Zoo duties
by sunchaser

I did some spell checking / corrections on this one. The original posts were quite hard to read...

Part 1:
I use to work at the OKC zoo (worked in concessions as a runner) and got to know most of the pep that worked there including the keepers. One day one of the keepers asked me if I wanted to see a tiger close up. I said sure. He took me to the cage where they were getting ready to put our big male tiger down for his checkup. I couldn't believe it. I was just feet from him. I could tell he didn't like being in the holding cage the way he was pacing. Then he saw me and stopped. facing me. I could see and hear him as he tried to get my scent being some one he had never seen close up before even tho I often watched him from afar. He shocked me when he chuffed softly. Suddenly he roared out turning and slapping at a poll. While he was paying attention to me they stuck him in his butt.

I was so mad. I didn't want him to think I had anything to do with it. A short time later he was out. I was pleased when they let me stay. They even let me help pull him out. The first time I had ever even touched a big cat. I helped with his back end. For that matter the way they had me holding him my wrist had his balls rubbing on them. My friend noted that I kept looking down at them. I blushed and said they are huge. He laughed out loud and they did their tests When they finally got done he said that the tiger would be sleeping for a while and they don't like to leave animals that have been drugged alone and would have me to stay and watch him. I couldn't believe it and nodded.

After every one had left I found me a chair and sat next to him and just looked. not believing what I had done today. My gaze kept going to his butt as I remembered the way his fur felt on my wrist while we moved him and wondered. I looked at his head. He looked the same. They had told me that he would probably sleep for 2 hours. I looked around saw and heard no one. So I reached into the cage and touched his balls gently. When he didn't responded I let out a sigh of relieve. I can't tell you how scared I was. I sat there just stroking the fur around his bits and sheath. After some time. I can't tell you how long. I remembered pep talking about how cats have spines on their tool and I got to wondering. I looked at his face and he was still sleeping. So I moved to his sheath and stroked it wondering how to get a look at his tool. I could feel it inside. for that matter it seemed like his sheath was getting wormer and the tool bigger as I stroked his sheath. I still couldn't believe it. I not only touched a tiger and played with his bits. I was going to find out if they really had spines.

I kept up my stroking. watching closely for him to peek out of his sheath. I can't say how I felt when I saw the tip of his tool. the small rounded tip. just barely peeking out. I let our a ragged sigh and slide my hand down his sheath and over the opening just barely touching his tip. I couldn't believe what happened. He quivered as more of his tool came out and I sat there looking at his pink tool. Then I almost died as I looked up. While he was quivering he also had brought up his head and he was looking right at me. He was with in a foot of my hand. I froze. I didn't know what to do. I just new that if I moved he would take my arm off for I was leaning on the bars of his cage and couldn't easily just fall back. Then he lowed his head and he started smelling around. His nose touched my hand and he licked it. Then he licked his tool and looked at me. He did it again and looked at me. I watched. I was so scared. I decided I would have to try and remove my hand. The next time he looked at me and wasn't looking at my hand I started to pull it out. You wouldn't believe how fast something as big as a tiger can move. I JUST NEW MY HAND WAS GONE. It was in his mouth. I could feel his teeth. even his tongue. I hate to say it but I made a mess on my self at this point. But he just held it. He looked at me again and lowed his head letting go of my hand. It hurt but I didn't see any blood and it seemed all right.

He looked at me again. Then he lowed his head and licked my hand and then his sheath again. I was beginning to believe he wanted me to do something and I was finding hard to believe what I was thinking. I wondered if I should try and pull my hand out again. Soon I new some one was going to come walking in. I lowered my hand resting it on his balls again. He seemed pleased as he lifted his leg a bit more but he then humped my hand He seemed to want more than just my hand on his balls so I started to stoke them and as any one that has seen a cat knows that means his sheath too. There was no doubt of his pleasure. His tool came further out I could see the first 3/4 of it. The first 1/2 or so was tapered. As I looked closer I could see the fabled spines about a halve inch from the tip. The spines seemed to be about a inch wide. As I looked to the base of his tool I could see that he wasn't all the way out as I could see skin still tucked into his sheath. At this point he felt I had looked long enough and growled at me. Again I hesitated but then moved my stroking of his furry balls and sheath to his fur-less tool.

