True Advantage
by Graham Black

He awoke with a start. Not knowing why he awoken, he was cold. Feeling around, he felt the other warm fur of his mate, sleeping. But that wasn’t his problem, he thought, looking around the den. He looked up, and saw another lioness, standing over him, and then what she did next for him was arousing. Pushing her paws to his lip for silence, he then pointed to his mate. She knelt down, near to his sheath, and felt her warm furry paws rubbing against it. Slowly and pleasurably, he slowly got an erection before her.

Then the lioness let the warmness of her juicy mouth go around his cock, taking a life on its own. He felt this, and started moaning to heaven for more. He liked the feeling, and then felt ready to climax, causing him to tense up, but trying his best to hold in his cum. But out of pure pleasure, four minutes later he climaxed, and got his hot juicy life giving seeds inside her open tender warm mouth. She then swallowed it all down, and proceeded to his mouth. She started kissing him, trying to be passionate on what he gave her. He could taste his own cum, salty but yet nice, it also smelt musky, but not strong.

They started kissing each other, holding each other’s head close to each other. Touching one another’s tongues, with their hot juicy saliva flowing down each other’s mouths. But he had been forbidden from that lioness, promising his mate he wouldn’t do her, no matter what. Then they started breathing into one another, giving each their life giving breath to breath on. But he swears he could still smell her, over him, kissing each other raw. Not wanting it to end. “Fuck that fuckin’ bitch.” he said about his mate, who rolled over on the other side of the bed. Then he heard a sound like no other, not moaning or groaning, but one that did not seem to annoy him, but wake him…

Gregory was woken up by his dream, by the sound of something being scraped on the floor. He turned over, and saw the morning sun not above the surface yet. Cold and shivering, he reached over and tried to feel for his warm wife. But all he felt was hard cold rock. Suddenly thinking about last night, he rolled over on to the other side and looked around, scared. All he saw was the bed of rock, nothing breathing there or living. Gregory was thinking maybe the lioness killed his wife, and hoping not to see his wife being dragged dead outside. He didn’t see the strange lioness or his mate, but only to find yet another enticing smell familiar to him. Wanting it more than anything right now…

“Honey, I brought you some antelope.” his lioness mate, Jennifer, said. Pushing the dead creature near to him, scraping it along the hard cold stone floor, and started panting and wheezing from all that effort. Then she started to lick her paws, full of blood, and started grooming herself. She then started to tongue herself, ever so cleaning herself with her saliva, than starting around her mouth.

Gregory breathed a sigh of relief, and walked to the dead antelope. He smelt it, and breathing in the smell of raw meat with a lot of bloodiness, and also a bit of Jennifer’s body. He started right away on the meat, for he had no dinner last night. He started to savor the taste. Although he had and did taste another juicy but firm meat that was much more delicious than the raw meat he was eating. Looking up at Jennifer, staring at her hind legs, seeing the pink slit of wet folded skin, causing him to be twittered. She was then starting to clean her fine strong abdomen.

She was grooming her backside, and then she saw that Greg was eyeing her. She got twittered and horny, and started finishing off the rest of herself. Then she got an idea…

After that, she went over to Gregory, who was finishing off his hearty meal. He looked up at her, and smiled a bloody smile. He still had some meat dangling off of his muzzle, along with some blood. She decided to help him get clean, along with pleasing herself while at it.

“Thank you honey. That was wonderful.” Gregory replied to her. He started to lick his face to get the last of the blood and meat off of his face. He saw her coming towards him. “Maybe just wants a piece of meat too.” Then he resumed grooming himself, closing his eyes to feel around his mouth, for the bits and pieces of leftover meat. But what happened then was what he wasn’t expecting at that moment. She didn’t want the antelope meat, but another tender, and better meat… HIM…

She went right up to his face, and started to lick off the remaining of the blood on his mouth. He opened his eyes, to see the intruder of his presence around the mouth. He looked at her, seeing her licking his face for him, and started to get drowsy, and twittered too. He backed away, and opened his mouth to yawn, but she then got this moment on time. She went forward and caught his muzzle midway, and forced him into a kiss.

