Trisha's Trick - Part V - The trick revealed
© 2004 by Zak

This story involves sexual activity between a female human and male big cats. This is a pure work of fiction. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved and any person, living or dead, is intended, even if some parts of the story may look very much that way. This story may be distributed freely but may not be sold, or changed, or used in any commercial way.
Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into fresh tasty kitty food and eaten for breakfast or get yourself complete addicted to big cats, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions your take after reading my erotic fiction :-)

The trick revealed

That wonderful experiences with my large beauties had made me very eager for new erotic adventures, new ways of fun together. After that first accidental intimate play together with Taisha inside the whirlpool and that very nice surprises I had received from Rajah, Leo and Baggy shortly afterwards I played my secret and most wonderful game with all of them for over a month. We deepened our relations in our spare time whenever it was possible to meet inside my fathers trailer in secret without making anybody suspicious. I was a fucking expert by now, please take that one literally. To be honest, after all that extremely positive and pleasing encounters I became kind of addicted. I was very fascinated by that wonderful new style of intimacy I had developed together with my cats. I often wondered secretly why I had never even considered that a possibility before, had never been interested in their ways of intimate contact.

Nowadays I had very often nothing else floating in my mind for the whole day than where, when and with whom of my passionate big fellows I would meet next and share some especially good time in private. During my daily community work I often experienced very exciting fantasies about my next go. There I decided in what mood I found myself and with whom of my kitties - according to my own mood of course - I would share my free time after work. It felt like spending my days in heaven. I was free to choose after my liking and I always got pleased exactly the way I had wished for, had dreamed for the whole day long. Some times even my day dreams and imaginations couldn't compete with the real thing I enjoyed so much to perform with them, the real love I felt for them and they shared very eager with me in secret.

"That still doesn't explain the trick! What's the real trick? Is it to have sex with your cats in your spare time?" you ask yourself. Just wait a second. I'll explain it further in detail.

Well, the trick really isn't anything else that the usual system of rewards a trainer uses. Usually you show a new trick to your cats in wrapping it into a little game they themselves want to play with you. You play that little game with them and if they play according to your guidance, you grand them an instant reward to show them that they performed well. A reward? Yeah, usually it's a small piece of raw meat that you always carry around in your tamer's dress pocket and that you feed to them if they have done their part in the show with excellence. You may also pet them, cuddle with them or show them your joy about their great performance in any other way you can imagine. Raw meat - the lust for a small snack - has always been a trainers best way of showing content in their work on stage. But it isn't the only thing they are longing for and eager to receive all the time. Maybe you already can imagine what's the new reward system I invented and I'm using all the time now...

After I had that enormous pleasurable experiences with my big kitties I thought about how I somehow could use this to my advantage. Please don't get me wrong here. I would never cause them any harm and advantage in that context means: "They like to do that together with me very much (and I like it too, very very much, of course!), so how can I use this fact to improve the show we earn our money with in some way?". This doesn't necessarily mean that I'm not free and in the mood to have a little secret play with them all the time they want to share that special mood with me. To be honest once more, they NEVER deny me their company when I invite them to some special play with me.

I already told you that nowadays I'm very much in the mood for that kind of secret adventure every day, well, to tell the whole truth I would better say all the time! The very difficult part about this is that if I wanted to do that particular pleasing thing with them it had to be done hidden from view, hidden from becoming too obvious to anybody watching us. That problem always has been my uttermost concern and I really thought long and deep about this big difficulty. Finally - after over a month of riddling around I got a very brilliant inspiration one day while doing my laundry.

I had searched through my old cloths and came across an old black tamer's dress of my father. My father had the same foot length I have but he was a bit more stout around the waist - you know what I mean. I got it out of the locker and was just about to throw it away - it was spring cleaning time once again and I was raking through my old things - but than that creative mood hit me. Why not using the old dress as a basis for my own creation and modifying it into my body size? Well, I should mention that I am a pretty good tailor. If you have no mother you become pretty good in such things like mending holes, sewing on torn off buttons or changing broken zippers. I had - of course - not stopped there, instead I self-taught bit by bit how to resize cloth, how to tailor my own trousers and shirts, how to do ornamental and color beautification to my own things. I took out the sewing kit, my sewing machine and started resizing the trouser around the waistline. There was nothing else to do that day because it was heavily raining outside and so I decided to take my time, resized the old trouser while Baggy took a nap besides me.

While I was resizing the trouser I also ransacked through my old snippets of various cloth. I came across some old black leather stripes that were once part of a large pad and now only small snippets of it for further use as ornamental thing. They felt cool, smooth and very soft, very skin-like, nice to the touch. A most exiting and brilliant idea suddenly sprang into my creative twisted mind. I took two of them out of the pile, laid them onto the synthetic fabric of the trouser and they matched the trousers color perfectly like they were cut out pieces of the trousers fabric. My fathers trouser already had built in a soft leather strengthener around the bottom - to make sitting down on rough ground for a long time somehow bearable - and I started my modifications there. If that wasn't a very strange quirk of fate!

I carefully opened the trousers seams and closed them again to fit to my body size. After that accommodations I took the two prepared leather stripes and sew them without any visible trace into the trousers crotch. Now I had a perfectly placed gap, covered from sight by the two slightly overlapping leather stripes. Nobody could possibly take any notice of that modification, it looked like it had always been there and like the leather stripes belonged there to strengthen the material of the trousers bottom. The trouser itself was of a black synthetic fabric and the two black leather stripes blended miraculously perfect into the leather bottom strengthener and into the black fabric. I had taken me over four hours to complete the trouser but now I was very proud of my absolute perfect work.

I had to give that new trouser a try because I was absolute curious if that would work out the way I had imagined inside my very twisted mind that day. There was only one way to find out for sure - I had to try it out! I stripped out of my jeans, my panty and my nylons and slid into this brand new creation. It fitted just perfect at once. There was not a single seam that I had to redo. Now I was even more proud of my good craftsmanship. I slipped over the rest of the modified uniform and chose fitting leather boots out of my shoe reservoir. Prepared with that new functional outfit I decided to do a training lesson with my cats.

