Trisha's Trick - Part III - Leo
© 2004 by Zak

This story involves sexual activity between a female human and a male big cat. This is a pure work of fiction. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved and any person, living or dead, is intended, even if some parts of the story may look very much that way. This story may be distributed freely but may not be sold, or changed, or used in any commercial way.
Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into fresh tasty kitty food and eaten for breakfast or get yourself complete addicted to big cats, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions your take after reading my erotic fiction :-)


The lion cub left in our merry group of cats I had given the name Leo. Yes I know, that's not a really creative name but at that particular time I had more important things in mind than martyring myself about nice feline names. Leo had developed into a full size african lion with a great fluffy mane, a very big stout body and he was as tame as you can wish for. Well, tame in this context in the meaning of somehow boring, complete lazy and absolute harmless.

Most of you may know the series Daktari and so you may also know clemens, the lion with the sight defect. He looked lazy, you never saw him playing a chief role during the whole series. Clemens was in no way a match to my Leo. My lion was at least twice as lazy. You really had a hard time in getting him to do anything at all, not to talk about showing him a new trick. He enjoyed laying around the whole day inside his lion cage.

His cage. Yes, maybe I should describe it a bit more detailed for you. The lion cage and the tiger cage are of similar design. The cages themselves are composed of a trailer chassis and a metal superstructure. The on top metal superstructure is blended all around with wooden planks and has two large removable wooden shutters on each side. These shutters cover massive metal bars that are build into the first two thirds of the cage. The remaining third of the cage is planked all around with solid wood without any open spot or window and serves as a refuge to the big cats. The front of the cage mainly consists of a large metal ramp that represents the only entrance to the cage. When we are on the road to the next city the shutters and the metal ramp are closed. The sealed off trailer then looks very much like an ordinary one, except for the stylized hunting and growling wild cats all around it of course.

Well, let's go back to Leo. "Slow-Cat" was a common synonym I called Leo by. I entered his cage over the big metal ramp which is standing open all the time to grand him free access to and from his cage into the outer fence. The outer fence. Yeah, maybe I should describe that shortly, too. The outer fence is nothing else than two very big open circles of grates, one inner circle and one outer circle. The two circles are connected together at the circus tent entrance. If you were able to take a look at it from high above it would very much look like a big C. Inside that sealed of C-fence my trailer, my fathers trailer and the cages of my kitties are always placed. That's much space for me and my cats you may wonder? Yeah, I had a very hard discussion with the circus crew to get that much space but I had good and valid points. And - because I'm the magnet that draws people into our circus now - I also had a very good stand for my aggressive arguing. Finally they all had agreed that my kitties needed that much space to work away their aggressions and be calm during the shows. An accident during the show was an absolute unacceptable possibility.

It had small advantages for them, too. The valuable things got all packed into one storage trailer - the "safe trailer" we called it - inside my C-fence. There is no better protection on earth than inside a large big cat cage. The rest of the circus crew is of course staying outside the outer fence most of the time. Sometimes they have to enter my fence to get something out of it, but they always ask for permission and request my presence. They all have great respect for my free roaming big cats inside the fence. Again I digressed a bit, sorry.

Leo scrambled up when he heard me enter the metal ramp. He slowly walked over to greet me at the entrance, step by step, very much like he had already done a great deal of labour today. I giggled loud. How could a large big cat be that lazy like he was. He yawned while he slowly trotted towards me but suddenly he stopped his movement and stood still as a stone carved figure in front of me. I swallowed my giggle and was very curious if I had somehow triggered that "freezing in time". He made a very strange face expression - like he was about to sneeze directly into my face. First I thought about turning away from his blast but quickly decided that a sneezing in my direction wouldn't really hurt me. I petted him on his broad mane and he ceased making strange faces. He circled my legs very interested, rubbing all the time against them with big rubs. That was strange, very strange. He usually wasn't the one initiating any physical contact. I always had to do the first step towards him and crawl him softly or pet him on his mane to make him accept my presence and react with a body answer.

I shrugged my shoulders. Maybe he was in a good mood today? I giggled softly by the thought of moods - there were only two I really knew him by: sleeping and eating. I turned around to walk back out of the lion cage. It all seemed well inside so far, the water bowl was half filled and Leo was awake and apparently in high spirits. The surprise came when Leo followed me on the heel into the open while he kept carrying that funny expression on his face once more.

I turned and asked him rhetorically: "Are you ill or something?". I kneeled down in front of him and took his head in my hands. No, he looked very well. His eyes looked clear, his breath did not smell bad and he was very calm - as usual - so I shrug my shoulders once more. "Got some nasty strew dust in your nose I suppose?" I asked him and petted his broad fluffy mane softly. Still wondering about the meaning of that new social behavior I scratched him behind his ears and stood up to leave. He kept following me around like a 600pd dog on a fresh trail. I grabbed one of his favorite toys (a long hemp bound stick) while I came by it and showed it to him. He didn't take the slightest interest in it, instead he walked directly towards me and started an investigative sniffing at my trousers crotch.

At once all the missing puzzle pieces fell into place and I understood the very strange welcome. He took a good nose full of air and again made that sneezing facial expression. He clearly smelled a trace of my sexual adventures with Taisha or Rajah that I had enjoyed (very much) the days before. I still wore the same jeans I had worn yesterday when I had that extraordinary happening with Rajah. On it's inside some drops of Rajahs or my own fluids may have been accidentally spilled on my shaky way back that evening to my own trailer.

