Trisha's Trick - Part II - Rajah
© 2004 by Zak

This story involves sexual activity between a female human and a male big cat. This is a pure work of fiction. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved and any person, living or dead, is intended, even if some parts of the story may look very much that way. This story may be distributed freely but may not be sold, or changed, or used in any commercial way.
Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into fresh tasty kitty food and eaten for breakfast or get yourself complete addicted to big cats, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions your take after reading my erotic fiction :-)


A day later and after a night with a very pleasant and erotic dream about my whirlpool experience with Taisha I payed him and his friend Rajah an afternoon visit in their tiger's cage. Taisha at once came over to me, rubbed alongside my leg and was the loveliest clingy big cat ever. His friend Rajah - a very big sumatra tiger - came over and also started rubbing against my side. I was tightly caught between two lovely playful big kitties.

I had fruitlessly tried to learn them some new tricks for the show. Now at least Taisha knew a very nice new one. Unfortunately it wasn't a good idea to perform THAT one in public. Darn, this would have meant so much fun for both of us during the show.

I gave both of them a fine scratching behind the ears and they flopped down alongside the cage to get their tummies rubbed. I did so and soon we all three were part off a rolling around licking scratching tumbling patting furry mass of mingled bodies. When I left the cage half an hour later after uncountable tummy rubs, ear scratches and chin fondles Rajah followed me into the open.

"Had Taisha told him of our very pleasant adventure inside the pool in some strange way?" I wondered because in general Rajah wasn't a very clingy kitty. "Rajah, what are you up to?" I asked him and only got a puzzled look in response. "Well, let's find out together, shall we..." I told him and walked over to my dads trailer to enjoy another whirlpool bath, this time I hoped that maybe Rajah would join me inside the pool. I again got kind of a very guilty mind but I couldn't help it. After my erotic dreams I longed for another adventure with Taisha but he had - to my great dismay - shown no interest in participating another adventure during our tight struggling inside the tiger's cage.

But Rajah followed me on the heel today. He quickly entered the trailer after I had opened the door for him. I entered the caravan behind him, closed the door and locked it from inside. Last time it all had happened by complete surprise. This time I wanted to make sure that none could possibly disturb our playtime inside the whirlpool in any way.

Rajah at once placed himself on top of the divan instead of making a direct jump into the whirlpool like Taisha did every time we entered the trailer together. He took a comfortable rest on the divan and seemed to have plans for a comfy catlike nap on top of it instead of a bubble bath. Darn it! My hopes that Taisha had given Rajah any clues about our last time in the whirlpool were scattered.

The water that was swapping around inside the divan's water bed mattress moved Rajah up and down in waves. He made a content look and seemed to like that extra movement below him very much. At first I had concerns that the sharp claws of my big kitties could damage the water bed mattress but they always behaved really careful on the divan. In addition the thick divan fabric kept catching any light scratches without allowing a deeper damage to the mattress.

I got over to Rajah and started to scratch him softly behind his ears. He really liked it and closed his eyes to completely consume my fine scratching with all his remaining senses. I climbed the divan and laid down alongside him. He as well is a very big cat, not as big as Taisha of course. He has around 500pd and isn't as large in size as Taisha but more stout. I think that's the reason why he always had been a subordinate to Taisha. He's the calmer cat, too. Taisha is lovely and he would never hurt me intentionally but he also is very aware of the great powers he possesses.

Rajah instead is a very calm cat and you never really know what's going on inside him. Maybe he had a bad start, left alone while I tended the sick little Rajah in my fathers trailer. I always felt slightly guilty towards him and gave him as much hidden extra care as possible without making the other cats jealous.

I slide my hands along his muscular body and along his spine and he started to wipe his tail from one side to another. That's a general warning sign by cats, they are up into something if they "play with their tails" as I call it. Well, I kept stroking him carefully and he began to lick my face. My face was resting at high of is front paws on which he had rested his beautiful face to take a short nap. I gave his flanks another rubbing downwards and noticed his spine making a wavelike move from top to tail tip. It seemed that he really enjoyed my little body massage...

I stood up, stripped naked, put my clothes carefully aside and walked over to the pool. I had hoped that Rajah would come instantly over to me and investigate - he never had seen me naked before - but he showed to my dismay no interest at all. Instead he had closed his eyes as soon as I had started walking away from him. I slowly stepped into the pool's water, sat down on the build in step and called in a very soft voice for Rajah to come by. He opened his beautiful eyes, looked shortly up but showed no particular interest in joining me inside the pool, instead he put his head back onto his paws and closed this eyes again, drifting off into a delightful little catnap on the divan. Now my hopes for another erotic adventure where really wrecked.