"Maybe I should try that on a one by one basis first? Don't be too eager now out of your high spirits..." I quickly called back myself. First subject to my new experiment should be Taisha. He was a very cooperative and friendly big cat after all, even when he sometimes tried to play little tricks on me. He didn't do this jokes because he wanted to anger me, but because he still had that playful small kitty deeply hidden inside his majestic self that I had grown up with and that I loved so very much.

I left my trailer and walked over to the open tigers cage and found Taisha and Rajah inside. They both were taking a small nap. I walked over to Taisha and kneeled down in front of him. He started to blink his eyes and opened them when he felt my glare resting fixed on him. He yawned in front of me and I scratched him very gently behind his right ear and below his chin. I had felt the two overlapping leather strips pushing softly against my slit while I had been kneeling down in front o him. He got airy and began to lick my arms and my chin while I scratched him very gentle around his face. I told him that it was time for a little "special stay" inside my fathers trailer.

He recognized the words "special stay" and "fathers trailer", stood up at once - he more or less sprung to his feet in an instant - and stretched his muscular body. I stood up in front of him, turned around and he followed me very curious outside the tigers cage. Rajah watched us leaving the trailer but luckily made no sign of following us outside and into my fathers trailer. It still was raining and pretty could outside and he clearly preferred to stay inside the warmth of the cage for the moment. He rested his head back onto his front paws and continued his relaxing catnap. Sooner or later he would be summoned into one of my "special stays" inside my fathers trailer again, he knew that very well by now. We had enjoyed a long divan ride together yesterday and he knew by heart that I would not forget about his very own special ability to soon. Taisha and I slowly wandered over to my fathers trailer and I opened the door and let him in. He climbed the metal steps and walked very eager into the trailer. I followed him inside and securely locked the door behind us. We wished for no unexpected visitors right now, human or non human...

Taisha at once headed towards the bubbling whirlpool but I told him to come back to me. He hesitated and was unsure why I wasn't at once stripping my cloths in one corner and following him inside the whirlpool for a good play of hot water sport with him. After I made no sign that I had suddenly reconsidered but didn't even move a muscle he turned around and trotted slowly back to my side, very curious what this was all about. Why had I lured him into the trailer of pleasure and not instant joined his side for a great game of pleasures today? He began to rub very softly along my legs to convince me of some need he had but I still didn't move a bit. I can tell you that I hated all this by heart but he had to understand that I was the one that gave the commands today and that he was the one that had to follow them as long as I wore my new trainer uniform. He had to learn that now! He circled behind me and rubbed gently along my right leg. I still showed not the slightest sign of a mood change and he looked up into my face. In his face I clearly could see a shakiness and bewilderment. He was completely unsure of that very strange situation and what that new coldness of me meant at all. Had he done something wrong? Why was his female refusing him his pleasures today? I had brought him here for a reason, hadn't I? And he knew that wonderful reason I usually brought him for into my fathers trailer very well by now...

I cleared my throat, pointed to the ground with my right hand and commanded: "Taisha, LAY DOWN!"

He first was more bewildered than ever but after a short while of careful consideration he simply gave up searching for a meaning in all this strange things I did today and followed my command like he did in our show. He lay down in front of me on his belly, his attention completely focused on me and my hand signs, pretty much in the same way he observed me during the shows to "understand" my commands. That was very new to him, a commanding trainer voice inside his well known place of pleasures.

I made a swift upwards hand sign that ended in an upward pointing fist. "Taisha, SIT!" was my next command to him.

He again followed my sign and got into an upright sitting position like an egyptian sphinx statue, his gaze still fixed on me and my signaling hand. To my easement his puzzled look had left his face and had been replaced by a very observingly one. He was dead curious what all this had to do with a "special"!

I opened my fist and showed him its palm with an erect arm into his direction. "Taisha, PAWS!" I told him.

It took him a second to recognize the sign but then he put up his front paws into a sleep walker like position and sat up on his rear. His front paws were treading the air softly to hold balance and I quickly gave my next command: "Taisha, WALK!"

He pushed up onto his powerful rear legs and walked some steps on them, still trying to balance his weight with his front paws inside the air. It looked comical but the audience loved that pose very much so we usually did it during the show with all cats.

I again pointed to the ground with my right hand. "Taisha, LAY DOWN!" I told him. He followed my signaling and came in one fluent catlike motion from his upright walking position into a flat on his belly position in front of me. I was very satisfied with our progress of understanding. He had accepted my commands very fast, faster than I had been hoping for here in our little private playground. I walked over to him and he wanted to stand up and walk towards me. At once I froze back into an ice queen in midst of my walking towards him and pointed to the ground with my right hand. "Taisha, DOWN!" I commanded him with the most commanding voice I could toil my heart into.

He forgot all about moving a limb and lay flat down on his belly like dead, not even daring a look into my face but fixing his sight on the fingers of my down pointing hand. This really was a much bigger torture for me than for him. My heart told me that this was very cruel, that this was not appropriate behavior towards a lover, a beloved one. I hated this but he had to learn that my commanding voice was law as long as I wore my new uniform.

I stood there for some seconds and had my gaze fixed on him, all my normal friendliness and love for my cats banned from my mind to pretend I was angrily observing him. I was for sure NOT angry at all because I could never be angry towards my kitties but I had to pretend it that moment to show him the rules by which we were playing the game now. This was nothing more than an ordinary training lesson just done in an unexpected place. I gave the orders, he had to follow. No exceptions!

He finally understood. He moved no muscle, even his tail remained frozen in it's last position. I could not stand this ice queen posing any longer and very slowly continued my walk towards him. His gaze slowly lifted up and when I stood over him he looked into my face. I saw a mix of uncertainty and confusion in his face and it pierced my heart like a thrown knife. I kneeled down in front of him and petted him softly on his feline head. "Well done Taisha. I'm proud of you!" I told him. My face smiled again and his confusion slowly left him. He licked my right knee in front of him and I scratched him softly under his chin.

