Trisha's big cat holiday - Grassland
© 2009 by Zak

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This new novella contains lots of sexual activity between Trisha, our well-known female big cat tamer, and her four beloved tomcats. It's a pure work of fiction and entirely made up inside my running free mind. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved, and any person, living or dead, is intended. This story can be distributed freely as long as it's not sold, changed or used in any commercial way without my explicit permission.

Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into tasty kitty food and eaten up for breakfast or if you become utterly addicted towards some big cats and their cuddly ways of playing with you, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions you take after reading my erotic fiction ;-)

Trisha's big cat holiday - Grassland

I strolled along the lakes rim without aim for some time enjoying the bright sunny day and my zestful nakedness. Unfortunately for me the wind wafting over the mountain tops was very strong along this part of the shore and blew cold and clammy over the water plane. After a while I decided to change my course and head towards the nearby woodland instead.

To reach this wood of rustling leafs and creaking twigs I first had to cross a dreary plain in front of me, a sheer Savannah of long brown grass burned dry by the heat of this unusual hot summer. The slender but high grown plants brushed against my legs, rustled softly under my feet, felt somewhat dead and dreary but also fascinatingly alien to the touch. You know I'm sort of a city girl so please consider that I'm not very used to the look and feel of true nature, especially if it's touching and tickling my naked skin in such a very charming way. I pretty much felt as if I had stripped off modern life with my cloths! In this fenced off territory I finally could do whatever I wished for, free and unhindered, completely unobserved, never in the fear of jeopardizing anything or anyone dear to me.

I fanned with spread fingers through the high grown grass, felt the fine hairy spikes tickle along the insides of my hands, liked their charming touch at my skin and utterly loved the miniature thrills of contact they caused right between my moving legs. The air around me was very quiet and no wind disturbed the whole grassy plain. Insects buzzed here and there, small creatures searching for flowers long dried up and crumpled to dust. This place felt to me like a garden in autumn, silent and beautiful, clearly robbed of the bright colors it once upon a time had owned in blossom but very pleasant a place nonetheless.

I waded through the ocean of grass for quite a while enjoying the very ticklish experience. After the cold breeze at the lake's shore the air here felt most pleasant, like a jump from early spring back into midsummer, comforting to my naked body and very fitting to the place.

I walked further in the direction of the shadowy woodland nearby when I suddenly felt watched by someone. I stopped and looked around, not able to see anybody. On my second sweep over the landscape I observed a shadowy spot nearby in the grass, maybe a big boulder, or a fallen over tree, or something else, I couldn't clearly make out yet what it really was. I slowly walked towards it and got a most pleasant surprise: This wasn't a boulder; it was my lost Baggy panther sweetheart sunbathing!

My lovely Baggy on the rocks! He lay most elegantly on top of a huge boulder that was halfway buried into the grassland. This sandstone block pretty much looked as if it had been thrown in here by a giant a thousand years ago, a hidden space inside the grassy plain only to be seen from far above. I came nearer and Baggy looked up at me with his mossy green eyes, those blinking emeralds inside his beautiful black face. Overwhelming love gripped me hard, shook me to the core and I got watery eyes just by marveling at his natural beauty. Baggy looked so sweet and so very innocent at me, a completely adorable cat to be with, a beauty of beauties, a blossoming wild flower growing inside a dried out river bed.

I walked over to him, climbed up onto the sandstone and sat very gingerly down besides him. "Hello Baggy, nice to meet you. I see you found a beautiful sunny spot inside the higher grass, a very fitting place for such a marvelous feline like yourself. I couldn't see you at first but felt sure of your presence, your wonderful emerald eyes following my every step. How do I deserve the honor of your lovely attention?" I asked him, reverently and quite a bit submissive to him.

I like to be subservient to my felines because I regard them with greatest respect and big admiration, frequently wondering how it had to feel to be so very beautiful and graceful without any visible effort. If my boys and I are in private I often subordinate myself completely to them, reassuring my complete harmlessness and my utterly friendly intentions towards them.

I know it is against all laws of lion taming to subordinate oneself to the cats but for me as an open-minded female trainer it worked out very well so far. All my beautiful cats know deep down in their hearts that I would never do any harm to them, intentionally or unintentionally. I always considered it a very wise choice to keep authority in balance, to take command inside the ring and let them take command when we are in private, sharing a good time and fooling around. For me using a whip NEVER EVER was an option. There is this wise old saying I pretty much work along: "We always reap what we sow."

