Trisha's Trick - Part IV - Baghira
© 2004 by Zak

This story involves sexual activity between a female human and a male big cat. This is a pure work of fiction. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved and any person, living or dead, is intended, even if some parts of the story may look very much that way. This story may be distributed freely but may not be sold, or changed, or used in any commercial way.
Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into fresh tasty kitty food and eaten for breakfast or get yourself complete addicted to big cats, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions your take after reading my erotic fiction :-)


Baghira is my beloved black leopard, commonly spoken of as a panther. He is the most lovely, gentle, handsome and intelligent cat I ever was blessed to get to know. I love him very very much. He is dear to my heart like a younger brother. Baggy - that's the short name I usually call him by - is a very clever cat. Humans tend to anthropomorphize, tend to see part of themselves mirrored in their beloved ones, I know that but Baggy is not a "normal cat". He very often shows complete human reactions when things suddenly happen to him and he has learned - by time - to read my mind through my unknowingly small visual gestures and my therein mirrored tiny mood changes. In my opinion this is for a great deal the result of his growing up together with me.

Baggy had a very sad start into life. His mom did not accept him and we had to remove him from the leopards cage to hinder her from doing him harm in any way, intentionally or unintentionally. Well, that time I was nearly eighteen years old and still had not been allowed to handle any of the big cats by direct order from my dad. But I really wanted to badly. The cats always had fascinated me by their inner power, their perfectly balanced moves and their ability to act like kittens even when they were fully grown adults just out of joy for the moment. Give them a toy they especially like and they play for hours with it. I had loved Baggy, the small little gray kitten, from the moment I saw him the first time. I tormented my dad with pleas unless he finally allowed me to take care of my little lovely Baggy kitty and - if I did a good job there - maybe also of the other three young cats.

Why I called him Baggy? Well, by that time he really was the most ugly and disheveled cat I had ever laid eyes on. His fur was a complete sloppy mess, dark gray in some places, in others it had a very dark orange colored texture. All over his ruffled up fur he had completely warped rosettes, pitch black ones. He looked very savage, very much like a small rumpled fur ball, so I gave him the name Baggy. I think his disheveled look triggered a slight mother instinct inside me. He looked so weak and so poor a little cat. Well, I'm not really telling the whole truth right now. I felt sorry for him but I always had the feeling that he would grow up and become Baghira like, a wonderful black ghost of the jungle, from the first moment I had seen into his eyes. That feeling came out of a sudden over me while I looked deep into his blue kitty eyes for the first time. His overall savage appearance had this one major exception: His eyes. They were most beautiful. They had light blue rims and a deep emerald green center with dark black pupil slits you could see a tiny mirroring of your face inside. I knew from the beginning of our companionship that he was someone very special, a one in a trillion hit.

I took very special care of him and gave him the bottle all two hours, also during the whole night. That was a really hard time for both of us. We came through it together and he developed into a beautiful young playful panther kitten. He was a real rascal sometimes. We had so much fun in playing together, hunting each other, rolling around on the ground like we were professional wrestlers, climbing trees or ladders to rest above the small world beneath us and look down onto the small busy people below us.

Time went by fast and he grew up into a breathtaking and uttermost marvelous sight. His eyes dimmed into a rich dark emerald color. They have such an oratorical mossy dark green touch that you can literally feel the wilderness of the jungle in them, feel it watching back at you through his eyes. If you dare to look very deep into them you can still see a tiny refection of yourself inside his cat pupils and most of the time you loose yourself there in pure admiration of that unbelievable mysterious wild beauty he embodies.

But it's not the eyes alone. They only look so absolutely marvelous because of that perfect combination with his silk-like short black fur that covers his beautiful face. His eyes pretty much look like two green shining stars in the nightly blackness of a moonless sky. His fur, first that complete mess of different styles, has evolved into a jet black color. Well, you can't truthfully call it a color at all, it more or less shows the behavior of that beautiful starless night, it tends to absorb all other colors around it and let them look pale in comparison to that rich shiny darkness. He blends somehow into his surrounding but in doing so he also changes it. It sounds very paradox, I know, but it is very difficult to describe the nature of his fur's color. Nevertheless, there are no visible remains of the former rosette patterns left. His fur feels to the touch like the finest black silk you may possibly dream of, especially the short fur that covers his lovely feline face.

Hmm, his fur. Baggy loves getting brushed by me. At his younger kitty age my intention mainly had been the ordering of his stubborn rough fur into some kind of nicer look. Nowadays it is his most enjoyed time together with me. I only have to pull out the brush and he instantly flaps over and shows me one of his flanks to work on - hopefully with a devoted passion from my side or he would meow aloud in protest. Did I already mention that he's an extraordinary clever cat and that he has evolved ways of communicating with me? When he finally is contend with my brushing efforts and the terrific look of his ordered fur on that side he rolls over and presents me his second flank to continue my work there. To tell the truth, I enjoy that fur brushing time with him as much as he does. Most of the time I tell him everything that is on my mind. He is a superb listener and we both love that quiet social time together very much.

His body also has developed to his greatest advantage. It is a pure pleasure to look at him. Every most genteel move of him reveals his many strong muscles, moving and working together in a marvelous perfect symphony of sheer power. His movement is as fluent as a water drop gliding down a lotus leave. You never hear him if he doesn't want you to. He moves like a draft of spring air and suddenly accompanies you, treads besides you or rubs along your leg. Many people chiefly pay the circus a visit to get a glimpse of him and (if they pay a relatively small fee to me) to be allowed to touch him and stroke him softly under my very strict supervision.

Baggy is my very best friend and sort of a lost brother for me. We are often seen walking around inside the fence together. He is also the only big cat allowed to accompany me outside the fence. Of course he has to wear a collar and a string there but he doesn't mind. And to be honest to you once more, I often remove the string as soon as we are out of sight of everyone. Additionally to that freedom he is the only big cat allowed to enter my private caravan and stay there while I have to do duties he isn't "wished" to accompany me by - for example the feeding of the other circus animals outside the fence. They go mad in an instant at his perfect predator appearance. We tried it once with a nearly devastating result. The horses were in shock and terror for the whole day afterwards.

Baggy sleeps besides me every night in my bed. I already explained to you that I had to feed him ever two hours when he was a small ill kitten. The easiest thing at that time was to take him with me to bed and store a warmed bottle of milk in my reach. Afterwards he demanded unyieldingly to stay inside my warm bed at nights and would for nothing on earth stop crawling together with me under the soft blanket. I didn't mind - indeed I very much love to have someone that wonderful besides me at nights to cuddle up with - but my father was very upset. How could I be so bold and demand to take a wild beast with me into the caravan at nights, even if it was a young. After some time without any troubles, scratches or other problems he slowly had given in and learned to accept my decision. He never really had any other choice. I wouldn't have renounced Baggy for anything and I would have pretty much gone berserk if he would have tried to take him away from me anyhow...

Well, to tell the real truth once more: I have to admit that I didn't dare telling him that Baggy was sleeping with me in my bed at night. Every time when father payed me an unexpected visit, Baggy already had left the bed and had curled up near the front door on a round carpet that laid there especially for him. He somehow sensed and had learned through my reactions that he wasn't to be discovered in bed by my father. Thanks to his intuition and to his fine senses he always got out of my bed in the nick of time. It often was quite hard to pretend astonishment if you already knew someone was near the door and probably coming in any moment.

There was one place he wasn't allowed to come along with me. That one single place was the toilet. I was kind of prudish about that "thing". I know that such behaving is stupid, it's in the end the most natural thing after all. Everybody has to do it and knows how it looks and feels like but I simply couldn't take a pee if someone was close or if I felt someone overhearing or watching me doing it. Stupid me, I know. Because of that reason I always closed and locked the door and kept him outside while I needed some privacy on the toilet.

He didn't like that at all. As a young cat he followed me to the bathroom doorstep and I always had a real struggle with him in keeping him outside without angering him too much. A lot of scratching and rubbing and nice words had to be applied to him first and then I had to be very quick squeezing into the bathroom door gap and locking it securely behind me. And now think about all that effort when you are in a big hurry! Locking the door? Yeah, I haven't told you enough of Baggy yet. He is the only big cat I know of that has learned to use door handles. He observed me entering and leaving rooms and he has understood the function of that door handle. For a powerful young panther it really proofs no problem at all to press that poor little handle down with one paw while pushing with the whole body weight hard enough against the door to open it. Baggy is very intelligent.