"Now lets continue our training." I said and stood up. A flash of uncertainty entered his face again because I stood erect in front of him once more in my very stiff commanding position.

I made the swift upwards hand sign that ended in an upward pointing fist again. "Taisha, SIT!".

He followed my sign and got into his upright sitting position on his bottom again. All the puzzlement was gone and he understood now that this was a normal training for the show. He accepted his unlucky fate today at last an just played along like he did in our usual training sessions. His reluctancy clearly told me that he had expected something much more pleasurable than this darn additional training. Well, it was just time to reward his patience with stupid me.

"Taisha, TURN!" I told him in a softer voice and showed him the trained sign by turning the palm of my right hand clockwise until it showed upwards. He understood my commanding signal, got back down on his belly and flipped over to his back. He lay there very still and awaited my next command. I stepped over him and looked down into his pretty tiger face. He looked directly up into mine, pretty bored, completely accepting his doom that this was just another darn boring training lessen and I decided just that very moment that it was pretty time now to teach him a very handy new trick.

"Taisha, REWARD!" I told him in a loud and very friendly tone and placed my left hand flat onto my right.

He at once had a completely puzzled expression on his face. Now I had to be very fast to combine the spoken and signaled word of command with an according action! I fluently crouched down directly over his hip and reached behind me for his huge feline balls. There was no time to loose! I softly massaged his large fur covered balls with my warm and smooth hands and the tip of his penis made an appearance without giving him a chance to do so by his own will. Nature knew best how things had to work out. I very carefully encompassed his furry sheath with my left hand and pushed it slowly back to free more of his soft feline tool.

I made him ready for a little reward I had in mind. As carefully as anyhow possible I took his not really extended member into the fingers of my right hand while I continued my very soft massage of his huge balls with my left hand. It was time now! I crouched down low, placed the tip of his stiffening penis between the two overlapping leather straps of my new trainer trouser. The expressions on his face still reflected complete puzzlement but his whole body told me otherwise. He somehow felt my true intention but he still couldn't understand how this should work out in the end. I sat my hip down on him and his member slid through the two easily parting leather stripes that I had prepared my trousers crotch with into my awaiting hot (and very wet) box of pleasures.

That very moment I saw in his face that he finally understood what the sound "REWARD!" and the sign to turn over really meant for him! You could see the new knowledge and understanding falling into a permanent place in his picture of the world. All the puzzlement was gone and wild animalistic lust sprang suddenly into his eyes and he started to lick his own nose and stretch his front paws in response to that sudden THING that was happening to him. He was absolutely willing to play along all my new commands in this strange training lesson he was in now. There was no question any longer that he didn't understand my motivation because he started happily thrusting deep into me with his stiff penis. I froze into an ice queen again - believe me, that was the uttermost difficult thing I ever had to do in my whole life because his wonderful enjoyable rod pushed so deep and most sensual into me that I nearly forgot WHAT exactly I had planned to teach him - and commanded him "TAISHA! STOP IT!" in a very demanding voice.

He knew that urgent command well but was completely unwilling to follow it just now and choose to ignore that completely. He pushed further into me with his bending hip, harder, deeper and uttermost passionate reaching into my love tunnel. His member was inside my hidden place and he felt my wetness, my warmth, my contracting soft walls of flesh around his feline member. He knew that feel and loved it so very much, he wanted to stay inside, nature told him that there was only one way now to take, a way of constant increasing pleasures and uttermost relive at the end. This was a strange new position for him but nevertheless, he longed very much for that deep rush and that good feeling afterwards. He left me no other choice, so I simply stood up from his hip. His pushing member luckily wasn't that deep inside me because I had taken him by complete surprise and so it easily slid out of me, the two leather stripes overlapped again after it's removal and sealing my training suite trouser shut like there had never been a penetration of my vagina. I took a short glimpse back into the mirror I had placed there in advance and my trouser looked like a complete ordinary one without any trace of an opening or that very short visit by Taisha.

He was so very upset with me, I never had seen him that way before. He growled loud in a very angry tone I didn't knew from him except for the one time I can remember when I had tried to take away a beloved toy from him when he was still a youngster. I moved my right legs over his belly and walked swiftly a few steps away from him to gain some distance, physically and mentally. Over there I stopped my movement, turned slowly around and repeated my command once more in nearly the same harsh voice I had used before: "Taisha, STOP IT!".

This time, his body unexpectedly freed from the very deep pressure of lust that had driven him further, he followed my harsh command and seized his growling, completely puzzled, angry, not understanding at all what cruel game I was playing with him. He still lay on his back, his member glittering wettish on his tip and twitching back and forth lightly, robbed from the beautiful warmth and softness it had been inside just a tiny second before. I walked back to him and over him. "Let's try that again..." I said in a much softer and much friendlier voice to him and he calmed down visibly. He was totally puzzled by everything but he had to learn it the hard way.

"Taisha, REWARD!" I told again in that loud but friendly tone and placed my left hand flat onto my right to repeat the signal. That clearly repeated signal was most impressive to him. All the puzzlement left his tiger face in a sudden flash of comprehension. He looked into mine and I knew that he understood everything as clear as if he had read my mind. He was such a quick learner if it came to that one thing we enjoyed most together.

I crouched down once again over his hip and his glittering wet member was fully extend by that time, waiting for me in soft trembling anticipation. He needed no encouraging massage of his balls anymore, he had a pretty good idea of my new reward concept now. I placed my both hands on his soft underbelly, spread my knees apart and sat down on his very stiff tool. It slid in through my trousers crotch and into my awaiting hot contracting pussy. He again tried to support my efforts and pushed into me with a very slow and soft move of his hip but I commanded him at once to "STOP!" this action. That time he followed it. He always had been a very clever cat, had never made an error twice, so he relaxed onto his back this time, stopped all movement he had planned to enjoy and subordinated himself to my mercy with donned front legs on his belly.