I gave up, tried to relax, closed my eyes and hoped to remember my adventure with Taisha yesterday in very vivid pictures. The idea alone that I had mated with him on that same spot I was sitting on now drove me crazy. I longed for Taisha so much right now. He was not here so I started slowly to massage my clit myself beneath the water's surface.

It didn't took me long to build up a nice tension inside my body with this very erotic and visual memories in my head. The bubbling water around me was hot and so was I. My clit felt hard like a sweet cherry, my slit felt on fire again and I soon noticed the rush of an orgasm streaming through my body and I moaned very softly in relief. The orgasm was nice but it was in no way comparable with the one I had reached yesterday, together with my lovely Taisha. This one only lasted for a second or so and it didn't even reach to some extend the height of the one I had got with Taisha inside me. I was highly disappointed. I felt like I had cheated myself by hoping to reach the same feelings through mere memories. Foolish me. I longed for Taisha so much that moment that I could have cried. Why wasn't he here with me? Why couldn't we both melt together again like we had done yesterday? Why had he denied me today...

I left the pool shortly after that very disappointing experience and toweled myself dry. I took my time and noticed that trough all my own pussy play inside the pool Rajah hadn't moved a muscle. He not even had looked up from his nap! "He simply isn't Taisha..." I pitied myself in secret for my fond hope.

After I had reached a nearly dry state I walked over to Rajah. I kneeled down in front of his face and crawled him very softly under his chin while my eyes were in level with his. He opened his ember eyes and blinked slowly at me. I did the same in front of him. He yawned and pushed his front paws towards me, stretching his feline body to it's full length. I stood up from my kneeling position and again climbed the divan to have a rest next to him.

Standing on top of the divan wasn't too easy through all that shifting water inside. I kind of crouched down over him and started to scratch his left flank with my fingertips once more, from his broad shoulder to his bottom. He liked that very much and out of a sudden rolled around and onto his back, sending the divan into a earthquake like shifting motion beneath me. I barley was able to hold balance and stumbled forwards, finally kneeling down and lowering my weight onto my both knees to get into a stable position again. Directly over his furry belly I reached that position, knees spread apart and legs resting alongside both flanks of him, supporting my weight as good as possible by distributing it over my whole lower leg.

My fingertips crawled through his soft short fur between his front legs and over his nipples - yes, male tigers also have tiny nipples you can feel - and down to his navel. He really enjoyed my scratching and relaxed himself even more, shifting his weight a bit and getting positioned into a s-curve like position below me. I felt his long and fine belly fur brushing all over my vulva. Oh yes! That sensation rouse wonderful memories. I really got turned on by that feathery tickling of his fur all over my pink entrance...

He directly looked into my eyes and I blinked towards him to get him comfortable again, to make him understand that I didn't want him any harm, that I merely wanted him as a soft furry pillow below me to rest on. He answered me with a blink of his eyes and a cat like stretching movement, his front paws reaching and bending as far back as possible behind his head, pushing his furry chest and belly up directly into my crouch.

WHOOW! By that nice move of him his fine belly fur had tickled all over my spread pussy and it had felt fantastic! I slowly opened my legs a bit more to get into a lower position above his belly while I smoothly and very slowly shifted myself up and down and all over his soft belly as easy as somehow practicable. That fine fur felt so extraordinary great on my still sensitive clit and my outer pussy lips...

He relaxed his head into a sideways position on a pillow, totally enjoying the moment. He looked like a very cute and playful kitty, clearly subordinating himself to my mercy in that position. "My nice lovely Rajah kitty, I nevertheless love you my beauty..." I whispered to him, clammed my arms on both sides of his body while resting on top of his belly, my head laying down directly on his muscular chest between his muscular front paws. He took a big sniff of air and filled his enormous lungs inside his broad chest beneath me. Then he started a snakelike side winding motion by tensing and relaxing the many muscles around his spine. I erected back into an upright sitting position and took a look back for his tail. Maybe he had clammed it between some pillows and tried to get it free, feeling uncomfortable or something like that...

Nope. Completely wrong. He clearly visible had become aroused by my ongoing moves on top of his belly and through my rubbing up and down on his chest. And maybe - just maybe - he had gotten the smell of my not so long ago unsatisfying orgasm into his nose. The pointy tip of his feline penis had made an appearance between his rear legs, already glittering wettish on top.

Now I had maneuvered myself into some nice pickle again. Leave it be or risk it? He wasn't Taisha and I didn't really know if he was as gentle as him when it came to mating with a female of another species. "No RISK, no SEX!" my subconsciousness corrected me with more than clear words. I had all the time hoped for another wet pleasure adventure, now I would take this chance for a belly ride on the tiger instead...