I think the bathroom problem evolved to a big part out of confusion and curiousness what I was exactly doing inside while he was locked out. He was allowed to follow me into the bathroom sometimes and at others times he wasn't wanted in there together with me. That pretty much confused him and I think it was the main point he didn't understand. At what times he was allowed to follow me into the bathroom you wonder?

Well, that is a real funny thing I would have never imagined about my Baggy. He is kind of a real water rat. While he was in my keeping inside my trailer I took a shower one day before bed and accidentally had in my hurry forgotten to close and lock the door behind me. I like to hum short tunes while showering and I think that made little Baggy kitty just curious enough to jump out of the bed where he already was waiting for me to return and to sneak silently into the bathroom. I use to take a stand in the bathtub and have a showering curtain closed all around me to keep the splashing water inside the bathtub.

That evening I suddenly heard a big thud followed by a sudden splash and then the face of little Baggy appeared in the crack between the two showering curtains. I was puzzled first what he suddenly did at that spot and if he had accidentally dropped into the bathtub while balancing on it's rim. He proofed me wrong because he entered between the parting curtains that build up my showering cell and rubbed along my dripping wet leg, getting himself soaked from nose to tail tip. I remember very figurative that I grinned broad at him, that I crouched down and picked him up, that I rested him comfortable in my arms while the hot water flowed down over us both. With my free hand I kept stroking the soaked gray kitty and he blinked at me with his beautiful eyes every time I did that while he pretty much enjoyed the hot water flowing down all over him. It became our second custom to take hot showers together. He didn't like the shampoo I used first so I switched to a child (and kitty) safe one that didn't burn in the eyes and that had a complete neutral smell. From that time onwards he loved to be scrubbed all over with shampoo by me, rubbed and massaged and showered clean afterwards with hot water, the hotter it was the better he liked it.

Baggy isn't a normal big cat. He is somehow very different, very open minded if I may talk that way about a feline. He likes to try new things and since I never did let any major harm happen to him I have his absolute trust. If I raise my voice and warn him about something that is very dangerous to him - one day we stumbled upon an angry snake in the woods where we played together - he follows my command and stops his action immediately. If I otherwise encourage him by sweet soft words to help me with something or to try harder he also follows my suggestion (well, most of the time). He pretty much behaves like a younger brother that is proud of his elder sister, sort of. And I always saw it that way, too.

Well, back into the bathroom. The part he loved about our shower taking together and that he really got into was the extensive towel rubbing he got from me afterwards. For him it surely was the very best body massage ever possible. It always took me more than half an hour and two or three towels to get him dry - well, to be honest again - to get him satisfied with his nice functional body massage. He really enjoyed every moment of that. When I afterwards started to blow-dry my own hair he always left the bathroom, jumped back onto the bed and licked the reminding wet spots in his glittering fur dry, if there were any left at all. Maybe you can understand his differencing problem a bit better now. He was allowed to follow me into the bathroom when I took a naked shower with him but he wasn't if I had to pay the toilet a quick visit. He didn't understand the difference. Sheepishness is a very stupid thing and extremely difficult to explain to a fearless predator after all.

A few days after my incident with Leo I had delayed a toilet visit far to long to be healthy. My duty that day had been to feed the other animals and clean their pens outside the big cat fence and one duty had been followed by the next. Now I really had built up a very bad urge for a pee. I entered the fence, walked over to my caravan and found my lovely Baggy inside. He was lying comfortable on top of the bed spread and was taking a little nap, as usual. He looked up and blinked with his beautiful emerald eyes at me. I walked over to him, gave him a quick - on the walk - patting and scratching on his head and walked directly into the toilet, closing the door behind me.

I got over to the pot, stripped down my jeans and my panty and quickly sat down. Aahoooo yes, what a great relief. That had been a very tight thing. I sat comfortable on the pot and suddenly became aware of Baggy's head appearing in the bathrooms door gap. I hadn't closed the door fully in my hurry for a quick pee and I had completely forgotten to lock the door behind me. Baggy had a very curious look in his eyes, a very inquisitive one and he squeezed through the nearly closed door into the bath room. "Get out Baggy! I need some privacy here..." I told him. He decided not to understand the meaning of my rather harsh words. He strolled over to me with his most elegant cat walk, every muscle on his shoulders shifting visibly in a very powerful and adorable way and he instantly started licking my downwards looking face. I was sort of bending down to him while my hands protectingly covered my slit from his sight and my elbows rested on my knees.

"Please be my nice lovely Baggy kitty and grant me some privacy here..." I told him again while I took his lovely face in my both hands. I lifted his face up to the same height of my own and kissed him softly onto his black nose. "Go bed, Baggy!" I told him in a more directing voice and pointed with my right hand to the door while I slowly tried to turn his face into that direction with my left one that still supported his chin. He did not care about my stupid suggestion, instead he removed his chin from my left hand with one swift move that I couldn't really follow and moved his head forwards directly diving into my crotch where he very curious sniffed around with his black nose. He clearly was fascinated by the slow flow of pee that suddenly subsided in response to his very direct attention towards my private parts and the shame I felt by that. I was completely out of words in that particular moment, oscillating back and forth between complete puzzlement and a rather strange feel of shame and nakedness.

His first inexpertly and rather rough lick nearly killed me by an heart attack. My legs were slightly spread through my bending down towards him with the upper part of my body. He stood in front of me, his feline head buried deep between my opened legs and his rough cat tongue suddenly began licking my slit from far down up to my shaved public hair. He licked and tasted - tested? - my pee directly in front of me. I don't really remember what I felt that particular moment. That sensation and visual stimulation had so completely shocked me. I felt like I had been hit by a ricochet. But even If I would have been hit by a bullet in real I would not have lost a drop of my blood that moment. It was the most thrilling shock I ever had been into and I suppose my heart did really stop beating for some little time out of deep shock.

I had a good guess what drove him to act that way, my pervert mind already had given me a very good hint. He knew now that I was having sex! I smelled very different, very strange, uttermost thrilling. Now he had the urge to explore that interesting fact, had to test the state I was in. He didn't decide or think about that, I was pretty sure about this, nature drove him to act in that way. I was clearly female and he was a very confused and curious male. There was no point in being surprised anymore. Everything was more than clear to me now and I was completely and deeply shocked by that fact.

"STOP IT!" I shouted. Baggy backed off at once, a guilty and somehow very deeply shocked look on his face. I never had shout at him. Never! Maybe I raised my voice a bit if he did stupid things and called him names but I never shout at him!

"I'm so very sorry Baggy. You caught me by surprise. Sorry, I didn't wanted to shout at you my lovely..." I told him while I bent even more forwards and tried to take his beautiful face back into my hands. He first shied away from me and that hurt me very deep. I lowered my voice and talked sweet to him: "Don't be afraid. It was all my fault. Sorry my sweetheart. I really didn't want to scare you away from me...". He came closer again and my stretching fingers crawled very softly under his furry chin in an excuse for my sudden stupidness. He relaxed his strained muscles and stepped towards me again, very carefully and curious moving his head slowly between my spread legs once more. His urge for knowledge and certainty drove him further, even after that very unpleasant shock through me. "Ok sweetheart, if you really have to explore me so please be more gentle this time..." I told him in a whisper. I could not stand seeing him confused and uncertain of my intentions any longer. That shying away from me had hurt me more than every lost bullet could ever had done.

"Stop that at once you darn BITCH, you PERVERT! That's your little Baggy kitty in front of you! That's your little bro, the one that trusts you most! The one you have been together with and played with all your life! The one you take your daily shower with!" my guilty mind cursed me.