I granted him none. I crawled roughly with my fingertips through his fine belly fur, scratching him softly with my finger nails all over his tummy. "Thats my good boy! Keep it there!" I told him and pushed my hip backwards and downwards with one steady smooth move along his stiff tool. He slid very deep into me and his furry sheath squeezed a bit between the two leather strips and it brushed softly against my vulva. He still resisted the urge for a pushing into me but it clearly was a hard struggle for him. He moved his head from side to side instead and trotted the air in front of me with his huge front paws like he was fighting the struggle of forbidden movement in front of me in form of movement overreaction.

I started a very rhythmical sliding up and down his burning hot member, moving it a tiny bit in and out of me every time while I massaged his tummy and slid my hands up and down along it, from his massive chest to his deep underbelly. I fluently increased my riding on his precious toy while I clasped my vaginal muscles around it as hard together as I could somehow manage. I took a quick look back over my shoulder and into the large mirror I had placed besides the door before I had lured him into the training chamber of new pleasures. I needed to see how we both looked from behind while we did it. If you had no pervert mind that his large member was sliding up and down deeply inside me you wouldn't have guessed it from a distance. The two leather strips perfectly engulfed his whole large penis, including the sheath, and the motions I made only looked like a harmless passionate tummy rubbing up and down his belly that I gave my cute subordinating tiger as a reward for his nice work.

I slid up and down his belly with my hands and along his burning hot penis with my hard contracting vagina walls another time and his member started a soft twitching inside me. His trotting of the air got very agile and I felt him trembling beneath me. I knew he was very close so I reached far up to his chest and pulled his member a little bit further out of me that time while I embraced his twitching rod with the walls of my love tunnel through my slightly more tensed vaginal muscles. I felt his wet furry sheath sliding out and brushing over my thrilled clit. When I finally felt his fully extend spines scratching rather hard along my whole tunnel I reversed my motion and tensed my vaginal muscles even harder, embracing his tool all around with my hot wet vagina walls. I scratched hard into the skin below his fur with my finger nails and slid back very slowly on top of him all the way that was possible for me. I felt his large member sliding reluctantly deeper into me while his furry base entered me even further than before. His fully extend spines scratched inside my narrowed and contracted together pussy. That did it! He couldn't hold back, nature took over control. He made a very hard pushing move with his hip and I felt his member spurting a very large amount of his seed deep into me. I erected into a nearly sitting upright position and slid my hip softly back and forth over his. His penis moved inside me like a bending finger, pushed hard against my inner vaginal walls and released with every tiny move of me a rather large amount of his semen inside me.

I also was darn close. His spines kept scratching softly along my contracting pussy and his wet furry sheath on my clit nearly kicked me over the point of no return. That was not exactly the way I had intended it to look like and feel like but on the other hand it was the first "special training" we both performed. It would take some more pleasurable training lessons to suit to the whole idea. He ejaculated another wet load deep into me and I nearly fell into an own orgasm. That hot spurt of him had accidentally hit my r-spot. I call that region inside my pussy "the r-spot", because Rajah always hits it with his wonderful hard penis tip and drives me by doing so into the craziest orgasms. I arched my upper body down and softly stroke up his belly fur with my flat hands. My hip slowly slid forwards to his lower belly and I felt his twitching member rasping with the spines all inside me. His member twitched two more times in response to that unintentional stimulation and moistened all my pussy on his way out. I clenched my teeth hard and had a very tough struggle not falling into an HUGE orgasm myself. I was terrible close to one, I knew that. I slid further forwards and his large member finally came free. The two black leather stripes cleaned his tool all around like a wiper blade and when I took softly shacking a look back over my shoulder into the mirror I saw his penis already retreating very fast into his protecting sheath, avoiding a stay in the cold air after that delightful wet warmth.

I stood up over him, moved my leg to one side of him and a rather large amount of his seed ran suddenly out of my smacking pussy lips, all along the two overlapping leather stripes and down the inside of my trouser legs directly into my leather boots. I can only say that I enjoyed that particular feeling of a successful rewarding running down my legs very very much. That sudden sticky warmth that left my pussy and that ran slowly down the length of my whole leg made me so darn horny, I nearly fell into an earthquake like shaking orgasm while I stood there besides him, driven into it only by thinking about what we had archived together moments before in our new form of training.

It was such hard an effort to drive all that horny erotic visions and daydreams out of my mind that sweat pearls showed up on my forehead just because of that mental struggle. I turned sideways and walked away some steps from him, rather weak and a little bit shaking in fear that a orgasmic wave would suddenly overcome me and drown my efforts to keep it down. I really had to work on this own orgasm problem! Taisha rolled around into a sideway laying down position and looked up into my face. I swear that he GRINNED at me and my pretty shaken state. Really!

"I hope you enjoyed the new reward system..." I stammered towards him while I continued my mental struggle to calm down. It took me some good time to move back into my commanding position in front of him without looking too ridiculous. He really had brought me absolute close to a hard orgasm and that darn cat knew that pretty well! Finally I made that upwards hand sign again that ended in showing him an upward pointing fist. "Taisha, SIT!" I commanded him.

He followed my sign and got into that upright egyptian sphinx like sitting position once more, his gaze pretty fixed on my signaling hand. Than he did something I really didn't expect. He slid his member out of his furry sheath again (by full purpose, you could see his muscles in his hip moving!) and pointed it into my direction, all the time holding his smiling gaze fixed on my face. He was such a darn provoking kitty some times. He clearly intended to show me that he had understood that great new command by heart now and wanted an extra round of it.

I couldn't hold back and I laughed really hard, standing there and being watched by an sphinx like tiger with an erect penis softly moving in and out it's sheath between his rear legs. He moved no other muscle except his penis and showed me that he was able to play the "I'm in command of it!" game as good as I was. I shook my head an couldn't believe this. Laughing I walked over to him, kneeled down in front of him and took his face into my hands.

"I love you too my foolish kitty!" I told him with a soft voice and scratched him along his cheeks and under his chin. He answered with a soft and sweet licking of my cheeks. We rubbed our heads together and soon we're rolling around on the floor in an close hug. After we had spent half an hour rolling and playing together on the floor I stood up and we did another training session. He clearly understood the concept now. If I gave him a command, he had to follow it. Afterwards his nice reward would follow. And it also did this time!

