Trisha's Trick - Part I - Taisha
© 2004 by Zak

This story involves sexual activity between a female human and a male big cat. This is a pure work of fiction. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved and any person, living or dead, is intended, even if some parts of the story may look very much that way. This story may be distributed freely but may not be sold, or changed, or used in any commercial way.
Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into fresh tasty kitty food and eaten for breakfast or get yourself complete addicted to big cats, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions your take after reading my erotic fiction :-)


One of my more clingy and affectionate kitties named Taisha, a large siberian tiger, is allowed to sleep in my fathers caravan. I inherited the trailer after my fathers sudden death. My father liked comfort very much. The caravan itself is separated into two part, the rather small front living and driving part and the rear "relaxing" part. Inside the relaxing part a big whirlpool is build into the floor and a huge divan, which rests on a water bet mattress and is clustered all over with large soft cushions, is placed on one of the side walls. The roof is made of perspex to allow a view into the sky while you are resting on the divan. My father loved to take a relaxing bubble bath in the rather large whirlpool and afterwards lay down on the divan and sleep his daily hard works pains away.

Back to Taisha. He had been very ill as a cub for some time so one day I took him with me into my fathers caravan and made him rest there, away from the other cubs, to cure him from his illness. My father was so angry at me, I really feared he would kick me out of the circus family at last. After I had explained to him why I had brought little Taisha with me into his sacred relaxing place and that I feared for his life and after I had wept many tears in fear for my small Taisha he little by little changed his mind and finally allowed Taisha to stay inside his private retreat and get well there.

From that time onwards Taisha demanded (by loud growling in front of the caravan door and pushing against it) to be let in, even after his full recovery. And - would you believe it - I sometimes caught my father laying together with him on the large divan, both deep asleep, side by side.

After my fathers death I created a large fence around the both caravans and placed the two big cat living cages also inside that outer fence. The cages serve as separate retreats for the lion and the tigers. Each cage has several separated regions for the cats to rest, eat and so on. They are all free to enter and leave their cages and play together or with their toys inside the large fence. I did this to let them work out their build up aggression at the various toys or in playful harmless ways together.

Ok, once more back to Taisha. He has a very deep affinity for water (like all tigers I ever heard of have) and he loved to share a bath with me or my father in his whirlpool very much. Taisha had developed - after his illness as cub - into a very calm and social big cat for a tiger. I believe that he felt somehow in a debt of honor for my curing him from his illness. He likes to be rubbed and crawled all the time, especially behind his ears and he really loves to be scratched softly under his chin. If you believe tigers can't purr you are somehow right, but they can make low rumbling puffing noises and growls that sound very much like purrs but much much louder and stronger.

One day I took one of my very relaxing whirlpool baths together with Taisha. We both were totally enjoying it and I kept scratching him behind his ears. He had his head resting on my right shoulder and kept tickling me with his large moving whiskers in my ear. Silly cat. We both were placed on a build in step inside the whirlpool. Somehow it really got uncomfortable while time passed by in that very fixed sitting position with his weight on my shoulder. While stretching out my foot up to my toes I shifted my right knee a bit into his direction. I touched his right hind leg with my foot and stroke it up and down with my stretched toes to give him a nice body massage while I still enjoyed to scratch him behind his ears. He relaxed even more - if that's indeed possible - and I kept my stretched foot going up and down his right rear leg. He opened his eyes and looked directly into mine. I blinked slowly at him and he did the same towards me. That's cat's talk for "I'm very comfortable, how are you doing?".

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the bubbling warm water all around me. Suddenly I felt my stretched toes touch something. I really had no idea what I possibly could have touched until realization dawned at me. Now I had a very hard time to suppress a burst of laughter. My foot was stretched out to the max and it was located - in sheer accident - between his rear legs by now. With my closed eyes I hadn't been aware that I was scratching the inside of his legs and not the outside. It seemed that he had very much enjoyed my accidental toe fondling there because he clearly had become exited by the feel of it. At least that was the idea that had sprung into my mind and triggered my giggle. What else could I have possibly touched THERE?