"Please Baggy, please my lovely kitty, please stop that. That's not right to think about such things...uuuuuuh..." I told him with a voice that trailed away into a dead whisper. He ignored all my pleas, he was far to eager to explore me further. He licked my shaved public hair up to my navel while he sniffed at it with a facial expression I already knew darn well. He checked my female state and for sure smelled my adventures with Taisha, Rajah or Leo. I got so very embarrassed and ashamed in front of him. It felt to me like I had been cheating on him. I never - not for a tiny second - had thought about him while I had made love with my other cats. I had cheated him badly, my most trusted friend. I had cheated him because I trusted and loved him the most. That was so darn stupid. I couldn't think straight anymore and was near tears that moment. My mind got very confused. Why was I ashamed exactly? Of what? Was I ashamed of cheating on him with Taisha, Rajah and Leo? Was I ashamed that I had done it first with them and not with my beloved Baggy kitty? And if so, why in heavens name was my mind calling myself a pervert for thinking about sex with him? My emotions ran in two different directions and nearly split me in two. I loved him more than anything else in my life but I never had considered him as a partner in any sexual relation. But on the other hand - why not? Why not sharing with him the most beautiful thing that was there to share? Why not grant him the same privilege I had granted my other cats and had been granted by them? Why not adding some enjoyable lust to the love that was already there, that has been there all our life? Yeah, darn it, why NOT?!?

The decision was made. I decided that I would allow him his move, his tryout, his experiment with me. If he had anything planned I would play along. He was my friend, my real love. I had to trust him as much as he trusted me. I pushed away all my inner blockades and thought about the fun I had with my other cats. Baggy deserved the same. No, not the same. He deserved even better!

I slowly bent my upper body back and slipped my hip a good way towards him. "I think I know what you smell. I'm so very sorry that we had not yet a chance to share this nice experience together. I hope you can forgive me my kitty..." I whispered towards him. He continued to lick me clean of my pee and started to stoke my upper slit softly. His rough tongue massaged my vulva and send small ripples of soft pleasure through it. It did hurt lightly because he didn't yet know how sensitive I was there but that small pain also kicked my sex drive very hard. I rested my hands on his cheeks and crawled him softly behind them while I pushed him very slowly a bit away from me to hinder him from packing to much power into his tongue strokes. He understood my move. His licking became much more careful, just the tip of his large tongue stroke with a nice wetness along my vulva now.

My mind cleared, all doubts were gone, no rational thought hindered my senses, the pleasures spread through my consciousness like a suddenly rising glacial stream of icy cold water. A moment later he touched softly and without any pressure my sensitive clit with his tongue and my sight went instantly blurry as a response. The joy of that touch watered my eyes and I lost sharp focus on his beautiful face. I could only recognize the shining of his emerald eyes inside the blackness of his wonderful silky face. That delightful soft lick had hit me harder than I first thought. This very soft touch of his tongue-tip had felt so superb on my clit, very much like a soft kiss by soft lips. I slid further forwards on the pot and spread my legs very wide to allow him a better access to my whole slit. He for sure made use of my offer, made use of my complete willingness.

He stroke my clit again, this time with more pressure and a rougher touch and ripples of pure lust suddenly wafted through my whole body. I felt my rational mind still pondering about the decision in the background, about if it was the right thing to do. But my true self didn't care of any rational decisions any longer. His tongue entered my outer pussy lips and he continued his careful exploration with my slid's inside. All the sudden I got flooded by various kind of sensations and impressions. My clit still send pulsing waves of pleasure through my whole slit and up into my lower spine. My body began to shudder softly in my rising pleasure, a goose skin like feeling spread up my whole back from my coccyx to the muscles of my neck. He carefully continued to lick me out. His rough tongue that softly massaged over my inner pussy lips was nearly to much to stand. It had the tendency of a hurting pain but got blended over inseparable with that unbelievable lusty waves of joy that rushed along my whole pussy. I leaned back even more, my body shivering and sweating in lust, took his head very firmly in my hands and crawled him with the tips of my stretched fingers behind his ears while I brushed with my hand palms along his soft velvet fur of his face.

I felt my slit wetting, through his tongues moistness, my own sweat or my fluids I can't really tell. I couldn't thinking clear any longer, to far had I wondered off into the enormous pleasure of this. His tongue kept licking me out, again and again it hit my hard clit with careful but delightfully enough rough strokes, each time a tiny bit harder, kicking me further and further into that lustful pleasure pain madness I was moaning in already. Finally he managed to pull his raspy tongue out of me and in one stroke from far down of my slit all over my inner lips, all the length through it and up to my hard clit and rather roughly complete over it. With that stroke he pushed me deep into pleasure land.

The orgasm hit me, my whole body shook in pleasure, my whole slit blazed out in flames like a dry stack of wood. I moaned out very loud in my own joy. For a short while my remaining vision only consisted of black and white images rimmed in rays of light and my spread legs twitched uncontrollable on top of the cool pot. My whole skin felt like every hair I had was standing up, my body was on fire but at the same time freezing. I felt the heat of the jungle around me and the sweat pearls running down on me felt like single rain drops inside that rain forest. He continued to lick me softly and my orgasm rekindled like a fire refreshed with new fuel. "Oh god this is so extreme..." I whimpered to him while I bite on my own lip, not able of any clear thought or articulation but fully captured and flooded by all kind of sensations and impressions of joy, fun, love, lust, trust and companionship.

He focused now on my outer lips and my shaved public hair, tried to catch all my fluids with his large tongue. That felt so great, I can't describe it with words. It felt pretty much like the afterglow of an delightful orgasm that got prolonged and amended over and over again with every tiny little lick he made on my skin. The moment I thought it was finally over and breaking off Baggy made me feel great again and again with another smooth lovely lick. Every time it got a bit shallower in intensity than before but continued to heat my whole body with an inner heat like a fever, but a good fever, a fever of joy. It blocked my mind form any rational concerns and got me again and again into pure enjoyable euphoric feelings that flooded my whole sense.

After one or two minutes I reached a certain state of reality again but still had his head tight in my hands while I clawed deep into his soft fur without even realizing it. I was somehow very ashamed of my complete lack of control over my doings, released the pressure of my clawing fingers at once and he ceased his licking. I sat on the outermost rim of the pot by now. Through my long delightful period of joy I had been sliding my way continuously forwards towards him and into his delightful stroking tongue.

I bent forward into an upright sitting position and managed my upper body over his face. I still had hold of his lovely face in my hands and kissed him as soft as I could manage on his nose with the collected love that I had felt for him all my whole life. He didn't move a muscle but blinked his emerald eyes several times looking directly up into mine. I bend even lower, took my both arms around his muscular shoulders and rubbed the side of my face over his cheeks to show him my endless deep gratitude for his friendship and love in a cat's way. He kind of purred while he was softly breathing and licked my neck below my hair with his tongue.

After much kissing, licking and rubbing faces he finally backed away from me and strolled towards the open door crack. He gave me a final glance back over his shoulder before he left the bathroom and I swear on everything that's dear to me that he smiled and twinkled at me, saying kind of "It had all been my pleasure to be of your service..." with his look. He finally left the bathroom and jumped onto the bed in the living room where he had been taking his nap before - as far as I could see through the small door gap. I shook my head and sigh. Baggy was simply too human or he had been far too long in my human company and picked up to many human peculiarities.

I quickly cleaned my slit, flushed the toilet, slid my underwear and my jeans on, washed my hands and walked out to look for him. He had curled up on the bed like I had already guessed, had rested his furry chin on his front paws and tried to take a relaxing cat nap after that much confusing new knowledge that he had gained through his tiny experiment. He clearly wanted to sleep over it and maybe reconsider the facts, if cats reconsider anything at all. Well, I was pretty sure he always did a good deal of thinking about things because most of the time he behaved like a real intelligent and resourceful cat that knew what to do. That much I had already learned by our companionship. He was such a wonderful, unselfish cute big-size kitty. I kneeled in front of our bed, crawled him softly behind his moving ears. He closed his wonderful emerald eyes with one last long blink and fell into a content cat slumber.

"Thank you so very very much for everything..." I whispered towards him. I stood up and walked over to my trailers door. Over there I turned around and looked back to my sleeping black beauty. God I really loved that cat more than I could possibly put into any words. I opened the trailer door and stepped out into the open, back to my daily duties. Much refreshed and with new spirits I want to add.

During my dumb "you've got to do them" duties in the circus - which I already did semiautomatically without much thinking - I had erotic fantasies about Baggy's eating me out constantly floating in front of my consciousness. That had been a grand new experience for me. I really wondered how I ever could have been so darn stupid and feel ashamed of taking a pee in front of him or even locking the bath room door behind me. That stupid human rules of behavior quite often hindered me in my development, in my getting closer to my cats. If Taisha wouldn't have started that whole sex thing by accident I maybe wouldn't have had closer experiences with any of my cats ever. I had a grand debt towards Taisha and I already had a very delightful idea about a nice payoff. My thoughts drifted off into very pleasant ideas and visuals of my repayment and I felt a hotness raising between my legs while I did my daily work. Sometimes I was really glad that only my beloved Baggy was able to read my mind, sort of...

