Welcome Home
by Adelor

Nala smiled down at her daughter Kiara, sleeping quietly between her paws. Tanabi, her son, was sprawled across her lower legs, breathing gently, doing his best to remove all sensation from Nala's rear extremities. It had been hell to get the cubs to go to sleep. They had recently been allowed out of the pride's cave for the first time, and their desire to learn more about the wonder that awaited them outside was overpowering.

Nala herself was very tired. She had the burden of the hyperactive cubs almost exclusively for the last few days. Simba was off mating with another lioness from the pride, and was due back any time now. Nala thought he was taking an awfully long time to get back, but she wasn't worried... just a bit overworked.

Tanabi shifted his little body so he was leaning across Nala's rear leg. Relieved, Nala was finally able to roll over onto her side, moving gently as to not disturb the sleeping Kiara. The tingly feeling began working its way up her leg a minute later, the pain making her wince and gasp. The unpleasant sensation soon passed, and as she listened to the rhythmic sounds of Kiara's breathing, her own consciousness slowly filtered away, stealing the world from her grasp.

Simba slowly walked into the cave and settled next to Nala, wincing at the pain radiating from his right front leg as he sat down. In the throngs of passion, his companion swiped him with her claws once accidentally when he dismounted her. The pain hadn't been too great at the time (dulled by the pheromones), but the wound was stinging a bit now that he had been in the fresh air away from her for a few hours. On top of that, he was just plain exhausted.

He eased his body next to his lifemate's, carefully as to not wake her sleeping form or those of their cubs. He gazed at her cream-colored body, smiling as he dipped his head to hers and ran his tongue across her ear, delighting at the way it twitched every time his tongue touched the sensitive hairs at the end of it.

Draping a paw across Nala's sleeping body, he set his head down on the rocky floor of their cave, noting how well his mane made a convenient pillow. Sleep quickly stole itself over him, plunging him into a lion's familiar darkness.

Nala awoke slowly from her slumber, the fog of sleep drifting away, leaving her body and mind groggy. She scanned the dimly-lit cave, not noticing the large form that embraced her. Only when she tried to roll over did she notice Simba's body behind hers, his upper leg resting on top of her rib cage. Smiling, she snuggled back into his deep, full mane, enjoying the warmth and comfort it gave her. To Nala's discontent, her cubs lying between her legs gently stirred.

The room darkened suddenly. Nala looked up, startled, to see Simba's mother, Sarabi, in the doorway. Sarabi looked inside briefly, and noticed Nala staring at her, cuddled in Simba's legs. A look of understanding crossed over her face, and, communicating without words, she began padding into the cave. Sarabi collected the two cubs, who had finally begun waking up slowly, and ushered them outside to leave their parents in peace. She gave Nala one last look, a tender smile, as she left the cave. Nala mouthed her thanks, but Sarabi had already disappeared around the corner of the cave.

"Alone, at last", Nala thought to herself. She buried her head into Simba's mane again, inhaling the lovely musk that hung from it. She wasn't jealous of him for the days and nights he spent away; her love for him was too deep for such petty nonsense. "It's his responsibility..."

She allowed herself to sink into a world of his scent, his heartbeat, his warmth. She felt herself falling into his world, darkness shrouding her senses again, Simba's intoxicating scent surrounding her, stealing away consciousness.

Simba drifted from sleep and wakefulness, back and forth like a tree branch in a cool African rain storm. He was carried all the way over to wakefulness with the familiar sound of his cubs laughing along with other cubs, coupled with the occasional comment from a lioness to not play so rough. He blinked a few times, yawned, and tried to stretch when he realized Nala was burrowed into his fur.

Bending backwards a bit and tilting his head down, he licked the top of Nala's head, breathing in her lovely scent and savoring it for a few seconds before exhaling, enjoying the light-headed feeling it gave him. He nibbled on her ear, chew-licking it gently as he stroked her side with his paw. Nala quivered gently, a small sigh escaping her lips.