I can't explain why the idea hit me that moment but I really was deadly curious about the look of his member. How did it look like? What was the shape of it? Why did I never had cared or shown interest for it before? Why did it feel so strange to the touch? Questions after questions began clustering my mind and I burst with curiosity.

I have to admit that I didn't had much sexual experience and interest by that time. I was nineteen and all my life had been the circus, the daily duties, the care for the four cubs. There hadn't been much time for love and affairs of any kind. I had explored my body on my own - please remember that I had no one except men in my family to talk to - but that's not the same.

The curious explorer that had been triggered loose inside me now definitely wanted to find out more and get some answers to the many questions in my head. I stretched my foot out a way more to reach further down between his hind legs. With uttermost care I started fondling around his tool with the top of my foot and it felt to the touch like a stretched middle finger that is lightly bent upwards. It had tiny rough parts all around it and was quite large, I guessed by the feel of it around 7 inches or so.

I hesitantly opened my eyes - somehow I feared his angry look fixed on me - but he still had his eyes tightly closed, resting his face comfortable on my right shoulder. I hoped so much for a glimpse of his member but unfortunately there was far to much foam swimming on the water and the whirlpool bubbles didn't made it any easier.

Darn it! Getting a clear view of his erect tool seemed to be very tricky. I could never reach down to it with one of my hands while he had his heavy feline head rested comfortably on my right shoulder. I bent my right leg back into a sitting position on the pools build in step and carefully took his head into both of my hands while I kept crawling his soft white fur under his chin with my fingertips. I looked around for the towel that I had laid out ready.

He seemed even more contend and I temporarily rested his chin on my opened left hand - and that was quite a show of strength for me - grabbing the nearby soft plush towel with my right. I laid the furled towel on the brim of the pool and slowly, with extreme caution, rested his chin there, still crawling him all over softly with my fingertips. He never even blinked but had that "...I love your crawling soooo much..." smile on his beautiful tiger face. I kept scratching his head around his neck up to his ears with my now freed from his weight left hand and shifted my body sideways to the left on the sitting step, bit by bit slowly away from his large feline body.

He really is an enormous cat. He every time had to wind himself into the pool to get into a more or less comfortable position. I kept stroking his head with my right hand and started a very careful exploration with my left. I softly stroke down his neck, between his shoulders, and down his spine. I patted his flank but he still showed no notion of any discomfort. I reached down to his belly and he began to shift forwards lightly. My heart was pounding up to my throat. That was very dangerous territory I wanted to explore but the curious explorer kept pushing me further. My curiosity for his member really drove me crazy. He made a move into a more comfortable sitting position, his front resting on the pools sitting step, his rear legs folded beneath him.

Now I really was anxious to touch his member. I worked both hands down his belly and carefully nearer to my goal. Suddenly he moved back up from his new sitting position, stepped onto the pools step completely, flipped there on his left flank and sent a lot of the water over the rim of the whirlpool. He had placed himself now very comfortable on the build in step of the pool I had been sitting on while he still rested his chin on top of the soft rolled towel pillow I had made for him, eyes again closed and a smile like expression on his feline face.

Now there was my long hoped for chance to explore. I reached with my right hand between his front paws and kept scratching him there to get him even more comfortable while I reached down with my left one and very tenderly touched his erect tool between his legs. It felt strange, much like his tongue in surface but very hard and stiff. I very carefully touched along his tool from tip to base and it seemed to embed a solid inner structure, like a finger bone, and got structural supported by it. It felt similar to a long middle finger with the difference that it was a lot narrower at the tip and much broader at the base.

He trembled along his spine, shifted again on the step and turned his head into my direction with a "WHAT are you doing?!?" look on his face. I blushed - I mean - I felt like I blushed - I mean - I really felt kind of stupid, hot, guilty and ashamed at the same time. I wished for the floor opening and swallowing me up in an instant. I got a completely hot feeling on my face, became very nervous and very uncomfortable and had a absolutely guilty mind. I slowly and very careful backed away from him to the most distanced corner of the pool but he slid his rear down from the step into the pool again, stood on his rear legs and followed me there.

"That has been a MAJOR mistake you dumb cow!" I told myself. He kept moving towards me, half floating on his broad chest, half walking on his strong rear legs. I really was puzzled what to do next. He was a 700pd siberian tiger and I had done something to him that he didn't like me to do. Now I really had a very SERIOUS problem.