After a third training - this time I nearly collapsed on top of him - I stripped my clothes and we took one of our very relaxing baths together. Thank goodness I hadn't to hold back my own orgasm this time and I received a very nice and lasting one as present from Taisha. The warm bubbling water of the whirl pool was just great after so much restraint. I moaned so loud and grabbed Taisha so tight around his body in my wonderful pool orgasm below him, it was clearly something he granted me very gladly after all that labour we had in our training together.

After we finished our delightful orgasmic water sport over an hour later we both were pretty refreshed. I took on fresh clothes - I had thought ahead after my first wonderful wet experience with Rajah and had placed a complete set of cloth inside my fathers trailer for just such occasions where it might become very handy - picked up the soiled and folded together training suit and we left the trailer. We walked together back to the tigers cage and Rajah awaited us already. He came over and sniffed very curious at that completely soiled black trainer suit.

"You will get your special training lesson tomorrow. Today I'm to spent to do another one. Tomorrow, I promise that..." I told him and he was slightly disappointed that he had to wait so long. That wonderful smell clearly thrilled him pretty much.

I cleaned the dress this evening and took Rajah with me next day to make him comfortable with my stunning new reward system. He got it by our first try because he had very good experience with that very nice resting on the back position and had always followed my commands to the point, even the very hard to stand ones. I - to my very shame - could not hold back my orgasm during our second run because he hit that special r-spot with his pleasure tool. I don't know how and where he pushes me exactly with his stiff penis but the touch of that pointy tip always kicks me far over the red line. I really can't fight an orgasm then wether I try hard or not. I have to admit that I have tried to find and touch that wonderful spot with my fingers but I didn't succeed in finding it. I really can't locate it myself - I found plenty of sensitive and nice spots there - but Rajah miraculously thrills me into a fucking unbelievable series of orgasms with it when we mate on the divan. With Rajah I really had to be extra careful. I had to remember to stay in a nearly flat on his belly position. In that particular position he got hindered from touching that mysterious "Rajah-point of no resistance" with his tool and from sending me forcefully deep into orgasmic pleasure land. It would reveal everything if a trainer shook in his own uncontrollable orgasm on top of his tiger's belly during a training lesson. Not a good idea at all.

Next day I took Leo with me and to my great surprise he got the concept very easy. First try was a total miss because he rolled over with me on top and tried to fuck me from behind kitty stile. I had a real struggle to calm him down and get him again into a laying down on his back position. I worked hard on top of his belly to hold him in position the second time. To my astonishment he totally relaxed and let me do the job for him as soon as he felt his member sliding deep into my hidden wet vagina. I started my slow ride up and down on him. He was such an unbelievable lazy cat, he at once understood and loved the concept that I did all the hard labour for him and gave him great pleasure without any effort from his site. He enjoyed every single move of me and emitted a low grumbling noise of contentedness during all my wet gliding along his hard rod. After some more slow rides - I contracted my well trained vaginal muscles with every slide a bit harder around his stiff member - he exploded inside me with a real fountain of his warm seed. He from that time onwards loved that totally relaxing slow fucking with me on top doing the work so very much that I had to be very convincing when I wanted him to do me kitty style afterwards. Yes, he really was that lazy a cat!

I did three more training runs with Leo that day as soon as he had fully understood the concept of my new reward system because he was so very easy to handle thereafter. To my very delight he really understood the inner concept of the reward, because as soon as I showed him the signal for "REWARD!" - the two hands flat together on each other - he unsheathed his penis and eagerly awaited my pleasure ride on his stiff vertical in the air rod. Some times you get the best results with the slow ones...

My last candidate was Baggy. With him I had the most problems, not because he didn't follow my commands but because I couldn't play the ice queen game with him. I simply couldn't stand it. Really! I tried it but his puzzlement and shakiness made me so complete sick, made me feel so bad I was near falling into tears. I could not do it. It took me three more days to get him to the point where he kept still most of the time while I granted him his "reward". And we kept training everywhere, we even took home hours - that means inside my own trailer. I could finally manage to show him my idea of the reward by pressing him with soft force and my both flat hands relatively hard to the ground while I rode his member very slowly and gently, stopping instantly whenever he mad the slightest notion of a move. He at last understood my demand that he should remain calm while I helped him to the pleasure he deserved. He found that new reward clearly very enjoyable - like all my cats did - but it took him a good deal of time to comprehend that he only had to hold still when I was in my trainer cloths.

After the first training lessons he lay still like a stone figurine when I had a good after shower fucking in the bathroom, on the floor or in bed in mind and that took pretty much of the great fun with him away. But I didn't give up my training of him and finally managed to make the difference clear to him. I took on the trainer cloth one evening and commanded him to stay calm with my pressure down trick while I rode him home on the floor. Directly after that successfully training I stripped off all my cloth like a flash and screwed the hell out of him in a second and completely gone wild naked fuck on top of him. This time he could not stop himself and participated greatly in the fun because I really teased him hot in any possible way that came into my twisted mind. After that he finally understood the difference: Naked Trisha meant fucking hard in every style nature wished us fun with; Trisha in training cloths meant laying back and enjoying the ride without any big interaction.

After I had finished my single training lessons with my cats it finally was time for a group training. On a very early wednesday morning I took all my cats with me into the main tent. They knew that it was a "special training" because I wore my black special trainer suit. After we all had entered the training arena inside the tent they came over to me one by one and sniffed around my suits trouser and rubbed along my legs. They smelled something familiar that they all liked very much below that fabric. Well, Baggy hadn't been lazy that morning inside my own trailer and he had helped me greatly to develop a smell inside that trouser that all my cats knew, loved and wanted to enrich.

I directed Leo, Taisha, Rajah and my beautiful Baghira to their pedestals. They followed my orders very reluctantly first. I commanded them to sit down and ordered Rajah to come over to my side. He stood up, jumped down his pedestal and strolled gladly over to me. I gave him a scratching behind his ears to make him more comfortable in front of all the other cats watching and we both started the training show with his part as usual.