He stroked her side gently, feeling her breathing increase gradually. Lowering his licking from her ear to her neck, he pulled at her fur with his mighty tongue, carefully moving his paw further down to her belly, raking his claws gently through the soft fur there. Nala let out a very gentle moan of pleasure, her mouth opening slowly, revealing her coal-black lips and white teeth. Simba smiled, both surprised and pleased to see such a quick reaction. "Not too fast, though..." Simba thought. "I shouldn't be too fast... After all, it can be so much more fun when she's asleep."

He raked his claws up and down Nala's whole belly. Her body twitched momentarily, her tail jumping up and falling between her rear legs, covering her jewel hidden below. Simba took note, realizing she was getting excited quickly. "She must've been waiting for me to come home."

Simba backed away from Nala's body, gently standing up and stretching, his foreleg finally feeling a little better after his naps. Circling over to Nala's front end, he sat down, noting that her breathing had not slowed down very much. He carefully eased his way to his side, tucking his paws under hers, rolling her to the side a bit so her legs would fold over her chest, supported on the side of her body by Simba's body. Nala moaned a bit, not waking. "Exhausted, too. Poor girl..."

Simba rasped his tongue across her chest, tasting her almost white colored fur, his tongue bristles barely tickling her flesh through the thin fur. He worked his way down and across her chest, avoiding her nipples at first, gradually moving in, feeling Nala's breathing increasing, until he rasped across one. Nala twitched a bit, an audible rumble escaping her throat, her forepaws stretching out, pressing into Simba's chest. He just smiled and licked again. Licking a third time, he was surprised by a bit of milk working its way out onto his tongue. Probing further, he coaxed out a tiny bit more. Memories from his litter days trickled back to him slowly. Slightly inspired, he placed his paws to the sides of the nipple and pressed gently, attempting to urge a little more out, in vain. His paws were simply too far away to do much; his massive muzzle was wider than the area where the cub is supposed to push when it nurses. He enjoyed what he was able to get, though, and it served to fuel his own growing arousal slightly.

He moved on, licking lower on her body, eliciting delicious moans from her front end. Nala's tail whipped behind her body and back again, hitting Simba on the nose. Stifling a sneeze, he grabbed Nala's overactive tail with his left paw and pinned it down. He gave one last lick on her engorged nipples and turned his attentions to her tail.

He grasped her tail between his front paws and ran them down its length, licking the firm, thick, flexible lioness tail passing through his paws. He licked it from the base up to the tail tuft, sucking gently on the end. Withdrawing it from his mouth suddenly, he made a face, grimacing, as he tried working a few coarse hairs out of the back of his throat and onto his tongue, where he could more easily dispose of them. "Yeech. No matter... they taste better than my own," He thought silently.

Nala moaned gently in her sleep, a sure sign that Simba was succeeding in his game. He grinned and stuck his paw onto her rump, caressing her tail-joint somewhat roughly, fuzzling the fur. Nala flexed her legs out slowly as her face tensed up. Simba took this as a sign to continue, watching her get worked up slowly, and licked her where he had just scratched her.

As Simba smelled the base of Nala's tail, a sense of euphoria suddenly washing over him. He felt the urge to get closer to his mate now, a familiar urge that he tried to put off for as long as possible. He kept stroking Nala's tail with is paws, occasionally licking it, but soon, thanks to her pheromones, his self-control crumbled to the point where he couldn't stop licking it, no matter how hard he tried. Dimly in his mind, he wondered how he could be under Nala's control so quickly, especially this soon after his last mating session, but this thought was quickly dismissed as another wave of pheromones washed over him.

Simba crawled over to Nala's rump and promptly stuck his muzzle between her legs, filling his lungs with her sweet, musky scent. He licked her thighs gently, working his tongue across the lightly furred flesh, feeling the strong muscles of a mighty hunter flex slowly under his tongue. Moving in gradually, the world dissolved around him, leaving just him and Nala. She moaned in her sleep, quivering gently as Simba licked higher and higher. He nuzzled again between her legs - A little too roughly.

The world filtered back to Nala slowly. She felt funny - her heart was beating far too quickly, yet she didn't think she had been dreaming. Her chest was heaving like she was out of breath, and her rump felt slightly cold, as if it was wet and the wind was blowing against it. Mostly, however, inside she felt that she was burning up. Her body felt on fire and her face was flushed, the incredible feeling making it hard to figure out what was going on.