I decided to change the subject of my thoughts, that Taisha ideas got me to hot and I really had a lot of work to do first. I thought about my sweet Baggy again. Why hadn't he ever tried anything of that erotic kind before with me? He never had shown any interest in my body at all. During our daily showers he would have had an every day opportunity to explore me while I was standing naked in front of him. Very strange. Had he smelled remains of my intercourse with Taisha, Rajah or Leo in some curious way? But why hadn't he smelled it by out daily shower? Did I change my behavior towards him in some subtile way and thereby force that "accident" on the toilet today? I riddled over that questions for more than two hours but came to no real conclusion. "Maybe he is just as shy as me?" was one of the final stupid ideas that stuck in my mind and really sounded somehow quite reasonable to me.

At last I had finished my duties and was free for the rest of the day from community work. I left the tend and Baggy already waited for me. He had chosen a comfortable place on a hay bale directly in the blazing sun. I entered the fence, went over to him and gave him a nice scratching under his chin to softly pull him back into reality.

"Hi Baggy, up for some hunt outside the fence?" I asked him and he at once was all for it. He jumped down the hay bale and stretched his limbs. Wow, you really could see all his muscles working together, stretching, bending and contracting under his beautiful black silky skin. He was an amazing sight and my heart made a jump in delight once more. I loved to watch him, to see him like he was - a thing of perfection. His jet dark fur glinted in the direct sunlight like a pitch dark pool of deep glacier water. He is a born conquerer, a perfect made predator that has been converted into a saint.

I quit my admiring and started a sudden sprint. Baggy was directly behind me. Thanks to my lessons in Acrobatics I was no simple hunt for him. I jumped some hay bales and some barrier logs but he came closer with every jump. I crawled through a gap in the nearby storage tent and through it but he still followed me. What a sly kitty he had become. I hid behind my trailer and he was nowhere to see. Ha! I had beaten him. Suddenly I felt a rubbing along my leg. I needn't look down to know that it was Baggy and that he was mentally laughing at me, that foolish human who still believed that it was possible to outwits him.

I patted him softly on his head in love and we entered the trailer together. We got his collar and the string to smuggle him outside the fence. He already knew the drill. I put the collar around his neck and connected the string to it. "Just play along till we are outside the fence. You know the game Baggy..."

We left the outer fence through the locked gate and after we were far outside anyones view I removed the string from his collar and put it into my pocket. "Let's play hide and seek, shall we?" I asked him. He sat down on his rear and looked into my face, clearly waiting for me to do the first step, as usual. He always granted me some very good start. I started another sprint and Baggy showed no hurry to follow me. But I knew him, he always did this to make me feel safe and suddenly appear next to me and catch me by surprise. Nope, not this time kitty, not this time!

I ran for a good while through the forest, jumped over many boles, bushes and little rivers that crossed my way. Finally - slightly out of breath - I hid behind a very large oak tree from anybodies view. My breathing came in batches and I tried hard to calm down and to cause as little noise as possible. It didn't help at all against my Baggy. It surely took him only two sniffs of air to locate me behind the oak. He secretly sneaked around the tree and surprised me once again by putting his front paws around my shoulders and pressing his weight against my back, making me tumble over forwards onto my arms. I finally lay flat on the ground, Baggy on my back and I started laughing aloud. With some struggle - he never made it easy for me - I rolled around and we ended up face to face, Baggy on top of my belly.

"You sneaky black shadowy kitty you..." I said in an laughing tone to him while he licked my face and I softly stroke his cheeks with my hands. He was so very cute at times. I struggled onto my feet again - which was quite hard with him on top of my belly - and we continued our little chase. He granted me a good start but soon was close behind me. He was never really running, for him this chase was no real chase, it was more a friendly sprint to keep in training. He could have overtaken me any time he wished.

I ran over to our favorite place, an ancient big oak that must have been at this spot for at least some hundred years. On one side of the oak a large wooden ladder stood and I climbed it as fast as I dared. The ladder led up to a platform I had build as a child (with some help of circus crew people) to play "Robinson Crusoe", stranded here in my lofty island platform in midst of the wooden green ocean around me. This place was our winter quarter every year and we started our tour across the country from her in spring.

I reached the platform seconds before Baggy's head made an appearance at one brink of the platform. He usually only needed four great leaps to climb the whole tree so his sudden appearance on the brink was by now quite common to me. I lay down on the platform and he joined me at my side. We both looked down and followed the crowded goings round the far away circus tend. I put my arm around his broad shoulder and hugged him tight. This had always been and would always be our little hiding place, a place to rest in peaceful quiet and to let the world rush by without being bothered by it's fastness.

Some hours later and after much more hunting, climbing and power matching by pulling each side of a fallen branch - I was in no way any match to him anymore but he gentleman like let me win some times by suddenly loosing all his powers - we returned into the outer fence, harmless looking as ever, Baggy with his collar on the end of my string and walking gently besides me. We both really needed a hot shower now. I was dripping with sweat and his fur was smutty with dust and bark splinters through his energetic tree climbing fashion. I unlocked the gate and we entered the fence through it. When we were in and I had closed and locked the door behind us again - not to protect the outside world from us but to protect my cats from it's dangers - I took of the string and Baggy's collar and we trotted back together to my private trailer. Reaching it I opened the door for him and bowed before him. "Welcome home sweetheart!" I said to him and he passed the door, turned around and meowed towards me as an invitation to follow him inside, please. He acted so really cute sometimes...

I bowed again in played politeness, followed him inside and closed the door behind us. He had already settled down on the round carpet near the door and was awaiting my next move. We were a well trained team by now. After such an extensive time of rough play in the woods he knew he wasn't allowed to jump onto the bed and make it dirty. I had learned him that lesson in his younger age. Whenever he was jumping onto the bed and wasn't allowed there I had taken him up and had placed him firmly back onto the floor. It had taken us both some time to understand each other but he has always been a good and quick leaner. Nowadays I really had the inner feeling that he did know me good enough to understand things in a much better way. I needn't tell him anymore that he should stay away from clean things when he was wet or dirty, he simply did so.

He did the same this time and waited very patiently for me on top of the carpet. I stripped all my cloth bit by bit and put it into the clothes basket, grabbed my bathrobe and call for him to follow me into the bathroom for our daily hot shower. He stood up and came over and we both walked into the bathroom. Every day I prepare the whole bathroom in the morning for our evening shower together. I lay ready the four towels for our dry rubbing frenzy that follows the shower and I also put aside the bathroom rug. First I had believed that the bath rug would soak up most of the water - and he did - but it took aeons afterwards to get the rug dry again. The four towels were much easier to dry. You simply put the soaked towels into the washing machine, switch on the whiz mode and afterwards took them out and onto the clothesline to dry in the air for the next use. And you can of course wash the towels with the machine much better than the thick rug.

Everything was prepared so I stepped into the bathtub and Baggy followed me there. I closed the shower curtain around us and switched on the shower. Hot water streamed down our bodies. I rubbed the shampoo into the silk fur of his flanks and on his neck, crawled, rubbed and massaged it in deep and showered it out afterwards very carefully to remove any traces of it. Baggy was a bit sensitive to strange smells and he didn't like it at all to have a (not that much) smelly shampoo in his fur remaining therefore I always tried my best to get every trace of that shampoo - that shampoo makes his silk beautiful fur feel the way it feels! - out of his fur again. Now it was my time to wash my hair and soap my body while he stood a bit apart under the running shower and tried to catch some water drops with his large tongue. He always got me into a broad smile when I saw him doing that. It reminded me of the young Baggy cub that loved to catch water drops. "Well, that's my long known thirsty water kitty..." I giggled. I soaped my whole body from face down to heels and turned the shower head over to me to wash off the soap.