He made not a single error during all my various commands I gave him and so I finally ordered him back to my side. He came to me and I took a very careful look around. Nobody was inside or outside the tent - it still was very early - and I gave Rajah the command to lay down in front of me. He followed my order and I stepped over him. One more time I took a quick glance around me and gave him the command he had instinctually hoped for all the time: "Rajah, REWARD!"

At my very command his large member appeared between his rear legs, already glittering wet on his pointy tip in anticipation and he lay perfectly still and comfortable on his back, awaiting my wonderful reward. The one by one training lessons with my cats greatly payed off. I crouched down into a knees spread apart position over his furry hip. One last time I took a quick look around but still nobody was in sight. My other cats followed the spectacle with absolute fascinated interest. I rubbed his belly down with my fingertips and he enjoyed this little foreplay very much, remembering very well from our training what else was in store for him in that particular position. Finally I pushed down onto his member with one very quick move. I wanted him completely inside me very fast, that way the dangerous time where someone maybe could see his pink member entering into my trouser's crotch would be minimized. His huge how rod pushed through the two overlapping black leather stripes I had sewn into my trousers crotch without any resistance and slid with a smacking noise very deep into me at the first try. Instantly I felt what I had feared about the reward time with him most! His member was hitting the r-spot again inside my pussy. Darn, he really touched that spot every time we loved each other. I had to do something quick, because white and black spots appeared in my vision and that always was a very good sign - if someone hoped for a great uncontrollable orgasm - but a very bad sign right now. I crouched down very low and decreased my angle over his body, got my belly lower down nearer to his own. That position was much better because he couldn't hit my special spot so easily again by accident. Now he was not able to force me into an orgasm.

If anybody would have seen us from a distance he would have seen a trainer cowering low over his big sumatra tiger, rubbing his white soft belly fur very passionate up and down and one very cute subordinating tiger trotting the air in front of his mistress in complete pleasure of the nice belly rubbing. Well, it was not only the pleasure of the tummy rub. I gave something else a much stronger rubbing between my hard contracting vaginal muscles but that wonderful melting together nobody could see. I kept moving up and down and forth and back on his member with every smooth belly rub I made. I felt him suddenly tremble in delight beneath me. My greatest fear was that he would maybe make a big deal of noise during his climax.

His member started to twitch inside me and I knew that I had won and that he was over the edge. I moved slowly forwards and his member slid out of me a very tiny bit. His nearly fully extend spines scratched very pleasurable along my tunnel. Now I contracted my vaginal muscles as tight as anyhow manageable and pushed him very delightful an slow with all my body weight back into my very narrow tunnel of wet warm pleasures. With that "final" move I got all my cats, all the time! That feeling of their erect spines pushing hard against my vaginal walls and that hot narrow wet vaginal tunnel I created by my tight contraction was too much for them. I felt his penis quiver deep inside me and a big spurt of hot sticky tiger cum sprayed into me. He stopped trotting the air and looked into my face with a very grateful expression for my wonderful reward without making any sound. "You earned it all..." I whispered and with one swift move stood up. His penis slid out of me in one long wet slide. It got cleaned and massaged all over by the two leather stripes that overlapped behind his removed tool like there had been no penetration of me at all.

He rolled over to one side, made a slow stretching movement and I told him to stand up and go back to his pedestal. He stood up and I could see all his way back to the pedestal the pointy wet tip of his retracting member showing into my direction while tiny white drops of fluid ran down his rear legs like a condensing mist. I felt his warm seed leaking out of my pussy and running down the inner sides of my trousers into my boots. It felt warm and sticky but the trouser was waterproof and would keep it inside so nobody could possibly see anything...

All my other cats had observed our great fluent performance. During the training they had followed Rajahs part with mild interest but while I gave him his much earned quick reward they literally followed every tiny move of us with all their senses. And you can imagine that they now where pretty eager to perform their part of the show and earn that very nice reward afterwards.

Next was Taisha's turn. He also followed every command I gave him perfectly, better than he had ever performed in any training we had made. He of course thanks to his fine senses could smell the reward I had granted Rajah for his good work and now he wanted nothing more urgent than earning his own reward. He wanted this so very badly that he performed his part of the show faster than he had ever done but with unbelievable excellence. I finally ordered him to me, completely bewitched by his wonderful flawless performance he had shown to me.

He fluently came over to me and joined my right side. I kneeled down besides him and got my right arm around his neck, whispering into his ear: "Well done my beauty! You earned yourself a reward. I hope I can perform as wonderful on top of you now as you have done in front of me my love...". I hugged him tight around his broad shoulder and after some seconds stood slowly up besides him.

"Taisha, REWARD!" I commanded him and showed him the sign, placed my left hand flat onto my right. He walked away a few steps, tumbled over onto his right flank, rolled around onto his back and waited for me, his member softly gliding out of his sheath, glittering wettish and finally standing stiff upright like a wooden cone fully extend between his rear legs. I had walked over him with some quick steps and settled down on his wonderful stiff pulsing tool at once now. Settled down on his feline hip and with his member inside me I rode him good while I softly stroke up and down his belly fur wit my flat hands. I clenched him hard, pushed his member deep into me every time I moved my hands down his soft belly and I enjoyed it as much as he did. After five long, soft, wet, hard clutching slides along his twitching penis he ejaculated deep inside me. He shot his load into me just the moment I slid him in to the hilt, just the moment I felt his furry sheath entering my vulva and tickling over my clit. I was so very delighted, I sigh loud to the most delightful feeling I got from his pulsing jets of sperm spraying hard into my womb. I loved him so much for that most delightful sensual orgy he delivered me that I clenched my vaginal muscles very hard a few times around his member while I slid up and down his hip with my trousers crotch and scratching his belly fur. That did it for him. Another load of his seed sprayed into my tunnel and this time it hit my contracting vaginal walls and ran down the whole length of his feline rod when I suddenly released my contraction pressure around it. Oh wow, that feel was just GREAAAAAT!

