself over his hard sexy pole to the very limit. Between threateningly bared fangs and deep rumbling growls of immeasurable pleasures he sounded many “umphs” of deepest gratitude. Taisha couldn't (and shouldn't) fully control himself anymore but friendly reassured me that all this wasn't meant angrily in any way. My boy bathed inside our intermixed odor of sex, moved his muzzle quickly forwards between snarls and growls to sniff and lick at my sweating forehead, applauding me a big cat way for being so deeply delightful a sexual partner again.

“You truly enjoy our sex by now, do you? Oh believe me I do that too, Gods yes, I so fucking enjoy being silly with my sweet felines. I praise every single moment in which I'm allowed to feel your unbelievable strong power pulsing deep inside me...” I declared to him while soft whimpers of sexual arousal underlined my syllables. Taisha leaned back and suddenly changed his attitude. He made a lot more of his tiny “umph” sounds to reassure me of his harmlessness but simultaneously tensed and relaxed his pelvic muscles, penetrating into me frontally with quick hard strokes. With true astonishment I quickly pulled my female body back to his chest, snugged deep into his wet fur while I gave a loud grunt of governing myself. His upwards-bent penis still made little pushing moves from below into me...

“Gods you're truly fucking horny today Taisha, I've to give you that...” I whimpered while he went on with his fun. Taisha was altogether excited right now and the tiny spines of his penis glans were therefor fully exposed. They pulled at my tender vaginal flesh with every little move we made, intentionally or unintentionally didn’t matter a bit. He obviously had a very good time screwing me this way so I played along with a big grin on my face.

“You're so cute and so silly at times! Where you find the power to go on is a riddle to me but please my crazy lover boy, oh please continue what you're currently doing, oh please fuuuuck me Thaaischaaaaaaa, yhhheeeeessss...” I moaned big time and pulled a face. An utterly sweet, soft, nice, and very long stretched orgasm hit home and I hadn’t expected it at all.

I whimpered and trembled softly, much to his amusement. Oh that tricksy tiger of mine, he just had to involve me another time or he wouldn’t have been satisfied! We both were reunited in body and mind as it was meant to be, as it had to be. I fondled with both hands up and down his broad back while he rubbed his muzzle into the side of my head, softly growling in exquisitely relaxing pleasures his mighty body provided him now. My own silky climax was most enjoyable and I went very wet because of sexy him, creamed his length with my fluids again from base to tip, made him suddenly loose all friction inside me and he knew darn well why.

“I hope you won’t expect more intimate rubbing from my puss anytime soon because that will prove very difficult now...” I said truthfully with a big chuckle. Taisha repeatedly rubbed his muzzle against my head, happily telling me of all the great sexual fun he enjoyed with me again. His erect penis still leaked drops of warm fluid, but all the hard jerking moments were over now. We both enjoyed a huge afterglow and completely eased up inside one another. I used his soft lap as a most arousing place to have a sit while he used my soaked place as a protective sheath towards the cold water. It’s all about giving and receiving but if you're truly in love with someone you can’t tell a difference. It makes you happy to give as well as to receive...

We sat on the lake’s ground for minutes, big kitty Taisha getting hugged around his fluffy belly from slowly cooling down me, the lusty little mermaid that enjoyed his enormous arousing penis inside her throbbing puss to the very last sensual and wetly pleasing aspect that he gracefully would allow her. My extremely happy tiger licked over my head and over my face, licked my ears and growled softly to all that, told me freely of the immense joy I had provided again with my most welcome company and my even more welcome place for his hard member.

“Isn’t isolation a real bliss?” I asked softly, caressed my sexy boy with silky fingers along his mighty back and chuckled into myself. My heated body was back to normal and I could trust my senses again. The riding pole of my relaxing tiger made little moves by its own and I very much enjoyed to feel him still alive and deeply inside. Unfortunately, all good things end far too soon...

“Gods Taisha, this was the longest hardest and best fuck ever between us. You really topped yourself this time, really! I hope you enjoyed our little ride together as much as I did. Oh heaven, two orgasms in a row for the lady and who knows how many ejaculations for the big hard kitty being witty. Oh boy, a mind blowing fuck to remember that was...” I told him in deep admiration and with true love. He licked over my face, made a few “umph” sounds, rubbed his face to mine and told me his private way that he fully agreed to everything.

I took a deep breath, pulled slowly upwards and separated our most intimate connection that way. A whitish cloud appeared at once all around the pointy tip of his pink feline member, leaking out of me and spilling over him, swirling softly down his stiff tool and to the lake’s ground. What a darn waste of his precious gift to me! I let my body fall away backwards from him and my bottom kiss the lakes ground. I disentangled our legs and knees with a snicker. “I bet this would prove to be extremely difficult on solid ground...” I joked towards my sitting on his bum and looking very neat Taisha playboy.