I have to admit that the memory of my toilet experience with Baggy earlier that day had been all the time in front of my mind. While I cleaned my body from the soap I stoke softly over my vulva and without any warning an image of my beautiful Baggy licking me out sprung very vivid into my mind. I blushed and tried hard not to get arouse by the thought of it. I knew that this was absolutely ridiculous but I couldn't help feeling ashamed somehow. Our showering together always had been a completely innocent time and now I had that very pornographic images resting comfortable inside my mind and teasing me. Standing naked in front of Baggy was something very different now for me. He still felt so much like a little brother to me. I can't really explain it today but I had a very ashamed feeling standing naked in front of him that particular moment. This thinking about our pleasurable toilet accident felt somehow dirty and relationship injuring to me.

Baggy must have taken notice of my emotional trouble. He gave me a curious look while I calmly rubbed the reminding soap from my legs, hard trying to thing of something completely different, innocent and utterly not erotic. Suddenly I felt his tongue licking my right leg and I tried to smile at him like I always had done. He tried to help me cleaning my leg. He often had licked my face and my whole body during our showers, but that time it definitely felt much different for me. The innocence of his touch was lost forever. The feeling of his rough tongue on my leg really arouse me while it also made me feel guilty and ashamed at the same time. I softly trembled in a sudden fear of my feelings for him.

He must have sensed my increasing arousal because he came over to me and reached higher with his licking, up my knee and to the inner sides of my legs. Now I really felt very hot and I don't mean hot because of the hot water that still kept flowing down my neck and my back. I definitely wanted him to eat me out again, here inside the shower, now. I could not help it - I wanted him, every little bit of him - even if he felt like a brother to me. He was so beautiful and so tender to me and I loved him for so long now. My heart told me just that moment that our love had reached a level where guiltiness was completely foolish and that there was nothing to be ashamed of. Love is something you have to share to enjoy. To feel lust, to make love is only the extension of that inner love you already feel towards someone. If you really love someone, you don't have to think about anything anymore. You only have to feel, to care, to love, to follow your heart. I understood that all in one tiny instant, in one bright flash of realization.

I gave love a chance and crouched down towards him while I spread my legs to grant him a better access to my hidden slit. He licked my inner leg up towards my awaiting sweet box of joy. His tongue stroke my vulva and it felt so wonderful, fractions of the emotions that I had experienced during our toilet play blossomed inside me again like splinters of vivid memories. I reached down with my right hand and crawled him softly behind his ears. My left hand moved to my slit and I gave my clit a very soft rubbing with my index finger while he licked over my vulva.

He got my decent hint and focused his licking there. "Oouuh, that's my good kitty..." I moaned and crouched down some more to spread my pussy further apart. He softly licked my outer lips and as soon as I had spread more he worked his large tongue in. It felt so great, the hot water flowing down my whole body, Baggy licking me and myself rushing towards that very good feelings and already reliving shadowy memories of far greater pleasures.

I felt my pussy getting wet from inside and the tension inside me starting to build up rapidly. Unfortunately that position was very uncomfortable for me, standing in a semi crouching down position and holding it there was very tiresome, not to speak about holding that spot during an orgasm or something like that. I erected again and Baggy looked somehow puzzled upwards into my face. "Sorry Baggy but that's very uncomfortable for me..." I told him and he still looked very questioning. I turned around and he started licking my bottom from behind. That was a very erotic sensation. I thought about it and sigh delighted. A very nice idea had sprung into my mind...

"Ok, let's try it this way..." I said and crouched down once more while I grabbed the handle on the wall to support my bend legs. The hot water still flowed down my neck and streamed all over my body and the warmth and wetness of it was just wonderful. He got the idea at once and licked my crotch, now from behind, very much in a complete reverse way. His tongue entered me and through this new position arouse various new sensations inside my whole pussy. His tongue felt very wet and with the hot water flowing down my neck, all over my flanks, down my belly and trough the front of my slit it gave me a rush I hadn't believe could exist before. The tension that had build up inside me was uncontrollable shacking by now, like a box of powder you strike a spike into. Every single nerve inside my skin must have fired that very instant.

I had bent forward to allow Baggy a better access to my open slit and nearly collapsed forwards when the tip of his rough tongue pushed with delightful force against my clit and stoke along my whole open vulva. My climax hit me again and I stumbled forwards, grabbed the showering handle on the wall hard with my hands to not tumble down through my weakening and shaking legs below me. I felt my fluids mix with the hot water and Baggy's tongue still licked my inner and outer pussy lips from behind and below. I was so relaxed that moment by the hot water, the inner glow, the nice smooth orgasm and the intense feeling inside and outside my pussy I wasn't able of any clear thought and I was totally unaware who was with me and where I was located. I again had that nice picture of a rain forest in my mind where I was standing in midst a warm monsoon rain shower on a clearing in the jungle and Baggy licked me out from a sitting position beneath me. Oh wow, that vision felt so darn real and beautiful vivid to me, I nearly collapsed into a second orgasm by that erotic imagination...

Baggy seized his licking and the glow inside me ebbed down a little bit. I grasped around the handle on the wall with both hands now to get my shivering body under control in some way. With curiosity - I was not in the state for any clear thinking - I felt Baggys muscular chest sliding up my bottom, along my hip and up my back, his front legs clamping softly around my flanks and brushing me there like a thousand soft feathers. I grasped the handle more firmly to support his additional weight on my back. That wonderful wet brushing sensation all around me made my body shudder in complete delight without asking me for any allowance first. I enjoyed the feeling and risked a look between my breasts, down my belly through my still shaking and bend legs.

Now I saw clearly that Baggy was in need for help, too. His tool swung into my view and it looked stiff and erect. It's pointy tip was extend from his small furry sheath and his two balls, covered with short black fur, were dangling directly behind it. "Finally! Now you want me the way I want you. Come one in, enjoy your stay inside me my love..." I whispered in anticipation for the things to cum. I longed to feel him inside me, now please. I crouched down very low until I felt his tools pointy tip poking at my entrance. With a great deal of luck I moved down a tiny bit more when he entered my pussy with his slowly emerging tool in one fluent push. He slid further up my back with his furry chest and I felt his soft wet fur rubbing all over my bottom, all up my slightly bend spine. The very soft fur of his inner legs that clasped tight around my flanks drove me nearly crazy. That sensation alone would have given me a hard time to resist a second tension inside my body but as he shove with one genteel move all of his penis up to his balls into my pussy I knew that I had found another shortcut into paradise.

He was moved by instinct now and I was without any resistance, a uttermost willing female that wanted him badly to mate with her. I felt his stiff tool move between my outer and inner pussy lips, his furry sheath tickling my outer lips and over my clit very soft. It was a sensation like being softly cleaned inside my pussy with a silken fabric every time he made the tiniest movement. I felt like passing out any moment but the pure pleasure always held me back in reality like another handle I could grab on. It felt like being alive more than a hundred percent short before you drop dead on the floor. I didn't care a bit about dropping dead right now. There could not be a paradise imaginable more enjoyable than the moment I had right now. I was making love with my only true love and he was loving me deeply and passionate just now.

Baggy fucked me with all the genteelness he had always shown in our daily plays together. His strokes were slow, deep and perfectly measured. I could feel his many muscles move in perfect harmony below his skin while he slid around on my back. I suddenly became aware that he had been licking the side of my bend down face all the time from over my shoulder. I thought about collapsing in pleasure when my second orgasm blossomed up and made my own fluids emerge again inside me. With one last stroke Baggy pushed his curved penis deep into me, placed it there to reach his own orgasm together with me.

I felt his stiff penis trembling inside me and that alone send ripples of pleasure through my whole pussy. A hot powerful spurt of liquid sprayed into my womb and Baggy growled a soft growl of relief on my back that resonated through my whole spine and down it. I did not really hear his soft growling but got aware of it. The first time in my whole life I noticed him growl. He never had growled to anything or anybody and now he did, growled softly in his own sudden unknown pleasures. We both were in pleasure and wouldn't leave that feeling too soon. My mind was flooded with love and lust. My love and my lust mixed together in a divine harmony that filled my whole self up to the perfection I always saw in Baggy. We belonged together, now we are together, together in a tight fusion that made us feel home, feel content in that perfect embrace of harmony.