He made a quick final float towards me and rested both front paws on each side of the pool's step I had scrambled blindly backwards onto in a sitting position. Suddenly he started licking my face with his large barbed tongue from my mouth up to my brow with long delightful strokes. I was scared to death at first - seeing him open his mouth and his enormous fangs coming closer to my face - and was relieved afterwards when he started licking my face so much, I nearly peed into the pool out of shock.

"THAT WAS SO FUCKING STUPID OF YOU!" I yelled at me with my heart pounding to my throat. At once I started crawling his neck and down his two front feet and up his throat again, all around his face, behind his ears and under his chin. He wasn't angry at all. He was puzzled somehow - as was I - but not at all angry. I calmed down slowly.

He kept moving forwards and shifted his weight onto his large front paws that now rested firmly on both sides of my sitting place on the step. I clearly got the impression that he was up into something. He kept licking my face all over and I got a quick accidental glance through a complete bubble-less space in the water. WOW! It seemed that he now really was exited. His member was fully extend from the sheath and looked very stiff and alive, pointing directly into my direction with it's narrow tip.

I finally realized what I had triggered in my curiousness. The hot water, the many tickling bubbles around us and my fondling with his member had arose him so much, he now was in need to relief that tenseness anyhow. His body demanded sex with me, somehow, but he was clearly unsure about the how. I wasn't of his kind and in a completely wrong position in front of him.

He wasn't alone with that feeling. I also was completely unsure how to react and what to do next. Running was no choice with him standing in front of me, pinning me somehow fix onto the pool's step. Running away in general is a very bad choice with big cats. Hitting him hard onto the nose to scare him away was an option to be considered but he was so passionately cleaning my face that I would have never been able to deliver that blow. That would have broken my heart.

"YOU started it, now you have to go through it!" I told myself and reached down with both hands between his front legs, down his furry belly to his erect member. I engulfed it very careful with both hands, having it slide easily between the index and the ring finger of my both hands. It felt so narrow on the tip but on the base it got very broad, even so I had no way to reach down that far yet. He at once shifted his weight back onto his rear legs, placed his both front legs up onto the pools rim in one swift move and began thrusting his hind legs forward into my awaiting hands. I couldn't see much, my sight was blocked through his large furry chest but I felt his tool moving inside my hands and he started to become very noisy. He kept growling and moved faster with every stroke he made into my awaiting hands.

"You're jacking off Taisha. You are jacking off a TIGER!!!" it dawned inside my mind but I could not think about it just yet. He increased his efforts. Big bashes of water kept swapping out of the pool and I swallowed a good deal of it. He thrust very hard towards my sitting position and into my waiting hands by now. I closed the gap between my fingers some more to hopefully increase the sensation on his members base without hurting him. With a sudden hard push forwards into my hands - while he scraped hard over both of my hand paws with his completely stiff and pulsating hot tool - he stopped all of his movement.

He growled a low grumbling growl that I could feel vibrating through the water and up my belly. I got aware of a warm smeary liquid that filled the gap between my hands in spurts and I felt it dissolve through my closed fingers into the warm bubbling water around us. He kept his stretched position for some time while his member twitched in rhythmic pulses inside my hands and he continued his low throatily growl. With another surprisingly swift move he pulled his member out from my engulfing hands, strained his rear muscles and jumped over me and out of the pool. I got a very detailed glimpse of his member - in my shocked state it felt like watching every move of him in slow motion - while he jumped over my head. It looked very stiff, alive, erect and fleshly. He strolled to one of the carpets I had laid out around the pool and collapsed there, starting at once to clean himself (and his most private parts).

I sat somehow totally paralyzed by that short but overwhelming unbelievable experience on the step inside the pool. I really had just moments ago jacked off my lovely tiger kitty Taisha. I moved my securely closed hands above the water surface and opened them carefully. There still were some white smears of sticky fluid visible inside them. I blushed again - or at least I felt the burning heat of a blushing returning into my face. That had been a really thrilling new sexual experience for me (and him).