I still lay on top of him, clamming my legs beside him on each side. He sniffed the air again and started a very soft growling sound inside his chest. I began my soft scratching and crawling into his belly fur with new delight, at first between his front legs but then working my way steadily down his soft furry belly. Additionally I kept shifting myself backwards in direction to his hip by opening and closing my legs and pushing their lower parts bit for bit backwards. He continuously tickled my slightly opened slit with his very soft underbelly fur. That felt more than great and I got very wet between my legs in pleasant anticipation. This soft brushing sensation was a very strong turn on for my sex drive.

I noticed that he had started to tread the air softly with his front paws (without extending his claws), at least it looked that way from my belly position from where I was looking up at him. Additionally I got aware of that wavelike shifting motion along his spine once more. I slowly continued my sliding down to his hip and finally got into a nice resting position directly over it, my legs folded nicely together with his. I finally felt a long hoped for poking sensation around my wet pussy.

"That's it my cute big Rajah kitty. Let's have an erotic play in the dry this time..." I whispered in anticipation of the pleasures to come, reached back with my left hand to feel carefully for his stiff member and to guide him securely into me. When I touched his penis it already felt very moist to the touch. I very cautiously grabbed it with my fingers and pushed my hip down some way more to meet his tool and to place him into my wet counterpart he did not know about yet. As soon as he felt my very soft touch and I had helped him to partially enter my vulva with his tool he started a slow pumping motion. He hit my already sensitive clit with the tip of his curved member by every careful push he made. Ooooh god yessss, that felt so totally superb.

I got my both arms back on his belly and scratched him very softly between his front legs and all over his chest while I pushed slowly sliding backwards into his stiff penis. He out of a sudden started rocking beneath me like a wild mustang that has gone mad. His member entered me deep with his first pushing move and I pushed back hard quick with my both arms to meet that move, to get him deeper into me and to prevent an accidentally sliding out. I was far from an orgasm but I longed for that wonderful feeling of him buried deeply inside me that I yesterday had been granted by Taisha.

He kept rocking under me and his growling got louder. His member felt much larger than it had appeared to sight. It was for sure much larger than Taisha's or this new position played a very good trick at me and made it appear longer and much bigger. I slid my hip back some more until I finally came to a halt directly located between his two rear legs. My legs were wrapped around his and he kept rocking back and forth, up and down, from side to side, a steady wavelike movement that was getting stronger with every pushing of him in an unbelievable coordination with the supporting waves inside the huge water mattress. Now I got an pretty good idea why he loved to rest on the divan so much...

It felt so wonderful. Suddenly his member enlarged a bit more or he somehow managed to push a bit more of himself into me - I don't really know - but he hit a spot that drove me complete crazy in just an instant. It felt like a little orgasm was firing up directly inside my cunt each time he hit that particular spot with one of his thrusts.

Oh my god! Ooooh my goooood! That couldn't be true! I was on top of Rajah's belly and we both rocked in rhythmic waves on the large swapping around divan. Taisha's fuck with me couldn't possible be topped, could it? To be honest, I had not the slightest doubt anymore. That spot he continuously hit with his tool's hard wet tip drove me completely out of my mind.

He increased his efforts and his pawing of the air in front of me got really excited, he even started to extend his big sharp claws from time to time in his own excitement. I was completely wet by now. My cunt was burning all over and it kept sending little explosions of pure pleasure up my belly, into my lower spine and from there up and down its full length with each hard push that Rajah made into me. I erected a tiny bit more on his hip and he hit THAT wonderful spot again with the hard tip of his pleasure tool. Ooouuuuuhhhh Goooooooood! Tiny white sparks showed suddenly up in my vision and instantly faded back into a pitch black. My complete vision got out of focus, everything went into a blurry mass of moving colors. Wow! Unbelievable! It must feel that way to be high on drugs...

He tripled his motions, rocking mainly up and down now and just a very little sideways. The erecting spines on his tool began rasping inside my vagina more and more. Help! This was torture at it's finest. I wanted it! I needed it! I rushed forward into more of that feelings...

I tried hard to push back some more and get even more of his member inside me but his furry base already tickled inside and stretched my vulva lips. The sensation was simply overwhelming. His soft fur brushing the inner sides of my legs, my blazing clit got constantly tickled by his soft fur on his sheath, his penis pushed into me like no tomorrow, the spot he pressed into with his tip continued to send explosions of pleasure and pain all along my spine, the smacking and sucking noise of our fluids when he drove his member deep into me...