I couldn't believe how it felt so smooth. It wasn't hard at all. As I moved my hand around it it bent. I let the tool slide though my hand and as I stroked him his spines sided over my palm I felt them. And there was no doubt so did he. He grunted. There was some thing like a jerk in my hand and he was now full sized. There was nothing folded back in his sheath. His breathing was faster and he was looking at me in a way so that I just new that I had better go all the way. I looked down as I started stroking his tool with some gusto trying to judge how fast and hard to keep him happy. I seemed to being doing it just right. And it didn't take long. Suddenly his head flew forward and he started licking my hand and at the same time I felt his tool starting to seep and his balls to quiver. Then as I watched I felt the power of his tool as he started cumming. The first squirt sprayed all the way up his belly. chest and face (as he had it down there) and after the first squirt he kept cumming. He was only dribbling but with each pulse of his tool. I watched his white seed come out and dribble down his tool onto my hand where it would help lubricate him as I kept stroking him. Finally he seem to have used up all his seed as there were a few throbbing. But he seemed to be spent. He laid back looking at me and I glanced down at his tool as it seemed to fold itself back into the sheath. I gave his bits one last stroke and grope and removed my hand with no protest this time. I lifted it to my nose and smelled its musky smell and licked it wondering what it tasted like.

I leaned my chair back against the wall and just watched him. still wondering if it was a dream. Just about that time my friend came in and asked how things were going. I just said he's awake now. He said good. As I watched the tiger got up chuffed at him and turned his butt to him. He slid his hand under his tail turned his head and looked at me and grinned.

Part 2:
The big male tiger would see me once in a while and would all most always come up and chuff at me but we could never tuch each other. so he would chuff and I would blow my breath at him he always seemed pleased and I would go to work.

One day we got a new tigress and I was very pleased when I found out that we were going to let our tiger date her seeing as all new animals have to go into quarantine for thirty days I was rather disapointed that it would be so long till I could see her. So you can guess how surprised I was when the head keeper came up and asked me to take care of her. Every one else had to much to do and just didn't have the time and he felt from the things that my friend that took care of the cats had told him felt that I would do a good job. My job was to feed her and to keep her cage clean and most inportant to make sure she got plenty of exersize. Well as you all should know those quarantine quarters are small, they mostly are kept in holding cages and if they are lucky they get moved into the exersize cage which I am sorry to say isn't very big eather. Our holding cages are older than time its self made of bars and wire. The next day after she came in I went over first thing and checked her out and fed her. While she was eating I leaned back and just watched her. She didn't seem to mind me being there, so I started reading her papers and was surprised to find out that she had been hand raised. I looked up at her and asked her if she really had beed raised by people. She stopped eating and looked at me and gave a low growl as tho she was giving me a anser and then went back to her eating. I looked at the clock and sighed as I had other things I had to do. The way she was sitting as she was eating left her but close to the bars so I reached in and stroked her but as I left. She hardly did more than grunt but I was pleased, she could have slaped at my hand.

My next job took me back to the male tiger. He was pleased as always to see me. He chuff and I chuff back placing my hands on the wire getting my face as close as I could. There is nothing like the breath of a tiger. But he hardly took notice of me or at least it seemed that way. He seem to find my hand very intersting keeped sniffing it and even made the flemem look. I laughed at him and asked him what he was doing he kept sniffing and trying to lick my hand. After a while I remembered that I had petted our new tiger with it and laughed at him again, started telling him all about her. Of course he didn't belive a word, instead he turned and sprayed me. And I mean sprayed. I was soaked. I couldn't belive it (I didn't have a change of clothing) I dryed of the best I could and left him. I was rather pissed and my coworkers harrassed me to no end. I findly got done there and headed back to the holding pens to check on my new lady. She wouldn't do such nasty things to me and she needed her exsesize.

