Two of a kind
© 2004 by TigerClaw

Two of a kind

It was 7 in the evening and Keith was exhausted. He laid his head on his desk and closed his eyes. Another long day of work would be finished in 2o minutes. It's not that he didn't love his job as the C.E.O. of the Daily Fur Newspaper Company, its just he never had any free time of his own. He was either at home sleep preparing for work or he was at work. He sat up and stretched and decided to walk to the restroom. He walked down the hallway to the restroom passing by different offices. He opened the door letting a leopard out as he walked in. He walked over to the sink and looked in the mirror and saw his reflection. A white tiger with light blue eyes and and a sad face stared back at him.

He was muscular and kept his body in shape but no girls seemed to take interest in him. He stood at 6ft1 and was quite easy on the eyes to look at. He used the restroom and shook himself off and headed to the sink to wash his paws. The water was cold but it felt good on the paws after typing all day. He dried his paws and walked out of the bathroom. He scratched the arm of his black suit jacket and straitened his tie.

He walked passed one of his female assistants and waved but she seemed to busy with her computer to wave back. Feeling a little depressed he sat back down at his own desk. He only had one real friend which was his roommate Jack. He was a good friend but he was always at work or at a party. A tall party hearty lion that lived by the philosophy work hard and play harder. He always had some girl with him when he was home and often begged Keith to go to the club with him. Keith was usual to tired from work to go seeing that he worked from 1:oo in the morning to 7:20 in the afternoon. Jack had no real girl friend, just girls that loved to be around him.

He sat at his desk and looked at the digital clock that sat beside his kitty carwashers calendar. It was 7: 15 and he only had 5 minutes left so he decided it wouldn't hurt to leave a little early. He packed up his briefcase and punched out and walked through front door. He reached into his suit pocket and pulled out his keys. He unlocked the door to his 1999 mitsubishi mirage. Nothing spectacular but it was a reliable car. He hopped in and put his seat belt on tweaked his mirror. He turned on his car and slowly backed out of the parking lot. He figured at least 1oo different furs worked at the company telling by all the cars that were in the parking lot. He drove down the highway and exited off. He drove down a few streets and turned a few corners and pulled into his driveway. It was a one story house with 3 rooms. 1 master bed room and two guest rooms. There were two bathrooms, one in his bedroom, and one in the hallway. When Jack and Keith bought the house they decided that Keith should get the master bedroom since he paid the most.

He turned off his car and noticed that Jack's car was in the garage along with another car. He's home early Keith thought to himself. He unlocked the door and walked in taking off his shoes at the front. He heard some thuds and banging and knew it could only be Jack down the hall fucking some girl. "Jack I'm home," Keith called down the hallway to the third guest room. Jack slept in the second one so if he was in the third one that usually meant he was pounding a happy chick. After the first couple of weeks they established this after Keith walked in on Jack taking on another female when he went to change the sheets. Keith used to have a girlfriend but she dumped him for a better looking fur with more money. Jack walked out of the room followed closely by a rather fine fox that Keith had seen before. "Hi, Laura," Keith said looking at the tired fox. "Hi Keith," she said looking a little awkward. "I better go," she said kissing Jack on the cheek. "Bye Laura," Keith called as she left through the front door.

"Have fun," Keith said smiling at the lion. "Yep," Jack said flashing his toothy smile. Jack was well muscled standing at the same size as Keith but with more of a build. He was very funny and had a very deep voice. Keith could see how Jack could score so easily with the ladies. "Hey Keith, want to go to the Hot Spot tonight," Jack said licking some of his left overs of his paw. "I don't know Jack". "Come on, It'll be fun,". Kieth stared for a second. "Please," Jack said using puppy dog eyes. Jack new that face was Kieth's weakness and he used it well. "Fine I'll go," Kieth said giving in to the demands of the lion. "Great, I'll go get ready," he said. "Wait Jack, I don't have anything to wear," Kieth said thinking about his wardrobe. All he had was suits, ties, and sleep clothing. "You can wear something from my closet," he said going to his room. "You might want to change the sheets to the guest room when you clean tomorrow," he said walking into his room. "Right," Kieth said rolling his eyes.