Baggy looked at me and I got my head down at the level of his. He rubbed his cheek against mine and tickled my nose with his cute whiskers. I giggled heartily. "Some day I will grow myself some of those nice whiskers and then I'll tickle you all over your face and inside your ears! And don't even try to look innocent, you did that on purpose, I know it, you sweet silly kitty you…"

He started licking over my face instead of rubbing against it, and I laughed. "No harm done, love. May I use this fine sunny spot besides you to get warmth back into myself? I took a swim inside that big lake and feel a bit cold right now because of it. Your sandstone plateau here seems very comfortable and very warm a place. If you won't mind I would very much like to relax upon it and heat up again…"

He rolled himself together besides me like a little kitty inside its kitty basket, yawned heartily while he took a few nips into his black fur out of pure curiosity. My sweet kitty friend stretched out again and rolled himself over to the other side, making space for my body to rest where he had lain just moments before, where he had covered the stone with his truly elegant body.

You have to love this panther, just have to. If someone had ever told me I would end up with a panther as friend some day that likes to behave like a cuddly tomcat, I would have simply laughed at him and believed no word. Now I know better, much better, and never would I take this blessing for granted, never!

"Thank you very much my love." I said and stretched out besides him, enjoying the warmth and comfort his huge rock-isle inside the see of long grass. The sun shun down on us and my body heated up rapidly. After a few minutes I changed over form belly to back and let the sunshine blaze comfy at my face.

Baggy somewhat got restless besides me and I opened up one eye, looking directly into his most beautiful face that watched over me.

"What troubles you my love?" I asked him. Baggy licked over my face as an answer and I didn't understand the meaning at first. I finally got what he had in mind when he changed his licks to my throat and from there further down to my breasts and nipples. Stupid me to be that inattentive towards my very best friend…

"Now I get it, oh my, sorry about my rude inattentiveness towards you my love. I underestimated your most sensitive panther nose again, did I? You can smell Taisha's lovely perfume in me, can you? Well, I met our water loving tiggy by sheer chance paddling around inside the lake and we sat together in the shallows for some time enjoying the cool water around us and the heat inside us…" I told Baggy and grinned, knowing that he of all my cats would understand the meaning of this. "Sorry for not paying attention to this detail at once but I was far too surprised about finding you here at all. I'm sorry Baggy so please go on and feel free to share your place with me in every way you want…"

I opened my legs wide for my very best friend, broadly grinning into his beautiful face, loving cute him with all my heart and all my soul and all my body forever and ever and ever. He stepped very carefully sideways over me, placed his hip down inside my crotch and his rear paws in front of my spread wide legs, already showing his pink hard-on at the ready for some excellent fun. Baggy licked at my breasts, clearly most delighted about my offer while he repositioned himself at the best angle for a smooth entry. I enjoyed the beautiful shape of his visible affection very much and even more enjoyed it when he finally poked around at my puss, seeking out my softest spot for a most delightful play at this sunny perfect day.

"Oh I truly love that very good idea, I really do. Please sweetheart, please calm down and take all the time you want today, we needn't hurry things nor do we need to hide from anybody. We can be as loud and as fidgety as we like while we enjoy ourselves inside this area. Oh Baggy, oh my black satin beautiful, oh please put delight in me your unique panther way…" I whispered very aroused towards him. Baggy is like a little brother to me, a most sexy boy clad in silkiest fur whom I love so deeply, I freely allow him every fancy and every desire involving me with no questions ever asked. True love is a very strong feeling you know, especially if he's the one you fell in love with the very first time!

He made a very soft murmuring sound, licked my face over and over again while he very deliciously fused with me, while he slid his erect panther-penis softly up my spread open vagina. I reached up very careful to prevent distracting him in any way and stroke both his cheeks in admiration, an ever deepening feeling of true deep love spreading out inside. He was so soft, so gentle, so lovingly a friend. He was a truly big tomcat, a cuddly soft persona, a friend of friends, a panther of panthers. I greatly enjoyed his exquisitely hard presence coming in, sensing all along his big fun entering me the usual bedtime way out here in the fresh air without hiding.