When I opened the door she seemed to know I was coming and was sitting waiting. She chuffed at me which surprised me. This was only my first day with her and she hardly new me but I moved closer and chuffed back which seemed to please her. She made some low growling sounds as she moved as close as she could smelling me. I moved closer letting her. Sunddenly she reached out and grabed me pulling me closer - I thought I was dead meat. But she held me as she started sniffing around on me making very pleased sounds even seemed to be excited (I have to addmitt that her musky scent was making me feel real good too). I didn't know what to think or do and she was so close so I reached in again and touched her and stroked her. She quivered in her exsitment. I was pleased she liked me even tho I didn't now why. Then suddenly I remembered my soaking. It wasn't me. It was the scent left by the male but why was she so intersed in him. I looked her over the best I could as I stroked her till she let me go. But it seems that it wasn't to leave. She laid down on her belly with her butt to me and as I watched she leaned forward and lifted her tail to one side giving me one of the best views of a female tigers sex I have ever seen. I could see the black stripe that passed right over her sex spilting it in halve. She had spread her legs a bit which opened the fur so I could see the skin underneath. The moist black and pink skin of her sex. I had heard that the skin was the same color as the fur and here I was seeing it. I looked up at her head and then back to her sex just as she winked. Man I couldn't help my self.

I had one of the biggest teepee's my pants has ever made. I now new why she was so intersted - she was in full heat. I reached in and stroked her sex not sure what she was going to do but when she leaned into my hand I was ready. I looked around and ran to the door pulled out my keys and went in. She met me halve way we rubbed on each other as I pulled my pants off. When she thought I was ready she offtered her self once again. I moved up behind her and smelled her and licked her and slid my hand down her butt and sides as I moved over her. I have to say I am not a feline and I was very aroused at this point so I wasn't bringing my sheath under her tail my tool was up and ready. I started low gently pushing into the crack between her legs gently pushing thow her fur as I felt for the wetness on her sex. Sunddenly I felt it and grabed her tighter and made a hard thrust. Man was that a mistake, she turned on me snarling allmost slaped me with her claws. Scared the shit out of me, but as soon as she did it she offered her self once again. Her butt raised and tail cocked to one side and the veiw of those twin holes was two much. I moved over her once again taking it slowly. I found the wetness even faster this time and when I pressed I could feel her sex pulsing or winking as she tried to take me each time I pressed she would hiss and seemed to hurt her. I seemed to be too big but when ever I started to get off her she would let me know that wasn't what she wanted so I started to work my tool more careful, making short gentle thrust not doing much more that spreading the lips of her sex at first but the longer I did it the deeper I was getting. More than once she shifted her hind legs spreading them further apart or moving forward making me change the angle I was entering her. Findly I made a thrust and felt my self slide all the way in. It felf soooooooo good the warmth and even tho I was in her she hadn't stopped squezzing me and moving around my tool. When I started to thrust like I would a woman she hissed at me. She didn't want me to do anything and when I thought about it most felines don't do much of anything after they get into their mates so I held my self there. Pressing myself as deep into her as I could working my hand in her fur as she worked me feeling her sex pull and push my sex I could feel her sliding down my rod as she pulled and the way she tighted as she came back over it. I new I wasn't coming out of her so it had to all be inside of her. At first she had seem sort of dry. Well not dry but everything seemed to be moving much better now and I was getting close. Man was I getting close, I wanted to hump and fire my load but she had allready let me know that she didn't want that. My breathing was starting to get a bit jagged and she was just laying there hardly moving then I notice that her breathing was fast and maybe even more jagged than mine. She was close to having her climax. I couldn't help myself I made a short thrust and that took me over the top. I screamed as I came and started thrusting as hard and deep as I could just as she came. She roared and held herself in place for about four thrust. Then she moved forward and rolled over on her back and gave me a light swat nocking me over. At first I wasn't sure what was going to happen next but I findly looked up and she was laying there on her back as most female felines do after mating looking rather satasfed and pleased with her self. I sat there for a few minutes and then moved closer and checked her sex a bit worried but all. I found that she was very moist. Then I remembered where I was and that some one could come by. I hurryed up and got dressed and got my work done with her. I still had to clean the male tigers cage.

Part 3:
When I got done with my new lady I ran as fast as I could to the male tigers cage. I was way behind and didn't want any one to start checking up on me. I grabed the brushes as he liked getting brushed. I wasn't suppost to go in the cages with him but I had to go in them to clean them No-one had to know I didn't move him out and I had found out he loved being brushed. I grabed my keys and unlocked the door and went in closing it behind me.