Damn it! That was just perfect. Now I had another curious big cat following me on my heels, sniffing around my crotch in the public! I gave him some more scratching behind his ears but he wasn't interested in anything but that nice smell around my crotch. He tried to lick my private parts through my jeans and briefs. That wasn't funny anymore. I really hoped that nobody by chance watched us right now. Somehow I managed to turn around and walk as fast as I dared - without starting a run - to my trailer with him in tow. He still followed me like a big 600pd pet dog that had been commanded to do so. I opened the door and carefully guided him in. He clearly was irritated because he never had been allowed to enter my private trailer before. I hoped that Baggy, my black panther, was on one of his tours around the outer fence and not waiting for me inside the trailer like it had become a custom for us.

Leo very reluctantly entered the trailer - he for sure got aware of Baggy's smell all around that place and that it was a claimed territory that he was trespassing into. I closed the door behind us and at once he turned around again to sniff my crotch. Very well. I opened my girdle and zipper and striped out of my jeans as fast as I could manage. "Here you go!" I told him and threw my jeans over the backrest of a nearby armchair. At once he climbed the chair with his front paws and sniffed at the crotch's seam of my now empty jeans. That looked good. At least he wasn't really interested in me or my female body, he only was irritated by that interesting smell of my jeans. I walked into the rear end of my trailer to help myself to a washed and smell free replacement jeans.

While I ransacked for a good while through my wardrobe in search for a jeans I came across a really old and worn out one. Hmm, that one would do for my planned cleaning up of the big cat cages later. It looked comfortable and it wouldn't matter if I got it very dirty somehow because I simply could trash it after use. It already was in my recycle pile of old clothing, planned to be torn into smaller fragments of fabric and utilized as clouts. I took it from the pile, shook it out a few times and slid into it. Ah, what a nice fit. Maybe a little bit tight around the waist but it felt very comfortable and smooth to the touch. That old worn out fabric really felt comfy.

I returned back into the trailer's front and meet Leo again. He still sniffed passionately at my other trouser so I walked over to him. "Well Slow-Cat, that's out of your reach now..." I told him, grabbed the smelly trouser, threw it into the top loading washing machine and closed the metal lid. Leo followed my movements with his head, left the chair, came over to me and rubbed again along my legs, not clearly understanding what I meant with that saying. I ignored him, walked back to the front door, opened it wide and gestured him to come out with me. Leo looked very sad back over his broad shoulder to my washing machine for a few times - like I had robbed a very precious thing from him and put it securely there for a later use when he wasn't around. I signaled him again to leave the trailer and he very reluctantly followed that second gesture. He passed me by and gave me a very disappointed look. I closed the door behind him and we both ambled back to the lion cage. On our way back we came across his favorite toy once more. I picked it up and took it with me. That sad look of him had made me feel guilty in a strange way and I wanted to repair that damage. We walked up the metal ramp and entered into his cage. Inside I turned around and showed the long hemp bound stick to him in an encouraging waving gesture, inviting him for a play, a pulling struggle we sometimes played and he always won without any big effort.

This time he payed my invitation not even a glance. He walked over to his water bowl inside the second part of his cage, settled down in front of it and started to a long drink. I shook my head. He indeed was a slow cat, a very lazy Slow-Cat. I walked into the third area of the cage and took a look around. Oh my, what a mess. Dirty straw lay spread all around and the musky smell was not too charming either. I walked back outside to a nearby metal locker where I kept my cleaning implements, picked up the broom, shovel and bucket and returned into the cage. Leo still ignored me. He really seemed pissed with me somehow and played the "I don't know you so I just ignore you..." game while he licked up the water from his bowl. I shook my head about that lazy, priggish cat and started to sweep the floor clean from the straw and dust that was everywhere.

After some minutes I had cleaned that second compartment of his cage rather well - around the sulking Leo - and continued my chores in the third section. That third part was the resting part for the cats with solid wooden walls to grand them some privacy and allow them a cool rest inside the twilight. Here the mess was even worse. He had crammed one corner with all the straw and inside all that dirt his soft purple blanket was stuffed. This blanket he loved very much since his childhood and it looked more kind of a patchwork by now than a real blanket. I had repaired it over fifty times but he still loved it and wouldn't give it away without a hard struggle.

I walked over to the dark corner, picked the blanket up and shook it out. Dust swirled around everywhere but I had gotten used to it already. I accurately examined it for new holes and to my disappointment it showed several new ones. Damn, I had to botch it once again. I folded it up neatly and continued to sweep the floor and moved the old and dirty straw with help of the shovel into the big bucket. After a good while of floor sweeping I had cleaned up the mess very well, took the bucket, walked outside and emptied it into the huge trash dumpster.

I took a rather large amount of fresh straw, as much as I could carry with both arms, and reentered the lion cage. He had lain down flat on his belly with his face resting on his front paws, looked through the metal bars in the second part of the cage and still punished me with total ignorance. "Well, have it your way than Slow-Cat!" I told him (a bit pissed myself) and walked back into the third part of the cage with my heavy load of straw.

I spread the fresh and lovely smelling straw on the wooden floor and unfolded his beloved blanket over it like a purple bedspread on a straw mattress. Well, now he could have his beloved rests on a nice bed and in a nice enjoyable surrounding again. I stood up and just turned around to walk outside when suddenly my mothers ring slipped from my left ring finger and fell directly into the fresh straw rim that was visible around the purple spread. Great. I never wore my mothers ring - the only thing I had inherited from her - when I had to do chores but today I completely had forgotten about it. I recalled that I had tried it on this morning but I could have sworn that I had put it away into the casket. Well, now I knew better - I hadn't. Damn, stupid me! I kneeled down and searched through the fresh straw. Where was it? This was so ridiculous. I rethought the phrase: Like a needle in the haystack. In my case it was a silver ring and no needle. At least I couldn't prick me into the finger with it...