My somehow guilty mind called me a pervert slut but what had I really done? "Nothing wrong at all. The only thing you possibly could do in that tight situation. He demanded a solution and you gave that to him. Accept it as a friendly turn you did for your beloved Taisha. Nobody got injured so why having a guilty mind..." I finally convinced myself.

Now all my curiosity and kinkiness came back in an instant and I sniffed at the few remains of Taisha's fun inside the pool with me. It didn't smell like anything I had smelled so far. It had a very wild smell, like body odor but not so disgustingly strong, more like the faint musky note of a strong perfume. I dipped my index finger into it and gave it a small taste: Very salty and bitter...

Taisha had stopped cleaning himself and had quietly been sneaking over to me while I was puzzled by the moment and deep in thoughts. He gave the left half of my face another sudden cleaning with his large feline tongue and I took the chance and showed my two opened hands to him. He licked them completely clean of any remains and was absolutely into that clean up licking. That in turn was getting me hot and very horny.

"Taisha, I hope your first time with a female felt great?" I said to him and he licked my face some more. I reached down to my bath dress and opened the zipper in front. I had a real struggle stepping out of it inside the pool and Taisha gave me a very suspicious look. It must have looked very strange to him. I was literally slipping out of my own skin somehow directly in front of him.

I threw the bath dress with a quick move into one corner of the caravan and got myself into a very comfortable sitting position on the front rim of the whirl pool's step. My legs were spread wide apart and I slowly moved my right hands ring finger between them. I gave my clit a very good and slow stroking, all the time thinking about Taisha and trying to remember the shape and feeling of his tool between my hands. That thought was so extraordinary thrilling, it turned me on like nothing had ever done before.

I arched my head back over the pool's bulky rim and Taisha started to lick my face again from above. Oh yes, this was so arousing, pleasing myself in front of him, thinking of him all the time, getting licked by him on the face while I did this all.

It didn't took me long to build up a very high tension inside my body. I became hot, very very hot. The warm water, my lovely Taisha licking me, the things I had done with him just moments ago still clear in my visual memory. I started whimpering softly while I got closer to the point of no return by each soft stroke with my fingertip.

With every moment that passed I got more and more unaware of the whole place around me. My own sexual tension totally engulfed my senses so I absolutely got caught by surprise when Taisha reentered the pool with one of his most elegant cat like jumps directly over my head and into the middle of the pool. Big waves of hot water poured over me and I nearly drowned. Now I really was mad with Taisha. He had stolen away my sexual relieve I so much longed for right now. I had been so close just a tiny moment before. My body still was on fire but all that erotic pictures in my head had been washed away. Darned cat.

Taisha turned around inside the pool and floated again over to me. He shifted his weight onto his front legs, settling them both firmly on either side of my sitting position and started softly cleaning my face. "Yes, you should feel very guilty now. You really spoiled my pleasure, kitty. That's no excuse to lick my face..." I told him and wanted to get out of the pool. I somehow was very annoyed of him at that particular moment for stealing me what I had granted him without hesitation.

I had my elbows resting on the pool's rim, pushing me up to get out. Out of a sudden Taisha started to lick down my throat and over my sensitive tits. Oh yes! That felt great, his rough tongue stroke over my hard nipples and my still erect tits felt like burning with a fire from inside. "Oooooh Taisha..." I whimpered. All the sudden I had a longing for sexual relive again that was stronger than everything rational left in my already tortured mind. I reached down between my spread legs with my left hand while I still latched tight to the rim with my right. I gave my hard clit a very soft massage, just strong enough to build up there an equally strong tension to the feeling I got through Taisha's passionate licking of my breast with his wonderful rough feline tongue.

I was half way into a great orgasm. This couldn't possible get any better. A very strong tension in my body kept building up very fast. I arched my back to get my body higher afloat - without any thinking about it - and to induce Taisha into licking my breasts all around and not only over my burning erect nipples. He got the idea at once and gave my tits a fine cleaning, all around them but never missing the hot spot on top. If I had felt hot in lust before, I was blazing now. That was simply impossible. It felt like rushing into a certain and absolute destruction, but I wanted it, I needed it desperately. I wished my body hot and ablaze like molten lava. I wanted the tension to overwhelm me, to melt my mind away in that burning heat. I whimpered so hard, I had tears of joy in my eyes. Maybe it only was my sweat dropping down into them but nevertheless my vision blurred and I could only feel - but I did that with all my senses. This was such a great joy. I became aware of that musky strong scent again and it drove me even deeper into my horniness. Suddenly Taisha stopped licking my beasts and in one smooth move maneuvered his front paws up again onto the pool's rim.