All the pieces of the puzzle came together, and with a start she figured out what was happening to her - she was extremely aroused sexually, and she didn't know why. The sudden realization shocked her awake totally, and she darted out of place, rising to her paws as if the great kings above had struck the nearby ground with a lightning bolt.

Simba looked up, gaping at her, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Nala panted, staring at Simba, feeling her lust over her mate rise.

"Nala..." Simba moaned, padding towards her unsteadily. He rubbed up against her shoulder with his whole body, his fur rubbing sensuously through hers, his weight almost knocking her over. His nose quickly returned to her rump, her enchanting scent once again filling his nostrils. His cold nosepad against her sensitive spot elicited a gentle moan from Nala as she lowered her front end to the ground, her rump high in the air to Simba's disposal.

Nala shuddered as Simba's tongue made contact with her "little lioness", sending Nala's mind spiraling. She moaned harshly, her nerves ablaze with the sudden sensation of Simba's tongue.

"Ungh, I loooove it when you do that..." Nala hissed between her clenched teeth. She panted hard, her tongue working its way across her ebony lips as she licked them in passion, her whole body shuddering under Simba's onslaught.

Simba was too preoccupied munching Nala's muff to reply with more than a mumble and a moan himself. He rasped his tongue across Nala's spot slowly, capturing the tasty juice before it soaked into her fur. The musky scent was exquisite, his senses dancing in joy with the euphoric sensations Nala's pheromones forced upon him.

Nala moaned into her paws, hardly comprehending what she was trying to say. Simba didn't take much notice, and continued his licking, occasionally stroking her tail with his paw.

Nala, her mind very hazy, reached across to the inside of Simba's thigh and ran her clawtips through his thin fur, sending a very strong shiver through his body. She grinned and scratched a few more times. Simba's rear legs started lowering to the ground gradually. His lack of concentration had caused him to start missing his target, allowing her to regain a bit of her senses. Nala grinned inwardly. "My turn..." she thought evilly.

Spending a few seconds to calculate the right angle, she jumped, darted around and tackled Simba, driving his hindquarters to the ground sideways. She straddled his body, hers on top of his, her groin planted right over his nose.

"Whaa...?! Nala, what are you d..." He managed to sputter before Nala moved her rump over his muzzle again, drowning out his voice. Simba struggled slightly under her weight, to no avail. She was too heavy. Struggling harder, he pushed at her with his forepaws as best he could, unable to get them under her body for leverage. Taking a ragged breath, he tried pushing at her body once more, just before a sudden calmness flooded his senses. Her pheromones seeped into his brain, again taking over.

Nala eyed Simba's very erect cock, her mouth watering slightly. She leaned down and sucked his organ into her mouth, slowly taking its length in until she could hold no more. Her tongue curled its way around Simba's lionhood, their spines rubbing together.

Nala gagged suddenly as Simba unleashed a bit of precum into her throat. She regained her composure, and sucked harder, creating pressure on his dick. No reaction from Simba. A bit discouraged, she placed her wet, cold nosepad right between Simba's furry balls.

Simba licked between Nala's legs rapidly, feeling her tongue swirl around his throbbing penis. His legs tensed up slightly as he felt a contraction in his groin, his mind reeling as he shot a small spurt of his seed into Nala's throat. She stopped suddenly, as if teasing him, and he didn't get the incentive to shoot again. Her suction increased suddenly, her muzzle moving down his length, slowly, gradually, until she stopped suddenly. A second later, he was jerked awake as something very cold settled onto his nutsack.

Simba moaned into Nala's muff, the sudden sensation from her nosepad surprising him greatly. Nala just smiled inwardly, her mouth busy working around Simba's throbbing meat, sucking and licking his cock. He was almost ready to shoot off, she could tell, but her concentration was shattered by a mind-blowing eruption in her loins.

Nala gagged around Simba's rod, the sudden sensation below overcoming her senses. She pulled out, her back arching in sudden pleasure. Her ragged moan echoed across the cave's walls, probably audible quite a distance away from the cave opening.

"Ohhh, yes! Simba, yes!" Nala moaned to the ceiling. Fire coursed through her veins, setting her whole being ablaze. She had just a few seconds...