My clear thinking mind suddenly left me and I reached a great orgasm just that very moment. It didn't hit me as hard as Taisha's had done yesterday but it was a very remarkable sensation. I groaned and more fluids lubricated the way into me for his member. He continued to pleasure me and I leaned further forwards into a semi laying down position on his belly.

Just that moment he pushed very strong with his clasped around hip, entered me suddenly with nearly his whole furry sheath and fired his load without any warning. I felt his cock pulsate in rhythmical spasms inside me, felt streams of hot liquid spraying into my womb and flowing back along his twitching member. He didn't even think about stopping his pumping motion while he ejaculated deep inside me. His cock pushed into me again and again, rubbed inside my slit and his furry tool's base tickled my clit and drove me completely insane. My orgasm didn't stop, it not even got any shallower at all. It was an endless sensation of pure pleasure pulsating through my whole body like I could sense a vivid representation of life flowing through me.

Our combined fluids of love seeped out of my slit and ran down my crack. He pushed into me again and another time hit THAT particular wonderful spot. My orgasm blossomed once more, my vision got clustered all over with large black and white dots. I was inside dreamland. Another spurt of his warm sticky liquid entered me and he finally growled a rumbling growl of real deep animalistic pleasure.

I felt his growl vibrating through his belly and from there up into mine. That sensation ran up and down my whole chest. Had he been growling all the time? I didn't know. He pushed again and my clit send waves of light pain into my body that mixed up with the fiery blossom of my still ongoing orgasm.

I nearly flaked out. He pushed into me again and again and again. He did not stop his powerful motion. My orgasm must have last already for nearly half a minute, at least it felt so. I completely lost recognition of time, place, anything. I was in heaven and he had joined me there. We both rocked on the divan and I was a complete mess, sweating all over and moaning aloud in pleasure, screaming when he again hit that spot with his tool. He growled all the time but never roared like Taisha had done when he had reached his climax.

I couldn't stand the intense pleasure of that ongoing orgasmic height any longer. It felt like I had to die of it any second. The pleasure mixed with that light pain from my clit was a wonderful indescribable new sensation to me. I leant forward and another spurt of his cum sprayed deeply into me in response. It really leaked out of me by now but I did not care about anything that time.

I clasped him around his body as tight as I dared and lay very flat on top of his belly to hinder his ongoing movement. Hopefully that would stop his still powerful motion and his continued delightful pushing into me. I had to do it or I would have become for sure a dead by pleasure female on top of him. He finally seized his movement and a last tiny spurt of sticky tiger semen entered my vagina. He growled very loud in complete satisfaction and delight about our perfect union.

Oh lord, he really was a pleasure machine. He stopped trotting the air and moved his head up towards mine. I lay belly down on his belly and we looked face into face, eyes into eyes. His eyes were gleaming bright if that was somehow possible but here I believe that my still blurred sight played me a trick. I hugged him as tight as I could manage with my arms and legs and he understood my gesture. I rested my head sideways on his furry chest, directly between his front paws and below his chin and closed my eyes to enjoy the moment with all my other senses. He still stuck so very deep inside me and I loved every single moment in time of that uttermost great sensation. That feeling of him deep inside me, my body on top of his, his soft belly fur all around me was an even better afterglow feeling than the one I had after Taisha's fuck inside the pool. It felt completely and absolutely right and simply perfect. The fuck with Taisha was the best I've had to that point in life but here on top of Rajah I could stay resting for all eternity. Let the universe collapse, I'll still feel in heaven together with him.

He very softly licked my forehead with his rough feline tongue and enjoyed the taste of my many salty sweat pearls there. I opened my eyes and looked up into his face again after a while. That was my second lover, my second tiger. I got so overwhelmed and surprised by his very lovingly look towards me that I will not forget this first time with him ever in my whole life. It clearly meant "Thank you so much my love..."

I rested on top of him for at least five minutes and his member made no sign of shrinking back, sliding back or any other move. I found that quite curious but on the other hand I had felt a bone like structure inside Taisha's penis. Maybe they were able to keep their pleasure rods erect as long as they wished? At least Rajah could. His penis still stuck firmly inside of me up to it's broad furry sheath. Our mixed fluids kept leaking out of my slit and down onto his furry hip below me. I didn't mind him staying long inside me, indeed I enjoyed every single moment of that feeling. Somehow it felt to me like he helped me filling up a part of myself that I had been missing. I still riddled over that wonderful afterglow sensation I felt when he suddenly started pawing the air softly in front of me again. Out of a sudden he thrust into me once more with slow, deep and gentle moves of his hip.