Aha! My fingers felt a round shape inside the straw that only could be my precious ring. I very carefully brushed aside the straw and there it was, laying peaceful on one wooden plank of the cage floor. I inhaled deep - that really was a great relive to me. The ring could have easily fallen through one gap between the wooden planks and into the mud below the cage where I would have had a really bad time in finding it. I took it gladly in my left hand and stood up. And would you believe my stupidness, it really slipped through my sweating fingers a second time. It hit the floor and rolled exactly into the direction of a big gap between two of the wooden planks. Holy shit! In sheer reflex I fell down onto my knees - to my luck without hurting my knees badly - and grabbed it with my flat hand just before it could roll into that gap and cause me real big trouble. My training in Acrobatics as a child often payed out - once again this time - I not even had hurt my knees a bit. I had not placed my weight directly on them but had crouched down first and absorbed a good deal of my thrust in doing so. I had gotten my ring back but to my great dislike I also had succeeded in ripping my worn trousers joint apart a good way.

That was just great. Well done fat-ass Trish. I cursed at my own stupidity. Luckily I needn't tell you what names I gave myself but I really was outraged about myself. Taking an old trouser. Yeah, what a brilliant idea Trish. First trying on the ring on a chores day, than slipping it two times, how can someone be that stupid? I secured the ring on the middle finger of my right hand - to prevent it from slipping of again so easily - and was just about to stand up.

Than many things at once happened to me. Leo must have noticed my loud cursing and swearing about myself and must have gotten very curious by the sound of it and the lack of anyone else to curse at. He had sneaked behind me as silent as only cats can manage and while I was angrily cursing myself he had been probing the air behind me for a good while. By now he knew for sure the origin of that very lovely smell he already had been after today. He wouldn't let slip it from his grasp a second time this day.

A large wet and rough feline tongue licked me, starting from below my crotch and from there up between the whole length of my trousers broken seam. It stroke between my jeans and my briefs and all over my vulva while a huge lung inhaled the air between my spread legs very passionate and with a suction equally to a vacuum cleaner. I was that puzzled, shocked by that sudden sensation and caught by surprise that I nearly wetted onto his large tongue. My heart beat stopped for a second and than increased by a hundred percent. I heard my own blood rushing in my ears, making noises like a picked up seashell on the beach.

He licked me again and I couldn't deny that it felt not that bad. That just was the wrong place to encourage him, to allow him more, far more...

Or wasn't it?

I sat down sideways on my bum, slid backwards on my trousers bottom, over to one of the wood covered walls and into the attractive twilight that looked very promising. Resting my back against the wall I put my hands on top of my knees, spread my legs slowly further apart in front of his curious observing gaze and invited him to a deeper inspection. He understood my gesture. A gently step brought him in position and a very passionate sniffing around the broken trousers seam broke loose. After a while he used his rough wet tongue again to explore my inside, to check out if there was a nice taste fitting to that lovingly smell that he inhaled with joy. His tongue made me wet, very wet and not only by his spittle. He somehow managed some very curious strokes with his tongue and licked over my vulva with absolute precision, pushed my panty from side to side and cleaned with passion between it and the ragged trouser seam. That rough massage felt very very good...

I spread my legs further apart with every lick he made. His tongue reached with every stroke deeper into me and I liked that very much. I tried to spread my legs wider, tried to move into a wider spread crouching position in front of him but the already ripped seam of my jeans creaked loud in protest and denied such a move. I reconsidered a strip, a liberation of my genitals from that darn trouser and panty, here directly in front of him, here inside his cage. He had made me so very hot with his passionate licking of my private parts. How great must this large wet tongue feel without that hindering jeans and panty? I already looked around me curious if I could dare such a strip but my gaze met the wide open metal access ramp to his cage. If anybody would pass by outside the fence he could see us having fun in the twilight. Being naked downwards wouldn't look that normal, would it. Damn it! It felt so good right now, it all had started so very promising...

I curved my back in response to his delightful licking, took his furry head in my hands, snatched hard into his fluffy mane and pushed his face with slight force deeper between my wide spread legs. His rough wet tongue felt so very good there. I felt insecure, exposed to view but I could not stop. That semi crouching position was great. He stroke with pleasure over my outer pussy lips and from time to time one side of his large tongue slit very deep between my pussy lips and massaged them from the inside outwards with a scratching feel. My breath already came in batches. I felt the heat inside my pussy increasing lick by lick, could feel my tension rise, could feel passion taking over control bit by bit over my brain.

I released my grip around his head and settled back into a more relaxed position. My back rested against the wall and I sighed more than once in admiration of his tonguing skills. An accidental glance between his rear legs made me aware of his state. He was at least as randy as I was by now - that everybody clearly could recognize by his emerging penis between his rear legs. "That's perfect!" my perverted mind told me. "Exactly what we wished for right now! You needn't even try to deny it! You know best that you have been longing for and thinking about that hard, wet, pulsating feline pleasure toy of him all the time in secret while he had licked you, had prepared you..."

I slowly brought my knees together, closed the opening and he pulled his big feline head back from my crotch. He looked up in my face, another very disappointed look on it. "Just a little moment Leo, just a second, please..." I told him in excuse. With my back resting against the wall I slid it up and came onto my legs, stood pinned to the wall in front of him. What to do? I really hated that darn open gate. My eyes had adjusted to the twilight and I looked around me desperate, desperate in search, in need for a possibility.

And I couldn't believe my eyes. That must have been destiny. Had I really been planning this all the time without knowing? Was my kinky mind telling me the truth? Well, nevertheless. I had prepared his new resting place on a different location. It no longer was in the middle of the third compartment, visible to the view of everybody looking through the open entrance. I had planned - who really knows if the rational part of me had truly made that decision - to give that dirty spot a good cleaning and scrubbing first. Therefore I had prepared his new resting place directly into a corner, the spot behind the separator that intersected the second from the third compartment and the outer wall. And that proofed just perfect right now. My pervert mind had told the truth, denying the deeper purpose, the deeper consequences of this accidental preparation wasn't possible anymore. If everything looks prepared well you are just an idiot not to make use of it. It's that simple.

