A Wild Dream
© 2004 by unknown author

A Wild Dream

I’m a pilot. The way my route runs is that I fly out in the morning and then wait for the day for the return night flight. So my sleeping pattern is broken into two sleeping periods. One day after watching a television show on tigers I became very sleepy. So I decided to take a nap and get rested for the return flight that night. I began to dream, a most rich and as it turned out erotic dream;

As this dream started: I was a young man traveling the world to make my fortune. I had met up with a beautiful woman with olive skin, long dark wavy hair, brown eyes, full tan lips and breasts that would make a man say dumb things. Her stomach was flat and her hips flared with such grace and turned to form the sweetest ass, you could ever find. She has long legs with muscular thighs and calf’s that ended in a pair of perfectly shaped feet. Sara was a Greek goddess. We had become lovers and what vocal lovers we were. Enjoying each other’s company more than any one else’s. Both of us into traveling, but neither of us had any money. We came across a traveling animal show that consisted of two trainers and two Bengal tigers. A male and a female tiger. The trainers needed help keeping the tigers area clean and with feedings so Sara and I went to work for them. The tiger’s names were Sucra and Bengy. They were about 3 years old and very loving and playful. Sara and I became very close to the tigers and played with them often while we would feed them and keep their areas clean. This was a short-term job as the two trainers were going to take the pair of tigers on the road around the world, doing a magic show. Having the tigers disappear from one place and appear in another place. One day after cleaning their area Sara and I were bringing in their dinners when both Sucra and Bengy wanted to play. Bengy was running around Sara and Sucra wanted to ruff house with me. We were really bumping around and jumping and having all sorts of fun but it did get a little ruff as Sara’s shirt had come open, exposing her perfect breasts. My shirt had also come open and undone from my loose fitting shorts. But we were having fun and so it really didn’t matter. Sara’s shirt came off as she romped with Bengy. So I took my shirt off and continued to play with Sucra. Sucra’s fur felt very soft against my skin as I imagined Bengy's felt against Sara’s. I could see Sara’s nipples becoming very erect and that she was becoming aroused. I was thinking about how much fun Sara and I were going to have that night. Just then Sucra tackled me full on. Capturing me between her strong fore legs. Sucra was on top of me and she started to lick my face with her long rough tongue. She held me down and began to purr so I decided to lay there with her stroking and nuzzling in her fur. I hadn’t known how tired I was and was soon fast a sleep between Sucra’s fore arms. I began to dream there in the tiger’s arms. I could hear Sucra purring and I felt safe. As I dreamed Sucra became a woman in her twenties with smooth soft golden tan skin. She was tall about 5’8” and her body was firm and had a classic shape. Sucra’s breasts were large and full, capped in reddish brown nipples with aerials as large as silver dollars. Her head was covered in a golden red curly main as was the area between her legs; her eyes a rich green color with lips full and red. Sucra spoke to me and told me her story about how her and her brother weren’t ordinary tigers, but were a separate species and when they were young wandered into the two trainer’s camp and befriended him and his friend. The two men brought them back to the United States and where very good to them. So to please them they did their little games and performed for the world on stage. Doing magic tricks.

I could also see Sara and Bengy in my dream. Bengy wasn’t a tiger but had become a man also in his twenties. He was tall around six feet and very well built, his skin and hair the same color as Sucra’s. Sara and Bengy were talking, as he was stroking her breasts. They began to kiss and fondle each other. Sucra not to be out done started to kiss me. I couldn’t stop myself as the moment became vary passionate. Sucra’s nipples were being driven into my chest as we kissed. Her body trembled as I stroked her skin. I licked, sucked and bit on Sucra’s nipples and breasts. I could hear her moan, she began to purr. My shorts became very uncomfortable, my cock had grown to an unusually large size. Sucra ripped my shorts off my body and was soon licking and drinking down my pre lubricating cream. I had to taste the sweet nectar that I could smell emanating from between Sucra’s legs. I drank her honey as it flowed from her sweet sex. Sucra was purring got louder and she came, her honey flowing over my face. As I drank her dew I could hear Sara Moaning when I looked up Bengy was between Sara’s legs lapping at her cunt. His cock hanging down from between his legs was long and hard, as big as a cucumber and dripping with precumm. Sara cried out that she needed him in side of her and she wanted him now. As he crawled up her body she was quaking with desire. Sucra took my cock deep into her throat and I could feel myself begin to cumm. I didn’t want to cumm in her mouth so I turned around and slid the head of my cock up and down the slit to her flowing cunt. Sucra cried how much she wanted me inside of her and moved her pussy so my cock slipped in. My cock buried itself deep into Sucra’s womb. Slowly I pumped in and out of her cunt and it wasn’t long before Sucra’s purr got faster. Her purring became so strong that I could feel it around my cock. I drove harder into her and she met me with equal force. Sucra was cumming and her orgasms driving me over the edge.

I awoke from the dream. I was nude and being held in Sucra’s strong fore paws and legs, my cock was buried deep in her feline pussy. The vibration from her purring was so strong that my cock spurt its cream as I drove in and out of her cunt. Sucra’s pussy milked the seed from my balls as I blasted my cumm into her womb. I could hear a strong cry from the far room and when I looked over Sara was under Bengy with her legs rapped around his hind quarters and he was driving his cock into smoldering pussy, his balls bouncing off Sara’s round ass, his tail being flung from side to side. Sara was delirious from her organisms and clawed at Bengy’s head as he lapped and bit at her nipples. I was still sliding my cock in and out of Sucra’s hot feline womb the vibration from her purring driving me mad with desire and it wasn’t long before she and I had another orgasm. I heard a growl and what sounded like humming. Sara gasped a low moan. “My god it’s vibrating.” Bengy had stopped deep in side of Sara. “Yes, yes fill me with your seed. Oh my, yes, I’m cumming” I heard from across the room, I knew that Bengy was spilling his seed in Sara. Everything became quite after that, my cock still hard and in Sucra, I fell a sleep again. Sucra’s form changed back into that of a woman again. She told me that Bengy and she had selected Sara and I to be their lovers and that the day, had been planned for weeks. She told me that I had impregnated her and that she would give birth to four cubs. Sara was also impregnated with Bengy offspring and there would be twins, a boy and a girl. It seams that their species has two forms, one as tigers and the other as human. This came about so one could protect the other. Sucra was going to give birth to the tiger form and Sara to the human form. Sara and I were forever changed. We would never leave each other, after all we had twins to care for. But we still had a week before Sucra and Bengy were taken on the road and out of our lives. For a short time…

I awoke from this dream, my cock hard and leaking with precumm. Where was I? I was at the outstation, in the pilot’s layover. The room still dark with its heavy curtain to shut out the light. Wow what a dream I knew that I would have to write it all down.