I couldn't hold my position any longer and my heels slid back inside the slippery tub. I slowly pushed backwards beneath him and his twitching penis entered me a very little bit deeper while his small furry sheath completely sliding into my pussy like a small fur covered ball. I grasped the handle on the wall like it was the edge of a cliff I was about to fall down to death. Baggy growled very passionate now on my back and his member twitched a few more times inside me in response to that strange move backwards that I had made. An enormous powerful spurt of his semen hit my love tunnel's walls and another one shoot deep into my womb with such force that I moaned very loud in delight and joy of our perfect feline mating. That final explosion of him inside me made me so darn proud. He mated with me like I was one of his kind, powerful and passionate...

My grip on the handle finally gave way and I slid sideways, collapsing on the rim of the bathtub with my belly, luckily not hurting me much because I fell on top of some of the towels that I had placed there for later use. I accidentally hit the spot where the two separate showering curtains combined and fell through them. Baggy still had his stiff member inside me and was lying on top of my back, enjoying his stay and his afterglow while he was licking along the side of my face very passionate with his rough feline tongue.

We rested in that much more comfortable position for a few more seconds. The water had started to fill up the tub very high by now. I had blocked the drain hole intentionally to have a stand inside the hot water instead of the cold bath tub. Baggy finally withdraw himself from my back with a swift genteel backwards movement and jumped out of the tub in one single move directly over me through the parted curtains. I was lying there, half way inside, half way outside the tub and gasping for my breath. That great fucking had nearly been too intense, not in pleasure but in love. It really could have gone wrong with that darn slip backwards by me. But it hadn't I told myself. It had been GREAT!

I sat back on my legs inside the tub and switched off the hot water that still was pouring down on my Baggy free back. I felt wet inside and outside and I felt very pleased with this brand new shower experience. Showering would NEVER be the same for me again after that one. I would never take a shower again without making him an offer, an undeniable offer of love, joy and passion. I would only offer myself to him, the decision to make use of my offer would always remain his.

His whitish seed slowly seeped out of me and dissolved into the hot water. God I can't put into words how much I loved that look and that feel inside me. I spread my legs further apart below the water surface and the hot water entered me and washed my entrance clean, only my entrance. I contracted my vaginal muscles very tight to keep his sticky seed inside me. The feel of his feline seed inside me was very different to the feel I had with all my other kitties. I loved him so very much I wished I could be impregnated by him, I wished I could feel his kittens growing up inside me, I wished to carry his children to full terms. But I knew that there was no possibility for my wishes. Nevertheless, I loved the feel of his seed deep inside me, Baggie's contribution and his try to have kittens with me. I would keep it inside me as long as possible to be remembered of our first time we did it together.

I pulled the plug out of the drain hole, got onto my legs again and Baggy came back into the water filled tub. He looked up into my face and I crawled him behind his ears very softly, sitting comfortable down in the water besides him. "You act far too human you know..." I told him and smiled gladly. I turned the shower back on and we both enjoyed the hot water pouring down while we hugged each other in deep love and understanding. I rubbed my face along his cheeks and crawled him behind his ears and between his shoulders while he licked over my whole face. Sometimes I licked his passing by tongue with my own, just to taste him. I loved him so very very much, everything of him had a divine flair to me.

After some good deal of cuddling together I switched off the water and we both stepped out of the tub, a huge amount of water following us. I took the towels and rubbed Baggy's beautiful head dry with one, than down his shoulders and his spine to his hip. I dropped that one onto the wet floor and took the second one. With it I rubbed him along his belly, placed it around him like a sideways hammock, pulled on each side of the towel and rubbed his belly dry while I stood over him, while I clammed him softly between my both legs. The third towel followed and I rubbed between his front legs and down the legs. I turned around and rubbed the outer sides of his rear legs.

He much enjoyed that treatment by me. It was additional strokes for him and he loved every bit of it. I got the already wet towel between his rear legs and rubbed it against the insides of his muscular legs. And suddenly I couldn't stop myself anymore. No, I really couldn't. Standing over him I stepped back, kneeled down behind him and rubbed the towel very carefully over his large furry covered feline balls. He turned his head towards mine in complete puzzlement but with no trace of dislike. "Lay down Baggy, I have to clean something a bit more thorough I think..." I told him so lustily and with so great a grin on my face that he didn't think a second but instantly fell over with his flank on top of the dropped towels. I laid the third towel besides me and massaged around his large balls very carefully with my right hand and with my left I stoke his small furry sheath slowly. He clearly loved that feel. He rolled over completely on his broad back and opened his rear legs very wide. Then he showed me his feline member I had the honor to feel inside me moments before. He unsheathed it and I had the chance to see it in it's full beauty. It looked very nice, strangely built, curved upwards and emerging backwards out of it's sheath. It felt surprisingly hard inside, like a human finger but with a very smooth texture and utterly soft to the careful touch. It had about the length of my ring finger and the width of my ring and little finger together on it's base. The tip was very pointy and it was shaped like a cone, sharp tip with a broad base. The thing that fascinated me most was it's great stiffness and his sensitiveness to the slightest touch. I had touched it with uttermost care - I knew how sensitive my clit felt after a good fuck - but as soon as I touched it with my fingers it had made a sudden move, a sudden pulse like a muscular contraction.

I got my head down and Baggy made a twitching move with his hind legs, clearly fearing my head there. "You don't have to fear anything my love. I would never hurt you, you know that..." I told him in a lovingly tone and started to softly massage his fur covered balls and sheath again. He relaxed. I got my face over his tool and licked along it's full length with my tongue. It felt very smooth to the touch, very soft and sleek and it twitched in response to every stroke I made. Now it was payback time, payback for his oral pleasures. I got my head further down and took it's pointy tip between my soft lips and was very careful not to touch it under any circumstances with any of my hard teeth. He breathed very hard. I could hear him breathing in quick gasps and felt his stiff member twitching in response to that very soft touch of my human lips.

Now I would show him the advantages of a human physiology. I curled my tongue around his stiff member and started to suck on it softly. He meowed in response. I was pretty puzzled first but he really had meowed and continued to meow like a small kitten calling for his mother's help. I increased, doubled, tripled my licking and sucking efforts to show him the meaning of oral pleasures. His member started trembling hard in response to my lusty treatment and it only took me three more sucks along his tool to get a taste of his pre-ejaculation. It tasted somehow bitter and salty but it was his bittersweet juice of lust for me and I absolutely loved that thought. I continued my sucking and increased my soft massage around his furry sheath. He meowed loud in protest, in protest that I could push him that easily over the edge.

He wasn't able to hold back any moment longer and ejaculated three big spurts of his seed into my mouth. I licked all around his pulsing member to give him a pleasant massage with my tongue while he twitchingly spurted his semen into me. That tonguing of me made him cum again and again. He came at least five times in a row in smaller getting spurts onto my tongue and I licked all that fluid around his member. When he finally had dried out I engulfed his member with my lips like I would do with a finger and sucked delightfully along it while it slowly retracted into the protecting sheath. I continued my licking around his retreating member as good as I could and finally took my head very slowly away from his sheathed member, not without giving the tiny peeping out top of his tool a few quick last strokes with the tip of my soft tongue. I gulped his seed and loved that bitter salty taste everywhere inside my mouth.

He stared at me, clearly not able to comprehend how I could have done that pleasure to him with my mouth. He had a very admiringly look on his face or at least it very much looked that way to me. He wore just the expression that I usually had on my own face in his company when I marveled about his fluent moves and his unbelievable inner and outer beauty. "Well Baggy, human form also has it's advantages. We are not of such physical perfection like you felines are but we have some nice soft body parts cat's don't have and don't know of. Not yet my love..." I laughed towards him while he still looked very astonished and with a pretty stupid expression into my face.

I recognized that I had not dried his furry chest very well and took the towel besides me to finish my job. "Whoops, it seems that I have missed a wet spot there..." I told him and rubbed carefully with the towel over his lower chest. He still had his face lifted up and glared fascinated into mine. I giggled loud. "Oh come on Baggy, was it really that great?!?" I asked him and he finally removed his glare from my face like he was ashamed that I had noticed his admiring look towards me. I giggled even more. "Please don't Baggy. I love you and I love to give you pleasures and to receive pleasures from you. We both have ways of pleasing each other we should explore further. Just try to surprise me. Don't be afraid of trying something new. Just be yourself. I know you, you always liked to explore, just do so. Try to explore me! Put away all concerns that may keep you from exploring me. I love you so much, you can try everything together with me. I'll tell you when I don't like it. Don't be shy..." I told him in the most loving voice I ever had spoken in. The words directly originated from my heart without asking my brain first. My brain told me that he couldn't possibly understand any of my words but my soul pointed out that he needn't to. He would understand the inner meaning of my words without even understanding a single word. We are connected together in a deeper fashion now and we don't really need words anymore.