I marveled at his erect penis with a lascivious grin because it still shimmered pink and thrillingly stiff inside his soft tiger crotch, thanks to the very clear water that I could look through as if it were polished glass. “Have I been using all THIS lately?” I wondered and grinned even broader at him, loving his cuteness and his most beautiful body. “Goodness, what a priceless tool for a woman in need! You Siberians are truly blessed by nature, no joking about that. I'm such a fucking lucky girl for having you!” I joked and giggled amused into myself. I knew for sure that Taisha would share his blessing with me again as soon as I felt the need coming back. All I had to do was asking him politely for a ride on the tiger...

Now I became aware how shallow the water around us was — it only reached to my hip. I stood up, walked over to my sitting upright tiger and kissed him with a big wet smack of deepest love directly onto his black nose whereon he sneezed. Laughing about him I changed my style. I licked with my soft human tongue over his long muzzle like a friendly feline of the tribe would do for a greeting. However, feeling like a human girl again I was compelled to use my hands and so caressed his most beautiful face with both of them.

“Thank you a million times for the truly wet experience inside this big lake. It was a mind blowing joy which I've to repeat with you soon. I’ll head back to the caravans for a dry up and will try to take a naked sunbathe afterwards in my beach chair, as long as the sun is still up. Feel free to accompany me there...” I told him with an erotic smile, turned slowly around in front of him and gave my hip a feminine swing from the left to the right. The pounding heart inside my chest already missed his fluffy closeness. I knew I was acting silly but couldn’t help myself — I just love to tease my big boys...

I waded out of the water, not without glancing back repeatedly at my wonderful big and damn cute tiger. Taisha much enjoys water and after this very entertaining intermezzo with his female playfellow he simply went back to his unresolved business — there still were those pesky little fish inside the lake that bothered him, mightily! I shook the head, giggled softly about my silly big size kitten while my human heart missed him already big time. I went on very thoughtful about my recent big cat experience.

Sex is a very natural part of the lives of all mammals and big cats are no exception to that. All males want to pass on their genes to the next generation. Normally they're driven to it by pure instinct, preprogrammed to find a female in heat and make love to her, spreading their seed into the growing up population. And what happens if the only female around is never in heat but always most cooperative? What if she’s encouraging sex and extremely persuasive in her role as leader of the big cat group? Hmm, tough question. Am I the true reason for our intimacies and sexual endeavors? I don’t know.

My big felines willingly choose to overrule their build in instincts and decided that this can’t be the only guide for action. They all reasoned that friendliness, playfulness, and the benefit of bodily pleasures counts very much too. Having an intimate walk on the wild side every now and then with a soft, completely innocent, very encouraging human partner is as recreating to them as it’s kinky fun for me — all in all a thing you can surely do for the pure fun that comes out of it. All my boys easily got that. Cats generally don’t plan for things. They don’t rate something for a good or bad outcome like humans continually do, they just learn to act accordingly to their personal experience and needs.

If something nice happens to them, they gradually drop their caution and they're willing to do it again anytime. If something bad happens to them, they remember this and they get very wary towards it, it's truly as simple as that. Sharing bodily pleasure through sex is an extremely nice and powerful experience. It easily developed into a most welcome pastime activity between us with one big problem: Having great sex is enormously addictive! It gives biggest satisfaction to all participants and this includes myself. To be honest: I believe it affects me even more because I’m able to think about it, to dream about it day and night and most definitely plan for it in advance because I want to feel it again, the power, the lust, the plain wild energy it pumps through you!

My open-minded Taisha once taught me by sheer accident to embrace the greatest game ever invented by nature with open arms (and legs!). He taught me to be unprejudiced towards sex, to explore all the sensual secrets that are hidden deep inside our sensitive bodies, to accept the offered help a partner like him can give a female in need, to share all the fun and all the great lust freely because this alone can give you true satisfaction in life.

Sexual pleasures can mightily strengthen the bonds that exist between a group of tomcats because it’s a shared purpose. Cats usually don’t mind if the female of choice already had sex or even currently enjoys sex with someone else, as long as they're next in line. For a big cat tamer and lover like myself, there's nothing more convenient than realizing this. How to calm down rivaling cats and ease tensions among them? That’s so fucking easy: Have good sex with each of them in turn and then just do it again just for the pure fun of it! Oh I’m endlessly grateful to this most important lesson that Taisha taught me inside the whirlpool. My fluffy Siberian always will have a special place in my heart because of this.

I snickered heartily into my lucky self while I searched for a straight way back to my caravan. Being naked the whole day, free for every silliness my cats might demand, that’s absolute wonderful an experience and truly relaxing a holiday. I loved it except for the one tiny downside it slowly revealed: I felt increasingly cold without any cloth to protect me from the fresh winds blowing down over the mountains...

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