Well, I made use of it. I walked over into the very dark corner, got on all fours over his prepared blanket and looking longingly into his direction. "Ok Leo, sweetheart. Now it's all yours. Feel free to show me a surprise..." I lustily and full of anticipation said in a whisper towards him. Again I spread my legs far apart but this time I reached between the broken seam of my jeans and pushed that darn panty aside. He reached my rear and made use of my offering without any hesitation. I felt his left front leg slipping softly over my hip and he maneuvered his weight slowly on my back. He slid forwards with his front legs and his massive chest moved easily over my bend back, slid along it like he had no weight at all. At last I felt what I had been longing for all the time - the pointy tip of his stiff tool poked seekingly around my entrance.

To my great disappointment he did not find the right destination. The trouser incommoded him very much and I felt his poking much to high, felt him pushing against the unbroken seam, very short over my wide open entrance. I had to help him some way so I pushed up with my hip to get his tool better aligned with the crack in in my jeans seam. He poked left and right next to the crack and after many unsuccessful tries I really was near screaming in disappointment. That darn jeans fabric got into his way all the time and he really tried hard to hit the jackpot. I was nearly loosing my nerves, was pondering about standing up and delivering that strip I had been thinking of before. That dark corner would maybe grand enough privacy to try such a thing. I had not completed my thinking when he finally - to my great delight - hit my honey pot by accident. His stiff member had slid between the rough jeans seam and my panty's elastic band and he fortunately had pushed further forwards that time instead of pulling back. I felt my panty snatching back but he had already pushed his tool too deep between my pussy lips to be hindered by that thing anymore.

To my great delight he found into a slow pushing and pulling motion and dragged my elastic panty around with his stiff member. That darn panty got each time pushed a good way inside together with his member. Suddenly it wrapped in a fold around my clit and squeezed it softly whenever he pushed in or made any other move with his tool. I whimpered in pleasure and my knees and arms got weaker by every squeeze I had to endure. He switched his pushing to long sliding moves and entered my pussy a tiny bit deeper each time. His tool felt somehow different to the ones I already knew, very pointy on it's tip, very broad and fleshy on its base and very hard to the touch. The special thing was that I couldn't feel a single rough spot on it anywhere in difference to Taishas and Rajahs tool. It felt very much like a peeled carrot but in difference to a cold vegetable it felt so delightful hot, massive and slippery. He made a couple more of his tiny strokes and stopped with one final push into me that nearly threw my face on the floor. After that final stroke he allowed himself a rest upon me - at least it felt so - and he didn't move a single muscle of his stout body. It felt like we both were suddenly frozen in time, in midst of our lustful pushing motion. In a sudden burst his member came back to life and shot many powerful pulses of his warm seed into my awaiting vagina.

That felt great! I pushed my whole body back with my arms, tried to get his member deeper into me while he had his orgasm but he did a step back and got locked between the separating wall and my hip, locked in the corner. He creamed me out. I felt his seed splashing against the walls of my love tunnels and he did a very good job in hitting every possible spot there. His member pulsated inside me for some seconds and spurt after spurt shot into me. Out of a sudden impulse he started licking my neck with his rough feline tongue, licked around it and up to my throat. One last powerful splash of his seed shoot deep into my womb at the same time he started his very rough licking. I moved my body forwards and tightened all my muscles out of sheer reflex to his very rough licking around my neck. He very quickly pulled out of me backwards and slid his huge body sideways from me with one single fluent move. With all four on the ground again he slowly walked over into the other dark corner behind the separator wall. There he tumbled sideways and relaxed on one of his flanks, pressing his back against the massive wooden walls of the corner. He had done his job, he had pleased that strangely build female and longed badly for a quick rest now.

I for my part was a bit puzzled and a good deal shocked. That rough licking around my neck had been the most unsettling thing that had ever happened to me, especially during sex. A sudden flash of realization had driven away every single lusty thought that had been in my mind before. How easy it would have been for him to break my neck with one tiny bite instead of licking it roughly. I trembled softly by that thought. "Pervert female lion trainer found dead inside the lions cage by circus crew -- clearly killed through a broken neck during SEX with the male lion..." I heard news ticking through my mind. That play has been a bit dangerous. To be truth, at the same time that imagined danger stimulated me a lot. The sudden realization of danger had been a big turn off, but while I thought about it now it turned out that it really kicked my love drive. That imagined possibility of a bite in contrast to his harmless love-struck rough licking made me hot, darn hot.

My pervert mind suddenly showed pictures of me, running through the savannah, barely clothed in tiny leather strips only. I got hunted, hunted by lions, many male lions. They finally caught me but didn't harm me. I didn't got eaten - no, not eaten in the common way - I got eaten out as foreplay and then I got used by the whole hunting pack. I got used for love making, absorbed by that wonderful sexual experience, bound to them by passion. I got a member of their pack, an important member. A member of trust, very deep trust, many very deep thrusts. I kneeled down and sat back onto my heels without perceiving. My pervert mind still produced picture after picture, every one more erotic than the last one, every picture filled with fear and joy. They all depicted me copulating with lions, performing in sexual harmony, experiencing a sexual adventure inside ... a huge cage. A HUGE LION CAGE?!?

As soon as reality had snapped back into me I got aware that his seed was slowly seeping out of me. I wanted to stop that leaking out of me and contract my vaginal muscles hard and that pretty much stopped the leak. Darn, I felt so unbelievable crazy and horny now. That pornographic vision of the copulating hunting pack lingered in my mind like it had been burned in a long time ago and it drove me complete crazy. His rough licking had interrupted my own orgasm and now I really felt that I had missed a great deal of the fun, a great deal of the joy, of the wonderful sexual experience I dreamed of, the passionate fucking I visualized with the hunting pack of lions. In my vision they did me one after another, one passionate fucking got topped by the next rough one.

