Trisha's Trick - Introduction
© 2004 by Zak

This story line involves sexual activity between a female human and some male big cats. This is a pure work of fiction. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved and any person, living or dead, is intended, even if some parts of the story may look very much that way. This story may be distributed freely but may not be sold, or changed, or used in any commercial way.
Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into fresh tasty kitty food and eaten for breakfast or get yourself complete addicted to big cats, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions your take after reading my erotic fiction :-)

A short introduction:

Hi! My name is Trisha (or Trish if you like that short form better) and I'm a female circus artist. To be more precise - I work with wild cats. Yeah, right, the big ones.

Most people are very curious about the fact that I only have four male big cats in my show. Usually I take up an assumption that had once been made by a local magazine: "Because they are more fierce, more aggressive and much more dangerous than females in general..." and complete it with an own statement "...and it's a special challenge to calm them down without making them into (wo)men eaters!" {with a very big grin on my face}

I often get asked what exactly my secret is because my cats never did hurt me so far or showed any aggressive tendencies during my shows. "They act more like very tame cats, one could be so bold and say like over sized kitties. What's your trick? Do you drug them or something?!?"

"NO!!! I would never do anything harmful to my cats. I grew up with them, they know me and put trust in me. Why they never want to hurt me is kind of a lion tamer family secret and I can't tell you about that..." has always been my reply to the journalists. Of course I'll explain the secret to you now and how I quite accidentally stumbled into it.

First I'll get you some insight into my family life. I'm the last child in a long family line of artists and big cat tamers. My mother died in a circus accident - she was a famous trapeze actress and did very risky acts - while I was very young. I only know her from pictures and can't remember her face or anything else about her.

Well, I grew up with my father, my younger brother and all the other circus artists around us. We are very much like a big family, everyone bound to each other. Then one day my younger brother - he was supposed to taken over the job from my dad - got killed in a terrible car accident on his way home to the circus. That was a real bad blow for my father, me and all people of the circus crew.

To that point in my live I never had been allowed to handle any of our adult cats. My father was very strict about that point: "Big cats are nothing to fool around for a (weak) female. You will become a trapeze artist like your mother was. It's tradition. No exceptions to the rule, not even for my daughter!"

I liked the artistic stuff very much and got a very feminine figure through it but all my life I felt that deep attraction towards our big cats. My dad finally allowed me - after a lot of begging and getting onto his nerves from my side - to handle our four little cubs and play with them. Short after my brother died in that terrible car accident my dad also got injured seriously in a very bad accident at training. One of our female lions attacked him. He got mauled by Jasmine, a full size african lioness, and died shortly after that injury in the hospital on a severe blood infection that had spread through his whole body. I still believe that he simply gave up. He had lost his will to survive hard times by the sad blow that his only son, his successor, had died while he still lingered.

I had no real relatives left and was somehow very desperate at that point. I saw all my known world crumble into pieces right in front of my eyes. To make things even worse the circus sold our adult cats to a local zoo and only kept the four small cubs: two male tigers, a (black) leopard and a lion. They argued that the costs for the adults food and medical treatments were to high but I didn't buy that. They wanted to get rid of them because they did not believe that in my young age I could handle them properly and without any experience as tamer.

I raised the four kittens by hand with special care and much love. They were somehow the only remains of my former close family. I started a tiny show with the young kittens - just to prove the circus crew wrong and show them that I indeed could handle the cats. I created a small game: The kitties played together and at times with assistance by the audience. Part of the interaction consisted in throwing a stick or a small ball behind them and have one of the cubs bringing it back to me or directly to the thrower in the audience.

As they kept growing the game had to be altered to an interaction solely between the cats, completely excluding the audience from the play. We were forced to keep them behind bars because they were a "possible risk to the audience". Sometimes you have to obey (stupid) rules...

Ok, lets come to the point where I got forced to come up with something different. Interaction between the semi adult cats got more and more into an very aggressive state as they kept growing in size and strength. They got angry against each other very fast and built up lots of aggressive tendencies. One day I nearly got caught into a tight fight between Rajah an Leo, one of the tigers and the lion, during one of our training shows. I had to call them back, to shout very loud and make aggressive gestures and challenge them to get them separate again. In doing so I raised their combined aggression against me. To my luck the way back into their living cages stood open. I raised my voice in an final effort as loud and commanding as I could and they retreated reluctantly back into their living cages. From that time on I kept them all as good as possible separated at different places.

Now you know the set and surely ask yourself, what's the trick. You want to know how I did discover it? Well, that's a somehow long story and I'll better get started with it...

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