I new he was pleased to see me as he followed me as I moved to the door but as soon as I was all the way in he knocked me over and started sniffing around on me. If there had been any one in side watching I would have been embarest at some of the places he was smelling. At the same time I remembered what I had beed doing just a short time befor and it seemed that he knew it. He was getting very excited and I was worryed so tried to get up and leave. He knocked me back down with one massive paw and held me down as he moved over me his paw on my chest as he lowered his back end and curled up bringing his orbs and sheath forwarded. All I could do is watch as his tool came out of his sheath and he made some thrust making his nuts swing nicely as his tool rubbed around on my trousers and I have to say his poking around was hitting me in a pleasent way. But he wasn't getting what he wanted. He stood back up and did some more sniffing and then he reached over and hooked his claws in my trousers and pulled. Ouch, that hurt. He did it so fast and hard he pulled me a full three feet just from the force and left some scrach marks but that wasn't what I was worryed about. He had his head down smelling me and he was doing more than just sniffing. I could feel his rouf tongue lapping at my cock and balls as he licked each and every nook and crany as he cleaned up what was left of my encoutner with his soon to be mate and he was making me feel awfull good too. He seemed pleased as he kept slapping my harded tool around He moved his licking up my chest and as he moved over me I reached up and took hold of his cock as he curled up and started thrushing into my hand. At first he didn't seem too sure of what to do but after the first two thrust he went for it. The feel of his tool sliding in my hand felt good and I thought that he might like it better if I used both hands. So I wrapped both hands around him and he seemed to like it. I know I did. The feel of the hairless part of him pulling out of my hand then as he pushed him self back in and the fur being streached back as he tried to go deeper than he was long. Suddenly he started twiching and he made one last thrust and held him self in place. His balls and cock twiching and throbbing in my hand as he sprayed his seed all over me. It didn't take him long even tho I tried to keep him cuming. But he was a feline and they just don't keep cumming for long. He stood back up pulling his tool out of my hands he looked down at me and started sniffing and licking me making his pleased sounds again.

I had figger out by this time that the best thing for me to do is not fight him but to help. So when he placed his paw on me and tried to roll me over I rolled with him which helped keep me from getting clawed and he started checking me out again smelling my crack and licking me which felt good. His tongue was licking the back side of my nuts and I was getting exsitcited. Suddly I found out he was too when he moved over me and I felt him rubbing his tool on my butt as he tried to enter me. He stopped and backed up and hooked his claws on me and pulled lifting my back end up I am glad that he didn't have them out very far as it is they hurt. I turned my head so I could see what he was doing. As soon as he felt that I was the way he wanted me he moved over me again his furry chest rubbing on my back as he lowed him self as he moved his back legs into place. The fur on them was rubbing on my legs as he spread him self as he brot his cock to bear. He started low. I watched as he made his first thrust upward missing but still sliding up my crack. He moved a little and made a new thrust and seemed to think he was in place and started to make new shorter thrust. I couldn't see much but I could see his balls as they started to swing with his thrust as he worked his way up my crack. His pink tool sliding up my crack as he surched for my pucker. suddenly I felt him slid over it and heard him make a sound and new he had found what he was seeking. I braced my self as he felt me draw back and then felt him as me made his entry. I was exspecting pain but his tool wasn't hard like a dogs. It was rather soft and bend some mostly at the tip so it entered rather easly. Once in he didn't pull but made thrust working his way deeper and deeper. I leaned into him and he seemed to like that. I new he was getting close when he started making full thrust pulling allmost all the way out and then slaming his cock all the way in. I new he was all the way in when I felt his balls rubbing on my ass cheeks. He made two or three thrust like this when he suddenly roared out and slamed his cock all the way in and held him self in place as his cock twiched inside of me and his balls twiched outside. I closed my eyes as I leaned into him the fullness of his sex throbing as he pumped his seed. I didn't want to forget how this felt and I new it wouldn't last long. I felt him licking my back and then he stood up.

Pulling out of me lifted me clear off the ground and I screamed. I laid sprawled on the ground helpless for a few minutes and woundered. I didn't think that their spines would hurt this bad. After a few minutes the pain passed and I looked up. He had laid down and had one leg up and was cleaning him self. I made my way to the door glad I wasn't a tigress and was woundering how I was going to get new pants with out telling anyone what happened...