"You stupid darned cat - damned - You! - YOU had your relieve already! - I WANT MINE - NOW - damn it! - oh please, please Taisha, please lick me further, please continue to lick my breasts, please, don't stop now, PLEASE !!!" my left over piece of consciousness yelled at him in an uncontrollable fury of disappointment.

He again started licking all over my forehead instead of my breasts while my head still rested bent back on the pool's bulky rim. All of a sudden I felt the tip of his stiff member scratching the back of my hand while I had my index finger deeply inside my pussy, massaging my clit as hard as I could endure to give me that last push that I longed so much for. At once I became fully aware of the situation, it felt like something hitting my head hard and bringing me back into reality in no time. The realization stoke me like lightning out of a blue sky: "He wants to mate with ME and maneuvered himself into a perfect position!"

"Let him, oh please, let him fuck me, don't loose a second hesitating, PLEASE, I'm so cloooose, so darn close. Let him do whatever he likes. Please! PLEASE!!! I want him inside me! NOW! I can't stand a second longer without sexual relief!" my subconsciousness yelled at me like a million voices at once.

"Fuck me Taisha, be a nice big kitty and fuck me deep, passionate and hard..." I whispered breathless, removed the finger from my wet glowing pussy and let his hard member take it's place there. Very carefully I guided him into me with my now free left hand while I floated some space above the pool's step. My back, bending my chest upwards in lust, had brought me there.

What than followed I can't describe in clear words. It was like the hardest torment someone could think of combined with the most unbelievable joy one could feel at the same time, completely and inseparable mixed together.

He at first worked his penis inside me with very slow and gentle strokes. His rear pumped into me beneath the water surface, supported by his muscular rear legs. Ripples on top of the water surface built up and slapped against my chin. I felt like I was walking along on the edge of an unconsciousness. He sped up with ease, hitting my blazing clit hard with every stoke of his upward curved member. Every deep thrust he made into me lifted us both up a bit and we afterwards slowly descended down, drifting in the bubbling warm water, his member sliding a short way out of me and rasping along my inner and outer pussy lips and softly stoking over my sensitive clit.

He redoubled his efforts, his tool kept moving in gentle strokes fully into and back a short way out of me, sending spasms of joy through my whole slit, belly and spine. I was over the point and the hardest orgasm I ever had reached in my whole teenager live hit me like a divine force. I floated in mid air - at least it felt so - between heaven and earth. I moaned very loud, my back bending hard, my feet twitching on each side in uncontrollable convulsions of joy below the water surface.

I couldn't think any more and clamped my arms and knees around him out of sheer reflex to the unbelievable joy. I wanted to hold him tight, to never let him stop his mating with me. His long soft belly fur brushed with each thrust that he did into me over my belly and my breasts. He finally stopped his movement and let out a loud rumbling growl I could feel resonating though my belly and up my spine and down into my still twitching legs. I felt his hot tiger seed spraying inside me, felt his penis pulsating with every spurt he made, felt him scratching over my clit with his large tool in that pulsing waves, felt all my vaginal muscles contract and relax uncontrollable around his large member.

That did it. My life was over. I felt like dying that very moment. A smaller second orgasm, triggered by his soft wet fur, his rumbling growl, my blazing hard clit and the sensation of his pulsating members inside me, hit me even harder than the first orgasm had. I was in heaven because that sensation couldn't possibly be for real. I couldn't hold back any longer and screamed a soft howl of relief and immeasurable joy. He made another short thrust into me and his tool spurt more of his sticky sperm into me. He finally roared with a piercing loud voice.