Darn, that flood of pictures made me randy and caused a longing I couldn't longer deny. I stuck the index and middle finger of my left hand deep into my creamed pussy. His sticky seed covered all my inside and seeped out of me, drop by drop, bit by bit. A short regret flashed into my mind, a reminder that it also seeped along my vulva and into the jeans fabric. The crotch of the jeans was already soaked through with our combined fluids. It only was a short flash of no real importance, the delightful moans I made in my vision while the hunting pack mated with me drove away every remaining rational thought in my brain.

I could not stand that torture any longer. That pornographic fantasies drove my so crazy, I longed for relief and so decided that I had to help myself. Leo was resting in the other corner and observing my strange struggle with much interest. I bathed my fingers delightfully in that sticky liquid that got holden back by my contracting vaginal muscles as good as possible. Suddenly a vision of me sprung back into my mind, and I got fucked by a lion of that tribe. The lion in my daydream was Leo! And he clearly reached his orgasm just that moment! A stream of semen shot out of my pussy and down onto the floor while he still humped into me like mad. I could see that scene, that wonderful mating mirror image of me, as clearly in front of me as I was seeing the interested look on the face of Leo.

The wet feeling inside my contracted vagina increased a lot - and I loved it. I spread my fingers inside my tunnel and contracted my vaginal muscles hard at the same time. Oh yes, that felt so nice. I gave my clit a fine rubbing with my index finger while I scratched along my inner lips with my middle finger, even scratched it softly with my fingernail. The tension of an orgasm sneaked slowly back into my body. I continued my very stimulating massage for a good time and the daydream pictures of my mirror self got more and more vivid, showed me the lion cage and myself during my mating with Leo. I could not stand it any more. Why wasn't Leo fucking me again. Darn that stupid lazy cat.

Well, if the lion doesn't want to come to the prophet, maybe the prophet should walk to the lion and teach him how to cum? My fingers were by now covered all over with sticky fluid and I felt it running slowly down between my fingers and over my whole hand. I was so unbelievable randy by now, I could easily imagine now why a junky did everything for his next fix. I was in need for a fix, a fix of more sticky white lion cum deep inside my body.

I stood up full of determination and walked over to my resting Slow-Cat. After a few quick steps I had reached him, got down on my knees as quick as I could manage, presented him my whitish glistening hand directly in front of his big feline nose. He had to understand, had to help me out. He got a puzzled look and took one tiny doubting sniff at my fingers. Then he was on fire. He licked my hand clean with the uttermost delight I ever had seen him in. He performed the licking with a very content look on his whole face, even closed his eyes in delight. That was a smell and taste he clearly enjoyed. But it wasn't what I had in my twisted longing mind. I moved on my knees besides him, shifted my weight on my right leg and very slowly, very carefully moved my left leg into a resting position on top of his furry belly. To my gladness he did not mind my move but continued to lick between my fingers and clean them bit by bit from our intermixed love fluids.

I reached with my free right hand between my now complete spread crotch and rubbed gently over my dripping wet pussy, even pushed my middle finger into it and massaged along my clit with soft gentle rubs. The urge for more was stronger than ever. I was unbelievable hot inside and longed for his assistance. He needed another kick in the right direction! I stared to contract my pussy muscles in waves and a thick white fluid poured out of me, directly into my awaiting open hand that I had intentionally placed there to catch the liquid in my palm. That hand-bowl of love juices I took and presented him as a gift - and he accepted it very very gratefully.

My right hand supplanted my left and it had not even reached his nose when he made that funny facial expression again and at once cleaned my hand with passionate licks of his rough tongue and a glow in his eyes. He got turned on by this very much. His penis tip had made an instant appearance with the first sniff of my love lotion in his nose. The scent of it drove him deep into a thrill of excitement. His feline member extended more and more out of his sheath. With every little taste he took from that liquid he got more aroused. His softly trembling tool already lost tiny drops of clear fluid on his tip.

Well, there was no time to loose for me then. I longed so very much for a good deep fuck with him - like the one I had enjoyed with Rajah. I retracted my right hand with the remaining liquid of love slowly from his passionate tongue and with one swift move poured it's content into his upper belly fur and rubbed it in. This whitish spot in his dark brown fur became instantly the most attracting thing for him. I had cunningly managed both of my hands to become free and could move myself into a much better position now. Leo was too distracted with his sticky fur to make any objections right now. I laid my both hands flat on his belly and moved my hip down to align with his. My delightful experience with Rajah flashed back into my mind and depicted me the great advantages of that wonderful fucking position. With my trembling right hand I reached back and maneuvered his member very carefully into my trousers opened crotch and directly into my completely soaked, hot burning, desperate waiting pussy.

And now I got screwed by him. Unfortunately not in a way I had hoped for. He continued to lick his fur clean of the mess I had made there but he showed not the slightest interest in a wild fucking session with me. He simply didn't care that his erect member was again resting inside my hot juicy box. Every time Rajah felt his pointy penis tip entering my hot pussy he got agile like a wild horse in escaping gallop and fucked me crazy. And that stupid darn fucking lazy lion simply didn't react! He did nothing, he not even looked up from his fur cleaning! That was so unbelievable, even for such a lazy Slow-Cat like him. And it was very insulting somehow. I clearly didn't turn him on. Well, at least not in a way that would get him fucking me. Darn cat!