Part 4:
Well yes, I have a girl friend and she knows I work at the zoo. I love to talk about my duties and responsibilities with the tigers (I have never told her just how friendly they really are tho) so when one day I came home stinky - as she puts it - I just told her that both tigers sprayed me. She thought that was funny and that maybe she would like to see two smart tigers close up behind the scenes where most people can't go. I argued and howled but finally said yes, recognizing that she wasn't allowed there, so it would have to be after hours when every one else had left.

We made a date of it and had dinner and a movie, than headed to the zoo. It wasn't hard to avoid the guards seeing as they never left the office. I decided for some reason to take her to the lady tiger first and zoom by the male when we leave. I was sure we wouldn't stay long and I wanted to get home and get desert (grins). I opened the door and we entered and watched her for a few minutes and she watched us. My girl friend stood back for a bit real excited as she watched and I thought I would show off. I reached in and petted her on the butt which made the tigress happy. She turned and tried to rub her head on me but I pulled back. My girl friend laughed out loud and said she seems so friendly and I had to tell her that she was in friendly terms too. I reached in and played with her chin and ears briefly. Of corse that was a mistake because my girl friend now wanted to do so too. I wasn't sure but she was willing to take the risk. She moved up and let her sniff her hand but when she started to try and pet her she turned and sprayed her soaking wet. I did my best not to laugh out loud as I got a towel and helped dry her off and said "I guess I know what my two ladies think of each other." At that point my girl friend asked if the tigress was in heat which surprised me and I told her that in fact she was. She blushed and asked when and if we were going to put her with the male. So I told her we would in about a month. She said poor girl. I didn't say a thing.

I just wanted to get home so I asked if she wanted to see the male and that he was a rather hansom and friendly guy. She eagerly left the place. We got to the big cat pens without any problems and the tiger was standing and waiting as we entered. He greeted me as he usually did and I scratched under his chin but he seemed more intersted in my girl friend. After a few minutes he turned his but to me as he often did. It was his way of inviting me to play with him but I wasn't about to do that with my girl friend standing there so I just scratched up and down his leg and butt. After a few minutes I asked my girl friend if she wanted to pet him and you can bet she jumped at the chance. The male watched as she moved up but didn't move away as she touched him. For that matter he seemed to lean into her and I laughed out loud at her and told her that he liked her and she then told him she liked him too as she moved her hands up and down his legs, his butt and she even played with his tail. He seem to be enjoining it as did my girl friend. He was almost sitting on the bars of his cage as she stroked him. After a few more minutes I noticed that she was scratching around his bits staying away from them butt she kept looking at them. When she saw that I noticed that she kept looking at them she blushed and said he sure had big balls. I laughed out loud at her and said that I had noticed. She then said that he seemed to like the scratching and then surprised me when she moved her scratching closer to his balls moving them to the side as she scratched around in the tight spots, lifting them as she worked under them and scratched and stroked his sheath. She looked up at me and grinned at me as she told me he seems to be enjoying himself as she pointed at the small point of pink peeking out of his sheath.

What could I say? So I just told her that it wasn't very smart to get a big cat turned on like that. She just shrugged and said we only live once as she squeezed and stroked him some more. There was little drought he was getting very aroused. He now didn't have any of his tool folded in his sheath anymore. For his body size his tool wasn't very big. The pink part of it might be six inches and then if you add the stretched sheath maybe two or three inches more. There was even some drops of fluid on the tip. She moved a finger to it and as I watched she spread it around and down his cock. My girl friend looked up at me and grinned and then shocked me when she took his tool in her mouth. She didn't open her mouth and take it. She had her mouth closed and slid her lips over it like a pussy would slid over it. The tiger seemed to like it very much. He was making pleased sounds as my girl friend worked his tool As I watched he soundly roared out as his balls and tail started twitching. My girl friend pushed her mouth all the way down his tool, talking in all she could. Looking over at me she kept on stroking his cock with her tongue as she milked him, swallowing every bit of his slimy seed till suddenly he leaped away from her, pulling his cock out of her mouth. He stopped when he got to the other side of the cage. He kept looking at her as he laid down and started cleaning him self while making very pleased sounds.