There is just nothing in this world that I love more as to spread my legs and spend quality time with one of my felines, allowing him to make use of my feminine human body, offering the opportunity to quench a need and hot desire in my company that we all together share, hidden or not. And to be honest, the moistening idea that a mighty predator of old, one of the most beautiful and most dangerous creatures this blue planet brought forth so far, a muscular big cat is about to screw the willies out of me, this kicks my sex drive in a way nothing else ever could. I yearn for sex with my big boys all the time, for their intimate friendship, for everything they want to share with me because I am truly in love with all of them and Baggy in special.

A soft little extra push of his hip brought me back out of my fantasies while Baggy reached a comfy depth inside my vagina, entering a slow but very delightful pumping rhythm that I know and immensely enjoy every single time. I reached high to his head while he eased himself up, pulled him very gently towards my breasts and pointed out what I, please, would like him to consider, please, if he could be so kind to the female he was fucking with softly. He got it at once, did so with a wide catty grin all over his most beautiful panther face…

With shuddering joy and a childish giggle I savored the wonderful rough tongue licking my tits, scratching hard over my erecting nipples, driving me hot and wild while his very elegant panther-penis pleased my puss with soft strokes of pure wonderful excitement at the very same moment. I suddenly became aware of the smacking sounds we made whenever he plunged further up my vaginal tunnel. This particular noise made me very hot for my beautiful lover because it meant that the pointy tip of his superb member got lubricated all around with creamy tiger semen, a leftover present from mighty Taisha! All further explorations up my warm moist depths would go on even smoother and sexier if that's even possible…

"Oh yeah, oh that feels very nice, oh sweetheart, oh please go on Baggy…" I told him. He licked even harder at my erecting nipples as if he understood all my burning needs and desires, all the love I felt for him. Without thinking I got both my hands down and started kneading my own breasts while he licked and fucked me like a divine force made out of pure screwing pleasures. He more and more got noisy about it and joined deeper into my own pleasures. I moaned in waves while he started a very soft growl, completely enjoying a very sticky slide up and down my smooth vaginal tunnel.

My body went fiery from one moment to the next, starting down there at our smacking point of sexual intercourse and ending up right inside my own head, giving me thrills over thrills over thrills, knowing that not only my sexy panther was fucking me right now but that he was enjoying it as much as Taisha had done before. I felt myself cumming again, soft and sweet like a summer breeze touching your hair, wetting my vaginal tunnel for my shadowy lover as a body reaction, squirting and tightening all around his beautiful panther penis in a freaking sweet and delicious way that I simply can't put into fitting words.

"Uuuuhhhh goooods Bagggieee…" I yelled happily at my very cute boy and felt my vagina tightening around him and smoothing out with my own fluids, still spreading and smearing the sticky ejaculation of Taisha all round his smacking hard one. I stopped my breast kneading and went back to his wonderful silken face, encompassing his lower jaw with both my hands and digging into his short fur besides the cheekbones with the fingers, stoking his soft cheeks, crawling him under his chin, reaching up to his ears and tickling him softly behind while an orgasmic heaven engulfed me and took away my rational thinking mind, leaving me bare on the rocks with a smile on the face and a panther up my place screwing me crazy.

That long stretched orgasm was a perfect one. Baggy sensed that I enjoyed him very deeply right now so my panther sweetheart slowed down all his efforts, intentionally lengthening out the huge bliss I had while squirting all around him without thinking. One deep sigh out of my mouth followed the next while I softly crawled his face, completely engulfed and caught inside my sexual relieve, eyes closed and a mind drowning in pleasures unimaginable and completely inaccessible to anyone but blessed soul me.

He growled softly and smelled the orgasm that shook me, sensed my full body participation through the vaginal convulsions around his penis, liked the way I offered myself freely to his hard work and credited it. He switched his licking over to my forehead, carefully cleaning it from the emerging pearls of sweat that showed my fully heated state. My orgasm slowly faded, I reopened my eyes, looked straight up and deep into the green eyes of my sweet panther lover, my masterful provider of big cat sex, my guide to paradise on earth.

"That's a most delicious one, thank you so much for sharing it with me, dearest of friends…" I told him in a shaky voice of pure fulfillment. He sensed my full arousal and very thankful state, rubbed his muzzle up and down over my cheeks, telling me his very own panther way that it had been all his pleasure to make me go wet and juicy for him. You must see by now what a very sweet and very helpful boy he always is, fuck yeah, and why I love him that very much!