I - in a sudden shock by his loud roaring above me - let go of my clinch around his body and to slow in my somehow mindless stage became aware that I was floating directly beneath him, firmly settled onto his very large and stiff member. My letting go drifted me down some distance while I despairingly tried to reach ground with my stretched toes. I tried to get hold around him again but by doing so I completely unintentionally slit down along his still pulsating penis until I could feel his furry sheath entering my outer pussy lips and spreading them apart with a soft brushing sensation. He loved me for that complete unintentional move. His rumbling growl of pleasure on top of me tripled in intensity and another powerful hot spurt of semen shoot deeply into my womb.

I was completely spent. That was the most unbelievable thing I ever had experienced in my whole life. This fuck was so unearthly good. I tried to relax in that new position, having him buried inside me from tip to hilt and enjoyed the nice warm afterglow feeling that spread up and down through my whole body. I stood tiptoes now, searching hold on the ground of the whirlpool while I kept my upper body over water only by softly clasping his flanks again while I began to rub my both hands up and down his flanks and spine to show him my endless thankfulness. His tool continued to make soft twitching moves inside me and he seemed to like the feeling of my rubbing hands and my soft warm pussy all around his whole member very much. He made to my great pleasure no sign at all that he wanted to split our deep concretion too soon.

I suddenly remembered the jump out of the pool that he had made and hoped for good that he wouldn't try such a stunt with me attached to him in that deeply way. My concerns were to my fortune without any reason. He seemed to enjoy every single moment of our deep connection very much. It felt so indescribable nice, that deep feeling of a physical and spiritual bond between us that I had with him now. Our warm bodies clung so close together, I enjoyed his company more than I ever could have imagined. He now not only was a part of my family, he was my lover now and I had become his mate. Now we belonged together. I couldn't think of anything better that had ever happened in my whole life.

After some time I got aware that his hot sticky tiger cum leaked out of my pussy. The warm pool water entered me and I could feel it slowly mixing with his leaking out seed. His rumbling growl of relieve softened and finally ceased. We both stood still inside the pool, he stood with his dripping wet fur over me, I still clasped around his body directly below him and rubbed his spine up and down with my free hands in deep gratitude for him and everything he shared with me that moment.

He shifted backwards and his tool reluctantly gave way out of me. It hurt slightly, his sharp - through his excitement now fully extended - penis spines rasped against my inner pussy and all over my still blazing sensitive clit. He suddenly made one swift motion down and back and slit out of me completely in one fast move. I let go of him and my bum hit the step quite hard that I had been floating above a very short distance all the time. He again strained his rear leg muscles and jumped over me and out of the pool. I got a very detailed glimpse of his member and marveled about his size and shape. I settled down onto the step and let my head fall backwards over the pools rim completely, the rolled towel where Taisha had rested his head before in my neck.

I was completely done and couldn't believe what just had happened. I looked blankly onto the caravan ceiling and watched the fluffy clouds floating by through the perspex roof. I noticed the noises that Taisha made while he was busy cleaning himself. That really had been the best time in my life that I could remember. It had been the best fun I ever had. No, fun wasn't the right word. It simply had been completely addictive. I had to do this again. Very soon. I had to get that wonderful feeling again...

Taisha came over to me after a quick cleanup of his private parts and positioned himself alongside the whirlpool's rim, his face directly over mine. I somehow managed my left hand stroking him softly behind his ears.

"Taisha, that simply was unbelievable. I love you so much my kitty. Thank you for everything you just allowed me to share with you!" I whispered. I believe he understood the meaning of my words. He blinked slowly at me in response and I closed my eyes.

I woke up again a hour later or so. Taisha had gone outside to play with his friends. I still sat inside the whirlpool, my neck aching a bit because of the unhealthy position with that rolled together towel in my neck. I slowly got my head upright and tried to get my spine in a correct position again.

"Wow, that was the most pervert and unbelievable erotic daydream I ever had!" I thought and shook my head in disbelieve.

I sat up and climbed out of the pool. Only when I stood outside it I noticed that I was completely naked. Where was my swimsuit I always wore inside the pool? It lay in on corner of the trailer, messily and clammy. This simply couldn't be true! I crouched down and reached between my spread legs. I felt slimy and a whitish fluid covered my index finger after I had pulled it out.

I still couldn't believe that all of that erotic dream had been REALITY in spite of the hard evidence that I carried inside me...

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