He opened his eyes yet again, and saw the beautiful lioness that was in front of his face, which was now licking his teeth, for his taste of saliva, and some blood. He didn’t resist, but was surprised by this. Gregory was somewhat getting in the mood, and started to lick her mouth. He then grabbed her head, and forced his way into her mouth.

They were both kissing, like it was out of style. Then they stopped. Catching their breath, they both went to their makeshift bedrock, and they both laid down next to each other on the bed. They went all out on kissing again, trying to get one another’s taste.

They kept this up for nearly 3 minutes, savoring each other’s saliva, and breathing into one another. Not hoping to break the bonds at all times, they both breathed into each other’s mouth. They then released, both mouths, with saliva dripping off of their muzzles. Both were trying to breath the blessing sweet air, than the lion went near the lioness, tired and happy.

Her planned work somewhat, and was pleased at what he was doing to her. Rolling her self to his stomach, she felt the heat build between them both. She started to move her paws all over his backside, rubbing it down. She felt his mane, and stroked it down with her claws nearly extended. She worked up some spit, and started to groom his body, head to toe. As she was going down, she felt his cock extend from the furry home. Jennifer could feel it getting thick and hard, it was because of rubbing against her stomach. She started down towards his hind legs, licking and kissing his body wet.

Gregory was now liking the whole ordeal now, and loved it more when her whole body was going further and further down-south. He grabbed her head, and started guiding her to his treasured shaft, which was fully erect and extended from his sheath. His heart was beating at an alarming rate, and sweat was already appearing around his body from both the body heat, and the passion tongue juice. He felt her mouth going down to the shorter yet silkier fur protecting his powerful cock.

As she was going for the loot, she got her left paw, and reached down in between her legs. She then started to touch her own muff, moaning and rocking her body. Then as she was masturbating, she licked the base of his hot cock, along with the nut sack. He moaned, and she enjoyed this moment, working up some spit. She then took the whole slimy treasure into her heavenly warm mouth, and felt it hit the back of her neck. Gagging and trying to breath, the cock she swallowed was large, but all the while, enjoying herself from the beating that her mouth was getting. She went up and down, trying to coax the treasures that lie beneath it all to come out and play with her.

As for Gregory, he was moaning and seeing that golden-brown lioness doing her thing, just was enough for him to get horny. He pushed her head in a rhythmic motion along his dick, as she was masturbating herself under her own belly button. The sights he had seen nearly bring him to an orgasm, but held it in with all his might and thought.

She felt his cock tense up, trying hard not to cum. She got excited, knowing how much it took his strength in to hold the cum in. She knew he was going to cum anyway, no matter what and how hard he tried not to. So she started to increase her pressure on the dick, and went faster. She felt the head hitting her ridges on top of her mouth, and massaging it with her fast and experienced tongue.

This was too much for him, the musky smell, the movements, his dick massage, and seeing her masturbate. 3 minutes later, he came. He just couldn’t hold it in him any longer. “RROOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRR” he yelled out, as he shot his seed into her mouth, and felt her throat sucking, trying to get every last bit out. The tongue also going over his dick-head to get the last drop of cum out of him. He was panting, and fell backwards, trying to catch his breath, and feeling his whole body starting to un-tense.

Drenched in sweat, and panting, Jennifer then licked his dick with her tongue; just to be sure there wasn’t any leftovers left for her. Getting the last drop on her mouth, she went over and kissed him on the mouth. Feeling his teeth and tongue of his big mouth got her horny again.

Being kissed by her, and tasting the remaining of his cum off her tongue, just felt heavenly good. She then lay down next to him, breathing in the sweet air, and running her paw over her muff, slightly going over the tight pink hole. Seeing this brought him to be horny again, and his limp dick was slowly erecting into hardness again.

“Honey, you’re actually good with your tongue.” Gregory said.

“Hell Yeah…” Jennifer said.

“Let me show you how well I can handle mine.” He said, moving on down to her hind legs. “Move those dirty little paws, and let me shows you some real pleasure on what I can bring.”