Jack tried to pick out a very nice outfit for the tiger. It was a little hard since Kieth was a white tiger. Finally he found the perfect outfit. Kieth put it on and looked in the mirror. He was dressed in a nice black button up shirt that was draped over his body unbuttoned. A nice pair of black slacks with a belt and a black undershirt. Jack finished Kieths out fit with a nice pair of black shoes. The pants was a little tight around the crotch area and the undershirt showed off his toned abs. a little something that Jack uses to show off with. He really looked nice. "Thanks," Keith said looking at himself in the mirror. "You look great, but now I need to get ready". Jack tossed on a brown button up shirt and a black under shirt. He found a nice pair of black pants and slid on his black pair of shoes. "Now were ready to go...... and were taking my car,".

They backed out of the driveway in Jack's black Lexus and headed to the club. Keith felt a little nervous about going out after so long but Jack kept reassuring him he would be fine. "Keith, they even have a make out room in the back in case you find someone special," he said grinning. "Even if I do find someone I'll have to wait my turn until you get done," Keith said laughing. They pulled into the club parking lot and found a spot close to the door. They got out and Jack pressed the alarm and walked up to the club. "Hey Jack," the bouncer said recognizing the lion as he walked up. "Hey Craig, any fine girls in here tonight," the lion asked. "There are some good ones here tonight but I don't want you on all of them at once," he said smiling. Keith laughed and they walked in the club.

It was a nice club with with a huge bar and a lot of tables to sit at. There were some good tunes being played and a lot of furs were dancing to its beat. Jack was on the prowl before they were even in the club five minutes. He found a cute collie and decided to dance with her. Keith on the other hand walked to the bar where a huge bear was the bartender. "What can I get you," he said staring down at the Keith. "Give me a Miller," he said looking over his shoulder to see the big lion dancing with the collie. The bear handed him the drink and he went and sat down at a table that was close to Jack's dancing area. He watched intently until the song went off and the two split up. Jack spotted Keith and sat down beside him. "Come on Kieth, there are a lot of fine looking ladies everywhere," Jack said watching him guzzle his beer. "I see a cute white tigress over by the bar if you want to stick to your specie," he said grinning at Keith. Keith looked over and saw the tigress. "She does look pretty but I don't think she would be interested in me," Keith said gloomily. "How about I go and see..." Jack said getting out of his chair. "You are not serious are you" Keith said getting a bit nervous. "Jack don't," he said but realized that he was to late.

Jack zigzagged through the crowd stopping in front of the tigress. "Hello," he said smoothly making sure she heard him. She turned around and smiled at the lion. "Well your a fine looking lion," she said smiling at him. Jack flashed his toothy smile and the tiger laughed. "Sorry mister lion but I'm trying to meet another....... you know, white tiger."

"That's perfect," he said pointing to the table where Keith sat. "He's a really nice guy," Jack said putting a good word in for the tiger. "He's just a little depressed that's all". She looked at the tiger and sighed. "Well, he is cute," she said grinning. "Give him a chance," Jack said putting on the charm. "O.k., I'll go talk to him," she said going over to the tiger. She snaked her way through the crowed and walked up to the table where Keith sat. She sat down beside him and looked him over. "H-how are you doing," he said stammering. She looked back and waved thanks to the grinning lion who waved back. "So what's your name," she said sweetly. "My name is Keith," he said calmly. "See that wasn't so bad," she said making them both laugh. "My name's Reana," she said noticing the tiger was blushing. "What's wrong Keith," she said staring into his blue eyes. "I haven't talk to someone like this in a while and I forgot what it's like" he said.