Baggy moved his head softly up, licked over my nose one time making me giggle and went Baghira the way I love him and like him the uttermost. His rear legs opened and closed a few times, he pushed his hip into my crotch in rapid succession, he went very noisy in his own increasing pleasures and I only could marvel at him, at his unique feline stamina. I got my both hands between his front legs and tickled his chest with my fingertips from below, exciting his senses the way a female panther's fur would do and even further. "Go my black wonder, shove it up deep and hard, fill me with all your splendid love, oh please, oh pleeeeease fuck me bananas wild boy…" I begged him loudly, stroking his chest in rhythm to his small pleasure-pushes. I narrowed my entry as best as I could in this wide spread missionary position on the rocks and he very much loved that!

Baggy loves to hear me beg for more, loves to have me look into his green eyes while we have best sex together, loves to hear me whisper sweet words into his ears, loves the feel of my gentle strokes, loves to feel me enhance his sexual efforts in every possible way while we copulate. I got my knees slightly up, stretched my legs out sideways and narrowed my entrance further to increase the stupefying friction for him and myself. He growled full hearted to that, jumped into my crotch with one mighty last push and gladly fulfilled my deepest desires: to receive the very sexiest gift of all gifts and make me his true mate again…

I felt him shoot one initial outburst of his big joy all up my vagina, felt it intermixing with Taisha's sticky semen and oozing back down along his twitching penis, felt it smooth out the inside of my privates the way I love it the very most! I wandered off with Baggy for a moment into a wet and sticky dream of bodily delights. Without noticing it myself I snapped for air and Baggy loves this very meaningful response the very best in all our fun together. "Oh fuck Bagiiiiiiii, you are such an ANIMAL, you truly are…" I moaned aloud in joy while my black sexy maniac pushed me headlong into another orgasm.

"Ooooh Baaaaaggie…" I whispered, "…that's impossible a delight while you squirt into me! Don't stop anything, please, oh gods, please go on with your eruption my black lover-boy, oh please, oh pretty pleeeeease…" I begged very loudly and moved my hands back to his face, stroking up his cheeks and crawling him behind the moving ears while shivers of pure unquenchable lust shook my body. He laid himself softly down on top of me, put his front paws onto my shoulders, rubbed his heaving chest hard over my erect nipples like a million feathers, licked my face and sort of purred to all that like a very pleased tomcat. He made his usual "mourrrrourrrr" sound, telling me about his own bodily pleasures, tread on the place with his rear legs and let go inside me like a geyser of wildest sexiest magnificence.

His stiff penis started to pulse, moved up and down with his breathing and every time released a creamy spurt of his sticky semen all the way up the entire length of my tightening vagina. With sensible delight he poured his love into my female opening, creaming my tunnel out to the end, overspilling his joy into my womb and adding to Taisha's big lake sitting-splash. Baggy made me cum again, shuddering from head to toe in pure lust for the moment, loving my sexy panther kitty so much that it is completely impossible for me to put that into words. We both went on this very satisfying way for quite a time while I begged for more and he gladly delivered it.

Unfortunately, even a panther as horny and persistent as Baggy has to dry up some time and so he did. My stretched pussy felt swollen up many times the usual size, my vagina felt creamed from the entrance up into my womb and I was spent, really spent, but very deeply satisfied. Instead of sore I felt grand, utterly filled up with big cat love, warmed up from the outside and inside. And best of all: My lovely panther stayed hard with me as I had showed him to, fearless and knowing that this only would bring even more enjoyment for the both of us…

"Oh gods Baggy, that one was mind-blowing wonderful! Heavens, what a real feast, you got me three times in a row, oh wow! You are so well trained by now that I truly loved every single moment of our most lustful sex, from the slow moments to the grand orgasms! Delicious, truly fucking delicious you are my love…" I snickered happily and crawled him below his chin while he blinked his wonderful eyes a few times to get his own bliss out of the way. I moved my legs back onto the rock, crossed them behind his soft furry hip, got my right hand to his flank, rubbed him up and down along it, crawled through the soft fur on his back, stroke him with absolute love and friendship and care because I couldn't help myself, had to express my love for him that way or would have split in half!

He meowed. Baggy can give me a short high pitched "meow" meaning "I agree to that" or "You too my love" or something alike. He anxious licked over my left hand palm when I moved it down to his cheek, showing me his full appreciation of my love towards him and his own deep involvement into this. "You are cute, soft, kind hearted, I just can't get enough of your love. And I'm not even taking about your physical benefits as a most sexy feline right now…" I told him giggling, getting my both hands behind my head, comforting my rest on this hot sandstone bed.