Happy to hear those words from his husband got her going to be horny. Moving her paws away, she saw his muzzle going into the depths of her. “Ah…very…good …nice…whoa!” she moaned, as she felt his cold nose went near her muff, and felt his tongue going all over inside. Whipping each and every little thing inside. She tensed up, and felt her thigh muscles tighten up.

This was feeling really good to Gregory, as he tasted the real riches inside her. He smelt her, smelling a bit musky, but tasted sweet, little more over honey. He felt his rough tongue being squeezed, but didn’t mind. He just continued to plunder the insides of her.

“Just…ooh…a…little…aah…more…ahhhhhhh!” she moaned, then felt ready to climax. But she wasn’t going to give up that easily. She held it in, trying to see if he was worthy enough.

Seeing this from his mate got him to be not fooled easily. He took 2 paws fingers, and started to play with her ass. Feeling the warmth they brought to her, she started to growl with pleasure. Feeling ready to climax, she forced her would-be-robber to seek more into the depths.

He liked this, and let his tongue go wild inside her. “AHHHHHHHHHH…ROOARR!!!” was what she said, as she was flooding Gregory’s mouth with her delicious sugary water. He lapped up the reward, and took his paws out of her ass, now feeling they weren’t going to be used anymore. He let her lick the fingers, trying to taste her ass, and was smearing his fingers into her mouth.

He wasn’t done, for he got over her small body, and let his mane go over her chest. “Was that good enough honey?” Gregory said, resting his head on her chest.

“Yes…it…whew…was…ohm…honey…” Jennifer said, trying to catch her breath.

“Well, get ready then!!” as he said this, as he drove his cock into the now robbed pussy in deep. He felt the warmness going around his cock, and the folds of the pussy massaging with the folds. He started pumping into her slowly, but increased with each slide in. She yelped as his big dick was going in and out of her inflamed pussy, waves of pleasure taking over her. He growled as he felt each plunge take him nearer to orgasm. His balls were hitting her, making slapping sounds, as he still drove in his tool into the toolbox.

It was always the same for him, but each sex was different. He felt the tight hole get tighter around his dick, and the warmness was somewhat always different. This time, it was just right, not to hot, but cool enough for him to fuck at. Feeling her muscles tighten around his cock, nearly bringing him to an orgasm. He groaned, trying to keep his cum inside him, but felt he was ready to climax.

She was groaning to the heavens, as the hard dick was doing her hard and fast. Grabbing his mane and backside, she tried to hold onto something, but the pleasures under her legs made all her muscles to collapse. She was just going along with the ride, and enjoying being bounced by the powerful lion. She then got his mouth, and started to kiss him, making her tongue feeling each tooth, the gums, also his insides. Licking it all inside out, making him being prepared.

This was all going around him, and felt he was ready to climax yet again. This time, holding it in for three times, thinking he better just let it go. He would get other times, but it all felt so good to him. Feeling tight moist skin around his dick, and seeing the lioness kissing his muzzle, and his muff going to explode. He then let it all out, feeling his dick pulsing as the juices flowed out, and into her pussy.

“AAHHH… whew… about time… Gregory.” Jennifer said, as she felt the juices flowing out of his shaft, and felt it all riveting down her tunnel. He laid down beside her, feeling all of his energy disappearing from him, and kissed his mate.

“Well, as I said, thank you honey. That was probably the best one we both done together.” Gregory said, trying to catch his breath.

“Well, we might as well be going, it’s already mid-morning. Let’s go.” Jennifer said, getting up and staggering to the entrance. He saw her go out, and summoned all strength to get up. His cock was already in its sheath, but didn’t mind. He had a busy day ahead of him.

“Well, I guess dreams are dreams, and I will be tired tonight. I’ll see if she fuck me again.” With that, Gregory got up, and followed his wife to follow her to renounce her rank. But in the shadows, came a sinister laughter, and another lioness came forth.

“Well Gregory, last night was terrific, and I wish to see what next time will bring.” With this, Jennifer’s twin, Conniver, walked outside, and saw them both running towards the morning. I will see you later, was all she thought… as she ran in the opposite direction. “Oh, that was another true advantage for me again.” Thinking about last night, thinking in thought, running past the others that were before her…

The END(?)