Well, I did care for a good ride and wouldn't give up that easy. I pushed my body weight further to the left, further onto his belly. He followed my pushing move and rolled himself further to the left. He came to a rest on his broad back. Ok, now he was in a position I knew perfectly well (and loved the most of all I knew till now). I slowly pushed my body back with my both arms as far as I could manage and his penis slid a good deal further into me. His furry sheath stuck on my darn panty once again and didn't enter my vulva. He looked up from his cleaning and growled angrily into my direction. Now I was really pissed. First he lures me into sex by making me wet and hot, than he fucks me kitty style to reach his own orgasm and now he really dared to deny me mine! And he really had dared growling at me, growling at his sexual partner he had been screwing just a minute ago!

"OH SHUT THE FUCK UP you darn lazy fool of a stinking lion!" I angrily complained directly into his face and drove my flat hands with all the force I could manage into his furry belly. To my complete surprise he followed my command. He relaxed beneath me, rolled further onto his back and got into that typical catlike position. He got his front paws donned onto his belly and made a stretching move below me like he was a kitty that searched for a comfortable position in his kitty basket to take a nap. He bend his head backwards and rested it sideways into his big fluffy lion mane. He looked more than cute and forced me into a grin. He even started licking his nose in embarrassment with his long tongue. My anger was gone. He simply hadn't understand my intention, was not familiar with that strange position where he was resting on his back, altogether open to any sudden strike from above. He did not know the pleasure that lay in this position - not yet.

But he soon would! I got into a comfortable crouching position over his hip and started my pleasure-work. Very slow I started sliding up and down his member in fluent moves. Oh god, that felt so nice! He suddenly draw his rear legs up and pushed against mine. That made me really angry once more. He clearly hindered all my attempts to have fun with him, to show him that it was possible to have a very nice fuck in that wonderful position he did not even know about. Oh my, if he only could talk to Rajah and learn from him...

Well, I was just about to give up my pleasure-work efforts when he suddenly draw his rear legs further down and moved them below my wide spread legs and through them. He got his rear paws entirely in front of my legs. Now I was puzzled. What is the deeper purpose of that strange move I asked myself.

A fraction of a second later I knew. Out of a sudden inspiration - or a sudden realization what I really had in mind to do with him - he humped up his whole back and with it his hip. An entirely stiff and erect penis scratched along my inner vagina walls while it plunged complete into me. Now that was something new and unexpected. "Never underestimate big cats..." my mind teased me. That was a golden rule for lion tamers but it also fitted here - the other way round - in my sexual experiences with them. My both legs rested very comfortable in his knee bends and he moved his whole hindquarter up and down without any effort while I was swinging over him and sliding with ease along his whole stiff member. And to speak about his member - it got agile, very agile and very large! That position was new to me but it felt very good, very promising. I felt my orgasm coming nearer in huge steps, sprinting towards me. Every slide on his stiff tool made my pussy embrace his member tighter while his member made soaking, smacking noises entering me deep. He showed not the slightest sign of a hurry now that he had understood the purpose of all this. I pushed down and he met my move with a push up of his rear. "Yes, that's it my kitty, please give me more of that..." I bagged in delight. I started a faster, more rapid humping move on top of his erect member and he liked that as much as I did. How I could tell? Well, his member got enormous large. Good heavens! He easily was as large as Rajah by now - and Rajah himself was large compared to Taisha - but his hard tool kept growing, kept sliding further out of his furry sheath and deeper into me. His penis started to pulse softly inside me and I felt my own orgasm very very near. I increased my motions again, contracted my vaginal muscles to increase the pressure, to increase the whole stimulation. He suddenly gave up all his moves, relaxed below me and got his rear legs down onto the floor as flat as it was possible for him in that position.

A rather nice timing. I had not planned this but was just pushing down when he retracted his rear legs away. His erect member sunk with a very wet smack noise complete into me. The furry base of his penis pushed away my soaked through panty with force this time and squeezed hard into me. His huge feline balls banged against the wet broken seam of my jeans fabric. I felt that burning heat of an orgasm inside me but it still lacked that final tiny spark to go ablaze, to become unstoppable. I longed for a spark and he thankfully delivered me one. He made no move below me, lay still as a stone figurine and relaxed on the ground like he was sun bathing or something. He was still but his member inside me wasn't. His hard rod started twitching back and forth inside me very fast like a biting cobra and with each twitch a small amount of fluid lubricated my vagina walls. The snake spit their love venom against my tunnel walls!

He turned his head from left to right and back to the left and the twitching of his stiff penis got even harder - if that was indeed possible. Than he exploded inside me with a sheer fountain of hot cum that shot vertically upwards from his penis tip and deep into me. It hit hard against my upper womb wall in one long hot sticky spurt that I could feel running down the insides of my womb. It hit me like an electric discharge, a powerful flash of hot waves. My pussy exploded into a burning inferno of delight and my womb contracted together with my stomach. Shivers run up and down my spine and I moaned loud, too loud but I could not manage to suppress it. I could not manage anything right now. That felt so wonderful, exactly for what I had longed all the time. It felt like sunshine that emerged form the inside of my body, like a warmth that spread through every vein of my blood system. A second tinier spurt of his semen entered me and the fluid ran back down along his massive tool, down between it and my enclosing vagina walls. I loved that wet sticky feeling, started slowly to move up and down his softly vibrating rod again and he enjoyed that ongoing movement of me as much as I did enjoy his enormous penis inside me.

That self added stimulation extended my orgasm in such a unbelievable wonderfully way. I love it very much when Rajah tortures me with his ongoing passionate plunging deep into me while I'm already on the very hight of an orgasm. But this fuck was much different! I could choose the amount of stimulation I wanted! It felt like balancing along the edge of a sharp cliff, climbing higher with every step, not caring for the big fall down to the left or right. And I worked my orgasm slowly higher and higher with every passionate slide I made on his stiff tool. His wonderful huge penis, hard and stiff like a wooden stick, felt so unbelievable, so delightful hot, so incredible wet, so unearthly stimulating, like a tool of pleasure, presented to me by the gods of lust for my own enjoyment. And the god of balance granted me my play with his tool.