An Hour passed as the two tigers sat and laughed. They saw a table with a crowd around it and at the center of the crowd was Jack telling jokes. Keith sighed as he told her Jack was a chick magnet and couldn't be taken anywhere with out charming some female. They both laughed as they related their lives to one another laughing at the funny stories and comforting each other on the bad ones. Jack's table cleared and he went to dance with a pretty wolf. The time passed until the Reana had to go. They exchanged phone numbers and promised to call each other. Reana left and Keith felt happier than he ever felt in his life. She was perfect with beauty and brains. The song Jack was dancing to faded out and he left his dance partner for a minute to talk to Keith. "Keith I'm going to the makeout room with that wolf over there," he said pointing to the wolf. "Do you even know her name," Keith blurted out. Jack thought for a minute. "Yeah, her name is Tiffany," he said thinking hard on it. "Wear a condom" Keith said. "Do you know how much it costs to buy a lion condom". No but there should be selling them here if they have a makeout room. "They should have them at the bar," he said. "And then getting the right size because of the barbs is even harder," he said. He walked over to the bear at the bar and left Keith sitting at the table nodding to the beat of the music. Jack came back with a big condom. "Is that the condom," Keith said looking at the size of the wrapper. "You think I'm so popular because of my charm," he said grinning. Since Keith had never actually seen Jack's cock he was surprised at the size of the condom. "Well I hope you two have fun," Keith said watching Jack walk off with the wolf.


Keith drove home since Jack was to exhausted to even keep his eyes open. Keith was so full of excitement that he might finally have someone. He pulled into the drive way tugging Jack's whiskers waking him up. "Come on sleepy head," he said helping the lion out of the car. He stumbled out of the car and into the house. Keith pulled him into Jack's room and laid him on his bed. He pulled the covers back and pulled them over the sleeping lion. It was about 12:30 and Keith felt real tired himself. Since it was Friday he knew he would get to sleep in tomorrow. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a soda. He usual never drank beer but since he was at the club he had one any way. He sat at the table and drank his sprite and sighed. The phone rang off in the living-room. Who the hell is calling at this hour he thought to himself. He walked over to the phone and picked it up. "Hello, can I talk to Keith, the voice said."

"Who is this?" he said a little annoyed. "Keith, this is Reana," She said. She didn't sound like the same happy tigress he saw at the club. "Are you o.k," he said taking a seat on the couch. "My boyfriend threw me out," she said crying. "Your boyfriend threw you out, why," he said stunned that she would call him and the fact she already had a boyfriend. "I don't have anywhere to go and He wont let me get my stuff."

"Tell me where you stay and I'll be on my way in a second."

About 10 minutes later the pair of tigers pulled into the drive way. Keith help Reana into the house wiping here tears. "It will be o.k.," he said comforting her. "I can't believe he kicked me out because I went to the club," she cried. "There's a guest bedroom down the hall he said." Shit! He remembered that Jack used the guest room and forgot to change the sheets. "Can I sleep in your room tonight," she said looking up at the tiger. "Sure, come on," he said leading her up the stairs. He laid on top of his bed and she stood there watching. "You can sleep in my bed with me if you want," he said looking at the tired tigress. She crawled in beside Keith and rolled the covers back over them.

Keith laid in his bed nervous at having someone in his bed after so long until he felt something wrap around him. She wrapped her arms around him and started licking his neck making him feel warm. He felt her tongue licking down and around his neck. Her, warm, ruff tongue dancing up and down mussing his fur. He rolled over and started purring. She nibble on his ears making him squirm under the pleasure. He felt the warm sensation of his cock start rise up to full size as she continued nibbling his ears. "Reana that feels so good," he said as she licked his neck. She moved her paw down and started playing with his long hard cock. He moaned as she rubbed his length and fondled his furry balls.

Now that he was fully hard she rolled over and straddled him. "I owe you for letting me into your house even though we just met," she said rubbing his stomach. "You don't have to do this if you don't want," to he said a little nervous. "I want to," she said sliding down over his full erection. He shuttered as she went up and down slowly over his shaft. He couldn't keep his moans to himself and let loose his pleasure in loud happy groans. She was very wet and her juices were running down his cock wetting his crotch area. She moaned along with him as she moved faster pushing her weight against his rock hard cock. She tightened and released moving along faster making him moan louder. He tried to hold on as best he could bet he kept losing his grip because his paws were sweaty. So he just laid back as she grinded her hips against his shaft.