My girl friend licked the last of his cum from her lips, looked at me and said "To bad we can't get in there with him. I always dreamed of doing it with a tiger." "Did you know that tigers do have spines?" "I felt them a bit as he pulled out of my mouth," she told me as she looked at my side where I had my keys hanging. I have done things with him, had him turned on and had him cum but I didn't exactly know what he would do with a women. I tried to discourage her by saying that he could hurt her very bad. All she said was that he never had hurt me. I blushed and wondered how much she knew or had figured out so far. I finally unlocked the gate and we went in. The tiger got up right away and met us. I was disappointed when he pretty much ignored me. He started smelling around on her right away and rubbing on her. She scratched around on him and even fondled him He moved his sniffing between her legs and for sure liked what he was smelling there. My girl friend looked at me and grinned as she started stripping. She took off her panties. I have to admit that I was getting a bit jealous. He sniffed and licked her ass and then moved to her front and stated licking her pussy. The pleased sounds she made! She stroked his cheeks as he licked at her sex, working his way in with his tongue She spread herself till he gave her a gentle shove, knocking her on her back. He didn't miss a lick as he moved over her, sliding his tongue over her belly and then her titties. She reached up and took hold of his fur just behind his front legs as she kept looking down his belly while he was getting him self lined up. I could hear her talking to him saying "Yes my kitty, yess! You know how to make your mates happy when they are in heat, don't you."

She had spread her legs and when he started to lower his back end and moved himself forward towards her he opened his legs and moved in to take her. She lifted her legs and laid them on his thighs. I watched this for a few seconds as he rubbed his cock around on her while trying to find the target. I reached over and took hold of him and guided him into her. I didn't remove my hand as he started to thrust but kept it there so he would slide though my hand. I placed my other hand over his balls. He made about 12 thrust and then roared out and pressed himself into her as deep as he could. Both of my hands could feel him, one felt a throbbing cock, the other his twitching balls as they pumped his hot seed into my girl friend. I look at her and I could see that she was in her own climax. She was trying to keep him thrusting into her and he for sure was trying to keep in her too. I could see a bit of pink each time she made a move towards and from him. Finally she just gave way and fell back spent. I was somehow surprised that the tiger hadn't pulled out of her yet. He still seemed to be cumming into her. He had settled down over her, his chest and belly rubbing hers as he licked and nuzzled around her face. I had never heard of a tiger spending this much time having sex but there was no doubt that he surely was. I kept holding him and I could feel his bits twitching as he kept pumping his seed into my girl friend. The twitching was getting further and further apart till they finally seemed to have stopped. He seemed spent and so a short time later he rolled over on his side, pulling softly out of my girl friend. I watch him coming out of her and sliding out of my holding hands. I was very pleased to feel his spines and have him dribbling his last drops of seed onto my hands. I watched his tool fully disappear back into his sheath. I looked over at my girl friend and she looked back to me, grinning a bright smile and saying that he was only a great tom cat and she was looking forward to coming back here.

We had to leave now as she had to go to work early in the morning. She petted her mate a goodly and then got dressed up. We looked around to make sure we had cleaned every evidence up and went home.

I still keep wondering how she could knew how friendly my tigers are?

Part 5:
After we left the zoo we headed to my girlfriends house because she had to work the next day and it was late. I figured I would walk her in and get a quick lay, but all she could talk and think about was that tiger. When I would try to make my move she got up and walk around, waving her arms, telling me how great he was. Before long I was no longer in the mood, at least not with her, thats not to say that I wasn't still horny. It was just to much work with her. I just had to get out, so I gave her a fast goodnight kiss and left.