I loved him very much for this. He showed not the smallest sign of discomfort while I rode him and pleased myself. He relaxed even more below me, moved his rear legs further towards his front legs and his bum upwards into me. In this manner he managed to plunge his curved member nearly vertically into me. I rode up and down his stiff member so hard, every time I pushed down I felt his balls banging against my darn jeans, felt his sheath spreading my pussy wide and brushing against my clit like a furry feather that tried to tease me crazy.

He enjoyed the stay and climaxed inside me another time, flooded my tunnel with his contribution to my joy, his feline lubricant of lust. My orgasm was in such an unbelievable delightful stage, I tried to keep it there as long as it was somehow possible. Every time I slid up and down his member I shifted my weight left and right and in doing so his tool exactly scratched along the parts of my pussy I felt in need for another stimuli. I loved the feel of his stiff pulsating vertical penis more than I can tell with words. It was the perfect tool and shape for self induced stimulation. If he would have had it outside me that moment I would have licked it clean for him in gratitude. For sure! I was in such a stage of sexual arousal that everything was thinkable and possible for me right now. I continued my pleasure-ride for more than a minute and my orgasm slowly lost his power because I had stretched it to far. But that was completely all right for me. It had been the longest orgasm I ever had been able to keep up, keep up in a stage that I would have called impossible before. I had experienced long orgasms before by specific masturbation techniques but that one with Leo was indescribable.

It was not an explosive orgasm like that one with Taisha in the whirlpool nor was it the ongoing wave of pleasures I had experienced together with Rajah on the divan. It was something completely different, like an orgasmic mediation. He had allowed me to tease myself with his tool, to bring myself close, to let my orgasm slip a bit away from me just to rekindle it afterwards with a fine measured slide along his cone-shaped wonderful hot jerking penis. That was so unbelievable, just incredible, just impossible to put into simple words.

After a long time of pure orgasmic sensations I finally had given in and had pushed my ongoing orgasm over the edge with a hard rapid sliding along his wet and softly vibrating member. The spasm of lust spread through my whole shivering body, that delightful convulsion of a great relief after so much pleasurable teasing all the time. But that final convulsion clearly hadn't been the best of this delicious fuck. This time the way towards that final relief had been much much more delightful than the goal itself.

I was resting on top of his still rock solid member, very spent and I was sweating all over. His pleasure rod stuck so deep inside me that it filled my love tunnel altogether up. It's pointy top must have been resting all the time close to the mouth of my womb. A steady flow of our combined fluids ran down from my filled womb, down the whole length of my vagina. It kept seeping between his stiff member and my highly aroused vagina walls, kept dripping onto his sheath and his large balls, kept running down his softly moving tail - had he been playing with his tail all the time?!? - and finally was building up a rather large pool on the wooden plank below us. My trouser was soaked through and through with it by now and I realized - for the first time in our secret adventure - that it could be very hard to conceal this wet sticky trouser on my way back to my own trailer.

I looked up and saw Leo moving his chest from one side to the other together with his head, looking nowhere special but enjoying the feeling, that nice wet and hot feeling inside my body, the very soft massage he got all around his member through my uncontrollable convulsions in my vaginal muscles. His member started a very slow retreat back into his sheath while his sheath stuck firmly locked inside my stretched vulva. Some good deal later I couldn't feel his penis move inside my vagina anymore, only his furry sheath kept spreading my entrance and blocked it. I slowly increased the contraction of my vaginal muscles to stop the little convulsions along my tunnel. He suddenly moved his bum back to the ground and with a wet popping noise his furry sheath came free of me. As fast as I could somehow manage I closed my spread legs and clasped my vagina together as hard as my rather well stretched condition allowed me. That must have looked so darn stupid, a woman clasping her legs tight together but at the same time spreading her shine bones wide to manage a stand besides the hip of her feline lover. Slowly I raised into an upright standing position over him and moved my left leg as careful and slow as I could manage over him. My womb felt like a second bladder - with the exception that the fluids inside were not as fluent.

Slowly I walked over to the separating wall and shore myself up there. There was no possible way to walk back to my own trailer in my current condition without leaving wet spots behind me like a trail of bread crumbs that would lead directly into Leo's cage. Nope, that clearly wasn't a very good idea. Darn it! Leo had started to clean his member and I giggled. "Well, that wasn't such a bad experience in the end, was it?" I asked him and he stopped his cleaning just for a tiny moment, gave me a glance of full agreement in his eyes and continued to lick himself (and the wooden floor below his hip!) clean of our mess.

Now I had a problem. I could let the fluids flow out of me and onto the floor and clean the mess up behind later. The fluids that were still securely locked inside me - barely - felt like a rather large amount. And that splash of liquids would seep through the wooden planks of the floor and onto the ground beneath the cage. Nah, that wasn't a good idea.

I looked around, saw the fresh straw below his beloved blanket and had another idea. Maybe I could use the straw to soak up the mess I would clearly create? Nope, also not a good idea. I had brought in the straw just half an hour ago - had it really been only half an hour of fun? It had felt like eons... - and now would carry it out again, sticky, wet and smelling very strange? Very suspicious!