He understood. You could see his somehow embarrassed look vanishing away, his spirits got higher than ever, his eyes got filled with a loving look, a look of absolute and complete understanding and trust. He bent his whole back, rolled together and licked my face all over while I started to rub his lower chest with my already wettish towel. I smiled back at him so much, my face muscles started to ache. God I loved him so very very much, I could not think about a life without his company anymore. He licked my cheeks and over my face. I rubbed his face and his cheeks, crawled him softly beneath his chin and behind his ears. He blinked at me and I blinked back. We enjoyed our time together, our company. While he licked again over my lips I couldn't resist and licked his rough tongue back with my soft one whenever it stroke by. His expression slightly changed when he tasted my saliva. Maybe he tasted or smelled traces of his ejaculation in my salvia, I can't really tell, but I could see that he was getting thrilled again.

The pointy tip of his member was peeking out of it's furry sheath further than before and I simply was astonished over his very fast recovery rate. Even Rajah needed around 5 minutes to be "ready" again but now it had not been longer than two or maybe three minutes since my sucking. I shook my head softly and made a mental note: Big cats are love machines, sex maniacs, all of them. And I loved it their way. Hopefully I can adapt to their likings. How could I have possibly lived all that years without that fun? "It's exactly the right time for another pleasure surprise..." I thought to myself. "Please be my very cute little kitty and get on your back again." I told him in my lustily sex driven voice and made a short sign with my hand that he already knew from our training and show. He did not delay the fraction of a second but laid himself comfortable on his back again, the curiousness clearly written into his face what strange surprise I had in mind this time.

"Of that one I learned recently. I will call it The Leo-style..." I told him giggling, took his two rear paws firmly in my hands, pushed them forwards and managed my hip directly over his reappearing member. He folded his rear legs around my spread wide legs without knowing what I had in mind. I rested as comfortable in his furry knee hollows as I had done in Leo's. Now that I was in the right place I reached between my legs and guided the narrow tip of his tool back into me. He was not that hung like the other cats, so he needed some guidance in this position that was new and strange for him. When I felt him deep enough inside me I started a very soft sliding back and forth over his furry hip and he clearly could not believe what I was doing with him. That completely fascinated look into my face was more than I could stand. I broke out in a rather loud laughter while I slowly continued to slide along him.

"Now that we are sexual partners I'll show you everything I've learned so far by you feline brothers. And together we will discover more ways of pleasure, far more. I promise! Just relax and enjoy the ride..." I told him in a lusty and very promising voice. He really laid back his head and let me do the work while he enjoyed everything with complete satisfaction in his face. He realized now that this was a big cat heaven, that he had been invited to cum inside together with me.

I grabbed the towel and rubbed it over his lower chest while I slid slowly and gently back and forth on his hip and all along his hot member. "Just do your duties with pleasure..." my mind teased me with a saying I knew very well and that also fitted perfect to my current doing, with a very twisted meaning of course that amused me rather much. I always did my very best nevertheless. My cat's deserved nothing less from me. I rubbed him well with my both hands on the towel and with my contracting pussy around his stiff member. I had trained my vaginal muscles and now that training paid off for him. It took him less than ten seconds to fill me again with his warm pulses of semen. I was very proud with myself, being able to stimulate Baggy into such a burst of love after so little effort from my side. While I felt his seed pulsing into me he suddenly bent his back, curled up a good way towards me, moved his soft front paws around my hip and started licking my naked body in the region around my navel. I bent my upper body forwards and down towards him and I got my right arm around his back to support him. He switched his licking to my face while his member still lost little amounts of fluid inside me. He cleaned me very softly but completely overwhelmed with love and passion. He thanked me in his way for everything I allowed him and did together with him. I loved that good feeling inside me, inside my heart and from my pleased soul. Well, to be true, I loved absolute everything and everyone just that very moment in time.

We continued our strange love hug of passion for some time. During that period I felt his penis retracting softly back into his protecting sheath and out of the engulfing grip of my vaginal muscles. Having him lying there partly below me I managed him softly back onto his back, got my both arms down besides his flanks and hugged him a last time as tight as I could mange. He meowed softly and I finally scrambled up to my feet behind him. He was in an semi-dry state and I asked him if he wouldn't leave the bath room now and take a small nap on our bed till I was ready and shared it with him. He very reluctantly followed my suggestion and left our totally flooded love chamber, shaking out water from his paws while he was walking out. I giggled really hard this time. He sometimes simply was too darn funny doing such very silly things...

I took the two remaining towel out of the shelf and rubbed myself dry. His warm sticky seed inside my love tunnel felt just wonderful. I took the hair blower and dried my hair while all my thought centered around Baggy. He was such a gentle nice cat. I would enjoy making love with him every evening very much. I had heard about nymphomaniacs. As far as I knew they couldn't live without much sex, maybe a daily dose of sex. I was a nymphomaniac addicted to felines by now, that much was pretty clear. But who cared? Nobody knew about my doings and nobody got hurt. My kitties enjoyed it as much as I did and they are born nymphomaniacs, they can do it all day long if they got the opportunity. That was just perfect. I would give them opportunities, many opportunities. God I loved my life. That was much better than anything I could have been dreaming of. I hummed some nice tunes and took my time in the bathroom. After fifteen minutes I finally had finished my reconstruction into a gentle lady and throw over my bathrobe. It was about 9pm now and I was very tired. All that recent sexual adventures were somehow exerting in a very pleasant manner but exerting nevertheless. Baggy had jumped onto the bed spread and had lain down in a rolled up comfortable position. He still licked and ordered his silken belly fur.

I yawned and slid slowly out of my bathrobe. Hmm, now I was somehow pretty unsure what to do next. Usually I had taken on a airy nightgown but I decided that I didn't really needed that anymore. My stupid shyness was very far behind me now. I put my bathrobe over the chairs back, lifted up the bed spread and crawled completely naked into the bed besides Baggy. I looked forward to feel Baggy as close as possible to me, looked forward to hug him like a silken pillow and feel his warmth beside me on my bare belly skin. Baggy yawned too, stood up, stretched catlike, jumped out off the bed and squeezed himself besides me under the lifted bed spread.

We always slept in the same way. He was usually lying on his right flank, his head resting on a small but very soft pillow, eyes towards the bath room door. I usually lay besides him in pretty much the same fashion, very close to him, pressing my belly onto his soft furry back and hugging him, wrapping my left arm around his shoulder and crawling him softly under his chin or behind his ears. "You have always been my real true love for as long as I can remember..." I softly whispered the truth that had finally dawned in my mind into his moving ears. I hugged him tight again and we both fell quickly asleep.

I at once fell into a very vivid dream that night. I relived all the things I had done together with Baggy and enjoyed all the great pleasures I had been experiencing once again. I never before had such a reality like dream. It felt so real and I was so horny in my dream, I could not make out a difference between my real life experiences and that dreamed ones. I heard myself moaning very loud while Baggy mated with me in the shower of my dreams.

Had I just moaned loud in my dream? Suddenly I woke up. That strange riddle - Can someone feel real pleasure in his dreams and moan so loud that he wakes up by it ?!? - had shaken me awake like a bucket of ice water. The first thing I noticed in my startled state was that Baggy was missing. I still hadn't concluded thinking about where he could have possibly gone because sleep still had his grip on me as I got another pleasure punch from my slit.

Realization hit me as sudden and hard as a thunder strike in a clear sky. Baggy was down there and he was licking my slit, very much in the same manner he had done on the toilet seat and inside the shower. I tumbled from dream into reality and it made no difference at all for me. I had automatically spread my legs further to embrace that great sensation in my dreamlike state. I could not see him, the bed spread was blocking my view but I saw a rather big hump moving around at the position where my crouch was located. Already my body twitched in a fever like heat, my whole slit burned in passion, my clit was sensitized to it's maximum. And I was sweating all over like I really had caught a very bad flu.