After I got in the car and started driving the only thing I could think about and see was the way they looked while they were having sex and the more I thought about it the hotter and hornier I got. I slammed on my brakes as I remembered that there was a female tiger and that she liked me. I made a U turn and headed back to the zoo. I all but ran pass the gate mumbling some thing about some work I had to do. I ran to her building dropped the keys three times before I got the door opened and locked again behind me. I turned and looked her over, she was standing looking at me, she seemed a bit eager to see me. I wasn't sure if that was just me, but I didn't care. I moved up to her and she lowered her head so I could scratch her head and neck. She moved and then stopped with my hand resting on her butt, her tail kept twitching as it often does with felines. With me standing where I was her fur covered sex mound was were I could see it clearly. I could just make out the skin of her sex under the fur. I just stared, then looked back at her face and she was looking at me. I couldn't resist it so I slid my hand down her butt into her crack. I stopped when I felt the wetness of her sex. I looked at her again and she just watched me, sort of a grin (at least it seemed that way to me) on her face.

Talk about pain. I wanted to mate with her so bad it was hurting. Then suddenly I realized it really was hurting. I was so aroused that I was bound up tight, so I opened my belt and unbuttoned my trousers, she watched with a great deal of interest. It removed the pain, but not the state I was in. I kept talking to her telling her how I wished I was a tiger so we could mate while she kept sniffing at my trousers and trying to lick them. I laughed at her and told her that here was nothing in there that she would want and to prove it I finished opening them and let my sex pop out for her inspection. At first she drew back as she looked my hard cock over while I told her I knew she wouldn't like it, then she surprised me when she lowered her head and licked the tip of my cock which sent a spear of fire though me. She seemed to roll the test around for a minute and then she made a full length lick of my cock and balls starting under my nuts and working her way up. I felt Like I had just been hit with a sledged hammer, she sat here and just looked at me, then she turned and walked to the center of her cage and offered herself to me, her head was turned looking at me as she watched, but there was little doubt.

The way she was laying there, her tail was lifted and to one side. I could just make out the fur over her sex pulsing with her lust. I no longer cared. I grabbed my keys and leaped to the caged door, opened it and ran to her. She had gotten up when I entered but she seemed happy I was in with her. She rubbed against me then she lowered herself and offered herself again, this time I was were I could give her what she wanted and take what I wanted to give. I moved over her, sliding my hands down her butt. I stroked her sex as I brushed her fur from around her sex opening so her fur was clear. I could feel her wetness on my fingders as I moved into place and then as I placed my self against her I could feel her sex throbbing pushing against me as I started to make gentle short thrust.

I tried to work my way deeper into her, at first I didn't think we would be able to. I wasn't about to force my way into a lady that could tear me apart, but each time I pressed into her I was going deeper. The wetness of her sex was working as a lubricate and she was also pressing back against me each time I thrust almost to the point of hurting me. Suddenly the resistance that I had been working against was gone and I slid all the way in. She lifted her butt up a bit higher, giving me a better angle so I could get a bit deeper. Suddenly I felt her starting squeezing me and pulling on me as her sex started working on my rod. I had never felt anything like that. I could feel her sliding all the way down my cock, even past it, and then the pressure would start at the base and started all over. She started slow, but each time she did it faster and tighter. Her lubricant seemed to be keeping me from discomfort for that matter she was stroking me faster than I could thrust so I just pressed my self as deep as I could and just rubbed my hands in her fur as she did all the work. Letting her pump me I was eager to giver her all of me. I was getting close and in doing so I wondered what will happen when I cum, and if she climaxed would she tear my head off? I was too close to stop now, all I could do now is just hold on to the ride. I was right on the edge and hadn't cum yet, but she was, suddenly, my mate throw her head back and roared. Her hole body fell into a spasm as she climaxed. It felt to me like she was trying to pull my hole body into her pussy by pulling my cock in first.

I screamed in shock and pain as I suddenly fired my load into her, first and the a 2ed shot, and then a 3ed one. There was more, but it got weaker after that and she stopped her pulling. With just a few of her thrusts she pushed me out of her. I fell over and curled up as I tried to get control of things again. She, like most female felines, rolled over on her back, looking very pleased with her self and looking just as sexy. I grabbed my pants and worked my way to the door on my hands and knees, trying not to bump my cock or strain a muscle. It was hurting. I couldn't see how male felines could do this for 3 or 4 days mating every 15 to 20 minutes. I pulled my pants on and got dressed and headed home, no longer horny but very sore. It took me a hour to get to the front gate and I told the guard that my work had been a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I wonder if I should tell my girlfriend about my new girlfriend next time she talks about how good the tiger is?