Darn, the pressure inside me got worse and my strained vaginal muscles started to ache in protest. I had to let go, had to find a solution very quick. I looked around another time and my glance fell onto Leo's water bowl in the second section of the cage. It was empty, Leo had drunken all the water while I had cleaned up the mess in the third section. I looked around the separating wall and to my relive nobody could be seen outside the open cage door and near the fence. I couldn't walk a step without risking to loose the control over my more and more aching vaginal muscles so I grabbed the broom that stood in the corner near me and fished with it's wooden stick for the water bowl. Luckily I succeeded with the first try and shove the empty water bowl into the corner between the separating wall and the side wall of the cage. Leo watched my strange doings very interested but showed - to my easement - no sign of standing up and coming over to me. The bowl was in place and I turned around quickly, pushed my back hard into the corner, slid down a good way and got into a semi sitting position a short distance over the empty bowl.

I reached with both hands for my jeans and spread the soaked seam that partly covered my vulva as wide as possible without ripping the trouser apart completely. That darn panty, I nearly forgot about it again. It was soaked and as wet as my pussy so I couldn't sense it clearly anymore. To my luck I felt it by accident with one finger of my right hand when I grabbed for the right part of the broken seam. I snatched for it with my fingers and moved it out of the way - in the nick of time. I couldn't hold back any moment longer and finally had let go of the hurting tension in my vaginal muscles. God heavens! A white sticky stream of liquid poured out of me and slowly filled up the bottom of the bowl. And while I was at it I desperately had to do a pee. What a great relief. While I had been fucking with Leo I hadn't sensed anything but lust, hotness and mind blowing horniness. That had pushed away all my other feelings. I hadn't realized that I already had felt a slight longing for a pee during my cleaning in the cage. Now I remembered - I had planned to take a quick pee when I was finished with the third compartment.

Well, I really didn't got a chance then. A very glad smile appeared in my face while I thought about my wonderful new encounter, my new sexual adventure. A ride on the lion. Oh my, I had loved my big cats all the time, now I also did it literally. And they all felt and behaved so completely different! Taisha was a fast, deep, hard and passionate fucker. He was a wild personality and he loved to do the wild thing wild. If I got into the mood for a quick wet adventure Taisha clearly was the one to choose. Rajah instead was a pleasure machine. He could fuck with me for hours, one quick hard fuck after the other. He was the right one for a complete relaxed fucking without much own participation. You laid forward on top of him and let him do the work. He loved to give, to spend pleasure many times over and over again. Leo was completely different. He also was in for a fast fuck if he had the chance to do it his way, kitty style. If I could manage him into a belly fucking with me on top of him, he was the most perfect sex toy to please oneself. No, not a sex toy. He was no toy, he was a companion in my carnal desire. A companion that allowed me to please myself with his natural build pleasure rod as long as I wished for. Not without a personal benefit for himself I would add.

I had finished my pee during my mental summary. My bladder and my womb felt so much better now. I pushed out of the corner, stood up and turned around. Wow. I already knew that my cats were able to fill me up very good - especially Rajah had filled me up so very nice because we had mated so much times together in a row - but that amount inside the bowl was WOW! Well, I realized that it had been stretched with my pee but nevertheless - the bowl was nearly full! That was at least half a liter of fluid. Holy gods of sexual joy!

Suddenly Leo was at my right side, rubbed against my leg and sniffed curious around his water bowl. "I'm so really sorry Leo but I had to misuse it. Sorry kitty. You'll get a new one from me, promise!" I told him and rubbed his fluffy mane, bent down and hugged him tight. And then it got nasty - he rubbed along my leg and walked to the bowl. There he stared to lap up the mix of fluids. Yuck! The thought alone made me sick, not to speak about observing him in front of me lapping it up in large amounts. I tried to push him away from the bowl but he growled softly at me every time I pushed against his broad flank. Ugh, what a nasty cat!

I gave it up. If he thought it would do him good to drink my pee and our combined ejaculations -Yuck! - well so be it. I wouldn't drink that mix for anything. Not in a thousand years. I looked away from the scene, the slapping sound of his tongue was enough to bear and I really needn't watch him delightful emptying that. My gaze went to the floor and I saw the wet spot we both had created. I smiled once more. Next time we had to play on the fresh straw to prevent things from getting to wet. The straw! I'm such an idiot! There it was, the perfect facing to make the way back to my trailer. His beloved blanket lay there and just waited for me to be picked up and tied around my soaked and broken trouser. I carefully picked it up and tied it around my hip by knotting two corners of it together. A perfect fit! I took an arm full of straw as additional disguise and carried it before me. Should somebody see me outside and notice Leo's blanket around my hip I could argue: "It's the easiest way to carry an arm full of straw and a blanket (that has to be patched once more) at the same time!"

A broad grin was on my face while I walked through Leo's cage - not without disgust about that ongoing slapping drinking sound from behind - and down the open metal ramp into the broad daylight. Well, the nastiness of Leo also had a bright side - he did not care that I carried his beloved blanket around my hip. He was too busy and distracted by the half filled bowl. Yuck!

The wet trouser beneath the blanket felt sticky to the touch and remembered me with every step what I had done together with Leo just minutes ago. That day was perfect. Every new day got better and better. My life had never been more enjoyable! I walked over to the strew bales near my trailer, put my arm full of open straw onto it and strolled extra slow back to my trailer's door while I enjoyed to sense every step inside my wet trouser, enjoyed the sticky feel of our love fluids. Life was so very promising now. Every day implied the chance of a new adventure with my lovely big kitties, the chance of a new sexual, erotic, pervert, wonderful experience. I entered my trailer in thoughts and closed the door behind me. To my surprise Baggy still wasn't home. Baggy is my black panther and we share the trailer together as I have already told you. He had conquered that privilege a long time ago, but that's another (long) story.

I walked directly into the bath room, stripped all my clothes, put the soaked trouser, my panty and Leo's blanket into the already pre-filled washing machine and turned it on. Now I really longed for a shower, a hot relaxing shower to relive my new experiences again and again in my mind while the hot water keeps flowing down my female body. I was a real woman now, a hot passionate mate for my cats. I really loved that thought.

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