Simba felt her mouth once again encircle his lionhood, the sudden sensation taking his breath away. The taste of her juices had changed, much tangier now. "She's almost there..." Simba thought as he withdrew his tongue, slowly, teasingly, feeling Nala's body lurch suddenly over his. His tongue rasped over her opening one more time. Just as it left her sensitive area, Nala lifted her head and roared with all her might.

Simba milked Nala for as much as he could get, licking her clitoris, urging her orgasm on. He lapped up her juices like nectar, savoring the exquisite taste. Nala moaned above him, the sound rattling through his nerves, setting his own passion ablaze. The feeling of Nala's mouth once again closing around his member was all he could bear.

Simba's loins were set on fire by Nala's touch. A deep growl forming in his chest grew to a throaty roar as he spewed his love for his mate into her mouth. He thrashed around under Nala's weight, unable to control his frantic licking of her bush over and over again, every nerve on fire with passion. With one mighty thrust, he jerked out of Nala's mouth and ended his orgasm by squirting his remaining seed over her face. Exhausted, his legs slumped to the ground, barely twitching, not even Nala's pheromones able to stir him.

Nala's head cleared slowly as she came down from her orgasmic plateau. Her whole body tingled with the sudden release of energy, and the familiar sense of serene calmness flooded her body, the sudden weariness taking its toll. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't support her own weight anymore, and she collapsed on top of Simba with a satisfied rumble.

The two sat together for a while, not saying a word, not moving a muscle. Simba laid there unmoving, without the energy or the will to do so. Nala was still lying on his belly, not inclined to allow him to move. She enjoyed the calming sensation of his breathing, his body rising and falling below hers.

They laid together for a few moments more before Nala broke the silence. "Welcome back, love." She licked his cock again, a bit more of his seed oozing its way out.

Simba moaned gently, his leg twitching at her touch, finally opening his eyes. "And what a welcome it was," he groaned. His breathing was finally slowing down a bit, and although still strong, Nala's pheromones were fading quickly and weren't affecting him as much anymore. His paws circled their way around Nala's rump, her slit still a tantalizing whisker's length away from his muzzle. Extending his claws, he gently ran them across her rump, sending a slight shiver through her golden body.

Nala gave his cock one last lick before she eased her way off of his body, rolling sideways and onto her back. Simba rolled over and started licking her face clean. His spunk hadn't started drying into her fur, but through experience, they were both very familiar with how hard it was to get cum out of fur.

Nala shared his caresses, licking her own juices off of his face. There wasn't nearly as much on his face, but she loved spending the time cleaning with her mate. "What's the matter, Simba?" she asked when they were done licking each other clean. She noticed that Simba didn't have his usual vigor.

Simba simply rolled over, exhausted. She sat down next to him, looking at him sideways. "Well?"

He looked up at her, his eyes half-closed. "Thank you." His head plopped back down to the ground. Nala giggled, tapping his thigh.

"That's it? That's all I get? Just a thank you?" She leaned down and licked his shoulder, just above his wound. Simba grimaced slightly, stretching his legs rear legs out, breathing quietly. Nala giggled again. "You're so much fun when you're exhausted." She paused for a few seconds. "So, how'd you do, the last few days?" Simba just made a wuffing sound.

"She was crazy. Absolutely insane. She hardly let me have a few minutes to rest between sessions. It was unreal, Nala. Completely fucking unreal." Nala felt a shiver run through his body. "Gods, Nala. Why didn't anyone ever tell me about her?"

Nala burst out laughing. "Because it's more fun to talk about it behind your tail!" She nuzzled his head warmly, flopping her front half down on top of his. "C'mon. Take a nap. You'll feel better once you're well rested."

"I'll feel better once I've slept for a few days." Simba sighed once and promptly fell asleep, Nala still lying on top of him..

Nala gazed at the sleeping form of her mate, staring at his supple lines and lithe body, his chest rising and falling with his slumber. "He looks just like he did when he was a cub," she thought to herself. "Just a lot fuzzier." Staring at him again, she sighed as a warmth started spreading through her body once again, and sat her head on his shoulder, still lying on top of him. Closing her eyes, she joined him in his slumber.