"Oh my god! Not again? He can't seriously want to mate with me again..." I thought but he absolutely was into it. He found again into his rocking wavelike motion, his tool still comfortable and securely buried to the max inside me, lubricated all over by our combined fluids of sex. I groaned in disbelieve and he easily speed up to his former fastness. He increased his pushing and it didn't took him more than thirty deep strokes to release his first load of very hot tiger cum inside me. That was unbelievable! I reached no own orgasm this time but his rocking below me and his filling me up with his hot feline seed was a superb sensation I gladly granted him and enjoyed at least as much as he surely did.

He came in two more spurts of warm fluid inside me and than stopped all his motion with a loud rumbling growl that vibrated completely through me. All the time that he had fucked me deep and passionate he had been trotting the air in front of me. I had securely rested my head between his moving front paws and enjoyed the enhanced and refreshed glow I felt flowing through my whole body. Oh yeah! That felt so wonderful! Who would have believed this behind my silent Rajah kitty. He really was a very persistent and energetic lover, topping easily any sexual experiences I had ever made in length and depth of the sensation.

I lay there for another five to seven minutes or so, completely admiring his power, strength and loveliness and enjoying the warmth of his body below me with every sense I could. Than he started to fuck me again. I really couldn't believe it that THIRD time. No way that he really could mean it. But he did! He really did! He enjoyed having sex with me so very much, he wouldn't stop it. I gave in easily and laid down very comfortable on top of his soft belly, now resting with my full body weight on his chest during his passionate mating with me. He didn't care and still fucked me with his steady gentle rocking motion. I loved him and our love making more than I could possibly put into any words here. I would let him mate with me for how long it would take him to finally be satisfied. I would do this out of sheer gratefulness for the immeasurable gift of pure deep love that he shared with me and because I enjoyed ever single move of him with my whole body and every single sense including my soul.

Well, to shorten things a bit, we loved each other during this afternoon and the early evening for over a dozed times. He only needed five to fifteen minutes rest between our single matings to recover. I enjoyed at least five wonderful orgasm by coordinating my rocking motion on his member and my position on top of him to his unbelievable persistent love making efforts. Well, to tell the truth, I cant exactly count the orgasms I had. Some were so long lasting that they mingled with the next one that got fired by his pushing into my special point of pure pleasure. I really enjoyed our ongoing fucking on the divan to the very maximum that was possible. After he was finally satisfied with our long mating he pushed onto my shoulders with his two soft front paws and I understood the gesture. He wanted me to dismount him, please.

I laid down as flat as possible on his belly and pulled myself forward very gentle and very slow to get his large member extremely carefully out of me. The barbs on his tool felt very large, very sharp and very very hard by now. I had sensed them scratching inside my vagina and sometimes short above my clit when he had pulled out far during all our very passionate matings. Fortunately - because of my very low position - they only scratched lightly inside my slightly sore slit and over my inner lips but missed my still fiercely blazing clit completely. With a wet smacking noise his member came free and I poured a great amount of our combined fluids onto his lower belly. I was really sorry about that and tried very carefully to lift my right leg over his white belly fur while I tensed my vaginal muscles to keep as much as possible of our fluids inside my well filled womb. I was lucky and for the first time I got aware of the unbelievable amount of tiger cum he had spent inside me. I really felt filled and my first way led me to the toilet.

I walked very stiff, like somebody that has wet his slip except that I wore none. On the toilet I spread my legs and with relieve relaxed my vaginal muscles. A thick whitish mixture of our fluids poured out and into the bowl. The amount was nothing less than astonishing. I made a pee and my clit burned lightly. Rajah still tried to lick the remains of our long mating out of his soft fur when I got outside the toilet again. I walked over to him and he looked up. I took his beautiful head in my both hands and gave him a small soft smack on his nose. He snorted softly but I think he understood the meaning and that I had loved this divan experience together with him so very very much. I would do it with him again and again any time he wished for!

I got into my clothing, left open the door for Rajah to leave when he had finally completed his cleaning up and got into my caravan for a nice hot shower that I really needed now. It was around 8PM and I really had the most wonderful erotic dreams concerning Taisha and Rajah.

The next day Taisha and Rajah both were so lovingly, clingy, tame and playful cats I couldn't believe the change at first. Then the idea came into my mind that they saw me now as their very own mate and would protect me from any harm. Very cool! From that point on they both handled me with super extra care.

"Very simple rule - you don't try to kill the only female around that's available for mating." I grinningly realized. I played around 2 hours with both of them, stroke them from head to tail, gave them body huggs and much scratching behind the ears. Finally I left them one of their most loved play toys - a very big leather ball that I had brought with me - and walked over to the lions cage.

I was very curious what Leo had been doing all the time...

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