And again he made a stroke with his feline tongue that punched me pretty hard, that ripped through my slit like a whip of silk. He pulled his raspy tongue from far down over my whole vulva, all the length up to my clit and very softly over it. I was pretty unsure now if I not still was inside a dream. In sheer reflex to that lick I arched my back without even thinking about the move and moaned loud in pleasure. Then I lost my muscular control completely, my spread legs twitched in response to each of his soft passionate licks. I couldn't tell if that was a very vivid wet pleasure dream I had that I had wished for deep in my soul or if it was reality. My recognition of time, place, reality, anything was still very shaken by that startled awakening. Just a moment, I had awoken, hadn't I ?!?

He continued to lick me out and I arched my back even more. My breasts were sensible as hell, the rubbing of the soft spread sheet over my nipples made me gasp for air. He stroke my clit again with his tongue and pain mingled with great pleasure. My orgasm descended from it's former point of nearly unbearable to a plateau of a warmth and a glowing sensation. I slowly descended down on my sweated back and got aware that baggy had moved his passionate licking from my shaved public hair to my belly button and from there up my stomach and than between my erect sensitive breasts. I shifted the bed spread slowly back some way and his lovely panther face with that two unbelievable wonderful moonlight reflecting emerald eyes made an appearance. This could only be a vivid dream. This simply couldn't be real. Everything was to wonderful to be real. I felt his muscular belly moving on top of mine, felt his silk fur brushing all over my own belly, felt his passionate licking between my erect breasts to catch all of the sweat pearls there. I sight loud in that superb sensation and my whole body shivered uncontrollable in response. That was a very wonderful dream. I had nothing to loose because I already had gained everything I could possibly wish for in such as dream so I put both my arms to his silken flanks, moved them up to his broad shoulders, rubbed him softly between his shoulder blades and hugged him very tight. That silken fur felt so wonderful soft and real, could a dream feel that good, that real?!?

"Now you really surprised me. Thank you so very much my love..." I whispered breathless. Dream or not, I had to tell him this. I lay there, felt the sweat pearls slowly floating down my back and the outsides of my round breasts, his weight on top of me with his soft silky fur brushing my belly and my breasts, my orgasm's afterglow still hot pulsing through me. He made one swift gentle move forward with his whole strong body and in one sleek motion plunged his erect member deep into my wide open pussy. That particular moment I had not even moans of joy left to express my uttermost delight.

At once he started humping me with very swift sleek moves. His rear legs were placed beside my hip and I felt their soft inner fur brush my hip's flanks. His pleasure toy felt somehow smaller this time, like a small ring finger but very hot, hard and a good way curved upwards. His speed was nothing more than breathtaking. It felt like a finger fuck but so unbelievable much faster, better, stronger and harder. He licked my breasts and I got aware that he had moved further forwards to my sweat covered face. Than he suddenly tripled his mating efforts. That speed was just impossible. This MUST be a dream! He pushed against my clit with the base of his hard member at least twice every second. I couldn't sense the single stokes anymore but got flooded by hurting waves of pleasure from my whole slit.

Wham! I had been kicked hard into another climax. I had no power left to scream or moan or weep or anything. I simply lay down paralyzed, not able to do, think, feel, admire. If that dream wasn't about heaven I didn't know what possible could be. His very rapid strokes got slower, deeper and more forceful now while he was slowly switching his position in arching his back. He had prepared his final stroke and now he did it. Checkmate. He made one final sleek move deep into me and stopped his pushing completely.

He growled, a growl of pure fleshly lust mixed with his own sudden relieve. I felt his seed spraying into my awaiting love tunnel in many small pulses on the very edge of an unconsciousness that I was tumbling along. I lay there like I had been struck bad by lightning. I couldn't manage to move a muscle but was forced to enjoyed every tiniest smallest moment of that pleasure sensation with my whole body. After two or three tiny wet spurts he settled down on top of me and rubbed his face all over mine. I summed all my remaining will and forced my both arms up, hugging him tight, as tight as I could manage in my completely shaken state. His silk fur brushed all over me and very slowly time and place fell back into my awareness. It was like coming home after a long delightful time in another region of existence. You don't really wanted to but you can't bend natures laws.

He began to struggle softly in my tightly clasping hug so I let go of him and he made a rather swift move backwards, pulling his tool out of me with a flash of light pain because it hit my blazing clit very hard. The soft pain subsided as fast as it had been inflicted but it had brought me back into reality. I really wasn't dreaming! He crawled backwards, down again to my slit and began cleaning it very carefully from the mess he had made there. I spread my legs far apart and enjoyed his thorough cleaning of my slit very much. It felt so very nice because he was extra careful with his tongue now, only used his tongue tip and only stoke me with very soft pressure.

After two minutes of cleaning he suddenly stopped it and moved back further down the bed. I was just about to melt or getting a heat stroke. I felt so unbelievable hot, I would have enjoyed sleeping on a block of ice to cool down. I closed my wide spread legs and with one swift move I rolled the spread aside and his feline black figure reappeared at the end of our bed. He was carefully cleaning his private parts. He stopped licking himself and looked very curious at me.

I was so darn spent at that moment, I could only manage a broad glad smile. He stood up, walked directly over me, rested his legs on my sides and licked my face. I reached up and he lay down flat on my belly again. We rubbed against each other, belly on belly, face on face, silken fur on bare skin and I crawled him with my both hands behind his ears in deepest love.

"He is such a beautiful and lovely cat..." I thought and I was very glad that fate had brought us together, had made all this love possible, had made us start explorations of various pleasures together. He made a very cute trotting the bed motion with his front legs besides my chest while he licked my face. Suddenly I felt the hard tip of his tool poking around at the region of my public hair. I sigh softly and opened my legs again for him. Two pokes later he had found his desired target and started humping me with his swift sleek moves in complete passion while he licked my whole body with his rough tongue wherever he could reach it.

I was so completely spent that I closed my eyes and fell asleep during that second mating. Yeah, you don't believe that - how can someone fall asleep during sex with a BIG CAT - but I really was done, spent, sleeping with open eyes already. I heard his puffing and soft growling noises in a far distance, felt his rocking motions shaking the bed and from time to time felt his burning member entering and leaving me while his soft silk fur kept brushing all over my whole body. I drifted away into unknown pleasures and delightful dreams without any pictures, dreams that only consisted of wonderful delightful sensations.

Next day I woke up very late, around 11am. The bed spread lay on the floor and the pillows below my head were soaked with my own sweat. "What an unbelievable night!" I thought and very soon realized it hadn't been that much of a dream at all. I sat up and felt wet. My next move was to look down and carefully touch my crotch. There was a huge wet spot all around it on the spread. It looked very much like I had wetted my bed during the night, but it smelled definitely very different. I swung my feet out of the bed and my whole slit burned slightly. Ouch!

I walked over to the closet and every step ached slightly between my legs. I closed the door behind me and locked it THAT TIME, I really wasn't in the mood for another toilet accident right now. I took a seat and spread my legs to examine my surely sore slit. It was pink all over but fortunately didn't look that sore. A thin film of smeary whitish liquid was covering everything, even my shaved public hair was completley sticky with it.

"I guess someone had a real big deal of fun tonight..." I mumbled very much amused and enjoyed a pee. I decided to take a relaxing shower that would mend anything and to clean myself up of the mess he had left me in. After the shower I had a real struggle finding comfortable underwear and trousers that did not rub to much against my still slightly aching slit, not to mention my absolute sensitive to the touch clit.

Finally I found some worn out but comfortable wide trousers and was back into business. I opened the bath room door and Baggy strolled in, the very happiest cat ever there has been on earth. If cats can smile, he laughed out loud. I got onto my knees in front of him and kissed him right onto his nose.

"You are welcome my lovely..." I told him and rubbed my face against his "...but next time we have to use some lubricant or something. That long lasting fun of your feline kind is stressing my sensitive parts a bit...". He licked all over my face with passion and you could clearly get his meaning without translation: "Whatever you say my love, whatever you say...".

I stood up and left the bathroom. He followed me and left the trailer through the open door, seeking a sunny spot somewhere to sleep away his nightly labors and dream feline dreams. I focused on cleaning up the mess we both had produced but could not suppress a very glad smile. I wore that glad smile for the rest of the week and if I remember right much longer...

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