I enjoyed the feel of his pulsing twitching penis inside me some more seconds while I stopped my motions except for my passionate scratching along his lower belly with my finger nail. That feeling was so wonderful that I had for some time forgotten that this was ordinary TRAINING and not secret pleasure play. I became very ashamed of myself and my own primal urge for enjoyment despite the danger of being "caught in the act". My face was getting hot and I felt the burning heat of embarrassment flooding me. I dismounted him pretty quick after coming back to my rational thinking and his large tool left me with a smacking wet noise that embarrassed me even more.

That one was a close miss, I nearly had forgotten where I was and what I did in my delightful stage of primal lust. He rolled onto his left flank and smiled into my face. Wicked Taisha! He pretty much enjoyed my stage of embarrassment over this fine fuck and would you believe this - he started licking his penis right in front of me. I quickly and harshly commanded him to get up and back to his pedestal. He did so, stood up and walked back to his own pedestal. He jumped onto it, sat down on his bottom and - I really was torn apart between laughing out loud and hiding embarrassed deep inside a hole in the ground - showed me the whole length of his penis emerged between his rear legs, pointing at me, twitching softly and loosing wet drops of clear liquid without taking note of it himself. I shook my head and made a mental note: "Three times a week special training with Taisha this week. He clearly needs a refresh WHAT to do and WHAT not to do in public!"

Third one was Leo. I commanded him to me and we performed our planned part of the show. He also did very well today, not as flawless as Taisha or Rajah but pretty good. I commanded him to me when we were through with his part. Very quickly I took a short glance over to Taisha, especially between his rear legs and to my great relief he had secured his stiff twitching member back into his furry sheath. The only thing left was a glittering wettish spot below his sheath on the pedestal. I concentrated on Leo and I was very glad that he was so easy to handle. We did our trained "reward" and his reward performance was flawless, better than any other cat could do it. I dug my hands into his fluffy mane while I secretly massaged his penis with my contracting vagina and he not even blinked in response but rested his head back into his mane like he was taking a sun bath outside, enjoying the warmth and the day. I was so grateful for his very mannered behavior while I served him good that I made him ejaculate three times in a row inside my hot pussy just for fun of it.

The very wonderful thing with Leo was that he really relaxed, let me do my job and please him the best ways I could manage. I had sensed this in our first private "special training" lesson but now I was absolutely sure. Leo was the very easiest cat to give pleasure to. During our private training lesson I had taken a good look into the mirror behind us and you could see NOTHING! Really, if I wished I could do my pleasing of Leo directly in front of you and you wouldn't have the slightest idea that I was having sex with with him in front of you. His long fur covers everything up and his bulgy sheath is fitting just perfect between my two leather strips. You can't see a thing! It pretty much looks like his sheath is pressed flat below my crotch but you can't see any part of him pushing into me. But I ensure you, he is inside me, deep and pretty filling every time we enjoy doing it.

That was the one thing he had in advance to my other lovers. The second thing was that he kept still and enjoyed everything without even a move of his whiskers. I can only describe it to you that way. He really was absolute confident with me on top of his belly, knew that I wasn't doing anything nasty to him and he enjoyed the wetness of my hot vagina around his member like it was his own sheath. For him the excursion deep into me was something pretty "normal". It's very difficult for me to put it into words. He just played along with me, enjoyed everything I was giving him BUT he didn't expect something from me like my other kitties did. They expected relief, pleasure, sex, hard fucking, joy, lust, ejaculations. Leo expected nothing. He just played along and was every time very pleasantly surprised whenever I got him hard inside me and milked him good with my contracting vagina. And so I did this time, so I did three times in a row. And it was so very easy with him. You hadn't do quick or slow slides along his member, you hadn't fear sudden pushing or pulling moves with his hip below you. Most of the time it was as simple as getting him deep inside my hot box and contracting all your vaginal muscles in rhythmical motions like a belly dancer around his stiff penis.

I don't really know why he reacted this way to sex on his back, maybe he didn't enjoy it as much as the other cats did but on the other hand he never wanted to miss a "special session" with me. Well, Leo has somehow a strange idea of sex. For him it is something normal like drinking, eating, sleeping but with a little extra kick at the end.

When I had pleased him three times in a row I very slowly slid from his member and when I stood over him his penis already was completely retreated back into his big furry sheath. I kneeled down besides him, petted him softly on his head and scratched his soft cheeks. I felt his seed running down my trousers inside in a steady stream - his three bursts of seed were quite large amounts as usual - but he clearly enjoyed my petting and scratching nearly as much as he had enjoyed his stay inside my hot wet female slit. Well, he really was a strange cat, maybe he was really a stupid lazy cat but maybe, just maybe, he was just a very content cat, a cat that enjoyed life every day to the very max so that sex was nothing really that great for him because every day life was great for him already.

I quickly left my thoughts behind me because I had become aware of Baggys state. Baggy already was moving around very nervous on his pedestal. He had been standing up and had been sitting down from on top of his pedestal at least three times since I had been enjoying my secret love making with Leo. He knew that he was next, he knew that he could do his part flawlessly, he knew that I would grand him THAT wonderful feeling afterwards. He was stressed by the sheer time it took me to be done with Leo. He wanted to show me his part of the show, wanted to do it right now in front of me but on the other hand I had commanded him onto his pedestal. What a darn fix he was in!

I again patted Leo softly on head and told him to stand up and go back onto his pedestal. Leo yawned, scrambled slowly up, stretched, walked over to his pedestal, climbed onto it slowly with all four paws and sat down on his bottom. Baggy was desperate. He was so eager to show me his performance but I had commanded him, strict order, trainer dress. He sat down again on his pedestal because he had already sprung up on his legs when he had heard my command to Leo.

I smiled - not an evil smile of pleasure about my commanding force towards Baggy but an soft inviting smile of understanding - and gave Baggy his desperate awaited command to come over to me. He not even stood up on his pedestal but made a direct long jump out of his sitting down position to a position a few feet in front of me. He smoothly landed there and was suddenly besides me. I can't tell you how he managed to force his body around me in that speed but well, that's Baggy.