Baggy looked at me, smiling his usual "I'm a very happy kitty now" face. Yeah, he really can smile and now he did, broadly. He rubbed his cheek against mine again which made me chuckle, loving him even more, enjoying his closeness and sensitivity. "Please feel free to keep it up as long as you wish to, I greatly enjoy our intimate connection. A few minutes ago I felt rather cold. Now I feel comfy, relaxed, all desires fulfilled. Well, better make that still deliciously filled…" I laughed snickering, not in the least able to be rational in his sex company anymore.

He rested his head down onto my left shoulder and closed his eyes as I did with mine, seemingly making himself ready for a nap right on top of me. I rubbed softly along his whole back with both my hands, getting my sweetheart comfy, letting him rest on my belly and inside my swollen puss for as long as he wished to. His remarkable soft fur at the chest rubbed over my erect breasts and nipples, a bliss of it's own. From time to time he flexed his stiff penis leisurely inside me as a reminder to our deeply sensual interconnection, well knowing that I loved this more than anything else in the world. Each time he did his very sexual joke with me I whispered a longingly "…uuuh Baggy, you are such a nasty little kitty, playing around that way with your pinned pray…" into his softly moving ear, letting him know that I enjoyed his ongoing teasing as much as he did, teasing him myself.

A few minutes later he suddenly stirred up, moving his ears around, listening anxious. I also looked up but couldn't see anything because of the hight grass surrounding us. "What's the matter?" I asked he and he looked at me, curious. "What disturbed your well-earned rest my love?" I went on, but he simply gave my nose another little lick, telling me that it was probably nothing. "Your senses are far too keen, I already told you that many times…" I chuckled and laid my head back into my folded hands, enjoying sweet him with all my feeble but very pleasing senses, especially the ones between my legs.

He licked over my gladly smiling face a few times, moved his hip backwards with a soft struggle while I unfolded my legs around him, pulled his penis very carefully out of me and sat down in front of my crotch. I was somehow disappointed about the move. The prospect of feeling him still inside while drifting off into a short nap had been so very promising to me. Well, not today it seemed…

"You got enough rest for today, hmm?" I asked him. He yawned, licked his cute little nose, got his muzzle down to my puss and carefully licked at my female parts. "Ah, that's your purpose. You want to make me a clean little girl again for the next play. Do go on, please, do go on!" I begged him full hearted and opened my legs wide.

He needed no encouragement for this. With very soft, very ticklish, very pleasing licks he started cleaning me out. I closed my eyes and savored everything. Every lick of my gifted black lover made me "uuh" and "aah" in wonderful relaxing shudders of stupefying sensual explosions. First, he cleaned my crotch and my legs, combed through my trimmed public hair with his rough feline tongue, used relatively high force at spots of smelling stickiness. Next he switched lower to my vaginal lips, changing his touch to careful tingling moves of his tongue tip and rim. His feline tongue entered me fully at last, pushed deeply into my completely soaked place while he pressed his sniffing nose so forcefully into my pussy that I could feel his whiskers tickle at both sides of my crotch. Baggy cleaned me out thoroughly lick for lick for lick.

We both went on that way for minutes, enjoying it greatly in our own ways. He loves my smell, taste and opposite sex, and I love his rough tongue inside me nearly as much as I had enjoyed his wonderful stiff penis penetrating me. At long last he stopped it. I sat up, small wet tears inside my eyes, tears of pure feminine joy and deepest thankfulness. "That felt plain won-der-ful, gods Baggy, you are a true marvel!" I told him, giggling heartily as he licked over his black muzzle with his tongue, very much like a kitten cleaning himself after a very delicious saucer of warm milk.

He blinked me a goodbye with his green eyes, stood up, stretched out, turned around, jumped with one fluent move into the deep grass and vanished out of my sight in no time at all. I lay back down again, closed my legs, rubbed them over another for the feel of it, resting my head back into my folded hands and laughing, laughing as free and as delighted as I hadn't done for a very long while. This was heaven, heaven on earth, no doubt about it! No need to hide anything, no need of keeping it down, no need of holding back your lust or theirs. In here I just could be myself and act as silly as I wanted to…

I rolled over onto my belly, placed both hands under my chin and sighed, deeply relaxed in every possible way.

To be continued…