He felt the growing sensation that he had so long ago forgotten as she brought him closer to the most powerful orgasm he has had in years. He felt his balls tighten up as he felt waves of pleasure rushing through him. He leaned back and howled to the ceiling as he shot blast after blast of his hot sticky tiger cum. The feeling of hotness inside her pushed her over the edge as she milked Keith of every drop of cum he had. Keith lied there in the after glow of his orgasm catching his breath. "T-that w-was gr-great," he said finally catching his breath enough to talk. She rolled over slowly and laid down beside him. He wrapped his arms around her and fell into a deep soothing sleep.


Keith woke up and yawned looking to see if Reana was awake. Good morning Keith she said nuzzling under his chin. Did you sleep well last night Keith said. Yeah, I've never had Greg hold me after he came she said looking down. Why didn't you tell me you had a man he said remembering lat night. I just wanted a friend she said avoiding his stare. "It doesn't matter now, he threw me out and I'm never going back to him."

"How about Jack and I go to his house and pick up your things," he suggested. "You can stay with me until you find a place to stay."

"I want to stay with you," she said kissing him on the cheek. "We still need to get your things," he said smiling. "O.k.," she said agreeing. "How about we go take a shower and get cleaned up."

"There's an extra robe in the bathroom closet". We can have breakfast when you get out of the shower. "Your are not going to take a shower with me?" she said looking hopeful. "O.k." he said walking into the bathroom with her.

The pair of drying tigers in white bathrobes walked down the stairs. Jack was sitting on the lazy boy watching the news when the two walked into the room. "I was wondering if you had left you t.v. on last. I walked up stairs to turn it off and I heard you two fucking. I was shocked as hell when I heard you moaning and I didn't believe it. I opened the door and I saw you two. I couldn't sleep all last night because of all the yelling you two did,". Both tigers blushed at the lion's statement. "You have fun," Jack said grinning. Keith nodded. "Oh bye the way, this is Reana" he said formally introducing her. "Hi" she said in front of the lion. "So that's how you look in the morning" she said smiling at Jack's huge morning hard on. He got up and stomped out of the room to dress. "He's so cute," she said rubbing Keith's stomach.

Keith drove following the directions that Reana was giving. Jack was dressed in a tight muscle shirt and a pair of blue jeans while Keith borrowed the same outfit. They pulled up to an apartment complex called Shady Acres and pulled up to the building that Reana pointed to. Reana was a little nervous about walking to the apartment until Keith gave her a reassuring glance. Bye the way Keith, "Greg's a tiger..... a Siberian tiger" she said looking up at Keith. "Don't worry, were going in and getting your stuff and coming out". "No big deal," he said smiling.

They walked up to the door and Reana knocked. The big Tiger opened the door and stared down at Reana. "Where the hell have you been and what the fuck were you thinking bringing these two dumb-asses to my house."

"You kicked me out and I didn't have anywhere to go," she said stammering. "What the hell is that smell," he said sniffing her over. "If you fucked that tiger I'll kill you," he said looking down at her. "Were just here to pick up my stuff," Reana said. "You fucked him didn't you," he said glaring down at her. "We'll get it and leave," she said trying to avoid his question. "I didn't give you permission to go anywhere" he said looking at Keith and Jack. "You plan to stay with that tiger don't you."

"Yes and I don't need your permission to anything" she said her temper rising. "What?" he said getting more pissed. "I said, I dont need your permission, because last time I checked I was a grown woman". Greg reared back to slap her but Keith came to quick. He hit Greg hard with a heavy right hook to his jaw knocking him off his feet. Jack looked surprised at how hard his hit came. "If you ever even act like your going to hit my women I'll kick your ass" he said shaking his right paw. "Get your stuff and come on," Keith said.

After getting her stuff Reana walked passed the tiger sitting at the table holding his jaw. "By the way, I fucked him and it was the best I've ever had in my life". Greg jumped up only to get knocked unconscious by the heavy fist of Jack. "Oops, sorry Reana," Jack said looking at the limp form of the tiger. "Maybe I shouldn't have hit him so hard," he said stepping over him and out the door. They loaded her stuff in to Keith's car and pulled out. "Did you really mean what you said about me being your girl" she said looking at Keith. "I meant every word of it," he said smiling at her. "When we get home my hero gets a reward," she said winking at the tiger. Keith smiled at his new girlfriend as they pulled into the drive way.