We performed his part of the show and he did perfect - like he always did - and I commanded him to me like I had done with all my other pleased cats. He came over to me, filled with expectation, and placed himself in front of me, awaiting his next command patiently. He knew the command that had to follow but he didn't dare interrupting me. I took a very good look around me but my cats and I were still the only persons inside and outside the tent at this early hour. I walked over to his pedestal and called him to follow me there. I sat down on the pedestal and he sat down in front of me, absolutely bewildered what in heavens name he had done wrong to be denied his reward in front of the other cats. I slid my hip to the pedestal's outer rim and asked him: "Baggy, do you want your REWARD?" in a very lusty voice, showing him no hand sign like I had done with my other cats before. All my other cats on their pedestals were absolutely fascinated by that complete strange behavior I showed and observed us with uttermost interest.

Baggy was brilliant as ever and got the hint, rested his both front paws over my shoulder and carefully licked over my forehead. I slid some good way forwards on his pedestal, my arms behind my back on the pedestal to support Baggy's rather heavy weight on my shoulders. I opened my legs, invited Baggie's hip between my legs and he slid his small penis with one swift move between my awaiting leather stripes and deep into my pussy while he never stopped a second to lick my face with his rough tongue. He was pushing himself easily and deep into me because I was very well lubricated from my former visitors. I got my left hand up to his ears, my body only held upright with my straight right one behind my back. I crawled him softly between his ears with the fingertips of my stretched left arm and he started to lick my arm up and down with his rough tongue while he pushed even deeper and more passionate into me in his rush of lust. I moved my left hand lower to his mouth and he started to lick my hand palm like it was the best thing he ever tasted in his whole life. An observer hopefully would have seen an exited black leopard, trying very passionate to get something out of the stretched hand of his tamer, maybe a piece of raw meat? Baggy suddenly made a hard jump into my awaiting crotch and I fell backwards by the very sudden shift of weight, resting finally on top of his pedestal with my back while he was deep inside me and shooting wave after wave of his burning hot feline sperm into me vagina.

I couldn't hold back. His hot seed pulsating into me like a burst of hot never ending volcanic lava and his penis hitting my blazing clit by accident - I tumbled unwillingly into a really deep orgasmic sensation. I couldn't stop it or prevent it, that hard pedestal below me pushing into my back, baggy all over me and inside me, shooting hot explosions of seed into me and all my other cats fascinated observing that spectacle. All that fucking had made me more and more horny without really feeling it and that sudden pushover and deep penetration by Baggy had been too much of a sudden burst to fight against. I got my arms around his neck and pressed my lips together, moaned as softly as was anyhow possible in my current situation of overflowing sensations. My whole body trembled in pleasure mixed with the fear of discovery. He pushed again hard into me, pretty much enjoying the new position he had managed me into. I could feel through my orgasmic peeks that his furry shaft pulsated around my blazing clit and he nearly got me a second time by surprise.

After he released another hot spurt of his seed inside my vagina in instant response to that deep push he stayed calm on top of me for a few seconds and suddenly dismounted me in one sleek move, strolling over into the midst of the cage and sitting down there. I struggled hard to come up again and closed my spread legs as fast as I dared without maybe triggering another orgasmic height in some miraculous way.

I very slowly stood up from his pedestal, leaving a very wet mark on it and commanded Baggy onto his place. He followed my order with all the grace he always shows. He slid alongside my right leg and I could feel his warm seed running down my clit and all over the inner sides of my legs into my boots at the same time. All my lovely cats hadn't moved and still sat where I had ordered them but they had observed my last strange reward to Baggy with special interest. They all had their members exposed a tiny bit between their rear legs. I walked over to every single one of them. There I took every ones face into my hands, kissed him softly onto his nose and whispered into his ears: "You now know the reward for good work during the training. I hope you remember it well...".

I never made that Baggy mistake again and always used the special trained reward position for ALL cats, also for beloved Baggy. They all deserve the same treatment and that little orgasm of mine really was a very foolish and selfish thing of me. I had luck because nobody was near but it could have gone terrible wrong so I decided to separate fun and work like every professional should do. Fun was done naked, work was done in cloth. Simple as that.

Sure thing, during my evening shows in front of the audience I never did anything like that and NEVER wore my specially prepared training suite. But my kittens remembered our training together very well each time we did the show. All the time we worked together they looked forward to the next "special" training lesson with me. I have cats that completely enjoy learning and performing new tricks during our training lessons. What could a trainer possibly wish for more?

Now you know my secret trick. It consist of two key elements: To show them a reward they most wish for for their good work during the training and of a deep love and understanding for my big cats (again to be taken literally). In exchange they consider me as part of "the family", their only female and they handle me with much care, much loveliness, much respect. A trainer needs power. Power is easily reached by force, but force brakes things. And the person who breaks things is not worthy of the power he gains by doing so. I decided that I would gain my power through deep and absolute love for my cats.

You may now esteem me a slut, a whore or a nymphomaniac who fucks with felines just for her own benefit. I can only say to my justification that vast sexual activity is part of their feline nature. They love to mate for hours. They love to mate many times in a row. They love to mate every day if that is possible. I only use nature to my advantage and every time I have fun with them I enjoy it. In the whole 23 years that I have lived on that planet I've never experienced more grace, beauty and love than in the company of my beautiful felines. I try to adapt to their likings, try to be as good a feline myself as I can manage in my poor human form. Love is a bond that goes deeper than everything else, that jumps easily over bodily barriers. Sex only is one tiny expression of true love towards somebody but it's so much fun, so much joy to share, so much deep trust between the partners. I can't live without my daily dose of special training with them anymore because I'm young, because I'm absolutely in love with them, because I'm the happiest person on this planet. I hope that I can do this "job" my whole life, that I never stop loving my cats and that they never stop loving me.

Well, we will see what the future has in store for me...